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Education Society

A liberal education is at the heart of a civil society, and at the heart of a liberal education is the act of teaching.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Here Reference

People must not do things for fun. We are not here for fun. There is no reference to fun in any Act of Parliament.

- A. P. Herbert

Think Million

We must think and act like a nation of a billion people and not like that of a million people. Dream, dream, dream!

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Down Gets

When it gets down to it you just have to act.

- Aaron Eckhart

Gun Even

Anyone with a gun can go out and commit an act of terrorism, even without a political affiliation.

- Aaron McGruder

Through Characters

I do not speak through my characters; it's not a ventriloquist act.

- Aaron Sorkin

Fix Patriot Act

Nearly 75,000 Demand Progress members have urged Congress to fix the Patriot Act.

- Aaron Swartz

Sunday Attend

It's not enough to attend church and pray every Sunday; you have to act.

- Abbe Pierre

Along Forming

Many ribosomes act simultaneously along the mRNA, forming superstructures called polysomes.

- Ada Yonath

Doing Reason

If 'everything happens for a reason,' then every act of evil is ultimately God's doing.

- Adam Hamilton

Always Wanted

I always wanted to act.

- Adam Rickitt

Plumber Actor

If you're a plumber, you plumb. I'm an actor. I act.

- Adam West

Cool Circumstances

To act coolly, intelligently and prudently in perilous circumstances is the test of a man - and also a nation.

- Adlai E. Stevenson

Parent Like

For the impious act begets more after it, like to the parent stock.

- Aeschylus

Image Necessary

You get an image after you act in a film, but it is not necessary that you last long because of that image.

- Ajay Devgan

Spring June

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.

- Al Bernstein

Same Tremendous Amount

To do a musical takes a tremendous amount of energy because you have to act and sing at the same time. And everything has to be precise. Because you can't forget the lyrics because the band keeps playing, you know, and you're under a certain amount of pressure.

- Alan Alda

Take Rebuild

It cannot take decades to resurrect, we must act immediately with purpose and enthusiasm to rebuild.

- Alan Autry

Technology Computer

The protean nature of the computer is such that it can act like a machine or like a language to be shaped and exploited.

- Alan Kay

Always Wanted

I've always wanted to act since I was little.

- Alanna Ubach

Gut Instincts

I act with my gut instincts.

- Alanna Ubach

Rebellion Nostalgia

Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.

- Albert Camus

War Cloak

It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.

- Albert Einstein

Always Known

I've always known that I wanted to sing, and I wanted to dance, and I wanted to act.

- Alex Newell

Here Govern

Here, sir, the people govern; here they act by their immediate representatives.

- Alexander Hamilton

Think Public

I like to think of film-making not just as an act of personal self-aggrandisement but rather as an act of public service.

- Alexander Payne

Honour Part

Act well your part, there all the honour lies.

- Alexander Pope

Shame Condition

Honor and shame from no condition rise. Act well your part: there all the honor lies.

- Alexander Pope

Given Extent

To what extent is any given man morally responsible for any given act? We do not know.

- Alexis Carrel

Imagination Accomplish

To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act!

- Alfred A. Montapert

Which Unnatural

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.

- Alfred Kinsey

Which Apprehend

Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct form ability, which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Imagination Fools

Fools act on imagination without knowledge, pedants act on knowledge without imagination.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Change Fathers

Our fathers valued change for the sake of its results; we value it in the act.

- Alice Meynell

Breath Cut

It's hard to act in a corset. Your breath gets cut off. You're squashed.

- Alison Elliott

Work Want

I just want to act. I just want to do the work.

- Alison Lohman

Bottom Started

Our act started at the bottom and went downhill.

- Allan Sherman

Responsibility Taliban

The Taliban and its backers bear the responsibility for the consequences of this outrageous act.

- Amanullah Khan

Repeating Another

Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.

- Ambrose Bierce

Dreams Accomplish

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

- Anatole France

Think Absurd

It is human nature to think wisely and act in an absurd fashion.

- Anatole France

Chess Alliance

No, no, it is obvious that the ECU should act as a close alliance for the benefit of chess.

- Anatoly Karpov

Character Destiny

If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.

- Andre Maurois

Some Naturally

I do believe some people can naturally act and don't know it.

- Andrea Arnold

People Think

If they don't think, people act senselessly.

- Andrei Platonov

Color Itself

Being born, especially being born a person of color, is a political act in itself.

- Andres Serrano

Ever Wanted

Every act you have ever performed since the day you were born was performed because you wanted something.

- Andrew Carnegie

Leadership Faster

Leaders have to act more quickly today. The pressure comes much faster.

- Andy Grove

Morgan Does

I don't know what Tracy Morgan does onstage, but I can assure you, it's no act.

