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Want Deal

You obviously want the results but you must do your job in every at-bat and deal with what every situation dictates.

- Anthony Rizzo

Next Poem

One who writes a poem writes it because the language prompts, or simply dictates, the next line.

- Joseph Brodsky

Brings Form

It is not the form that dictates the color, but the color that brings out the form.

- Hans Hofmann

How Computer

The computer dictates how you do something, whereas with a pencil you're totally free.

- James Dyson

Process Friend

Process is your friend, but process also dictates what you can do.

- Denis McDonough

Nothing Mutual

Dictates are futile, and mutual accusations are nothing but useless word games.

- Ehud Olmert

Society Reason

A human society obeys the dictates of reason and is guided and governed by a respect for justice.

- Ferdinand Buisson

Measure Which

We are the children of our landscape; it dictates behavior and even thought in the measure to which we are responsive to it.

- Lawrence Durrell

Song Title

Every song, the title dictates the architecture of the song.

- Sammy Cahn

Here Despot

Here Fashion is a despot, and no one dreams of evading its dictates.

- Marguerite Gardiner

Sometimes Will

Sometimes a time dictates what a film will be. Sometimes a film dictates what the time will be.

- Omar Dorsey

Debate Terms

Defining the terms of the debate generally dictates who's gonna' win it.

- Paul Begala