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Sunday Act

It's not enough to attend church and pray every Sunday; you have to act.

- Abbe Pierre

Thought Very

I thought I would attend school and get an assistant position and work my way up but being in NY and seeing the pace of everything, is very inspiring.

- Alexander Wang

Students Larger

Everyone praises Harvard 'for the students.' But what makes Harvard's students so great is that they are, in many ways, a cross-section of the larger world. They are normal people who happen to be excellent, and this sets them apart. People who go to Yale go because they want to attend Yale. People who go to Harvard go because they can.

- Alexandra Petri

Jews Glad

I'm glad many Jews attend Knick games.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Passionate Handbags

When I was a young boy, growing up in Durham, North Carolina, the women in my family were truly passionate about their clothes; nothing was more beautiful to me than women dressing with the utmost, meticulous attention to accessories, shoes, handbags, hats, coats, dresses and gloves to attend Sunday church services.

- Andre Leon Talley

Church Will

People are not on a truth quest; they are on a happiness quest. They will continue to attend your church - even if they don't share your beliefs - as long as they find the content engaging and helpful.

- Andy Stanley

Been Very

To expose the hardships experienced by children who are deprived of the right to attend school, Camfed has produced a series of films about educational exclusion. 'Every Child Belongs in School' provides a glimpse into the lives of children who have been forced by poverty to leave school at a very young age and take a difficult life path.

- Ann Cotton

Fiction I Think

I think that I had read so much fiction that the craft itself sort of sank into me. I didn't read any 'how to' books or attend any popular-fiction-writing classes or have a critique group. For many years into my writing, I didn't even know another author. For me, a lot of reading was the best teacher.

- Ann Maxwell

Being Aware

If you don't attend to something, you can't be aware of it. But ironically, you can attend to something without being aware of it.

- Apollo Robbins

Fact Britain

With a diplomat father, for whom foreign postings were a fact of life, my siblings and I were expected to attend boarding schools in Britain.

- Arabella Weir

I Am Trying

I am trying to attend every training session and do all of my workouts.

- Asafa Powell


For decades, activist shareholders were an entertaining, but largely ignored, Wall Street sideshow. Disgruntled investors would attend annual meetings to harangue executives, criticize strategies - and protest that their complaints were being ignored.

- Charles Duhigg

Mind Needs

When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out.

- Christy Turlington

Liberal Arts

I was nerdy girl who went to Catholic school and wanted to be an engineer. I was all set to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology. And then I took a hard left turn and studied Liberal Arts at Northern Illinois University, majored in Communications. Then worked in radio as a disk jockey and as the weather girl.

- Cindy Morgan

Cards Bush

President Bush left for Canada today to attend a trade summit. Reportedly, the trade summit got off to an awkward start when the president pulled out his baseball cards.

- Conan O'Brien

Them Your

Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you ask to attend to them.

- Dag Hammarskjold

Doing Mindfulness

If you are doing mindfulness meditation, you are doing it with your ability to attend to the moment.

- Daniel Goleman

Though Frequently

I consider myself a Jewish writer - even if my characters frequently are not Jewish - in the same way, I guess, that I consider myself a Jewish man, even though I don't often attend shul.

- Darin Strauss

College Been

I've always been a creative speller and never achieved good grades in school. I graduated from high school but didn't have the opportunity to attend college, so I did what young women my age did at the time - I married.

- Debbie Macomber


We are, as a Democratic Party, really highlight and emphasize inclusiveness and diversity at our convention, and so we want to give every opportunity to grass-roots activists and diverse committed Democrats to be able to participate, attend, and be a delegate at the convention.

- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Becoming Minor

Anyone interested in becoming a professional umpire and becoming eligible to work in the minor leagues must attend one of the two umpire schools sanctioned by Major League Baseball.

- Jim Evans

Young Projects

In the war, most young men were inducted into the armed forces at the age of 17. A group of students was permitted to attend university before taking part in wartime research projects.

- John Pople

Again Designers

A lot of designers become hot, attend every party, and then you don't hear about them again.

- John Varvatos

College Through

I don't attend an actual school but I'm still following through with high school. I do work with a tutor for about six hours a day. It's hard core but definitely worth it, and it's my main focus now - finishing up high school before I release my new album and apply to college.

- JoJo

Had Academically

I found that, academically, it really didn't matter whether I had received a certain grade in a class; it didn't matter too much what schools I wanted to attend... What matters is one's drive, one's intelligence.

- Jon Huntsman, Sr.

Difficult Futile

To busy oneself with what is futile when one can do something useful, to attend to what is simple when one has the mettle to attempt what is difficult, is to strip talent of its dignity.

