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Biochemistry is the science of life. All our life processes - walking, talking, moving, feeding - are essentially chemical reactions. So biochemistry is actually the chemistry of life, and it's supremely interesting.

- Aaron Ciechanover

Move Could

Your chemistry high school teacher lied to you when they told you that there was such a thing as a vacuum, that you could take space and move every particle out of it.

- Adam Riess

Love Crack

Chemistry can be a good and bad thing. Chemistry is good when you make love with it. Chemistry is bad when you make crack with it.

- Adam Sandler


As a boy, it was clear that my inclinations were toward the physical sciences. Mathematics, mechanics, and chemistry were among the fields that gave me a special satisfaction.

- Ahmed Zewail


Carbon-carbon bond formation reactions are important processes in chemistry because they provide key steps in building complex, bio-active molecules developed as medicines and agrochemicals.

- Akira Suzuki


To my disappointment, not many young people seem to be interested in science, especially chemistry.

- Akira Suzuki

Science Falls

The science of semiconducting and metallic polymers is inherently interdisciplinary; it falls at the intersection of chemistry and physics.

- Alan J. Heeger

Harmony Very

Alpha men are very turned on by the alpha woman, really high chemistry, really fun to work with, probably really fun to have affairs with, but there's not sustainable harmony in that lack of complement. There can only be one person in the driver's seat.

- Alanis Morissette

Know Undeniable

You know it's right when you feel this undeniable connection and chemistry.

- Ali Larter

Important Actor

It's important that the director and actor have good chemistry, and not just the actors.

- Alia Bhatt

Blossom TV

With reality TV, sometimes it's amazing chemistry and you get these gems that turn out to be everything you hoped, and the camera loves them and they just blossom on the show. And then sometimes it's not all you envision.

- Alison Sweeney

Biology Yes

The kitchen's a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science. It's biology, chemistry, physics. Yes, there's history. Yes, there's artistry. Yes, to all of that. But what happened there, what actually happens to the food is all science.

- Alton Brown

Wanted Hit

I wanted to be a veterinarian, but slipped up when I hit organic chemistry.

- Amy Hempel

Given Could

Ernest Rutherford's 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry wasn't given for the nuclear power station - he wouldn't have survived that long - it was given for showing how interesting atomic physics could be.

- Andre Geim

Glad Liked

I was glad I liked chemistry.

- Andy Grove

Next Certainly

People's lives really do turn out differently. And it certainly can't be explained by how intelligent you remember them being when they were sitting next to you in organic chemistry class.

- Angela Duckworth

Nothing Than

There's nothing colder than chemistry.

- Anita Loos

Digital About

Digital imaging is as much about chemistry as it is about semiconductors.

- Antonio Perez

Think Lot

I think Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen have a lot of chemistry between them.

- April Bowlby

Battle Half

If the chemistry between me and the artist is good, then that's half the battle.

- Ariel Rechtshaid


If two actors can communicate well during a scene, it works and makes for good chemistry.

- Ashish Sharma

Audience About

Music is about communication, and the chemistry between an audience and the orchestra is absolutely essential; the performance does not exist in a bubble.

- Charles Hazlewood

Handsome Players

A band's only unique thing is its chemistry, especially if none of you are prodigious players or particularly handsome. The one thing you have is your uniqueness, so we hold on to that.

- Chris Martin

Amazing Stage

With Fleetwood Mac, it's an amazing chemistry that we have on stage.

- Christine McVie

Say Necessary

I wonder if economics has less basic core material than is necessary for fields such as mathematics, physics, or chemistry, say.

- Clive Granger

Dancing Been

Singing and dancing have been shown to modulate brain chemistry, specifically levels of dopamine, the 'feel good' neurotransmitter.

- Daniel Levitin

Going Year

I really want to take time and be in the moment with my kid for at least the first year. I know she's not going to remember that, but it's really for the family chemistry.

- Daniel Wu


Cooking and gardening involve so many disciplines: math, chemistry, reading, history.

- David Chang

Living Created

Living organisms are created by chemistry. We are huge packages of chemicals.

- David Christian

Writer Executive

Chemistry is not anything an executive producer or writer can orchestrate or plan; you just hope for it.

- David E. Kelley

Studying Always

I was studying chemistry, and this is a physically hard job because you are in the laboratory, you work hard, and you come home in the late afternoon or in the evening and you always needed a break.

- Joachim Sauer

Characters Bound

When two characters or two actresses are together for a while there is bound to be chemistry developing.

- Joan Van Ark

Work Call

When you work with somebody you have chemistry with, it's easy and it's fun. You hardly call it work.

- Joe Lando

Trust Think

I think that winning creates chemistry, as opposed to other way around. I've been on a lot of friendly teams that couldn't win, trust me.

- Joe Torre

Cooking Really

Cooking is chemistry, really.

- Joel Robuchon

Other Which

Physiology is the science which treats of the properties of organic bodies, animal and vegetable, of the phenomena they present, and of the laws which govern their actions. Inorganic substances are the objects of other sciences, - physics and chemistry.

