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Sure Night Police Officers

Police officers put the badge on every morning, not knowing for sure if they'll come home at night to take it off.

- Tom Cotton

Our United Down

What the United States needs to do at this point is reaffirm our commitment that Assad must go and that Iran and Russia cannot be granted a sphere of influence in Syria, and that we will not sit down at the negotiating table to help broker Assad's victory in this fight.

- Tom Cotton

Role Critical Terrorists

Guantanamo Bay is a first-rate detention facility that's kept terrorists off the battlefield and kept America safe. It's critical role in our national security cannot be overstated.

- Tom Cotton

Access True Happiness

If men have easy access to divorce, many will choose it thoughtlessly. They may not gain true happiness with their new trophy wives, but they certainly will not slide into the material indigence and emotional misery that awaits most divorced women.

- Tom Cotton

Himself Trump Donald

Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself.

- Tom Cotton

Data Quickly Reasonable

The NSA is not listening to anyone's phone calls. They're not reading any Americans' e-mails. They're collecting simply the data that your phone company already has, and which you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy, so they can search that data quickly in the event of a terrorist plot.

- Tom Cotton

Our Enemy Red

Our warriors and their families don't ask for much. But there are a few things we'd like. A commander-in-chief who speaks of winning wars and not merely ending wars, calls the enemy by its name, and draws red lines carefully but enforces them ruthlessly.

- Tom Cotton

Which Very Violent

It would be very dangerous and unwise to proceed with the Senate Judiciary bill, which would lead to the release of thousands of violent felons.

- Tom Cotton

Been Bin Importance

Information obtained from detainees at Guantanamo has been described by the CIA as 'the lead information' that enabled the agency to recognize the importance of a courier for Usama bin Laden, a crucial understanding that led to Bin Laden's secret hideout in Pakistan and the U.S. raid that killed him.

- Tom Cotton

Achievement Maybe Congress

Bill Clinton worked with a Republican Congress. They certainly had their differences on many issues, but look at what they also accomplished. Welfare reform - that was maybe the most significant social policy achievement in two generations.

- Tom Cotton

Think Over Opposed

I think that Americans - and this is not true just now, but over the years - are not fundamentally opposed to war. They're fundamentally opposed to losing wars.

- Tom Cotton

United States Best Way

Our enemies and allies alike must know that aggressors will pay an unspeakable price for challenging the United States. The best way to impose that price is global military dominance.

- Tom Cotton

Fact Use Officer

No officer wants to be involved in a justified use of force proven unnecessary after the fact, any more than soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan wanted to make what proved to be the wrong decision in a shoot-don't-shoot situation. Those decisions, even if justified, live with you forever, believe me.

- Tom Cotton

Stairs Groups

I don't do stairs. And I don't do groups.

- Tom Cotton

Sometimes Wife Birthday

Early on, when my wife and I were dating, we went to the grocery store, and I told her that sometimes I just buy birthday cakes, and I eat them. And she said: 'Really? I do, too.'

- Tom Cotton

Take Senator Obligations

I do not take my obligations as a senator lightly.

- Tom Cotton

Problem Anything

If anything, we have an under-incarceration problem.

- Tom Cotton

Consequences Actions

Actions have consequences.

- Tom Cotton

Through Play Voice

I decided early on, very early, that the best role I could play is to speak in my own voice, assume my own voice and my own ideas. Even if you support a candidate who ultimately wins, what you say and do is seen through the filter of that candidate.

- Tom Cotton

Rather Face Reflect

The military budget must reflect the threats we face, rather than the budget defining those threats.

- Tom Cotton

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Edward Beijing Handed

Edward Snowden may not be a Chinese mole, but he might as well be. He's just handed Beijing a major score, while the NSA struggles to pick up the pieces - and the rest of us pay the price in terms of future national security.

- Arthur L. Herman

London Edward Steely

In 1688, Edward Lloyd opened a coffeehouse on London's seafront popular among underwriters, men in powdered wigs with mathematical minds and steely constitutions who offered to compensate owners if their boats were lost at sea.

- Charles Duhigg

Love Vampires Edward

I have a lot of 'Twilight' gear. I love the hoodies that say 'vampires' and 'werewolves,' but I refuse to get one because I can't choose; I have to have them both. I have the Team Edward T-shirt, but I also have Team Jacob.

- Christian Serratos

Woman Young Edward

So we see Edward as a young man on the road and he meets a giant and he brings the giant to a circus where he meets a Miss Calloway. He sees the woman of his dreams and I am the only one who knows who she is.

- Danny DeVito

Violent Misinformation

As long as anger, paranoia and misinformation drive our political debate, there are unhinged souls among us who will feel justified in turning to violent remedies for imagined threats.

- David Horsey

About Anyone Edward

If anyone was talking about journalism in the '50s - it was Edward R.Murrow.

- David Strathairn

King Attended Edward

We lived in a suburb of Birmingham where I attended the local state school from the age of five. I then went on to King Edward VI High School in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

- John Vane

Old Week Edward

I was christened Edward. My sister gave me the name Bear when I was a week old and it has stuck.

- Bear Grylls

You Noise Misinformation

You can't be distracted by the noise of misinformation.

- James Daly

Buy Employ Misinformation

If you employ an army, have money, bombard cyberspace with misinformation, innocent people tend to buy it.

- Kapil Sibal

Must Combat Misinformation

We must combat misinformation that is being spread.

- Ken Starr

Edward Misinformation

What I believe is that a lot of the NSA's telephone metadata program is the result of misinformation spread by a traitor, Edward Snowden.

- Tom Cotton

Tell Misinformation

It's a free society. But don't tell the world that we can feed the present population without chemical fertilizer. That's when this misinformation becomes destructive.

- Norman Borlaug