- Jose Marti

Cost Calculation

At a moderate calculation, among a million of persons inhabiting the metropolis, there are, at least, twenty-five thousand children who attend these schools, and cost their parents as many pounds sterling, per annum.

- Joseph Lancaster

Away Muscular

Attend me, hold me in your muscular flowering arms, protect me from throwing any part of myself away.

- Audre Lorde

Shadow Shines

A false friend and a shadow attend only while the sun shines.

- Benjamin Franklin

Blessings Worlds

There comes not seldom a crisis in the life of men, of nations, and of worlds, when the old forms seem ready to decay, and the old rules of action have lost their binding force. The evils of existing systems obscure the blessings that attend them, and, where reform is needed, the cry is raised for subversion.

- Benjamin N. Cardozo

Amendment Idea

The idea that corporations have the same First Amendment protections of free speech as people is troubling. Corporations are not people. They don't attend our schools, get married and have children. They don't vote in our elections.

- Hank Johnson

Behind Projects

Being behind the lens gives me a completely different perspective, and because of my blog, I get to do projects and attend shows lending me another angle.

- Hanneli Mustaparta

Study Initiated

After briefly considering whether to study biology or medicine, I opted for medicine and initiated my studies at the University of Bonn. The first two years were particularly hard, since I simultaneously decided to attend lectures and courses in biology as well.

- Harald zur Hausen

Country Some

If your kids attend school and grades are up that will make $1,000 contributions to some 10,000 kids across the country, are challenging kids to learn foreign languages or challenging kids to get summer jobs or seek summer enrichment opportunities?

- Harold Ford, Jr.

Con Prose

I really don't have a lot in common with the people who attend the Comic Con. It's like assuming that all people who write prose are the same.

- Harvey Pekar

Financial Will

I appeal to the Latter-day Saints to be honest with the Lord, and I promise them that peace, prosperity and financial success will attend those who are honest with our Heavenly Father.

- Heber J. Grant

Education Young

When I was a young musician, the only option available to pursue secondary education in music was to attend a classical conservatory.

- Billy Joel

Very Set

Leaders set a very clear path every day, in a thousand different ways, of what the people must attend to, inhibit, and keep it current in front of them.

- Henry Cloud

Never Will

Never exaggerate your faults, your friends will attend to that.

- Bob Edwards

Too Late Anybody

Follow your passion. The rest will attend to itself. If I can do it, anybody can do it. It's possible. And it's your turn. So go for it. It's never too late to become what you always wanted to be in the first place.

- J. Michael Straczynski

Saturday Private

I was once invited to attend a private dinner for Senator John F. Kennedy. But it was a Saturday evening, and I passed. Had better things to do.

- Jack McDevitt

Image Still

Happy to see that the Automobile Club of Monaco, opened its doors to the public to attend a considerable event. The promotion of this event will be made by the image and by the text, but still by word of mouth.

- Jacky Ickx

College Financial

It's one thing to make financial aid available to students so they can attend college. It's another thing to design forms that students can actually fill out.

- Cass Sunstein

Practice Every Day

To practice - write each and every day if possible - then try to attend professional writer's conferences where you can learn your craft, get to know fellow writers, and meet editors and agents.

- James Dashner

Everybody Anybody

I still live as normal a life as anybody else. I have two homes to run. I have my staff to take care of. I work, pay bills and attend society meetings like everybody else.

- Deepika Padukone

Area Metropolitan

I'd propose that each central-city child should have an entitlement from the state to attend any school in the metropolitan area outside his own district - with per pupil funds going with him.

- James S. Coleman

College Percent

It is one thing to take as a given that approximately 70 percent of an entering high school freshman class will not attend college, but to assign a particular child to a curriculum designed for that 70 percent closes off for that child the opportunity to attend college.

- James S. Coleman

Play Mostly

As a professional cellist, I go to mostly classical concerts because that's the music I play, but I am also always trying to find out who the voices of our time are. I attend a spectrum of concerts that are close to classical - anything from Wynton Marsalis to Renee Fleming.

- Jan Vogler

Country Prepare

There are a lot of children in our country that, because of their neighborhood or socio-economic status, do not have the opportunity to attend a good school that will prepare them for life's challenges.

- Jared Polis

Church Meryl

I don't attend church because I am a Meryl Streepist and we, her disciples, have not organized a place of worship yet. We just watch 'Sophie's Choice' in our homes once a month and sing praise together in a collective cry of shock and awe and devotion.

- Jasika Nicole

Go Also

I don't attend film parties; I am anti-social. I don't drink, also. Because I don't go out, I don't know what's happening gossip-wise.

