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Kind Like

I'm a little bit like a turducken: I'm sort of like an Indian person, wrapped in a British person, wrapped in an American kind of thing.

- Aasif Mandvi

Every Day Used

I used to get a lift to school every day with a man who was a major in the British Army.

- Adrian McKinty

Became New Kind

The British ballads became a new kind of form in their hand. And out of them came the blues, a new kind of song of commentary and satire, a song form which, after all, has become the main musical form of the whole human species.

- Alan Lomax

Southern Upper

I grew up in southern Africa but was born in England, so my family was afflicted with the stiff upper lip of the British. When coupled with the violence we saw as children, that can be a fatal combination. Fortunately, I have an outlet for trauma in my writing.

- Alexandra Fuller

Serve Show

In 1939, Fitzroy Maclean, a gangly Highland aristocrat in his early 30s, was serving as a British diplomat in the U.S.S.R. Disgusted by the Soviet show trials, he quit the Foreign Service and would go on to serve with Tito's partisans fighting the Germans in Yugoslavia.

- Alistair Horne

Education Made

My parents came from lower-class British backgrounds. But they worked hard and, without formal education, made it where they are today.

- Amy Jackson

Someday Movie

Someday, I'll make a movie with a British accent.

- Andie MacDowell

Very Festive

The British fans, they are very festive; they support their people.

- Andre Ward

Down Got

I've never got on with the British press because they've always given me such a hard time. Once they build a band up they just want to do people down. They shouldn't concentrate on the colour of someone's shirt they should listen to the music.

- Andrew Eldritch

Industry Required

As an old creative industry full of cruelty and moral sense, British journalism once flourished on the imperative that people required the truth in order to survive. But people don't require that now. They want sensation and they want it for nothing.

- Andrew O'Hagan

I Am Also

I am Scottish. I am also British.

- Andy Murray

Doing Put

I personally felt that his ad hominen attacks on British architects were not the sort of thing a Prince of Wales should be doing because, apart from anything else, they put various people out of business.

- Anthony Holden

Why Became

When I became the chair of the British Film Institute, I didn't understand how much of my time would be taken up with trying to make a case for the British Film Institute: what it's for, why it exists, why it needs its money.

- Anthony Minghella

Going Decided

When I was 13, I decided I was British and was going to stay that way.

- Art Malik

United Armies

The first condition of success for the League of Nations is, therefore, a firm understanding between the British Empire and the United States of America and France and Italy that there will be no competitive building up of fleets or armies between them.

- Arthur Henderson

Damage Agent

My first job was a film called 'Storm Damage' for the BBC. I was 16 and working with really respected British actors. I didn't have an agent at the time, and it kind of threw me into real acting.

- Ashley Madekwe

Makeup Fiction

I find a difference in British spy fiction and American spy fiction. In the American version, it's more militaristic, partly because the CIA has more of the military makeup. Whereas MI6 is more of a cerebral, intelligence-based, relationship-based service, i.e., all they do is recruit people to get information out of them.

- Charles Cumming

Harmony Had

Purcell is a composer who had a formative influence on British music - even The Who now cite him as an influence. There's an intense, dirty harmony, but there's a Louis XIV kind of elan and style, too. He had the melancholy DNA of our national folk heritage.

- Charles Hazlewood

Heritage Spent

I know I'm British. I haven't spent much time in the U.K., but my parents are British, my family heritage is British, so if I wasn't British, what would I be? I am British.

- Chris Froome

Year Made

I went being unemployed for three years to being the lead in a British feature in the days when we only made two a year, 1990. It was ridiculous really.

- Christopher Eccleston

Long Sense

There's a melancholy sense of things lost in the shabbier British seaside towns; of comfortable failure and better times long gone.

- Christopher Fowler

More Give

I give no more paroles to British officers.

- Christopher Gadsden

American Use

There is certainly a higher percentage of wit in British comedy than in American comedy. What always tickles me is the way in which people try to use their intellect to get themselves out of tricky situations but never quite manage to do so - much to their enormous embarrassment.

- Christopher Lloyd

Italian Moved

My parents are Italian and British. They live in Berkeley now - we all moved there four years ago.

- Claire Forlani

Tent Whistling

Vijay Singh won a playoff in 2004 at Whistling Straits after a final-round 76, which was the highest last round by the winner of any major since 1938, when Reg Whitcombe won the British Open with a 78 in a storm that blew down the exhibition tent at Sandwich.

