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Need Good Film

There are so many elements that make a good film. You need a great director who's driving it.

- Aaron Johnson

Been Having

Being an actor really, really strengthens me as a director. There's just a certain type of understanding that comes from having been there and knowing how much is really being asked of actors that helps me.

- Aaron Ruell

Cut Thing

There's no such thing as a non-final cut director.

- Abel Ferrara

Tone Set

All you can really do as director is sort of set a tone.

- Adam McKay

Great Also

David O. Russell is probably my favorite filmmaker. He's not only a great director, but he's also a great writer.

- Adam McKay

Actor Negatively

In every shoot, between the actor and the director there is manipulation. I'm not saying that negatively. It's healthy.

- Adele Exarchopoulos

Coach Dialogue

I was a director and dialogue and acting coach.

- Adriana Barraza

About No Doubt

There's no doubt about Prakash's abilities as a director.

- Ajay Devgan

Work Brought

Gastronomy is my hobby. I'm simply the casting director. Once I've brought all the right people together, it is they who must work together to tell a story.

- Alain Ducasse

Think Need

There is a wonderful feeling of power when you're a director, but I don't think I need that, and I'm OK without it.

- Alan Alda

Vision Without

A director without a vision is a catastrophe.

- Alan Arkin

Sense Longs

One longs for a director with a sense of imagination.

- Alan Rickman

Never Wanted

I never wanted to be a director.

- Albert Brooks

Became Anybody

You know, I became a director out of necessity. I was writing comedies, and I couldn't find anybody to deliver it correctly.

- Albert Brooks

Movies Bergman

John McTiernan, the director, is not Ingmar Bergman. He does action-adventure movies.

- Alec Baldwin

Artist Kind

I see only one requirement you have to have to be a director or any kind of artist: rhythm. Rhythm, for me, is everything. Without rhythm, there's no music. Without rhythm, there's no cinema. Without rhythm, there's no architecture.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


I have the soul of a director.

- Alessandro Michele

Never Wanted

I never wanted to be a creative director.

- Alessandro Michele


Especially as a director on 'West Wing,' I directed a lot of different things in a lot of different ways and really stretched my wings.

- Alex Graves

Love Great Ideas

I love working with Darren Lynn Bousman. He is such a cool director with really great ideas.

- Alexa Vega

Open Eyes Kindest

The kindest thing a director can do is look with open eyes at everything.

- Alexander Payne

Until Wanted

I didn't plan to be a director until I was 35. For years I wanted to do anything but!

- Alexandra Cassavetes

Words Process

I enjoy looking at words on paper and visualizing how to make them come to life. As a director, the creative process is really amazing.

- Alfonso Ribeiro

Audience Made

I am a typed director. If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.

- Alfred Hitchcock

Love Doing

I love working fast. I don't relish the director who wants to do 25 to 30 takes, or the actors who insist on doing 25 or 30 takes.

- Alfred Molina

Very Films

DSP is not only a music director for many of my films, but he is also a very dear friend.

- Allu Arjun

Work Other

When 'Pune-52' was offered to me, I liked the script, but I wasn't convinced about the kissing and other intimate scenes. I tried talking to the director, but things didn't work out.

- Amruta Khanvilkar

Opinions Will

I will argue my points; I will have my opinions. But at the end of the day, it's the director's choice.

- Amy Irving

Want Like

I want to take roles that challenge me and I want to like the script and obviously feel connected with the director because the director to me is so important.

- Amy Smart

Want Instinctive

I want to try and be instinctive as a writer and director.

- Andrea Arnold

Temper Set

When I on set as a director I crazy. My temper is not that good.

- Andrew Lau

Other Animate

An actor finds things in the moment with a director and other actors that you don't have time to hand-draw or animate with a computer.

- Andy Serkis

Other Movie

When I'm working on the scripts or working with the other actors or rehearsing with the director, and when the director is cutting the movie, and we've shot the scene, the director is not looking at the visual effects.

- Andy Serkis

Think About

You don't really think about 3D when you're acting. As a director, you do.

- Andy Serkis

Want Movie

I don't want people saying, 'Should we get a female director?' I want to hear, 'Should we get a great director for this movie?'