- Johannes P. Muller

Doing Mostly

I started doing experiments - mostly in organic chemistry, because it was so much more interesting - in my mother's laundry at home.

- John Cornforth

Molecules Been

The essential principles of the three-dimensional structure of organic molecules had been correctly formulated by the first Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Jacobus van't Hoff, as early as 1874.

- John Cornforth

College Oxford

In 1960, I went to St. Catherine's College, Oxford, and received the B.A. degree in Chemistry in 1964.

- John E. Walker


I abandoned chemistry to concentrate on mathematics and physics. In 1942, I travelled to Cambridge to take the scholarship examination at Trinity College, received an award and entered the university in October 1943.

- John Pople

However England

Leaving England was a painful decision, and we still have some regrets about it. However, at that time, the research environment for theoretical chemistry was clearly better in the U.S.

- John Pople

Wanting Sure

I grew up wanting to be a musician, but my parents were sure I would starve to death. So, they put me in physics and chemistry. That eventually blew up, and I got into radio.

- John Tesh

My Life Became

At the age of 12, my parents gave me a chemistry set for Christmas, and experimentation soon became a consuming passion in my life.

- John Vane

Great About

We've all seen great actors and actresses who are missing a certain chemistry. And it's not about getting along or not getting along.

- Johnny Galecki

Been Very

Andy Rourke and I had been playing together from 14 or 15, and we had a very great musical chemistry. Andy's just a very respected and unusual musician.

- Johnny Marr

Doing Some

In a chemistry class there was a guy sitting in front of me doing what looked like a jigsaw puzzle or some really weird kind of thing. He told me he was writing a computer program.

- Jon Postel

Always Either

When it comes to chemistry with actors, I always feel chemistry is not something that comes and goes. You either have it or you don't.

- Jonathan Jackson

Will Characters

If the characters are acting true to themselves, then that chemistry and suspense will flow.

- Julie Kenner

Think Biology

Men are not allowed to think freely about chemistry and biology: why should they be allowed to think freely about political philosophy?

- Auguste Comte

Work Hard Always

As I had always said, it takes two people to work hard to create the chemistry.

- Barun Sobti

Pretty TV

Tracy and I were pretty good friends before '30 Rock.' The chemistry you see on camera - that's what it is. What you see on camera - that's just friends, so that's why it comes across so well on TV.

- Grizz Chapman

Components Lot

Teams are made up of a lot of components. They're made up of hunger, they're made up of desire, they're made up of chemistry, and they're made up of emotion.

- H. G. Bissinger

Still Lawful

It is now quite lawful for a Catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics, though she is still forbidden to resort to physics or chemistry.

- H. L. Mencken

More Resembles

Unfortunately, a lot of economists wanted to make their subject a science. So the more what you do resembles physics or chemistry, the more credible you become.

- Ha-Joon Chang

Level Romeo

I feel that for the story of 'Romeo and Juliet' to be impactful, it has to be believable, and there has to be a certain level of chemistry between the two characters.

- Hailee Steinfeld

Process Cut

Every film requires a different process. You learn about these particular actors and the particular chemistry between these actors. Recognizing when you don't need to shoot a scene because it's going to be cut anyway.

- Bennett Miller

Think Very

Chemistry exists or it doesn't, and I think casting is a very underappreciated component of filmmaking.

- Bennett Miller

Think I Think

I think there's a natural chemistry between us as friends; and there's really no separation between the rapport that we feel when we're in conversation and when we're playing music, it's one in the same.

- Benny Green


At school, my favorite subjects were history, biology, chemistry, and physics. Especially the teaching in physics was excellent. Most of my understanding of it I got at high school, not at the university.

- Hartmut Michel

Still String

I'll come in with a string of riffs and direct the musical ideas. But you still need a band and their input to make the ideas come alive. You can't underestimate band chemistry.

- Billy Corgan

Fake One Thing

One thing that you can't fake is chemistry.

- Blake Shelton

Attractive Very

I really liked working with Sean Paul; he is a very attractive guy, very hot. He was fun; the chemistry was really great, it was great to be in the moment.

- Blu Cantrell

Want Bearing

Truthfully, we don't want my Weezer affiliation to have any bearing on whether someone likes us or not. It's an entirely different thing. The Space Twins have our own chemistry.

- Brian Bell

Love Thoughtful

I love Alton Brown's show 'Good Eats,' about the chemistry of food. It's really thoughtful.

- Ina Garten

More Year

In 1948 I entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, undecided between studies of chemistry and physics, but my first year convinced me that physics was more interesting to me.

- Burton Richter

Art Ritual

Modern bodybuilding is ritual, religion, sport, art, and science, awash in Western chemistry and mathematics. Defying nature, it surpasses it.

- Camille Paglia

Weekends Studied

In the evenings I studied chemistry at the University of Chicago, the weekends I helped in the family store.

- Jack Steinberger

Earth Biology

In my lab, we're interested in the transition from chemistry to early biology on the early earth.

- Jack W. Szostak

Incredible Then

Starting with 'Thirteen,' my known technique is to cast the lead, then find someone with whom they have incredible chemistry.

