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Show Mistrust

My tenure at 'The Daily Show' started during the decade after September 11, and fear of Muslims was at an all-time high. Politicians and the media seemed to dial the fright, mistrust, and animosity up to a fever pitch to gain votes and ratings.

- Aasif Mandvi

Process Ideology

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.

- Abbie Hoffman

Give Tech

History suggests the 2010s will give rise to a super-unicorn or two that reflect the key tech wave of the decade, the mobile web.

- Aileen Lee

The Most Important

Comscore, Nielsen, MediaMetrix and Quantcast studies all show women are the driving force of the most important net trend of the decade, the social web.

- Aileen Lee

Die Died

The heart of the security agenda is protecting lives - and we now know that the number of people who will die of AIDS in the first decade of the 21st Century will rival the number that died in all the wars in all the decades of the 20th century.

- Al Gore

Will Likely

The people that were invested in me staying the same way after a decade will most likely by default have to be disappointed.

- Alanis Morissette

Reason Bush

George W. Bush has dutifully, if not intentionally, provided Americans with laughs for nearly a decade. He has also made them cry, sometimes for the same reason.

- Alexandra Petri

Deal Thriving

It's so fantastic to see redditors thriving because Reddit was able to be a part of their journey. Over the last decade, we've seen countless people improve their lives because of it - from quitting addiction to getting a Hollywood screenwriting deal - and I hope there will be many more talents who'll be discovered on our platform.

- Alexis Ohanian

Social Emergence

The emergence of Pakistan, a decade ago, was an act of protest against the existence of privilege in the social order of the subcontinent of India.

- Aly Khan

Maybe Worlds

Maybe to feel like an Afghan I needed to be born and raised in the States, and maybe I needed to live in Afghanistan for nearly a decade to feel like an American. Both worlds shaped me, but neither one of them completely correspond to the picture I have of myself.

- Aman Mojadidi

Country Editor

Melissa Biggs Bradley spent a decade as Travel Editor of 'Town & Country,' and later served as the founding editor of 'Town & Country Travel.' She then launched Indagare Souk, an online marketplace of global treasures.

- Amanda Hearst

Behind Will

If we do not act quickly, Jaxport will fall behind competitors on the East Coast - and the economic engine that has driven this community for the past decade will be put in danger.

- Ander Crenshaw

Been Income

I think the economic empowerment of women that has been growing over the past decade is at the 'inflection point' with this global recession. Women are, we believe, the solution for their families in their ability to go out and increase household income.

- Andrea Jung

Been Our

David and I were divorced in 1980, and there has been silence between us ever since. Despite our decade of marriage and a child together, I was airbrushed out of his life. He never demonstrated any affection or gratitude after we parted. He fired anyone who mentioned my name.

- Angela Bowie

Other Almost

My mother fought cancer for almost a decade and died at 56. She held out long enough to meet the first of her grandchildren and to hold them in her arms. But my other children will never have the chance to know her and experience how loving and gracious she was.

- Angelina Jolie

Over Been

Over the past decade... while many businesses have pursued what I call 'business as usual,' I have been part of a different, smaller business movement, one that tried to put idealism back on the agenda.

- Anita Roddick

Fiction Writers

The '70s was a decade that was crammed with prominent women science fiction writers, and a lot of women made their debut in that decade or really came to prominence.

- Ann Leckie

Over Been

Western design houses have been exploring China in terms of investment for well over a decade.

- Anna Wintour

Social Editor

Once you've worked as a writer and editor in the world of social media for a decade, the way I have, you start to notice patterns.

- Annalee Newitz

Some Marked

To some, the '50s were a decade marked by the banal, the predictable.

- Annette Funicello

Country Wiped

The Americans invaded a country without understanding what eight years of a war with Iran had meant, how that traumatized Iraq. They didn't appreciate what they support for a decade of sanctions in Iraq had done to Iraq and the bitterness that it created and that it wiped out the middle class.

- Anthony Shadid

Idea Musical

Negro music and culture are intrinsically improvisational, existential. Nothing is sacred. After a decade, a musical idea, no matter how innovative, is threatened.

- Archie Shepp

Hollywood Biggest

I came to Hollywood and within a decade I was one of the biggest action stars of all time.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrity Over

As an entertainment journalist for over a decade, I travel to great places for work, from red carpets in Rio, movie premieres in London to celebrity sit-downs in Bora Bora.

- Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

My Life Void

I'd like to have a decade of my life back. I dropped into a void for almost a decade.

