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Big Idea

There is not enough funding for basic sciences in India. We have to invest in a big way, and I am pushing that idea.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Over Request

Democrats have a long history of utilizing the threat of a potential Ebola outbreak to request massive federal funds while attacking Republicans for expressing skepticism over their funding schemes.

- Aaron Klein

Way Really

The way you really stop Al-Qaeda is by stopping their funding. It's not by carpet-bombing or land invasions or anything.

- Adam McKay

Small Capital

We own only a small percentage in Omnivore, but we manage it. It is basically a venture capital fund to help newer enterprises and provide them with the funding they require in their early stages of development.

- Adi Godrej

Private Set

The question for Dropbox is whether, when they run out of private sources for funding, they will be able to maintain that valuation when they go to public sources for funding and their valuation is set on the public markets.

- Aileen Lee

Save Lives

We must continue to fight for funding for health technologies so that they can continue to do what they do best - save lives - but also because they confer a real benefit to America's economy.

- Albio Sires

Critical Issue

My colleagues, while it is good that the Nation is finally focused on the critical issue of securing our ports, our rhetoric and our passion about Dubai must be matched by the funding necessary to keep our ports and our citizens safe.

- Allyson Schwartz

Business Access

The business of funding digging journalists is important to encourage. It cannot be replaced by bloggers who don't have access to politicians, who don't have easy access to official documents, who aren't able to buttonhole people in power.

- Andrew Marr

Kind Been

Thanks partly to the kind of poets that we now have and partly to funding, there's been a gigantic shift in the way poetry is perceived... Poems on the Underground, poets in schools, football clubs, zoos.

- Andrew Motion

Television Sources

The difficulty with the present state of affairs is that there is no legislation on the sources of funding for the Polish film industry. There is no legislation concerning filmmaking. And, there is no legislation on television that would be beneficial to filmmaking.

- Andrzej Wajda

Thought Communist

One might have thought that the most significant change in the film industry that would come about with a transition from the communist economy to capitalism would fundamentally concern the sources of funding.

- Andrzej Wajda

Leading Bodies

Eventually, the state's funding covered only the stages leading to presenting a film project to potential funding bodies. It was enough to produce a script, indicate casting and put together a budget to present it all, but nothing beyond that.

- Andrzej Wajda

Better Established

Even better, there were established two separate committees deciding on state film funding.

- Andrzej Wajda

Ethnic Taxpayer

What liberals mean by 'goose-stepping' or 'ethnic cleansing' is generally something along the lines of 'eliminating taxpayer funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.' But they can't say that, or people would realize they're crazy.

- Ann Coulter

Year Vicious

All the arts are predominantly national, and therefore the Australian Film Commission should be funding us. The battle gets more and more vicious each year.

- Ann Macbeth

New Still

There is still a lot of misinformation being spread about higher education funding arrangements under the new Act. The students page on my website sets out the main points in the Act.

- Anne Campbell

Data More

23andMe is pleased to bring public funding to bear on data and research driven by the public - our more than 180,000 customers.

- Anne Wojcicki

Will Months

Bridges and roads take years to build, but too often, states and communities haven't known if funding will be there for them more than a few months at a time.

- Anthony Foxx

Business Art

The only way to eliminate any government choice on what art is worthwhile, what art isn't worthwhile, is to get the government totally out of the business of funding.

- Antonin Scalia

Think Question

It's definitely an interesting question: 'Do you need more funding to start a luxury business?' That's something I want to think about a little bit more.

- Aslaug Magnusdottir

Largest Including

Lawsuits against reverse mortgage companies, including the nation's largest, Financial Freedom Senior Funding, contend that those firms helped pressure older Americans into bad investments.

- Charles Duhigg

Empathy Private

What we need to do is have empathy and that ultimately, at the end of the day, it's a woman's private choice... I don't support federal funding for abortions, nor do I support late-term abortions.

- Chris Gibson

Everyone Involved

Transportation funding is a win-win for everyone involved.

- Corrine Brown

Waiting Needs

Without the funding Amtrak needs to keep operating, we will soon see people that rely on Amtrak to get them to work each day, waiting for a train that isn't coming.