- Dan Jenkins

Line Prove

In one line of his poem he said good fences make good neighbors. I'd like to think that Alaska and British Columbia working together can prove that we can be pretty darned good neighbors without fences.

- Dan Miller

Against Guard

A British porch is a musty, forbidding non-room in which to fling a sodden umbrella or a muddy pair of boots; a guard against the elements and strangers. By contrast the good ol' American front porch seems to stand for positivity and openness; a platform from which to welcome or wave farewell; a place where things of significance could happen.

- Dan Stevens

Buy British People

Most British people are keen to remain in a European free trade zone; and most EU states are keen to keep us there, because we buy from them more than we sell to them to the tune of £40 million per day.

- Daniel Hannan

Enjoy Raised

The problem with being British... I don't know if it's me being British or being raised a strict Catholic, but you never really enjoy success.

- Danny Boyle

Know Passengers

I know the British people and they are not passengers - they are drivers.

- David Cameron

British People

British people are surprised that I'm British!

- David Harewood

Every Day Idea

British people are surprised that I'm British! It's extraordinary, I get tweets every day from British people saying, 'I had no idea you were British.'

- David Harewood

Work London

I work three days at home, and two days in the British Library or the London Library, just to get out of the house and hide from the children.

- David Nicholls

Favour Takeover

I am not in favour of the takeover of excellent and strategically important British companies by struggling foreign firms whose actions are fuelled by tax avoidance, and who want to asset-strip the intellectual property of the British company and then dismember it.

- David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville

Adaptation Screen

'An Inspector Calls' is a British classic, and I am thrilled to be working on this beautiful screen adaptation with Aisling Walsh.

- David Thewlis

Woman Lawyers

It is good to see women doctors and lawyers and executives. I can visualize a woman president. If I were British, I would have supported Margaret Thatcher. But no benefit to anyone can come from women serving in combat.

- Jim Webb

Like Court

The British public like a Briton with personality, someone who comes out on court and isn't dour and down on themselves.

- Jo Durie

Small Decide

It is up to you to decide that this has lasted long enough, that our boys are dying to serve no British interest but for the interests of a small clique of utterly unscrupulous men.

- John Amery

Hell Tabloids

In the last 15 or 20 years, I've watched the British press simply go to hell. There seems to be no limit, no depths to which the tabloids won't sink. I don't know who these people are but they're little pigs.

- John le Carre

May Rightly

In the '60s - and right up to the present day - the identity of a member of the British Secret Services was and is, quite rightly, a state secret. To divulge it is a crime. The Services may choose to leak a name when it pleases them.

- John le Carre

Factories Jobs

Let's turn British inventions into British industries, British factories and British jobs. Let them make pounds for us, not dollars marks or yen for others.

- John Major

Feel Difference

I feel as much British as I do American. There's not much difference between our countries.

- John McAfee


I'm British; pessimism is my wheelhouse.

- John Oliver

Sometimes Use

The British press are a group of unremitting scumbags. And sometimes they use that scumbaggery to good ends, and often not.

- John Oliver

Leg Show

I'm not really much of an actor, so when I started on 'The Daily Show,' I was just trying to adopt the faux authority of a newsperson. Having a British accent definitely gave me a sonic leg up on that because there is a faux authority to the British accent in and of itself.

- John Oliver

Skills National

The skills of the British intelligence community are a great national asset.

- John Scarlett

Alice Also

I loved the MC5 and the Stooges, but also, the British Invasion - the Kinks and the Yardbirds - and then Led Zeppelin, of course. Alice Cooper was one of my favorite bands.

- John Varvatos

American Born

Eugenio Montale - born in Genoa in 1896, died in Milan, 1981 - is one of the twentieth-century Europeans who has spoken most meaningfully to American and British poets.

- Jonathan Galassi

Comedy Australian

I am huge fan of Australian comedy. 'Strictly Ballroom' is one of my favorite movies. Definitely the British Commonwealth's sensibility is where I draw a lot of my influences.

- Jonathan Krisel

Shadow Submit

Such a prostitution of judicial power can never occur again under the shadow of the British law, for no jury within the wide circle of the empire would submit to such an infraction of their privilege, even if a judge could be found daring enough to attempt it.

- Joseph Howe

American Passport

I have a British and an American passport.

- Joshua Oppenheimer

Book Advertising

'Powers of Persuasion: The Story of British Advertising' by Winston Fletcher - the impression you get from reading this book, which covers post-war advertising until the present, is of a chaotic, self-serving, occasionally brilliant but ultimately shallow business.