- Charles Durning

Date Congressional

For much of this decade, both Congressional and administration budget projections showed a decline in science and technology accounts of between 20 and 30 percent in real dollars. The real impact to date has been far less severe.

- Charles Vest

Think I Think

I've spent, I think, close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold.

- Charlie Sheen

Love My Life

In the first decade of my life, I came to know and love God, as I was raised in a Christian home and community.

- Chely Wright

I Think Been

And I think what people in New Jersey have gotten to know about me over the last decade that I've been in public life is what you see is what you get. And I'm no different when I'm sitting with you than I am when I'm at home or anyplace else.

- Chris Christie

Very Agent

A writer can spend a decade working obsessively on a novel, but in the commerce of publishing, many of the most important decisions about any book will be made based on very short pitches - from literary agent to editor to sales rep to bookstore buyer to a potential reader standing in the bookstore, asking, 'What's it about?'

- Chris Pavone

Some Times

The '80s was a wild decade, and I had some fantastic times. And I did some really fun work.

- Christian Slater

Been Hussein

It has been, after all, 11 years, more than a decade now, of defiance of U.N. resolutions by Saddam Hussein. Every obligation that he signed onto after the Gulf War, so that he would not be a threat to peace and security, he has ignored and flaunted.

- Condoleezza Rice

Doing Visceral

A definite highlight was doing 'The Brothers McMullen.' Shooting that movie was such a joy - and then we wound up winning the Sundance Film Festival. That big-break moment is visceral. It happens once in a decade, maybe once in a lifetime.

- Connie Britton

IBM Even

Even IBM can't stand in the way of progress... for more than a decade.

- Craig Bruce

Over Been

I have been sober for the longest time. Oh, it's over a decade now. No joke.

- Dana Plato

White Next

Celluloid will be the next decade's black and white.

- Danny Boyle

Medical By The Time

I believe we can prevent or delay most disease until the 9th or 10th decade. The goal is to prevent anything that can affect your quality of life prior to those years! By the time many of us get to the 9th or 10th decade, who knows where the new medical and science will take us? I am an optimist!

- David Agus

Over Other

China has not lived up to any other trade agreements over the last decade... They don't have any compliance or enforcement.

- David Bonior

Think Extremism

I think the first decade of this century is going to be remembered as a time of extremism.

- David Eagleman

Going Hollywood

Every decade or so, Hollywood has an epiphany. It turns out faith-based audiences enjoy going to the movies, too.

- David Harsanyi

Been Which

We initially targeted pager networks, which have been suffering for the last decade due to cell phone sales.

- David Rose

New Natural

When you're playing the same character for a decade it's natural that there are moments when you want to try something new.

- David Schwimmer

Private About

I don't believe that the problems in the VA are necessarily about money. When I look back over the problems of the VA over the past decade, this is fundamentally a system that hasn't kept up with modernization in the way that the rest of health care in the private sector has.

- David Shulkin

Song Pop Song

Creating a decent pop song is a challenge - and occasionally, once in every decade - it's kind of fun to do that.

- David Sylvian

Over More

I've spent more than a decade channeling information for and about men. I'm able to come and use this information, with the help of the research, to hand over the keys to the kingdom to women.

- David Zinczenko

Fact Gee

You don't get a script sent to you for two years, it crosses your mind, 'Gee, what's going on?' Then five years pass, and pretty soon a decade has gone by. Finally, you say to yourself, 'Well, if in fact that's it, then let me be happy with 30 pictures that made about $460 million and pictures that made a lot of people laugh.'

- Dean Jones

Next Hollywood

I married a Florentine. We bought a house, had a family, and after a decade in our little Hollywood nest, we said, 'Let's go to Tuscany.' Tell God you can't make him laugh, but the next thing I know, my cooking show has become a hit, and they're asking for more seasons, and they want it to be in the States.

- Debi Mazar

Away Nearly

I was Pippa on 'Home And Away' for nearly a decade.

- Debra Lawrance

Next Fact

In fact, entitlement spending on programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security make up 54% of federal spending, and spending is projected to double within the next decade. Medicare is growing by 9% annually, and Medicaid by 8% annually.

- Jim Ryun

Depend Existence

It is common knowledge now that we depend on insects for our continued existence; that, without key pollinators, the human population would collapse in less than a decade.

- John Burnside

Process Gradual

The total loss of hearing was a process that lasted more than a decade, but it was sufficiently gradual for me to attend Sydney Boys' High School and to profit from the teaching there.

- John Cornforth

Fact Sources

We have the resources and technology to produce more energy than we consume and break our long-standing dependence on foreign sources of oil. All we need is the will. In fact, there's a path to follow, one that North Dakota blazed over the last decade by building a comprehensive energy plan we called Empower North Dakota.

