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Bad Nothing

There's nothing bad that accrues from baseball.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Undergone Set

Baseball has undergone and absorbed a whole set of dislocations.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Sports Maker

Baseball is a man maker.

- Al Spalding

Up Grew

When I grew up, baseball was the No. 1 sport.

- Alex Rodriguez

Eternity Days

In baseball 30 days is an eternity.

- Alex Rodriguez

Up Playing

I grew up playing football and baseball.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Really Fan

I'm not a fan of baseball really.

- Andrew Bogut

Like Playing

If you don't like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don't like baseball.

- Chuck Tanner

Us Regards

Baseball regards us as sheep.

- Curt Flood

About Permissive

The baseball establishment is permissive about revelry.

- Curt Flood

Money Saved

The money I saved during baseball was probably all gone. I'm tapped out.

- Curt Schilling


I miss baseball.

- Dale Murphy

Working Keep

In baseball, you've got to keep working.

- Danny Bautista

Never Complex

To the people out there, baseball is a simple sport. But it is complex. It is never easy.

- Dave Winfield


I'm a baseball freak.

- Dee Dee Myers

Game Longer

When baseball is no longer fun, it's no longer a game.

- Joe DiMaggio

Yankees Began

Baseball has changed dramatically since I began my tenure with the Yankees.

- Joe Torre

Moving Always

In baseball, you're always moving people around.

- Joe Torre


There is but one game and that game is baseball.

- John McGraw

Enjoy Guy

I'm a football guy. Baseball, I enjoy it at playoff time.

- Jon Bon Jovi

Cemetery Either

If it wasn't for baseball, I'd be in either the penitentiary or the cemetery.

- Babe Ruth

Changes Through

Baseball changes through the years. It gets milder.

- Babe Ruth

Enough Ever

I wasn't ever good enough to be on the baseball team and that sort of stuff.

- Balthazar Getty

Job Just

Baseball is just my job.

- Barry Bonds

Baseball's what I do.

- Bill Buckner

Apple Apple Pie

Statistics are to baseball what a flaky crust is to Mom's apple pie.

- Harry Reasoner

Game Survive

Baseball must be a great game to survive the fools who run it.

- Bill Terry

Acting Playing

I was acting when I was playing baseball.

- Bob Uecker

Hope Never

I hope I never do anything to hurt baseball.

- Home Run Baker

Game Inches

Baseball is a game of inches.

- Branch Rickey


Baseball has all the money.

- Brett Hull

History Without

Without Cooperstown, you don't have baseball: Baseball is history.

- Brian Kilmeade

Always Wanted

I always wanted to be a major-league baseball player.

- Bryce Harper

Bad Really

I'm really bad at baseball.

- Cameron Dallas

About October

October baseball is what it's all about.

- James A. Winnefeld, Jr.

Heroes Like

A baseball team is like a band. Because, conceptually, there are no heroes in baseball - there's just the team.

- Cass McCombs

Love I Love

I love my baseball, and I love my Phillies.

- Chad Hurley


I'm married to football, baseball is my girlfriend.

- Deion Sanders

Team Owned

No former player has owned a team in baseball.

- Derek Jeter

My Life Never

No, I've never played baseball in my life.

- Jay Hernandez

Take Care Take

I don't believe there's a baseball job that I couldn't take care of.

- Don Cooper

Never Outside

Never drew a paycheck outside of baseball.

- Don Zimmer

Game Team Game

Baseball is a team game.

- Eddie Murray

Life My Life

Baseball's my life.

- Justin Verlander

Love I Love

Baseball is not what I love. It's my job.

- Eric Davis

Day Congress

It was a terrible day for baseball, it was a worse day for Congress.

- Fay Vincent

Serious About

I wasn't really serious about acting - I was serious about baseball.

- Kurt Russell

My Life Leo

My life as Mrs. Leo Durocher and baseball come first.

- Laraine Day

Well Kid

Well, my favorite sport as a kid was clearly baseball.

- Leigh Steinberg

Back Keep

Baseball and malaria keep coming back.

- Gene Mauch

Watch Lot

I watch a lot of baseball on the radio.

- Gerald R. Ford

Next Always

In baseball, there's always the next day.

- Ryne Sandberg

Easy Me

Baseball wasn't easy for me.

- Ryne Sandberg

Hockey Basketball

I played hockey, basketball, and baseball.

- Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.

Always Been

My heart has just always been with baseball.

- Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.

Better Reason

Baseball gets better for whatever reason.

- Rafael Palmeiro

Know About

I don't know anything about baseball.

- Sean Connery

Minds Only

Baseball is dull only to dull minds.

- Red Barber

Play Nothing

There's nothing to it. Baseball isn't that tough to play.

- Red Schoendienst

Best I Am

I am the best in baseball.

- Reggie Jackson

You Second-Guess

You can't second-guess baseball. You can't second-guess yourself.

- Mariano Rivera

Luck Great

Luck is the great stabilizer in baseball.

- Tris Speaker

My Life Percent

Baseball was one-hundred percent of my life.

- Ty Cobb

Love Sports

I just love baseball; it's one of my favorite sports.

- Ty Simpkins

Sports Tough Life

Baseball life is a tough life on the family.

- Nolan Ryan

Best Team

We're the best team in baseball, but not by much.

- Sparky Anderson

Football Were

Baseball is what we were, and football is what we have become.

- Mary McGrory

Stomach Charlie

Charlie Finley has soured my stomach for baseball.

- Vida Blue

Athletic Played

I wasn't athletic. I played baseball, but I was terrible.

- Matt Long

Me Grind

Baseball is not a grind for me.

- Steve Finley


Baseball is the life.

- Steve Garvey

Cricket Basically

Cricket is basically baseball on valium.

- Robin Williams

Country Made

I'm made in the Dominican. I'm from baseball country.

- Robinson Cano

Rush Clubhouse

If you rush in and out of the clubhouse, you rush in and out of baseball.

- Pee Wee Reese

Wanted Dad

Acting was something fun that my dad did, but baseball is what he really wanted to do.

- Wyatt Russell