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Idea Boss Empower

My idea of management is that what your job is as the boss is to find really good people and empower them and leave them alone.

- Ruth Reichl

New Poor People Oysters

If you go back in American history, oysters were the food of poor people. New York was filled with oyster saloons in the 1800s.

- Ruth Reichl

Own Tastes Figure

The first time you make something, follow the recipe, then figure out how to tailor it to your own tastes.

- Ruth Reichl

Going Hundred Couple

American food is the food of immigrants. You go back a couple of hundred years, and we were all immigrants, unless we're going to talk about Native American cuisine.

- Ruth Reichl

Other Shop Worlds

There is that romanticized idea of what a bookstore can be, what a library can be, what a shop can be. And to me, they are that. These are places that open doors into other worlds if only you're open to them.

- Ruth Reichl

Will Cost Small

If we make it national policy that we will support small farmers the way we support agribusiness, we'll suddenly see it change in terms of the cost of organic food.

- Ruth Reichl

Happiness Things Joy

The secret to life is finding joy in ordinary things. I'm interested in happiness.

- Ruth Reichl

Like Work Find

I like to work. I believe that work helps us find our self worth.

- Ruth Reichl

Going Over Used

People are so used to eating terrible pancakes, no matter how you mess up, they're going to be great. And if you make fresh orange juice, they'll be over the moon.

- Ruth Reichl

Pretty Taste Grease

If you really taste a doughnut, it's pretty disgusting. They taste of grease.

- Ruth Reichl

Bad Ad Bad Times

In really good times, you say, 'No, I'm not taking that ad.' But in bad times, you'll take anything.

- Ruth Reichl

Thought I Think Very

My mother started out by being a very good girl. She did everything that was expected of her, and it cost her dearly. Late in her life, she was furious that she had not followed her own heart; she thought that it had ruined her life, and I think she was right.

- Ruth Reichl

Going Nothing Start

If you start with a great peach, there's nothing you're ever going to do that's going to make it any better than when it comes off the tree. In 1970, that was a revolution.

- Ruth Reichl

Love Very Discovered

Hunger, I discovered, is very much a matter of the mind, and as I began to study my own appetites, I saw that my teenage craving had not really been for food. That ravenous desire had been a yearning for love, attention, appreciation. Food had merely been my substitute.

- Ruth Reichl

Single Favourite Butter

I couldn't live without butter. Butter is probably my single favourite food.

- Ruth Reichl

Love My Life Period

'Comfort Me with Apples' is a love story, or better, two love stories. And since it deals with a later period in my life, most of the people who appear in it are living.

- Ruth Reichl

Think More One Thing

I don't think there's one thing more important you can do for your kids than have family dinner.

- Ruth Reichl

Think I Think Piece

I think I wrote my first piece about food in 1978.

- Ruth Reichl

Pretty Read Small

I meet people, and we can get past small talk pretty quickly if they've read my books. It's a great shortcut.

- Ruth Reichl

Think I Think Edited

I loved being at the 'Times,' and they were incredibly good to me. I think it's a wonderful paper, and I was really well edited.

- Ruth Reichl

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Like Pasta Salad

I like to make pasta with puttanesca sauce and arugula salad.

- Alanis Morissette

Making Stems Salad

If you're making a salad of any kind, cut the herbs, stems and all, and toss them into your mixed greens salad, a Romaine salad, iceberg, Bibb - it just adds a special touch.

- Alex Guarnaschelli

Makes Salad Cheaper

The way we subsidize food makes it cheaper to go to McDonald's and get a hamburger than a salad, and that's insane. It's pure government policy.

- Alice Waters

Living Edison Cheaper

I had moved out of the Edison Hotel because I couldn't pay the bill and was living at the Lincoln Hotel, where I couldn't pay the bill either, but it was cheaper.

- Allan Sherman

Another Change Shift

I believe the term modulation denotes in music the uninterrupted shift from one key to another: I do not know the term for change of rhythm without change of measure.

- Allen Tate

Change Big Everyone

Everyone seems to be surprised that I've changed post-marriage. But what's so surprising about it? You must change; it's such a big turning point in your life.

- Allu Arjun

Change You People

You can't change people.

- Ally Brooke

Change Real Climate Change

Climate change is real.

- Allyson Schwartz

More Change Same

The more things change, the more they are the same.

- Alphonse Karr

Change Merely Necessary

Change is not merely necessary to life - it is life.

- Alvin Toffler

Change Stress Shock

Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.

- Alvin Toffler

I Think Strong Cheaper

I think my favorite role was playing Sarah Baker in 'Cheaper by the Dozen 1.' It was my first movie, and I worked with amazing professionals who had such strong work ethics that I immediately learned how to work in this industry.

- Alyson Stoner

Larger Efficiency Cheaper

Energy-saving technologies keep improving faster than they're applied, so efficiency is an ever larger and cheaper resource.

- Amory Lovins

Greek Cheaper Easter

My mom used to say that Greek Easter was later because then you get stuff cheaper.

- Amy Sedaris

Cent Cheaper Trade-Off

If the government is funding itself at 2 per cent, you know, how much are you going to pay savers if you want to lend money at a cheaper rate? People have the incentive to build a factory or open new stores. It is a trade-off.

- Ana Patricia Botin

Which Buy Cheaper

I buy my produce at the local farmer's market, which is actually cheaper than shopping at the grocery store.

- Anna Getty

Purpose Practical Cheaper

The sensors have many potential practical uses - in Government buildings, train carriages, cargo containers, on a soldier's lapel - and are a thousand times cheaper than current sensors that are used for the same purpose.

- Anne Campbell

Think Over Salad

Life is simply too short to think about everything you put in your mouth, and it's not good for children to see you picking over bits of salad.

- Keeley Hawes

New Hollywood Salad

I am Hollywood's hottest young, middle-aged director, but I'll write out of New York because I don't want to become a salad head. That's what you become out there: a guacamole dip.

- Michael O'Donoghue

Questions Out Salad

Usually when a song comes to me, I don't ask a lot of questions; I hear something, and I just let it out in song. It's like making a salad. Everything I hear, and everything I am, I mix together in a different way in each song.

- Yael Naim

Perfect Salad Uniformity

A well-made salad must have a certain uniformity; it should make perfect sense for those ingredients to share a bowl.

- Yotam Ottolenghi