- Catherine Hardwicke

Strong Riff

Sometimes one of us will have a riff or a bass line from home but it really gels when we come together. We really have a strong special chemistry that we take advantage of when we get together.

- Chad Smith

Timing Hawaii

In the case of Five-O, I believe it was a combination of many ingredients - timing, chemistry, Hawaii.

- James MacArthur

Some Profession

To those who have chosen the profession of medicine, a knowledge of chemistry, and of some branches of natural history, and, indeed, of several other departments of science, affords useful assistance.

- Charles Babbage

Trust Intangible

I believe chemistry is based on the trust between two performers. What actually works is something intangible - being extremely comfortable in each other's presence.

- Deepika Padukone

Through Excelled

In my schooling through high school, I excelled mainly in chemistry, physics and mathematics.

- James Rainwater

New Set

I did help to set up an undergraduate course in medicinal chemistry and made progress in modelling and analysing pharmacological activity at the tissue level, my new passion.

- James W. Black

College Figure

Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or something.

- Dennis Rodman

Serious Were

The first serious applications were in triterpenoid chemistry.

- Derek Harold Richard Barton

Green Toxic

Green chemistry is replacing our industrial chemistry with nature's recipe book. It's not easy, because life uses only a subset of the elements in the periodic table. And we use all of them, even the toxic ones.

- Janine Benyus

Use Material

Life solves its problems with well-adapted designs, life-friendly chemistry and smart material and energy use.

- Janine Benyus

Needs Smaller

We do care about planets like the Earth because by now we understood that life as a chemical system really needs a smaller planet with water and with rocks and with a lot of complex chemistry to originate, to emerge, to survive.

- Dimitar Sasselov

Nor Destroyed

The organic material, as the laws of chemistry state, can neither be created nor destroyed.

- Dixie Lee Ray

Level Scientists

Few scientists acquainted with the chemistry of biological systems at the molecular level can avoid being inspired.

- Donald Cram

Change Retain

To retain my fascination with chemistry, I have had to change my research fields about every 10 years.

- Donald Cram

More Covering

Supramolecular chemistry is the chemistry of the intermolecular bond, covering the structures and functions of the entities formed by association of two or more chemical species.

- Jean-Marie Lehn

Concerned Govern

Molecular chemistry, the chemistry of the covalent bond, is concerned with uncovering and mastering the rules that govern the structures, properties and transformations of molecular species.

- Jean-Marie Lehn

Bond Frontiers

Supramolecular chemistry, the designed chemistry of the intermolecular bond, is rapidly expanding at the frontiers of molecular science with physical and biological phenomena.

- Jean-Marie Lehn

May Types

Receptor chemistry, the chemistry of artificial receptor molecules, may be considered a generalized coordination chemistry, not limited to transition metal ions but extending to all types of substrates: cationic, anionic or neutral species of organic, inorganic or biological nature.

- Jean-Marie Lehn

Goal Going

I say that, you know, it's a lifetime goal trying to teach organic chemistry, to make it easy, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm ever going to achieve it in my lifetime.

- Donna Nelson

Teacher I Am

I am the mild-mannered organic chemistry teacher at the University of Oklahoma.

- Donna Nelson

Everybody Teams

Like great teams in sports and business endeavors, if there's a chemistry among the participants, and they truly enjoy fellowship together, everybody wants to be there, stay involved, and just have fun together.

- Ed Greenwood

Think Took

I don't think it's blowing my own horn to say the show is not as good. There was chemistry there that took years and years to build and now that's gone. The commentary is lacking.

- Jerry Lawler

Could Vinegar

I could have sexual chemistry with vinegar.

- Jessica Alba

Experiment Read

Ingredients should not read like a chemistry experiment!

- Jessica Capshaw

Education Art

Just as the science and art of agriculture depend upon chemistry and botany, so the art of education depends upon physiology and psychology.

- Edward Thorndike

Here Laws

We are the laws of chemistry and physics as they have played out here on Earth, and we are now learning that planets are as common as stars. Most stars, as it turns out now, will have planets.

- Jill Tarter

Love Explain

I can't explain chemistry. I really can't. I haven't got a clue what it's all about. It just happens. It's like falling in love. You can't explain why you fall in love or explain why it's this particular person.

- Elaine Stritch

Lives Synthesis

Chemical synthesis is uniquely positioned at the heart of chemistry, the central science, and its impact on our lives and society is all pervasive.

- Elias James Corey

Work Joined

My doctoral work was completed by the end of 1950 and, at the age of twenty-two, I joined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an instructor in chemistry under the distinguished chemists Roger Adams and Carl S. Marvel.

- Elias James Corey

Which Accepted

In the spring of 1959, I received an offer of a professorship at Harvard, which I accepted with alacrity since I wanted to be near my family and since the chemistry department at Harvard was unsurpassed.

- Elias James Corey

Think Some

How do you create chemistry? If only I knew that! Some people say it's a natural thing that you have with someone, and maybe it is to do with that, but I think you can work on it.

- Karen Gillan