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Part Becoming Information

Healthcare is becoming part of information technology.

- Bill Maris

More Had Impossible

Organizing healthcare information is a daunting task, but it is not an impossible task. We've had people walk on the moon. This is a lot more doable.

- Bill Maris

Innovation Apply Rapid

When you apply computer science and machine learning to areas that haven't had any innovation in 50 years, you can make rapid advances that seem really incredible.

- Bill Maris

Some Other Impediment

As life expectancy extends beyond 80 years in some parts of the world, more people are struggling with brain diseases. For older people, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other conditions become a major impediment to quality of life.

- Bill Maris

Before Made Patients

Antibiotics are so pervasive that they are often prescribed preemptively, as soon as patients report symptoms, before a diagnosis is made.

- Bill Maris

Bad Foundation Poisonous

Say you have cancer - you have this broad thing we call cancer; we're going to irradiate you and pump this poisonous material into you and hope more of the bad stuff dies than the good. That is going to seem so medieval when we can fix it on a genetic level, and Foundation Medicine is the first step to diagnosing it on a genetic level.

- Bill Maris

Lot Choose Silicon Valley

There are a lot of billionaires in Silicon Valley, but in the end, we are all heading to the same place. If given the choice between making a lot of money or finding a way to make people live longer, what do you choose?

- Bill Maris

Excited Two-Way Street

You want to work with people you are excited about and they are excited about you. It's a two-way street.

- Bill Maris

Doing Next Fees

With a regular venture fund, you raise, let's say, a billion dollars, and then over the next three or four years, you've got to invest that money; otherwise, the people who invested with you will say, 'What are you doing? You're just collecting fees on our money.'

- Bill Maris

Sound Extension Radical

I'm interested in the ideas that sound a little crazy, such as radical life extension, curing cancer, being able to create a simulation of the human brain and map every neuron.

- Bill Maris

Like Big Tend

Big ideas we tend to like are the ones that seem impossible or crazy.

- Bill Maris

Get Give One Thing

Time is the one thing I can't get back and can't give back to you.

- Bill Maris

Big Distinction Draw

I would draw a really big distinction between competition, or potential competition, and a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest implies wrongdoing, whereas competition is really healthy.

- Bill Maris

Going Another Die

The reality is if you were going to die tomorrow, and someone offered you another 10 years, most people would take those 10 years.

- Bill Maris

Which Very Wealth

People talk about the redistribution of wealth a lot, which is a very valid topic. But what about the redistribution of health? That's even more concentrated at the top.

- Bill Maris

Behind Innovation Reality

The reality is regulation often lags behind innovation.

- Bill Maris

Will Some Series

We make a series of investments, some will pan out and some won't.

- Bill Maris

Becoming Reasons Why

If you're a technology investor, and you decide that you're also going to be a healthcare investor or a green-tech investor, that doesn't usually work out that well. There are reasons why people make their careers studying these things and becoming experts.

- Bill Maris

Die Achieve Audacity

We actually have the tools in the life sciences to achieve anything that you have the audacity to envision. I just hope to live long enough not to die.

- Bill Maris

Incentive Ensure Companies

Google Ventures has a direct financial incentive to ensure the companies we invest in succeed.

- Bill Maris

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Couple Overestimate

Humans are terrible at predicting the future. We really overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can do in the long term... If we can glimpse even a couple of years into the future, even that's difficult to do.

- Bill Maris

Alive Everybody Couple

I had fans, and the industry and everybody saying, 'Keep the Righteous Brothers going; keep the music alive,' and I really didn't want to do that. I had sung with a couple of guys who would supposedly be really good Bobby Hatfields, and I thought, 'Oh geez, it's really anti-climatic.'

- Bill Medley

Became Couple Great Time

The Righteous Brothers got so heavy because of the dramatic hit records like 'Lovin' Feelin.' Bobby and I just felt like we were a couple of Orange County guys who were just having a great time singing rock n' roll, and then, boy, it became something else.

- Bill Medley

Bed Rest Couple

We were so busy that right before we recorded the follow-up single to 'Lovin' Feelin' I had a nervous breakdown. I just folded. I had to stay in bed for a couple of months and rest.

- Bill Medley

Play Months Couple

When I do a play, it's like agreeing to be ill for a couple of months.

- Bill Nighy

Going Couple Couple Times

After I had this idea to be Bill Nye the Science Guy, I wore straight ties the first couple times, and then I got this thing going and I started wearing bow ties.

- Bill Nye

Couple Mom Eighteen

Mom and Pop were just a couple of kids when they got married. He was eighteen, she was sixteen and I was three.

- Billie Holiday

I Think Couple Private

There's not enough money in the world to get me singing 'Because We Want To' again. I wouldn't do it. I think Beyonce Knowles got a couple of million for a private show but I would be happy to turn it down.

- Billie Piper