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Just Sticks

To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.

- A. A. Milne

Society Act

A liberal education is at the heart of a civil society, and at the heart of a liberal education is the act of teaching.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti


Real education enhances the dignity of a human being and increases his or her self-respect. If only the real sense of education could be realized by each individual and carried forward in every field of human activity, the world will be so much a better place to live in.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Children Level

Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Purpose Created

The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise... Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Truth Through

Ultimately, education in its real sense is the pursuit of truth. It is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Need Allocation

We need to save the education system. We need to remove education from the framework of the political parties that rule in the State of Israel. We need to increase the allocation of long-term national resources to education and never touch them - no matter what.

- Aaron Ciechanover

Always Pretty

My dad is a chemical engineer, and my mom was a teacher. They were pretty serious about education, but I always thought about things a little bit differently.

- Aaron Levie

Work Will

Hard work and a good education will take you further than any government program.

- Aaron Schock

Big Pretty

I have a big problem with people who glamorize dumbness and demonize education and intellect. And I'm giving a pretty good description of Sarah Palin right now.

- Aaron Sorkin

Own Some

Real education is about genuine understanding and the ability to figure things out on your own; not about making sure every 7th grader has memorized all the facts some bureaucrats have put in the 7th grade curriculum.

- Aaron Swartz

Chicken Very

I started cooking seven years ago for real, and I started with pasta, and lasagna and roast chicken. Very normal American dishes. When I turned on Food Network, or any sort of cooking channel, that's what people were making. So that's where your education comes from.

- Aarti Sequeira

Product Related

Education for all seems to be the product of a type of distributive justice that is in no way related to the individual.

- Abdoulaye Wade

Religious Going

So I went to English school, secondary English school, so forget going to Mecca for my religious education.

- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

I Think Deal

For me, I am left leaning when it comes to health and education, on the right when it comes to defense. So I don't know where I come on the political spectrum. And I think this the challenge that a lot of Jordanians have to deal with.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Subject Mostly

Minister and writer Barbara Kaufmann has addressed the subject of guerrilla decontextualization on both the 'Voices Compassionate Education' website and on 'Inner Michael', where she offers the kind of insights into the spiritual aspects of Michael Jackson's creative artistry that mainstream media mostly ignores.

- Aberjhani

Learning Chance

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.

- Abigail Adams

Factory Stores

My father was a factory worker, and we were really poor. But everything I earned peddling papers and working in stores, he made me put aside for education.

- Abraham A. Ribicoff

Been Billions

Nations have recently been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education... no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both.

- Abraham Flexner

Generation Next

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

- Abraham Lincoln

Which Engaged

Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we, as a people, can be engaged in.

- Abraham Lincoln

Want Read

The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read.

- Abraham Lincoln

Activity Itself

Education can become a self-fulfilling activity, liberating in and of itself.

- Abraham Maslow

World Bad

If an ignorant person is attracted by the things of the world, that is bad. But if a learned person is thus attracted, it is worse.

- Abu Bakr

Access Goods

It always surprises me when donors who operate successful businesses assume that just building a school structure means that a community now has access to education. When creating a business, does renting an office space now mean that you're producing goods, training staff and generating revenues?

- Adam Braun


Global poverty is a complex web of interlinked problems. There is no one 'silver bullet' that will solve global inequality. Multiple contributing factors must be tackled in parallel. Yes, education alone is unlikely to lead to employment without economic reform to address the demand side in much of the developing world.

- Adam Braun

Access Enabling

We have every resource necessary to provide access to education for every child on the planet; we just need to commit to enabling it.

- Adam Braun

Own Needs

It is the local community that needs to own the commitment to education.

- Adam Braun

Think I Think

I'm not a non-profit person. I think of myself as an entrepreneur who wants to work on global education.

- Adam Braun

Kind Like

My mom was on welfare and the occasional food stamp, but I have never participated in any of those governmental programs, even the ones that kind of work like education, scholarships and whatever, and I managed to do just fine.

- Adam Carolla

Always Badly

There was a rule, back when I was an education lawyer in Alabama, about visiting public schools: always go on a rainy day so you can see how badly the roofs leak.

- Adam Cohen

Skills Gap

The so-called skills gap is really a gap in education, and that affects all of us.

- Adam Davidson

Some Anybody

The American dream always meant that anybody willing to put in a hard day's work could make a decent living. That's just not true anymore for people without at least some post-high school education.

- Adam Davidson

Learn About

The mark of higher education isn't the knowledge you accumulate in your head. It's the skills you gain about how to learn.