- Justin Cartwright

Values Our

It is our job to work for the government of the day and so that means working for Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, and we need to do those preparations just to be sure that we're ready for whoever you, the British public, elect and that's core to our civil service values over the last 150 years.

- Gus O'Donnell

Want Use

But I do not want to use Hungarian verses for British people.

- Gyorgy Ligeti

Work Other

I stand on my public record as a defender of the human rights of Muslims, notably my work for Moazzam Begg and other British Muslims detained without trial in Guantanamo Bay.

- Hari Kunzru

Politics Within

There's a tradition in British intellectual life of mocking any non-political force that gets involved in politics, especially within the sphere of the arts and the theatre.

- Harold Pinter

My Life Issues

The British Red Cross asked me to help them spearhead a fundraising campaign for the victims of the war in Nicaragua. It was a turning point in my life. It began my commitment to justice and human rights issues.

- Bianca Jagger

Seen Appropriate

It seems appropriate that the author of '1984' was a British citizen. George Orwell must have seen how easily the great British public's lamb-like disposition toward its leaders could be exploited to create a police state.

- Heather Brooke

Bankers Document

Being a fan of authentic Dada, I find today's art - what I call 'Bankers' Dada' - mind-numbingly dull. The most challenging work I've seen of late is by The British Art Resistance. Their document, 'A Call for Heroes in an Age of Cowards', is apt in these days of witless chancers.

- Billy Childish

Appreciate Part

I really appreciate the British part of my family.

- Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Talking About

The British claim to have a special relationship with the U.S., but if you mention this in Washington, no one knows what you are talking about.

- Helmut Schmidt

Thought Hid

I got a tooth bust by somebody who decided they didn't like me and I thought the moustache hid a scar on my lip. It's true that people were told facial hair was not appreciated by the British public, but I just decided to keep the moustache.

- Bob Ainsworth

People Decided

It's true that people were told facial hair was not appreciated by the British public, but I just decided to keep the moustache.

- Bob Ainsworth

Conquered Eight

I am (even after all the torture) amazed at British logic. Never in eight centuries have they succeeded in breaking the spirit of one man who refused to be broken. They have not dispirited, conquered, nor demoralised my people, nor will they ever.

- Bobby Sands

Queen Elizabeth

You know, not even your British Queen is called just Elizabeth - she's Elizabeth the Second. There's only one Imelda.

- Imelda Marcos

Soil Other

Other lands may have their charms, and the sunny skies of other climes may be regretted, but it is with pride and gladness that the wanderer sets foot again on British soil, thanking God for the religion and the liberty which have made this weather-beaten island in a northern sea to be the light and glory of the world.

- Isabella Bird


British girls are as temperamental as Americans.

- Ivor Novello

Die Paragraph

When I die there may be a paragraph or two in the newspapers. My name will linger in the British Museum Reading Room catalogue for a space at the head of a long list of books for which no one will ever ask.

- C. S. Forester

Reason Around

Growing up around British music, you realise how much depth there is to it... my stuff is different to the likes of Pitbull for that reason.

- Calvin Harris

Listen I Think

When you have energy companies like Shell and British Petroleum, both of which are perhaps represented in this room, saying there is a problem with excess carbon dioxide emission, I think we ought to listen.

- James Baker

Support Designers

I support British designers as much as I can.

- Cat Deeley

Woman Proud

I was the first woman British commissioner, the first woman trade commissioner, so I am also proud to be the first woman High Representative.

- Catherine Ashton

Used TV

British actors used to be scared of the multi-year options that U.S. TV shows demand. That has changed, because the same is now happening in the U.K.

- Jamie Bamber

Words Slang

The British have slang words, as we do, but it was fun.

- Dennis Farina

Get Entertainers

You hear entertainers all the time, saying, 'If I couldn't get paid for this, I'd do it for free.' When's the last time you ever heard a business person say, 'If I couldn't get paid for being chairman of British Petroleum, I'd do it for free'?

- Dick Gregory

Tyranny Confident

I am confident that in the end freedom and democracy will prevail over terror and tyranny. We will win this war on terror - and when we do Americans, the British, Iraqis, and people around the world will be more secure.

- Doc Hastings

Back About

The way they taught history in schools was not appealing. They stressed wars and dates. They left the people out. I was attracted to history by the need to know about the people. In China, I went to a British school, and we just learned about kings and queens. Back in America, I had the regular social studies curriculum.

- Jean Fritz

Been Global

I'm not a Little Englander. Historically, British people have always been travellers. I look in the world as one place. You have to think in a global sense. Cinema is a global endeavour. My roots are in England but my endeavours are worldwide.