- John Hoeven

Next Looks

For many Europeans the next decade looks to be filled with threats rather than opportunities.

- John Hutton

Process Over

Over the last decade, at considerable cost to me in money and effort, confronted with ridicule and intimidation, I have brought more than a dozen lawsuits challenging the corruption in the election process in Tennessee.

- John Jay Hooker

Income Franchise

We were postwar middle-class white kids living in the slipstream of the greatest per-capita rise in income in the history of Western civilization; we were 'teen-agers' - a term, coined in 1941, that was in common usage a decade later - a new, recognizable franchise. We had money, mobility, and problems all our own.

- John Lahr

Career Reach

If I hadn't had that decade in the music industry and, perhaps more importantly, time to reach the point of being sick and disgusted with it, I wouldn't have written 'Kill Your Friends.' That book gave me my whole career.

- John Niven

Next Big

Over the next decade, cities and states across America will be compelled to tighten their belts as the really big bills - the pension bills they cannot afford - come due. They'll have to go after existing contracts with current workers.

- John Podhoretz

Think Figure

Was Judas Iscariot a figure of history? I do not think so. There is no mention of him in any source before the 8th decade.

- John Shelby Spong

Back Next

But baseball bounced back in the next decade to reclaim its place as the national pastime: new heroes, spirited competition, and booming prosperity gave birth to dreams of expansion, both within the major leagues and around the world.

- John Thorn

Soul Firmly

Soul was the music made by and for black people. For most of the Sixties it was thoroughly divorced from white popular music, but by the end of the decade several artists with their roots firmly in both soul and R&B traditions had crossed over.

- Jon Landau

Great Comedy

The '80s was a great decade for comedy.

- Judge Reinhold

Wanting Belong

And I know I'm supposed to feel guilty for wanting people to buy my books... and books in general? Novels and poetry, they belong to the realm of art. How dirty of us to try to hawk art! But, after a decade of hand-wringing and apologies, I can't quite muster the guilt anymore.

- Julianna Baggott

Want Like

Bayern want a decade of success like Barca. That's OK if you have the money because it increases the possibility of success. But it's not guaranteed.

- Jurgen Klopp

Doing Basics

We can choose a future where we export more products and outsource fewer jobs. After a decade that was defined by what we bought and borrowed, we're getting back to basics, and doing what America has always done best: We're making things again.

- Barack Obama

Young Use

Don't try to be young. Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won't live long enough to find out about, but I'm still curious about them. You know people who are already saying, 'I'm going to be 30 - oh, what am I going to do?' Well, use that decade! Use them all!

- Betty White

Been Working Class

Working-class Americans have waited too long, close to a decade in fact, for an increase in the minimum wage. This has been the second longest period without a pay raise since the Federal minimum wage law was first enacted in 1938.

- Bill Pascrell

Innovation Evidence

All evidence shows that we are actually getting smarter. Roughly we are getting 10 IQ points smarter every decade. The speed of innovation is also faster.

- Bjarke Ingels

Nation Excelled

I was born in the '60s and grew up in the '70s - not exactly the best decade for food in British history. It was horrendous. It was a time when, as a nation, we excelled in art and music and acting and photography and fashion - all creative skills... all apart from cooking.

- Heston Blumenthal

Benefits Been

We've been delivering cloud-based services for over a decade, with more than 30 million Intuit customers using offerings across a variety of desktop and mobile devices. The benefits are clear: online experiences are simply better for customer.

- Brad D. Smith

Some Lives

I have spent more than a decade trying to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on earth, and they've taught me countless lessons.

- Howard Graham Buffett

Over Condition

I suffered from severe depression for over a decade. My condition deteriorated steadily. I was suicidal.

- Byron Katie

Gun Bed

When I was in my early forties, I slept with a loaded gun under my bed. I'd become severely depressed in my thirties, and for almost a decade I spiraled down into paranoia, rage, self-loathing, and thoughts of suicide.

- Byron Katie

Art Terror

The 1990s, after the reign of terror of academic vandalism, will be a decade of restoration: restoration of meaning, value, beauty, pleasure, and emotion to art and restoration of art to its audience.

- Camille Paglia

Mirror Very

I don't wear a bikini on the beach. I walk around my house in pyjamas. I haven't seen myself naked in the mirror for probably a decade. I'm very prudish.