- Corrine Brown

Will Ryan

As a Member of the CBC, I will fight tooth and nail to increase funding for programs, such as Ryan White, that were flat funded in the President's budget.

- Corrine Brown

Will Congress

I strongly support SNAP and will continue to urge my colleagues in Congress to provide adequate funding to this important program.

- Dan Maffei

Government Happen

The Spiral Gallery may happen, too. It is not dependent on government funding.

- Daniel Libeskind

Raising Brought

I believe Nebraskans appreciate the fiscal discipline I've brought to state government, balancing the budget without raising taxes and prioritizing education funding.

- Dave Heineman

Need Otherwise

To be brutally honest, it's simple economics. If they want to come into cycling, sponsors need to know the team they are funding is clean, otherwise the risk is just too great.

- David Millar

Sanctuary Include

I do support 'sanctuary cities,' and I would be a firm, non-negotiable 'no' vote on any deliberations that include the possibility of blocking funding for them.

- Jimmy Gomez

Here Certainly

This emergency spending measure is certainly only the beginning, since we here in Washington will continue to work closely with the president and emergency agencies to ensure they continue receiving the funding they need.

- Jo Bonner

Need We Cannot

We cannot neglect the unemployed, underemployed and dislocated workers of America who need ample and widespread funding for federal job training services.

- Joe Baca

Education Adequate

The promise of education reform can never be fulfilled without adequate funding, and by shortchanging our schools, President Bush is breaking his promise to our children.

- Joe Lieberman

Strong Critical

We have to start grounding our policies in facts and recognize that a strong economy is critical for funding progressive priorities.

- John Delaney

Father Very

My father was unemployed and I was the eldest of seven children. We were very poor. And when you ask how did we support ourselves, the only funding that we had was unemployment payments.

- John Hume

Give Some

With nearly all students leaving public high school having taken some vocational education, this bill continues to provide communities with the funding necessary to give students an edge on career training.

- John M. McHugh

Mobility Reduce

We must do all we can to reduce congestion in our urban areas and increase access and mobility in our rural areas, and this extra funding will help us get there.

- John Warner

Voice College

I was a teacher for a long time. I taught at a community college: voice, theory, humanities. And nowadays, music education is a dying thing. Funding is being cut more and more and more.

- Jon Secada

Which Very

One of the first bills I helped passed was the Shore Protection Fund, which provides a stable source of funding for shore protection, something very important for Monmouth County and the entire Jersey Shore.

- Joseph M. Kyrillos

Argument Needs

When people are feeling insecure about their jobs and there are cuts to be made, it's hard to put up an argument that the film industry needs funding.

- Julian Fellowes

Abortion Resolve

We are not voting for health care if we do not resolve this language on public funding for abortion - no public funding for abortion.

- Bart Stupak

United Amendment

I have introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and make it clear that the Congress and state legislatures do have the ability and the power to regulate and get corporate funding out of political campaigns.

- Bernie Sanders

Private Public

Philosophically, I don't believe in public funding for private sports.

- Betsy Hodges

Study Will

All basic scientists who look to the NCI for funding should know that I will tolerate no retreat on the study of model systems and the pursuit of fundamental biological principles.

- Harold E. Varmus

More Need

Beyond highways and roads, we need more money for mass transit, intercity passenger rail and freight rail. We have a long way to go to bridge the funding gaps.

- Bill Lipinski

Independent Scheme

We commissioned an independent statutory economic body - the Productivity Commission - to review the possibility of funding a disability scheme. The commission returned with a view that it could. Then it becomes an issue of national will.

- Bill Shorten

Needs Get

Obviously any group that has to have funding also needs to get attention to their issues.

- Bjorn Lomborg


Accepting federal funding undermines state sovereignty as states become beholden to federal requirements in order to keep the money flowing.

- Bob Barr

Abortion Concerned

So often, generalizations don't apply to Catholic voters. Catholics are concerned about the war, the economy, about issues like abortion, issues pertaining to the budget and funding Medicaid and Medicare and what happens to the environment.

- Bob Casey, Jr.

