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Generation Which

That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in another.

- Adlai E. Stevenson

Very Cannot

People who cannot recognize a palpable absurdity are very much in the way of civilization.

- Agnes Repplier

Face Corner

At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.

- Albert Camus

Own Statement

Absurdity, n.: A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion.

- Ambrose Bierce


The concept of absurdity is something I'm attracted to.

- David Lynch

Living Break

Only by living absurdly is it possible to break out of this infinite absurdity.

- Julio Cortazar

Person Very

When a person is determined to believe something, the very absurdity of the doctrine confirms them in their faith.

- Junius

Deter Amount

No amount of manifest absurdity... could deter those who wanted to believe from believing.

- Bernard Levin

Future Fix

To try to fix the future is a manifest absurdity.

- Iain Sinclair

Power King

A king without power is an absurdity.

- James Monroe


Ecstatic absurdity: it's the confrontation with meaninglessness.

- Errol Morris

Living Which

The privilege of absurdity; to which no living creature is subject, but man only.

- Thomas Hobbes

Now Twitter

That's the absurdity of Twitter. You can react without thinking now.

- Raoul Peck

Mother Were

My mother was the concert master of the symphony. Absurdity and eccentricity were not criticized.

- Martin Short

Defend Every

Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.

- Oliver Goldsmith

System Ever

The system of idolatry, invented by modern christianity, far surpasses in absurdity anything that we have ever heard of.

- Orson Pratt

Mind Never

A prophet or an achiever must never mind an occasional absurdity, it is an occupational risk.

- Oswald Mosley

Myself Fantasy

The vast majority of fantasy football fans, myself included, revel in the absurdity of it all.

- Max Handelman

Stories Bearded

I laugh at absurdity hardest, then stories, then observations, then bearded men on roller skates.

- T. J. Miller