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Doing Like

I like playing accents, and doing things like that, it was fun. It was fun.

- Albert Finney

Like Weird Thing

I like to mimic accents. I don't even know if that's a talent. That's just a weird thing that I do.

- Alessia Cara

Love I Love

I love accents.

- Claire Forlani

England Regional

I know there are lots of regional accents in England, but I can't tell them apart and I'm not really aware of class. I don't pay any attention to those boundaries. I'm a California girl.

- Danielle de Niese

How English

Those English and Scottish know how to do accents.

- Joey McIntyre

Well Really

I can do accents really well.

- Jordin Sparks

Love Could

I love English girls! I adore all their different accents. Who knows, I could find a British girlfriend on my travels!

- Austin Butler

Audience Always

Accents are always difficult in their way, but as long as you're not throwing an audience off with it, then that's all it should be.

- Ben Mendelsohn

Think I Think

I think American audiences are open to people with accents and different nationalities being on the screen.

- Jamie Bamber

Irish Tap

I can do Shakespeare, Ibsen, English accents, Irish accents, no accent, stand on my head, tap dance, sing, look 17 or look 70.

- Diane Ladd

Play Make-Believe

It's fun to do accents; it's fun to do different periods - that's why you become an actor. Because it's fun to be a storyteller and play make-believe.

- Jean Smart

Sing Actually

I'm a sucker for accents and any man who can actually sing and serenade you.

- Kayla Ewell

Get Boring

It can get a bit boring working on accents.

- Kelly Macdonald

Love More

I actually love working with accents. I don't know, something about it unlocks something in me. It makes me concentrate on getting into character a little more, helps me find a focus.

- Kevin McKidd

Growing Up Growing

I did accents and funny voices for the family when I was growing up.

- Lake Bell

Listening Come

To be honest, accents are one of those things for me, personally, that usually come quite naturally by just listening to the people.

- Laura Donnelly

Hands Some

When my grandfather died, I started adopting some of his accents, to sort of remind myself of him. A homage. He was a war hero, and he was really great with his hands.

- Gavin DeGraw

Outfit Pieces

Leather accents on pieces make it fun and spices up an outfit.

- Rachel Bilson

Sold Held

When we first sold the Wallace and Gromit shorts to America, people suggested we get rid of the strange British accents and put clear American voices on them, and we held out.

- Nick Park

Comedy Some

Trouble is, some accents lend themselves to comedy.

- Martin Freeman

Been Trained

I know that people who have been to RADA and LAMDA can smash accents and do Shakespeare: all those things that I never really trained in.

- Vicky McClure

Love Against

I'm not against accents - my husband's from Lancashire and has a rural Lancs accent. We've just got back from Scotland yesterday, and I love that Highland burr.

- Penelope Keith

Play Australia

In Australia, kids play in American accents.

- Yael Stone