- Angelina Jolie

Want Other

I want to support other women because of the opportunities I've had - and I've had a lot of opportunities. What I try as a female director is to do the best job I can and, in the meantime, bring attention to as many other female directors and writers as I can.

- Angelina Jolie

Always Broke

If I feel the part is right, and I know that the producers and the director want me, I'd go for broke. Always.

- Anne Archer

Below Goes

In theatre, there's the director, the writer, and below them the actor. In film, it's the actors who are most important. That goes against the grain for me.

- Anne-Marie Duff

Want Makes

As an actor, you want a director who makes you feel comfortable in a place that you can really create and try a lot of different things.

- Ansel Elgort

Black Question

It's a dumb question, because I don't look at things as a black director, just as a director, so ask me as a director first and we can segue into the colour thing later.

- Antoine Fuqua

Movie Learned

I did my first movie, 'The Mambo Kings,' in America without speaking the language. I learned the lines phonetically. I had an interpreter actually just to understand directions from my director.

- Antonio Banderas

Work Perhaps

Perhaps I'll work as a director of football. I don't know.

- Antonio Conte

Being Industry

Being a popular director or actor's son can be frightening in this industry. What if you are not able to make it?

- Anupam Kher

Need Savvy

It is important to be financially savvy when you turn producer. As a director, you just need to have a good script in hand.

- Anupam Kher

Timing Will

I am aware that as an actor, I can blame others for the failure of a film, the director, the script, choice of co-stars, timing of the release and so on. But now, as the director, I will have to shoulder all the blame.

- Anupam Kher

Very Part

An actor is only a part of the film, not the whole, and very often, he is moulded by the director. That is why a good director can make so much difference to a film.

- Anupam Kher

Tell Will

Tell me one director who will go on record to say that I don't get along with them? I get along famously with all my directors because I am what I am today because of them.

- Anushka Sharma

Ease Very

I share a very good rapport with Shah Rukh, so I was at ease working with him, and Imtiaz is a dream director for any actor.

- Anushka Sharma

Think Knew

When I bagged 'Arundathi,' I don't think I knew how to act. It was because of director Shyamprasad Reddy that I delivered that performance.

- Anushka Shetty

Half Proper

When you get a good script, and the director gives you proper lines, half your job is done.

- Anushka Shetty

Use Item

In the same way that a film director would use a film lens to blur out a certain item or use a spotlight, I use certain movements that draw the eye instinctually.

- Apollo Robbins

Age Wanted

From the age of 14, I wanted to be a director.

- Arjun Kapoor

Fashion Industry

I'm getting my respect as a video director. The fashion industry respects me and knows who I am.

- ASAP Rocky

Shooting Always

Direction is something that interests me. Even while shooting, I always have conversations with the director to get a better understanding of shooting technicalities.

- Ashish Sharma

Voice Like

I don't normally make documentaries. I'm a drama director. I've made a few short docs, but I don't like talking heads or 'voice of God' narrators.

- Asif Kapadia

Play Week

Indeed, the actor's lot is a much harder one than that of the director's, from one simple standpoint: The actor has to play the eight shows a week.

- Charles Keating

Role Atmosphere

I believe the director's primary role is to create an atmosphere where his company can be created.

- Charles Keating

Even Call

I don't even know if I can call myself a director.

- Charles S. Dutton

Book Fur

The director is planning on titling the film 'Yummy Fur' so we are probably planning on changing the title of the book to 'Yummy Fur' to match the film.

- Chester Brown

Work Thought

David Mamet was great to work with. He was everything that I thought he would be as a director. He's incredibly articulate, an easy collaborator. Extraordinarily knowledgeable about film and writing.

- Chiwetel Ejiofor

Thought Learned

I learned so much about being an actor by being a director. More than I ever thought I would.

- Chris Lowell

Reason Real

To be honest, the real reason I did 'Drive' was because of Nicolas Winding Refn, the director.

- Christina Hendricks

Person Cast

A director should cast a person who fits into their script.

- Christina Ricci

Hiring Providing

I believe that as a writer and a director, you're only providing the skeleton of a character, and you're hiring actors to fill it out.

- Christopher McQuarrie

Big Considered

And also, Sergio Leone was considered in Italy a director of category B, not a big director.