- Carey Mulligan

Reader Blogs

First, I'd become an avid reader of blogs, especially music blogs, and they seemed to be where the critical-thinking action was at, to have the kind of energy that I associate with rock writing of the 1970s or Internet e-mail discussion lists a decade ago.

- Carl Wilson

More Vietnam

For a decade or more after the Vietnam war, the people who had guided the U.S. to disaster decently shrank from the public stage.

- James Fallows

Democrats Last

There's not an appropriations bill in the last 10 years that the-that Democrats passed in the Congress. We haven't spent any money of your taxes in the last decade.

- Chaka Fattah

Good Thinking

Forties are good! I'm thinking with my brain now, which is a lot more clear, and women seem to appreciate that. It's a wonderful decade where you're in control of yourself but the women are still interested.

- James Marsters

Beauty Magic

After a decade this glum, we deserved a shot of 'Glee,' a show that restored our faith in the power of song, the beauty of dance, and the magic of 'spirit fingers' to chase our cares and woes into somebody else's backyard.

- James Wolcott

Always May

The best thing you can learn from the worst times of your life is that it always gets better. It may take a month, a year, a decade, but it will get better if you leave yourself open to it.

- Janis Ian

Believe Things

I just can't believe all the things I did that decade.

- Dick Schaap

Been Helping

The doctors and nurses at the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital are saving lives every day and helping improve health care in the DRC which has been ravaged by more than a decade of war and disease.

- Dikembe Mutombo

Stupid Floods

Australia has suffered a decade of drought, epic floods, a Category 5 cyclone, and a plague of locusts. But just because Aussies have the biggest carbon footprint in the world, it doesn't mean they're stupid.

- Jeff Goodell

Been More Or Less

There have been linkages between the Iraqi government and al-Qaeda going back more or less a decade.

- Douglas Feith

Rough Been

The last decade has been a little rough, so I'm hoping to start this one on the right foot.

- Jeffrey Dean Morgan

More Other

Despite a decade of criticism and budget cuts, the specialised UN agencies have far more expertise and hands-on experience than any other organisations in the world.

- Jeffrey Sachs

Again Which

This is my seventh decade... and every once in a while I get a hankering to re-visit these songs again... songs with which I have had a great relationship.

- Eddy Arnold

City Been

I first considered writing 'New York' in 1991. I'd been in the city for a decade, was married to an American wife, and sending my children to New York schools. I was even on the board of a coop building. But I wasn't sure how to organize such complex material, and for many years I put the project aside.

- Edward Rutherfurd

Change Black

Fashion is constantly changing from decade to decade, but I don't see a change in how many black faces I see on the runway, and it's something we should talk about because it's a problem.

- Jessica White

Fact Nation

What we've seen over the last decade is we've seen a departure from the traditional work of the National Security Agency. They've become sort of the national hacking agency, the national surveillance agency. And they've lost sight of the fact that everything they do is supposed to make us more secure as a nation and a society.

- Edward Snowden

My Life Deal

I was turning 20 during my first record. Those decade birthdays always kind of cause me, it seems, to reflect, look back, and then look forward. I just was closing this period of my life where I was living in a car and scrambling my whole life to then signing a six-record deal with Atlantic.

- Jewel

Thought Through

I've thought for the last decade or so, the only actual place raw truth was seeping through in newspapers was on the Comics Pages. They were able to pull off intelligent social comment, pure truths not found elsewhere in the news pages, and had the ability to make it all funny, entertaining, and pertinent.

- Elayne Boosler

Generation Emotions

R&B was really prominent in the '90s, and we can all admit that it kind of fell off. But my generation is more in touch with our emotions - we're not afraid to show them. We're bringing that decade back.

- Justine Skye

Voice Generation

I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade, I will be the loudest voice.

- Kanye West

Reports Been

Despite recent media reports that have clouded, or even misrepresented, the facts, there is compelling evidence that al-Qaida and Iraq have been linked for more than a decade.

- Elizabeth Dole

Other Lifelong

Alice Roosevelt Longworth was only a few years older than my mother but outlived her by a decade, dying in 1980. From the time they met, in 1917, they were lifelong friends of sorts, though each was a bit wary of the other.

- Katharine Graham


The 1970s, the decade of my teenage years, was a transitional period in American youth culture.

- Eric Allin Cornell

Light Beans

I was eating beans by candle light for a decade.

- Eric Andre

Lost Were

My 20s were a lost decade. I didn't do much of anything.

- Kem Nunn

Play Surely

I think most models fear growing old, but from a tender age I had always chosen to play someone grown up. I am slowly but surely catching up with the people that I have spent the last decade and a half trying to portray.

- Erin O'Connor