- Andy Kindler

Remain Valid

There is no doubt the NATO-Russia Act should remain valid.

- Angela Merkel

Things Favorite Things

One of my favorite things to do is be in front of the camera and act.

- Angie Everhart

Play Actor

As an actor all we want to do is act and play people.

- Angie Harmon

People Those

I'm not one of those people who has an act.

- Ani DiFranco

Single Notion

As a novelist, I remain interested in the notion of a single reckless act and its consequences.

- Anita Shreve

Children Next

I want more children but for the next three years I want to act.

- Anna Friel

Faith Consequence

But every act in consequence of our faith, strengthens faith.

- Anna Letitia Barbauld

Treat Weird

If you act weird, people are going to treat you weird, but if you're just yourself, people respond to that.

- AnnaSophia Robb

Chance Will

If I get a chance to act, I will act. And then I'm usually the happiest person around.

- Anne Archer

Insurance Genetic

Employment and health insurance are now protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

- Anne Wojcicki

Mother I Am

I act, but I am a mother first and wife second.

- Annette Bening

Participation Itself

Participation in and of itself is an act against hopelessness. Speaking up is a gesture against hopelessness.

- Anohni

Some Worked

I've worked with some actors who can't act.

- Anthony Anderson

Wanted Ever

All I ever wanted to do was act.

- Anthony Daniels

Art Fact

The art of acting is not to act. Once you show them more, what you show them, in fact is bad acting.

- Anthony Hopkins

Urgency Voting Rights

No one questions the validity, the urgency, the essentiality of the Voting Rights Act.

- Anthony Kennedy

Death Pain

It's good for actors to confront those things we have to act: panic, pain and death.

- Antony Sher

Peace Matters

When it comes to matters of war and peace, we must not act rashly.

- Ariel Sharon

Motivational Habit

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

- Aristotle

Intimacy Unless

I do not want to act unless I have a a great intimacy with the people I'm working with.

- Armand Assante

Machine Like

If you don't want to be replaced by a machine, don't try to act like one!

- Arno Penzias

Job Fridge

Acting's a job. I act to fill the fridge.

- Art Malik

Way Just

It's not an act, it's just my way.

- Arthur Godfrey

Growing Nation

One goal of the Clean Water Act of 1972 was to upgrade the nation's sewer systems, many of them built more than a century ago, to handle growing populations and increasing runoff of rainwater and waste.

- Charles Duhigg

Reconcile Creative Act

It is almost impossible to reconcile self expression with the creative act.

- Charles Eames

Brainy Fail

Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.

- Charles Kettering

Character Destiny

Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.

- Charles Reade

Never Comedian

I never saw myself as a comedian. I saw myself as a guy who can act funny.

- Charlie Day

Very Strangely

We're not very accepting of people who act strangely.

- Chester Brown

End Elected

The people elected us to end the talk and to act decisively.

- Chris Christie

Writing Actually

I can act... I do a little writing as well. And I'm good at typing. I'm a creative typist, actually.

- Chris Colfer

Know Even

When I act, I don't even know there's a camera there, don't care.

- Chris Penn

Albums Films

I want to be an all round entertainer, I want to act, make films, make albums, do whatever I can.

- Christina Aguilera

School Unhappy

I was really bored and unhappy in school, and I used to act out and do horrible things.

- Christina Ricci

I Am Younger

I act much younger than I am.

- Christine Teigen

Inspirational Expect

Act like you expect to get into the end zone.

- Christopher Morley

Principle Nor

Every man without passions has within him no principle of action, nor motive to act.

- Claude Adrien Helvetius

Think I Think

I think celebrities have an obligation to the public to not just sing or act.

- Clay Aiken

Spy Hijacking

The Spy Act prohibits keystroke logging, hijacking, and phishing.

- Cliff Stearns

Always Convincing

I hope I'm always convincing when I act!

- Colin Baker

Love Death

Actors love to act all those death scenes.

- Colin Baker

Dying Rivers

Well, it seems all the fish in the rivers are dying. Could this be an act of cod?

- Colin Mochrie

Like Some

I'd like to direct some, act in some of them, and produce.

- Corbin Bernsen

Central Courses

The act of willing this or that, of choosing among various courses of conduct, is central in the realm of ethics.

- Corliss Lamont

Forgiveness Will

Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.

- Corrie Ten Boom

Think How

The way you think influences the way you feel, and the way you feel determines how you act.

- Craig Sager

Want Singers

So many singers want to act, and so many actors try to sing.

- Crystal Gayle

Liberty Will

For what is liberty but the unhampered translation of will into act?

- Cyril Connolly

Will Enthusiastic

Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.

- Dale Carnegie

Want Enthusiastic

If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.

- Dale Carnegie

Like Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of being a patrician is that occasionally you're obliged to act like one.

- Dalton Trumbo