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Tied Windsor

I believe the collapse of the House of Windsor is tied in with the collapse of the Church of England.

- A. N. Wilson

Think Joining

In England, everyone believes if you think, then you don't feel. But all my novels are about joining together thinking and feeling.

- A. S. Byatt

Image Very

In England or America, actors do not have to cater to an image. In India, it is almost demanded of us. Very seldom do you get a film where you can walk away from your image.

- Abhishek Bachchan

New I Was Raised

I was raised to believe that New England is the best place on the planet.

- Abigail Johnson

Always Records

Americans are always mortified when I tell them this, but in England, it's a tradition to put your plaques and photographs and awards and gold records and stuff in your bathroom. I don't know why.

- Adele

Born I Was Born

I was born in England, but India is the only place I feel at home.

- Adnan Sami

Big Apply

After secondary school, the big thing to do was apply for uni in England or Scotland and then just stay there.

- Adrian McKinty

Question Purely

More and more do I see that only a successful revolution in India can break England's back forever and free Europe itself. It is not a national question concerning India any longer; it is purely international.

- Agnes Smedley

Over Couple

I've got nothing against America, but I went over there a couple of times and didn't really like it. I mean, not that I like England that much, but it's somewhere to live.

- Alan Moore

London Been

London has been used as the emblematic English city, but it's far from representative of what life in England is actually about.

- Alan Moore

Think I Think

I think worrying things are going on in England - a real apathy.

- Alan Rickman

Always Plane

When I get off the plane in England I always feel about two inches shorter.

- Alan Rickman

Deal Angeles

Los Angeles is not a town full of airheads. There's a great deal of wonderful energy there. They say 'yes' to things; not like the endless 'nos' and 'hrrumphs' you get in England!

- Alan Rickman


England in the '60s and the '70s was everything that history has said; it was phenomenally exciting, musically.

- Alan Rickman

Still Butterflies

I still get butterflies when England are playing.

- Alan Shearer

Luck Lucky

There is a lot of luck in football. Following England is like following Wycombe Wanders or Leyton Orient. You hope for the best and hope you are lucky.

- Alan Sugar

Effort Caused

The Stuart sovereigns of England steadily attempted to strengthen their power, and the resistance to that effort caused an immense growth of Parliamentary influence.

- Albert Bushnell Hart

More Thus

More emphasis was thus thrown upon the local governments than in England.

- Albert Bushnell Hart

Participation More

The participation of the people in their own government was the more significant, because the colonies actually had what England only seemed to have, - three departments of government.

- Albert Bushnell Hart

Continent Indies

England and France were rivals, not only on the continent, but in the West Indies, in India, and in Europe.

- Albert Bushnell Hart

Over Took

I used to have nightmares about the civil war when I got to England at ages 14 to 15. It took me some years to get over that.

- Alek Wek

Doctor Always

In England, 'Doctor Who' has always been considered a children's show, at least by children.

- Alex Kingston

People More

No one says the word 'quirky' much in England. I guess because people are more naturally eccentric.

- Alexa Chung

Always Middle

I grew up in a miniature village in the middle of the countryside in England, quite secluded from the outside world. I was always enamored by the fashion industry.

- Alexa Chung

Newspaper TV

I did TV for a bit, and somewhere along the line, I started writing a column for 'The Independent' newspaper in England, and now I write features for 'British Vogue.'

- Alexa Chung

Play Very

I could play, scored a goal; I showed that I can play in Europe, in England. Because many say that England is very difficult.

- Alexandre Pato

New Tell

People tell me that I am well-grounded. I am sane in the New England sense of the word.

- Ali MacGraw

My Life Half

I sort of lived half my life in California, half in England, so I am, I suppose, a little bit American.

- Alice Eve

United States

It was easy to present figures demonstrating the contrast between lead work in the United States under conditions of neglect and ignorance, and comparable work in England and Germany, under intelligent control.

- Alice Hamilton

New Within

Few of the early houses in New England were painted, or colored, as it was called, either without or within. Painters do not appear in any of the early lists of workmen.

- Alice Morse Earle

New Which

In the early New England meeting-houses the seats were long, narrow, uncomfortable benches, which were made of simple, rough, hand-riven planks placed on legs like milking-stools.

- Alice Morse Earle

New Opened

From the hour when the Puritan baby opened his eyes in bleak New England, he had a Spartan struggle for life.

- Alice Morse Earle

New Early Days

In the early days of the New England colonies, no more embarrassing or hampering condition, no greater temporal ill, could befall any adult Puritan than to be unmarried.

- Alice Morse Earle

Independent Been

I had been with the label since I was 21. The label wanted shiny pop but I didn't. I found a little independent and we've got all these great reviews in England and now it has gone gold.