- Disha Patani

Given Will

I was given a White House - well, you will have to ask the White House that. But I asked to attend the White House briefing because I was, you know, because I wanted to report on the activities there.

- Jeff Gannon

Concert Other

Couples without kids have each other, their friends, families, and Siri to talk to. It's not like they're quarantining themselves in an underground bunker, never to take a romantic stroll on the beach or attend a Morrissey concert ever again. They're just using birth control.

- Jen Kirkman

Education Country

I went to Dunbar High School, recognized as the best high school of the segregated era. The education enabled students from Dunbar to attend the best colleges and universities in the country.

- Eleanor Holmes Norton

Direct Willing

That I feel a desire, my friends, that we in this latter day of the world, in which light is fast spreading, that we should be willing to attend to those portions of the Scriptures of truth that direct us home to the foundation.

- Elias Hicks

Country Affluent

At Horace Mann High School in affluent Riverdale, New York, one of the top schools in the country, those who receive double time on tests are plentiful enough to qualify as their own segment of the student body. Known to their peers as 2Ts, they participate in the same activities, get the same grades, and attend the same range of colleges.

- Eliot Schrefer

Being Had

If I had my druthers, I would be a brain in a jar, with a burlap skirt around the cart I'm on - I don't attend to my physical being much.

- Kate McKinnon

College Student

Instead, California is one of only 10 states that provides in-state college and university tuition to illegal immigrants. That's grossly unfair to a legal high school student who moves out of California for a year, then returns to attend college.

- Elton Gallegly

New Times Square

It's an oddity that will be avoided by millions of people, this new 'Pinocchio.' Osama bin Laden could attend a showing in Times Square and be confident of remaining hidden.

- Elvis Mitchell

Birthday Mommy

The more Mommy blogs going nuclear over playground etiquette I read and birthday parties of glazed adults munching cupcakes like demoralized zombies I attend, I realize this is what my friends who conceived before me meant by, 'You just won't care.'

- Emma McLaughlin

Church Currently

He was of the faith chiefly in the sense that the church he currently did not attend was Catholic.

- Kingsley Amis

Lord Holy

The temple and the holy ordinances are indeed sacred, and we should be spiritually sensitive to them. It is a sacred blessing to attend the temple to worship the Lord.

- L. Lionel Kendrick

Some Whatsoever

Maybe I'll want to go to Iceland and see the volcanoes, or attend some lectures, or go to Mexico and go to the jungle. On my own. With nothing whatsoever to do with music!

- Lapsley

Match Last

It is amazing how the public steadfastly refuse to attend the third day of a match when so often the last day produces the best and most exciting cricket.

- Frank Woolley

Church Like

Baseball is like church. Many attend few understand.

- Leo Durocher

Which Means

Attend with Diligence and strict Integrity to the Interest of your Correspondents and enter into no Engagements which you have not the almost certain Means of performing.

- George Mason

Student Evidence

I was married to a law student, and I used to attend classes with him at Georgetown University Law Center. Being of dramatic bent, I was drawn mainly to Criminal law and Evidence classes. A just-beginning writer, I would find an empty chair and listen, mesmerized, to the lectures.

- Luanne Rice

Becoming Became

I grew up and I kind of took the road of becoming a pilot, which was another dream I had of flying, and once I did attend the air force academy, that dream of flying became more like a project, and I wanted to be a fighter pilot, which I did. I became a fighter pilot.

- Luca Parmitano

Other Functions

I must confess that I lead a miserable life. For almost two years, I have ceased to attend any social functions, just because I find it impossible to say to people, 'I am deaf.' If I had any other profession, I might be able to cope with my infirmity; but in my profession, it is a terrible handicap.

- Ludwig van Beethoven

Week Study

I now attend non-orthodox synagogues, and study little during the secular week.

- Luke Ford

School Still

Eventually, I won the right to attend school, but the prejudice was still there.

- Ryan White

United University

When I came to the United States in 2004 to attend university at Stanford, I was instantly inspired by the stories and advice from startup leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond, who had endeavoured to create new opportunities and improve lives around the world.

- Mike Krieger

Church Dancing

Not only are drinking, smoking, swearing, dancing and going to movies not issues... they simply do not matter. They matter to fundamentalists, of course, but to anyone else outside the church, they could care less whether we smoke or attend movies. Absolutely no one gives a tinker's damn whether I say 'tinker's damn' or not.

- Mike Yaconelli

Major Definitely

I definitely hope to attend UCLA in a year, and major in business.

- Mila Kunis

Costume Parties

I don't attend costume parties.