Cut Tied

My one concern is that when money gets tight, it's easy to cut R&D funding that isn't tied to a specific project - look at what's happened to NASA's aviation research.

- Henry Spencer

Generation Next

Federal funding for biomedical sciences plays a critical role in training the next generation of scientists.

- Carol W. Greider

May Benefits

It takes years to realize the multiple benefits of science; without adequate, sustained funding for research, the careers of many bright, young scientists may come to a screeching halt.

- Carol W. Greider

Small Rebuild

I've introduced eight bills to fight for support for our small businesses and ensure we get funding to rebuild public housing - among other things.

- Cedric Richmond

Business Product

Launch your product or service before you have funding. See how people respond to it before you have a PowerPoint and business plan - have something people can use, and go from there.

- Chad Hurley

Country Steep

The unhappy irony is that, while 'Glee' is hitting the heights, school arts funding is being slashed across the country due to the steep recession and declining tax revenues.

- James Wolcott

Leverage Most

Most of our funding goes to organizations and is then used to leverage the private sector.

- Jane Alexander

Processes Projects

We have at least 125 communities in Arizona at risk from wildfire, not because of review processes or litigation delays but because of a lack of federal funding on the ground to actually begin the projects.

- Janet Napolitano

Cost Appropriate

Congress passes bills that appropriate money. Congress says, 'We're building this bridge or funding that defense project, and they cost this much.'

- Jay Carney

Wealth Poorer

Any health care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must - must - redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent healthcare is by definition re-distributional.

- Donald Berwick

Will Excited

People will come back and influence their communities to get excited about space. Space funding will increase because people will see the benefit it has to the way people relate to the world, the way people relate to problems, and the way people view themselves.

- Dylan Taylor

Insurance Coverage

Those outside of autism need to understand this is an epidemic and we need more government funding, insurance coverage and education reform.

- Jenny McCarthy

Grants Pell

Funding and maintaining programs from Head Start to Pell Grants must be a high priority.

- Ed Pastor

Southern Necessary

Amtrak is extremely important to the economy of Southern Illinois and I will continue to work with state and local leaders and my colleagues in Congress to secure the necessary funding to maintain full service.

- Jerry Costello

More Sentencing

No funding for alternative sentencing instead of more prisons.

- Jerry Weller

Think Stem-Cell

I think that we're foolhardy to not be engaging in federal funding of stem-cell research in the most aggressive way we possibly can.

- Elizabeth Edwards

See Couple

I don't want to see any taxpayer funding going towards... a couple that is not married.

- Karen Handel

Afford We Cannot

We cannot afford to lose the Medicaid funding for low-income women.

- Kay Bailey Hutchison

Envy Developments

What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments of the 1950s and '60s: the interstate-highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public-education system that was the envy of the world and generous immigration policies.

- Fareed Zakaria

Public Education

We're first on executions. We're 49th in funding public education. We're in a race with Mississippi for the bottom, and we're winning.

- Kinky Friedman

More He Or She

If each of us is to feel that he or she is valued, this calls for more than public funding.

- Kjell Magne Bondevik

Private Van

Private funding was one of the first methods used when MIT funded Bitcoin core developers Gavin Andresen, Wladimir van der Laan, and Cory Fields in 2015.

- Fred Ehrsam

Vastly Amount

We have vastly increased the amount of funding that is available for conservation partnerships.

- Gale Norton

Like Egos

There's a lot of egos in these countries, like the French, the Germans, et cetera, and so they keep funding and rehabilitating Yasser Arafat.

- Leon Charney

Decade Been

The unvarnished truth is that we have spent the last decade funding the machinery of war, and our children have been sacrificed.

- LeVar Burton


I have always advocated for funding and programs that increase our productivity and competitiveness.

- George Allen

Militia Role

Illegal killings of elephants are being linked to organized crime and the funding of armed militia groups. Many consumers in Asia do not realize that by buying ivory, they are playing a role in the illegal wildlife trade and its serious consequences.

- Li Bingbing

Auto Auto Industry

I believe the auto industry is a competition of human resources, competition of funding, competition of technology - and the competition is international.