- Adam Grant

Role Use

With regard to the youth vote we should encourage them to partake in the process, making more use of our education system to show the role Government plays in their lives, but also utilise the youth media they relate to to better connect them to our message.

- Adam Rickitt

Which Placed

It was the full conviction of this, and of what could be done, if every man were placed in the office for which he was fitted by nature and a proper education, which first suggested to me the plan of Illumination.

- Adam Weishaupt

Which Been

My education has allowed me to be more open to ideas which I would not have been had I not been as educated.

- Adnan Sami

Father Qualified

My father was a great connoisseur of music and arts. He said, 'I will encourage you in anything you do, but make sure you get a solid education.' So, I studied in the finest schools and went on to become a qualified barrister but didn't take up law because my music was my area of interest.

- Adnan Sami

Access Instance

Success on the front of women's rights will look like a world not only with obvious advances - where no girl is denied access to education, for instance - but also one with more subtle changes in how we regard gender and gender stereotypes.

- Adora Svitak

Some Spoke

As early as 1681-82, a group of Abenakis had accompanied the French explorer La Salle on his historic voyage down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. By 1700, many Abenaki and Iroquois Indians spoke French and had some European education, and some were literate in French and Latin.

- Adrienne Mayor

Always Old Men

It is always in season for old men to learn.

- Aeschylus

Music Maybe

Maybe one day there will finally be an education for electronic music.

- Afrojack

Very Tastes

My education in the arts began at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As a Cleveland child, I visited the museum's halls and corridors, gallery spaces and shows, over and over. For me, the Cleveland Museum was a school of my very own - the place where my eyes opened, my tastes developed, my ideas about beauty and creativity grew.

- Agnes Gund

Early Childhood

I'm hoping someday that we'll be able to start a consortium with places like Carnegie Hall to work on early childhood education. I really feel that's the most important place to put the arts.

- Agnes Gund

Mind Withhold

It is as impossible to withhold education from the receptive mind, as it is impossible to force it upon the unreasoning.

- Agnes Repplier

Science Future

Investing in science education and curiosity-driven research is investing in the future.

- Ahmed Zewail

Middle Best Way

Investment in education and economic prosperity is the best way to cure fanaticism and for establishing a just peace in the Middle East.

- Ahmed Zewail

Middle Like

Like everywhere in the world, people of the Middle East aspire to liberty and justice. They wish to have a better life and a decent education for their children.

- Ahmed Zewail

Egypt Rather

I'd rather have the influence than the power, and the influence to me is to build institutions of independence and democracy, to regain for Egypt prestige in education and science and technology.

- Ahmed Zewail

Egypt Regime

In Egypt, every family is suffering from the deteriorated schooling and university system of the Mubarak regime. What families want most of all is to secure a good education for their children.

- Ahmed Zewail

Young Receive

When you have strict censorship of the internet, young students cannot receive a full education. Their view of the world is imbalanced. There can be no true discussion of the issues.

- Ai Weiwei

Blessed Been

Education equals choices. I have been blessed with the choice to be anything I ever wanted to be, and I truly owe my happiness to my family and education.

- Aimee Garcia

Will Largest

I pledge to you today that as president, in my first budget, I will introduce the largest increase in special education ever.

- Al Gore

World Learned

I learned more stuff in church than I did in the world.

- Al Green

College Think

I think everyone should go to college and get a degree and then spend six months as a bartender and six months as a cabdriver. Then they would really be educated.

- Al McGuire

Reason Suburbs

There's no reason why children in inner cities or rural areas do not receive the same quality education or opportunities as those in suburbs or wealthy neighborhoods. If we truly believe in giving all citizens a chance to pursue happiness and pursue their goals, then we cannot continue to marginalize entire groups of people.

- Al Sharpton

Death City

When we look at the situation in Ferguson, Missouri and the tragic death of Michael Brown, we are reminded of the importance of who we elect to our city councils, who sits on our local board of education committees, who we pick to represent us in Congress, in the Senate and more.

- Al Sharpton

My Own Made

My father paid for my education; then he made it clear that I was on my own.

- Alain de Botton

Within Rather

Education does not mean jamming information into somebody's head. Rather, it's that ancient idea that all knowledge is within us; to teach is to help somebody pull it out of themselves.

- Alan Arkin

Innovation Task

We need innovation in education and dedication to the task before us.

- Alan Autry

Mayor Role

I am convinced that your Mayor must take the leadership role in education too.

- Alan Autry

City Need

You don't need a city charter to know that education is the foundation of any community.

- Alan Autry

Believe Private

I don't believe in private education.