- Sam Shepard

Decade Some

Andrew Carnegie loved libraries; he knew their importance to an educated society and as anchors to our communities. And so, just as some loyal baseball fans travel to attend games at all 30 major league stadiums, over the last decade or so, I have slowly, casually, visited Carnegie libraries whenever I am on the road.

- Sam Weller

We Cannot Shall

If we attend continually and promptly to the little that we can do, we shall ere long be surprised to find how little remains that we cannot do.

- Samuel Butler

Against Functions

Today, I regularly attend two Buddhist organizations, the Zen Center of Los Angeles and Against the Stream, but I also attend certain Christian functions. I try to cultivate a generous, kind spirit and am open to anything to help get me there.

- Maggie Rowe

Wife Which

The loss of liberty which must attend being a wife was of all things the most horrible to my imagination.

- Sarah Fielding

Reflection Some

After some reflection I have decided that while I am the president of Ecuador, I will not attend any Summit of the Americas until it begins to make the decisions required.

- Rafael Correa

More Need

This gives us more time to attend the inner need.

- Satish Kumar

Very Had

Four hours of prosthetics every morning, the jowls and the nose, and it was very hot so they're having to attend to it all day, and you're still petrified of so many things, such as, can I speak properly? Hitchcock never quite lost those East End vowels, even though he had the softened California consonants.

- Toby Jones

Work Go Home

I don't attend parties. After the day's shoot, I go home and spend time with my family. I never take my work home, and neither do I involve my family in work.

- Ravi Teja

College University

Katherine Johnson actually integrated the public university in West Virginia. And Mary Jackson had to petition state courts to be allowed to attend an all-white college to get the qualifications needed to become an engineer. At every turn, these women were involved in the Second World War, the Cold War, the civil rights movement.

- Margot Lee Shetterly

Learn Likely

Healthy children are more likely to attend school and are better able to learn. Healthy workers are more productive. More productive economies mean greater stability in developing countries and improved security in the West.

- Seth Berkley

Very Van

My father, Melvin van Peebles, and my mother were both very active politically when I was a kid. The first time I was allowed to stay up late was to attend a demonstration.

- Mario Van Peebles

Deep Pollution

We are looking for happiness and running after it in such a way that creates anger, fear and discrimination. So when you attend a retreat, you have a chance to look at the deep roots of this pollution of the collective energy that is unwholesome.

- Nhat Hanh

Concerned String

There are physicists, and there are string theorists. Of course the string theorists are physicists, but the string theorists in general will not attend lectures on experimental physics. They will not be terribly concerned about the results of experiments. They will talk to one another.

- Sheldon Lee Glashow

Country Pell

When Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell first proposed the grants that now bear his name, he envisioned a way to help students attend our country's wonderful colleges and universities, so they could share in the American Dream.

- Sheldon Whitehouse

Other Directed

Japan and China are isolated and without intercourse with other countries; hence the President directed me to attend to or watch the state of affairs in China also.

- Townsend Harris

Death Approved

I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.

- Mark Twain

Birthday Bed

I just have to attend someone's birthday party or go out for dinner with someone else for us to be in a relationship. That's not going to stop me from socialising, but tell me, which girl would want to be with a guy who goes to bed early and gives more importance to the gym?

- Sidharth Malhotra

Career Fact

In my whole career, in fact, I can remember only two first nights when a show was at its peak on the first night. And I just wish we could devise a system where critics came not on a single evening but were given a choice of performances to attend.

- Richard McCabe

Study Another

Language leads a double life - and so does the novelist. You chat with family and friends, you attend to your correspondence, you consult menus and shopping lists, you observe road signs, and so on. Then you enter your study, where language exists in quite another form - as the stuff of patterned artifice.

- Martin Amis

Winter Olympic

As many as three million people are expected to attend the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. The security concerns and economic opportunities are great for both Canada and Washington state.

- Rick Larsen

About Your

Like most citizens of popular and international urban centres, I don't take advantage of the cultural opportunities. Perhaps this comes from growing up in suburbia. Home is where you eat, sleep, read, watch television and ignore your parents. It is not where you go to the ballet and then attend a heated panel discussion about it afterwards.

- Sloane Crosley

Court Any

I didn't attend any of the court proceedings.

- Norma McCorvey

Los Angeles

When I was 18, I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA.

- Sofia Carson

Always My Own

When deciding what shows to attend, I always choose collections that I can see myself wearing and that go with my own personal style.

- Sofia Richie

Best Wider

I don't try to hide who I am when I appear in public places, act, or attend interviews. If I do, it makes the gap even wider. I like it best when someone says I'm the same on television, on camera, or off camera. This makes it easier for me.

- Song Joong-ki