- Li Shufu

Athlete Some

Some of today's athletes do not have that kind of pride. They left school at 16, have never had a job in their life and are getting Lottery funding, earning money as an athlete.

- Linford Christie

Think I Think

I think it's great that they are getting funding, but it's just too easy. They don't have to work for it. We did it because we had pride, because we loved it.

- Linford Christie

Engaged Receive

Those projects most successful on Kickstarter - those that receive funding completely and quickly - do so largely because the creator has a strong social network and invites people to be engaged.

- Lisa Gansky

Need Package

I do believe that Planned Parenthood provides vital services to those in need and disagree with its funding cuts contained in the H.R. 1 package.

- Lisa Murkowski

Studios Costs

The key thing for me is to secure medium-term funding for the Roundhouse studios. It costs around £2m a year to run, but we want to grow it, and of course that will cost more.

- Lloyd Dorfman

Films Bodies

Australians just don't see that many Australian films, but it's also our responsibility as filmmakers and the responsibility of the funding bodies to remember that audiences want to be entertained, and people are entertained in lots of different ways.

- Georgina Haig

Always Facilitate

Governments cannot assume or expect that the ECB will always facilitate their funding independently of the achievement of their fiscal and other policy objectives.

- Lucas Papademos

New Peacetime

Under the new government of the Constitution, beginning in 1789, all of the peacetime measures were repeated: chaplains, prayers, memorials of Thanksgiving, the Northwest Ordinance, funding for the Christian education of Indians.

- M. Stanton Evans

Values Documents

Budgets are moral documents. Federal funding should reflect the priorities and the values of the majority of the American people.

- Mike Pence

Privileges Means

ERA means abortion funding, means homosexual privileges, means whatever else.

- Phyllis Schlafly

Will Necessary

The NHS cannot be privatised if that's not the will of the Scottish people, and the Scottish health service will have the funding that's necessary if that's also the will of the Scottish people.

- Gordon Brown

Explain Undermine

We must level with the people and explain to them that Social Security will first face funding problems in 2042 that can be fixed now with changes that do not undermine and ultimately drain from the entire program.

- Grace Napolitano

Think Disorder

As a scientist leading a funding agency for autism research, I think of autism as a neurodevelopmental disorder.

- Thomas R. Insel

Nation Reduce

As the GAO report recognizes, the long-term health of our forests relies on additional fuel reduction options and funding to reduce the risks that catastrophic fire poses to our nation's ecosystems, communities and federal budgetary resources.

- Greg Walden

Argument Congress

Pentagon dollars are essentially seen as a different kind of funding that doesn't have to stand for itself and make an argument for itself in the house of Congress.

- Rachel Maddow

Cost However

However, this President sees no problem eliminating funding for Perkins Loans in his budget, even though the cost of tuition is rising and will continue to rise as the administration's policies force inflation.

- Tim Bishop

Barrier Biggest

The biggest barrier to starting a company isn't ideas, funding or experience. It's excuses.

- Sarah Lacy

Happen Private

There is no denying that downsizing can happen when a company receives private equity funding. It is unfortunate and hard on everyone who is affected.

- N. Robert Hammer

Woman Abortion

We believe in funding family planning because it helps to prevent unintended pregnancy. We believe that a woman considering an abortion should not be forced to have an ultrasound against her will.

- Nancy Keenan

Adequately Issue

Hunger is a political issue, and there are several things politically that are keeping people hungry - not funding food stamps adequately, not funding school lunches adequately. So there is a political solution to the problem of hunger.

- Tom Colicchio

Law Congress

We must seize the moment and permanently delay the entire law. Congress can do this. We control the purse strings and can protect taxpayers from funding Obamacare.

- Tom Graves

New Comply

ICOs are obviously a new and interesting form of funding for blockchain-based protocols, but it's not clear that all of them comply with U.S. securities laws or that all of them are companies that have good native use cases for new coins.

- Naval Ravikant

Like By The Time

I'd like to do a film in Canada, but it's too difficult. National Film Board funding takes too long, and there's too much paperwork; by the time the film is approved the topic is dead and gone.

- Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy