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Want Last

When you've worked as hard as I have to form your identity, the last thing you want is to blur where you end and someone else begins.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Line Some

I wish what I do was all real. Some of it's real, some of it's an illusion and I try to blur the line between both, but unfortunately I've got to be honest with you. Taking a $1 bill and turning it into a $100 - unfortunately it's not real.

- Criss Angel

How Genuinely

I try genuinely, when I'm playing a character, to not judge them and just to inhabit someone as how one sees them. That being said, you also want to make sure that you don't blur the edges of people too much because humans are naughty and complicated beings.

- Eddie Redmayne

View Things

The Universal view melts things into a blur.

- Emile M. Cioran

Father Young

My earliest memories of going to Fenway with my father are a blur: many games, me too young to care, but aware that our team 'stunk.' In those years, the 1960s, the Red Sox baseball card I always coveted most was not Carl Yastrzemski's but the far more ordinary Felix Mantilla's.

- Francisco Goldman

Around Feels

Most days it feels as if the world is whirling around me and I am standing still. In slow motion, I watch the colors blur; people and faces all become a massive wash.

- Sarah Kay

Really Were

Really, the '70s and '80s were a blur.

- Manolo Blahnik

Like Your

All your life, you live so close to truth, it becomes a permanent blur in the corner of your eye. And when something nudges it into outline, it is like being ambushed by a grotesque.

- Tom Stoppard

Like Some

Things like that become a blur - shot at some soundstage, somewhere - that's as much as I can remember.

- Rob Zombie

Line Distinction

What 'True Blood' does really well is that it balances on the line between good and evil - you blur the distinction between the two.

- Robert Kazinsky

Differences Tart

The differences between a tart, a pie and a quiche are a blur.

- Yotam Ottolenghi