- Claudia Cardinale

Myself Role

When I'm a director, I look at myself the actor as a completely different person. It's somebody else up there, an actor playing a role. I keep myself out of it.

- Clint Eastwood

Call Sole

My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director.

- Cole Porter

Think I Think

I don't think of myself as a director or writer. I think of myself as a filmmaker.

- Conrad Hall

Always Movie

I always used to say, as a director, that I could make anybody good in a movie if you found the right part. It all comes down to casting.

- Corbin Bernsen

Me Dancer

The majority of people know me as a dancer, but they don't also know that I'm a director, a songwriter and a producer.

- Cris Judd

Questions Like

I feel like a good director provokes you to ask questions about your character, but doesn't answer them for you.

- Crystal Reed

Been Offers

Now, I have big-money offers on three movies, and I have director approval. That's kind of scary,' he says. 'No directors have been attached. That's a lot of pressure on me.

- Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Love More

I love movies where you can sense that the director risked biting off more than they can chew.

- Damien Chazelle

Made Oscar

It has made me realise how many doors open for you when you're up for an Oscar. It seems once you are nominated, it validates you as a serious director, and you become someone that people want to work with.

- Daniel Barber

Music Director

I cannot be music director at La Scala and at Staatsoper. This would be unfair to one of the two institutions.

- Daniel Barenboim

Important Will

For me, it's important that the script is good. Then a good director will want to make it.

- Daniel Espinosa

Sure Movie

If you create a movie that is only character driven, with a weak plot, then you - as a director, you have to make sure you keep pushing the tempo.

- Daniel Espinosa

People Often

You don't realize it, but often people are frightened of the director.

- Danny Boyle

Through Like

I'm trying to interpret the film through the director's head, but it all comes out through me. So, a composer is kind of like a psychic medium.

- Danny Elfman

Started Fell

I started as a director and just fell upon acting.

- Danny Huston

Work Special

As the director, to have the opportunity to work with actors of the calibre of David Oyelewo is just fantastic and special.

- Dave Filoni

Films Medium

Films are a director's medium. We're all stemming from the director.

- Dave Franco

Art Career

John Parsons, the gay art director at 'Vogue,' really started my career.

- David Bailey

Destiny Hands

When it comes to writing musicals, you write the best piece you can. Then, its destiny is in the hands of the actors and the director.

- David Bryan

Audience Appear

Film is a dramatised reality and it is the director's job to make it appear real... an audience should not be conscious of technique.

- David Lean

Explore Some

As a director, just to be able to jump in to do something that's different, and to explore comedy and be challenged by that, is great. Some directors never get that opportunity.

- David Leitch

Light Set

I travel light as a director. I don't have monitors on my set.

- David MacKenzie


I'm an international director.

- David MacKenzie

Interested Vader

As a director he was not that interested in Vader.

- David Prowse

Never Ball

You never want to be the director who dropped the ball, you know?

- David Yates

Just Them

A director just pushes them a little this way or that way.

- Debbie Allen

More Formal

Marlon was more of a formal zoo director type.

- Jim Fowler

Need Needs

Our intelligence community needs better coordination of operations and exchange of information, and that's why we need an overall director of national intelligence and a national counterterrorism center.

- Jim Ramstad

Actress Part

As an actress I find the most enjoyable part of acting is really just to please the director. I just want to please my director.

- Joan Chen

Love Having

I love having a master. I have no problem serving my director. That's my job. I want to make them happy.

- Joaquin Phoenix

Think I Think

I think as a filmmaker and as a director, you shortchange yourself if you inhibit the ability of your actor to bring their own personal experiences to the characters.

- Joe Carnahan

Art Editor

I want to try and be as involved in the art of filmmaking as possible. I feel that the only way to really do that is to take on as many roles as possible, whether it be as an actor, an editor, a director, a cinematographer.

- Joe Swanberg

Pretty Then

I'm a pretty hands-off director. I let people try things, and if it gets over-jokey, then I'll try and rein it in a little bit.

- Joe Swanberg

More Here

You know as a director what you want, but the film is smarter than you, the film says no, the film says there's something more here.

- John Cassavetes

Editor Been

Obviously, you know, I am known as an action director, and being a film editor previously had been a great advantage for me as an action director.

- John Glen