- Alan Bennett

Here Fleet

I flew fighters for the Navy in San Diego for three years, went and did my post-graduate education, and then I was a test pilot in Patuxent River, Maryland, for a few years. I was back in the fleet in the Navy when I was selected to come back here to NASA to become an astronaut.

- Alan G. Poindexter

Solid Basics

To succeed, you will soon learn, as I did, the importance of a solid foundation in the basics of education - literacy, both verbal and numerical, and communication skills.

- Alan Greenspan

Good Education

A good education should leave much to be desired.

- Alan Gregg

Distinguish Half

Any education that matters is liberal. All the saving truths, all the healing graces that distinguish a good education from a bad one or a full education from a half empty one are contained in that word.

- Alan K. Simpson

Give Tries

An educated man is thoroughly inoculated against humbug, thinks for himself and tries to give his thoughts, in speech or on paper, some style.

- Alan K. Simpson

Going Factory

I was 17 and just learning what high fidelity was, what good sound was, and learning the mechanics of tape machines. It was a real education, going right from the consumer end to the record factory.

- Alan Parsons

Thoughts Making

It goes against the grain of modern education to teach students to program. What fun is there to making plans, acquiring discipline, organizing thoughts, devoting attention to detail, and learning to be self critical.

- Alan Perlis

Doing Very

I'm very interested in working with nonprofits, people in education, medicine, people who are doing things to improve the world and who don't have the money to come to Siegel+Gale for help.

- Alan Siegel

Business Musical

I decided to combine my musical background, business education and creative abilities - and go into the record business.

- Alan W. Livingston

Young Study

Young people don't really study the facts; they watch the skewed MSNBC and get a primarily liberal education.

- Alana Stewart

Learning Learned

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

- Albert Einstein

Curious Special

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

- Albert Einstein

Lazy Habits

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.

- Albert Einstein

Commence Cease

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

- Albert Einstein

Curiosity Formal

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

- Albert Einstein

The Only Thing

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

- Albert Einstein

Lazy Habits

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.

- Albert Einstein

Reason Private

There is no more reason to pay for private education than there is to pay for a private swimming pool for those who do not use public facilities.

- Albert Shanker

College Middle

Middle class families are struggling to send their sons and daughters to school. For many Americans, a college education is essential to future success.

- Albio Sires

Sure Outstanding

Instead of unfairly demonizing teachers, we should be working with them to find solutions to the problems in our schools and make sure every child gets an outstanding public education.

- Albio Sires

College Began

I was in public school until third or fourth grade, and after that, I was homeschooled. I was homeschooled until I was 14, and then when I was 14, I began attending college. Mom was not playing about that education.

- Aldis Hodge

Innovation Lot

We owe a lot when it comes to women in terms of innovation, in terms of education, in terms of progression in life.

- Aldis Hodge

Process Trading

Is education possibly a process of trading awareness for things of lesser worth? The goose who trades his is soon a pile of feathers.

- Aldo Leopold

Done Like

The most valuable of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it has to be done, whether you like it or not.

- Aldous Huxley

Society General

Everything has to do with education: If you educate the girls, you educate the family, the community, and society, in general.

- Alek Wek

Future Key

Education is the key to the future.

- Alek Wek

Here Other

I could never understand why other kids wanted to truant - my education here gave me everything. It's the place where I really got to flourish.

- Alek Wek

Belong Russian

I can say without affectation that I belong to the Russian convict world no less than I do to Russian literature. I got my education there, and it will last forever.

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Cut Disease

It will be impossible for us to eradicate HIV as long as any corner of the world is cut off from the education and services that we know helps stop the spread of this disease.

- Alex Newell

Tell Use

Without any formal personal finance education or trustworthy resources to tell them otherwise, the majority of people in the 18-to-24-year-old age bracket do not know how to use credit effectively, tackle debt or make wise decisions when it comes to spending.

- Alexa Von Tobel


LearnVest provides women with the necessary tools and resources to manage their personal finances; its core mission, to positively contribute to society through education and, ultimately, the promotion of self-sufficient and financially aware women.

- Alexa Von Tobel

Growing Here

My parents fled from a Cuban dictatorship in search of freedom. Growing up, I saw my parents struggle... I am here today because of them. My success is their success. Their sacrifice and perseverance made my education possible.

- Alexander Acosta

Student Benefits

No student should be forced to choose between following her faith and enjoying the benefits of a public education.

- Alexander Acosta

Learn Think

Learn to think continentally.

- Alexander Hamilton

Reason Some

Some people will never learn anything, for this reason, because they understand everything too soon.

- Alexander Pope

Mind Common

'Tis education forms the common mind; just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.

- Alexander Pope

Mind Common

Education forms the common mind. Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined.

- Alexander Pope