- Jeremy Thomas

Small West Coast

I'm a novelist from the Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations of British Columbia, both small coastal reserves hugging the rugged shores of the west coast.

- Eden Robinson

My Life Hooked

Katie McGrath got me hooked on the 'Great British Bake Off.' It's ruining my life.

- Jessica De Gouw

Accessible Twitter

Things have changed so much, with Facebook and Twitter. Everyone is so much more accessible these days: no British athlete has ever experienced what we are experiencing now. It's such a unique situation with the home Olympics.

- Jessica Ennis

Thought Quakers

I descend from both Philadelphia Quakers and Carolina colonists whose families were separated by the Revolutionary War. That helped give me insight into the agony of Patriots who, until the British government denied their claims, had always, like Ben Franklin himself, thought of themselves as free-born Englishmen.

- Edward Rutherfurd

American Dad

There are co-ed schools in Saudi, but those are American or British. My dad, of course, believed in the good old CBSE Indian school system and thus, my younger brother Ishmeet and I were put in an all-boys CBSE school. My mother could move out only if she wore a burkha.

- Karan Singh Grover

Always Frankly

I've always wanted to be a spy, and frankly I'm a little surprised that British intelligence has never approached me.

- Elizabeth Hurley

Three Britain

Between 1945 and 1965, the number of colonial people ruled by the British monarch plunged from 700 million to five million. In 1956, just three years after the coronation, the Suez canal crisis and Anthony Eden's humiliation ended all notions that Britain was a world superpower.

- Kate Williams

Book Clearly

My first book was the most successful debut novel in the U.K. ever and every one of my books has reached number one in the U.K. Clearly the British know brilliance when they see it.

- Kathy Reichs

Whole Rather

When I was 13, listening to Choice FM, I would listen to a lot of R&B from America, and whenever a British person tried to do it, it didn't really work, they just sounded like they were trying to copy that whole style. Now the music sounds British, something real rather than an imitation.

- Katy B

Reason Half

Look, half the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were either in debt or bankrupt. The remaining half, most of them lost all their possessions. The only reason Monticello didn't get burned to the ground was that the British patrol missed the road.

- Eric Massa

Love Happy

I loved working on 'Happy Gilmore' because I love to travel to new places and we got to go to British Columbia. Any Adam Sandler film is fun to work on because it is a reunion of the boys club of guys that have worked together in the past.

- Kevin Nealon

Kid Britain

I did quite a lot of fencing when I was a kid. I was a swimmer, and I played a lot of basketball. I was a fencer for Great Britain, but I only did that because I watched 'Robin Hood,' 'Star Wars,' 'Highlander' and 'The Three Musketeers,' and I wanted to emulate Richard Harris and the great British actors that I grew up watching.

- Kieran Bew

More Very

'HIM' is much more of a British, coming-of-age series, while 'Stranger Things' is very obviously a sci-fi drama.

- Fionn Whitehead

Love Role

The actors I respect are the real character actors, who are the real chameleon actors that completely change from role to role. I love Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness and Gary Oldman. They tend to be British, I guess. People who really disappear and transform, I really like that.

- Fran Kranz

Always Becoming

The British have always coped without becoming a dictatorship.

- Frederick Forsyth

Ryan Brink

Ryan Giggs will go down as the most successful British footballer of all time and I cannot see anyone ever overtaking him. He's on the brink of his 13th league title, after all.

- Gary Neville

Love Redheads

In British culture, redheads get teased at school. But I've grown up enough to realize I love my hair.

- Lily Cole

Think Then

The British people think that if someone is disabled, then they should get all the care and support that we can offer.

- George Osborne

Doing Been

I was fortunate to be born when I was. There's been a massive rise in British cycling since I joined the junior programme when I was 17. It all started in 2004 when Chris Hoy won gold for the 1 km. time trial in Athens; when one person starts doing well, they take everyone with them.

- Geraint Thomas

Enhancing Athletes

If athletes are found to have taken performance enhancing drugs, then they should be banned for two years, even if they are British.

- Lynn Davies

American Concert

The difference between the American version of 'Live Aid' and the British one - in England, if you wanted a cup of tea, you made it yourself. If you wanted a sandwich, you bought it. In typical American style, at the American concert, there were laminated tour passes and champagne and caviar.

- Phil Collins

Russians Italians

Most correspondents came from the former colonial powers - there were British, French, and a lot of Italians, because there were a lot of Italian communities there. And of course there were a lot of Russians.

- Ryszard Kapuscinski