- Alison Moyet

Art Kind

There is probably nothing wrong with art for art's sake if we take the phrase seriously, and not take it to mean the kind of poetry written in England forty years ago.

- Allen Tate

Bus Wilmington

Shaking hands with the Queen of England was a long way from being forced to sit in the colored section of the bus going into downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

- Althea Gibson

Living Hollywood

I loved living in Hollywood - and the weather there was just fantastic - but there is something about rural England, and especially Suffolk and Norfolk, that pulls at my heartstrings.

- Amanda Donohoe

Small Amount

A lot of British actors will look at America as such a land of opportunity. In England, there's such a small pool of working actors of color. There's such a small amount of work that is actually produced in the first place.

- Aml Ameen

Becoming Very

In England, there's a lot of people producing their own work and becoming producers and filmmakers, so they're not constantly waiting around. It can be very scarce for work, so it's important to create the work.

- Aml Ameen

Vice Big

Back in England, a girl with thick black hair, dusky skin and big brown eyes will turn heads. It is vice versa in India.

- Amy Jackson

Here Pop

Here in England, everyone's a pop star, innit, whereas in America they believe in the term artist.

- Amy Winehouse

Business Too

The business of being a popular entertainer in England is just too hard.

- Andrew Eldritch

Advice Been

All of our affairs, since the union of crowns, have been managed by the advice of English ministers, and the principal offices of the kingdom filled with such men, as the court of England knew would be subservient to their designs.

- Andrew Fletcher

Here Always

In England the judges should have independence to protect the people against the crown. Here the judges should not be independent of the people, but be appointed for not more than seven years. The people would always re-elect the good judges.

- Andrew Jackson

Which Extent

Events in America show the extent to which democracy there is fuelled by populism - Barack Obama's victory is a manifestation not of Washington's need for change, but of America's. That is not how democracy works in England.

- Andrew O'Hagan

Literacy Some

I like the relative literacy of at least some of England. I mean, I didn't come for the food or the weather!

- Andrew Solomon

Love Childhood

I grew up in Cambridge in England, and my love of mathematics dates from those early childhood days.

- Andrew Wiles

Puts Lot

In England everyone puts a lot of pressure on you when you have cost a lot of money.

- Andriy Shevchenko

Play Watershed

Equally, though, there are guys who play England Under 19 who don't even play First Class cricket. It is a watershed in the careers in many ways.

- Andy Pick

Play Reports

We are looking to get counties to play their young England players earlier, and the first reports from the counties are that it is working well. It also helps us to prepare in a better fashion.

- Andy Pick

Rebel Nine

I didn't feel the need to rebel as a teenager. From age nine to 16, I went to school in Montreux in Switzerland, and it was heaven. I went to England for the Easter holidays, Cyprus for Christmas and summer holidays, and I was delighted to have that independence.

- Angela Bowie

Air Learned

I learned to fly a few years ago in England. It's the only place I'm completely alone - up in the air, detached from everything.

- Angelina Jolie

Never Been

I was a star in England, but I've never been a star in America. Now I am.

- Anna Lee

India System

The destruction of India's village system was the greatest of England's blunders.

- Annie Besant

Woman Unto

If Hillary's the first woman president, well, in England we already know what a Margaret Thatcher is. It's not an end unto itself to be the first woman president.

- Anohni

Play Which

In France, it's easy to know which team is going to win the game, whereas in England, anywhere you play, you know it's going to be difficult.

- Anthony Martial

Rock Which

In England, I'm already labeled a rock photographer, which is a little insulting, because I'm not a rock photographer at all.

- Anton Corbijn

My Life Incredibly

My life changed incredibly when I moved from Holland to England.

- Anton Corbijn

Very Players

English players are as easy to coach. The problem is that the Premier League has the best players in the world, and statistically not all of them can be born in England. But we don't have enough English players: we are working very hard on it.

- Arsene Wenger

Think I Think

I think in England you eat too much sugar and meat and not enough vegetables.

- Arsene Wenger

Abroad Some

In some ways England is more liberal than France, but I also find it more intrusive. But when you go abroad you have to accept the ways of where you live. I have to respect that.

- Arsene Wenger

Happy Never

The people of England are never so happy as when you tell them they are ruined.

- Arthur Murphy

Country She

Be England what she will, with all her faults she is my country still.

- Charles Churchill

Here Which

Furthermore, the spirit of enterprise which had its first intellectual development in England has especially flourished here as well as throughout all of Canada, while the same spirit has become less virile in the land of its origin.

- Charles E. Wilson

London Which

I was born in Middlesex, England, which is really London.

- Charles Keating

Had Beheld

When on my return to England I showed the cast of the cranium to Professor Huxley, he remarked at once that it was the most ape-like skull he had ever beheld.

- Charles Lyell

Treated Fragment

Why should Ireland be treated as a geographical fragment of England - Ireland is not a geographical fragment, but a nation.

- Charles Stewart Parnell

Farming Sydney

Farming implements are as cheap in Sydney as in England.

- Charles Sturt

Church Roman

You have the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Presbyterians, the Wesleyans, represented in each school, and they are each to take alternate days.

- Charles Tupper


In England, there's no acknowledgement the invention of slavery came from Britain.

- Chiwetel Ejiofor

Like Here

Here in England we live at a slower pace, have more time to enjoy things - like good jazz.

- Chris Barber

Father Bought

I bought a house in England in 1990, shortly after my father died, hoping to come home to England and spend time with my family.

- Christine McVie

Coffee Milk

Coffee in England is just toasted milk.

- Christopher Fry

Thought London

When I grew up in Tasmania, you thought that London was home. You waited to go to England as soon as you graduated, in my case on a ship bound for London via Genoa.

- Christopher Koch

Always Some

I was always ready to leave England for some absurd reason.

- Claire Forlani

Weather Spirits

The weather in England can really darken your spirits.

- Claire Forlani

Training Matches

In my view, fitness training isn't that important in England, as they all train with such intensity anyway and have a competitive edge when just sprinting. The matches are all hard-fought, too.

- Claudio Ranieri

Doing New

The New England conscience does not stop you from doing what you shouldn't-it just stops you from enjoying it.

- Cleveland Amory

Church Pray For

I have a group of people, about 40, in a local church in Surrey in England, who pray for me regularly.

- Cliff Richard

Gun Big

There's not a big gun culture in England at all still.

- Clive Owen

Extent Certainly

Ultimately, to have a career in movies, to a certain extent, certainly in England, you can't sustain a career in just English movies.

- Clive Owen

Always Very

I always thought it hadn't influenced me very much, but I heard from many people from England that many motives from German fairytales are to be found in my books.

- Cornelia Funke

New Always

My parents were from New England. It's very funny, but when I grew up, you always had to say, 'Yes, ma'am' and 'Yes, sir.'

- Cy Twombly

Very Roles

The thing that disturbs me the most, being in England, is that on the screen we don't see very many of us - there aren't very many black girls. They don't make the roles for us, or they don't see us in those roles.

- Cynthia Erivo

Pain Think

I don't think it's different to be a black girl in England than it is to be a black girl from America. We all collectively share in a pain of displacement and not feeling like we quite belong in places.

- Cynthia Erivo

Will Hugely

My great uncle was in 'Dad's Army.' And I don't know if Americans will know that. It was a hugely popular show in England.

- Daisy Ridley

Still Britain

In England we burnt redheads at the stake, because we thought they were witches. There are still young redheads in Britain getting ripped for having red hair. 'Oy, Ginger!'

- Damian Lewis

Think Over

I think there's a lot of deep-rooted history in England with racing. Lots of Formula One teams are based there. Formula One is obviously a huge sport over in England and Europe.

- Danica Patrick

Accents Regional

I know there are lots of regional accents in England, but I can't tell them apart and I'm not really aware of class. I don't pay any attention to those boundaries. I'm a California girl.

- Danielle de Niese

Racism Seemed

I wanted to write about racism and xenophobia in 21st Century England and Ireland, but I wanted to do it in an exciting way so that I could reach more readers. Zombies seemed like a good way to do that.

- Darren Shan

About Eventually

Eventually, I gave up my sublet in Berlin and stayed in England for a long time - for about 20 years.

- Darryl Pinckney

Lived English

I have an English family and I've lived in England for years.

- Daryl Hall

Strong Been

England has a long history of supporting alternative medicine - maybe it's because they don't have such a strong pharmaceutical industry in England, and homeopathy has been taught and promoted there for hundreds of years.

- Dasha Zhukova

London Here

We can talk about Manchester! I like coming here, it's a wicked city. It's my second favourite city in England after London. I like Liverpool too but there's a lot more to do in Manchester.

- Dave Mason

Game Which

I kept an interested eye on the transfer window in England, which opened and closed last month, and the lack of frantic activity just goes to show the current financial state of the game right now.

- David Ginola

Very Hundred

The one major disappointment I have is that I didn't get a hundred against India in India. I got lots of runs against India in England including a double hundred I am very proud of.

- David Gower

Some Deal

We've yet to deal with the uncomfortable history of England being involved in the transatlantic slave trade, whereas America has at least made some movies dealing with its racial history.

- David Harewood

Think Everyone

Everyone in America thinks I'm American - and everyone in England seems to think I'm American.

- David Harewood

New Last

We opened a design center in the South of England last year as part of our strategy for being close to our customers and developing innovative products for exciting new markets.

- David Milne

Agent Set

My agent set up a meeting with George Lucas. They were casting in England.

- David Prowse