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Pretty Texture

I really cringe at the sight of pattypan squash. So pretty and cute and having no taste or exciting texture. Dull.

- Alex Guarnaschelli

See Been

Having been in Hollywood as a shadow, as someone who is almost invisible, I can see fame for what it is.

- Alex Kingston

Harmony Kid

I dreamed of having a Gibson. I had a cheap Kent - you know, a Japanese guitar - and then a Kanora, a Japanese guitar. I borrowed a friend's Harmony for years. To have a Gibson was really, really my dream as a kid.

- Alex Lifeson

Always Could

I could always score goals. I loved that feeling of having your team look to you, that feeling of leadership.

- Alex Morgan

Week Always

I grew up always having dessert after dinner. Always. It's such a hard habit for me to break. It's fine to have dessert every once in a while, but not seven days a week!

- Alex Morgan

Always Shared

At home, my mom and my dad shared equally in the responsibilities of the family and our home and always demonstrated the importance of men and women having an equal role.

- Alex Morgan

Work Weird

It's nice having your work recognized but having people follow you around is kinda weird.

- Alex O'Loughlin

Survive Rallying

Freedom from menial work should be a rallying cry, not a cudgel to be used against the Left. How much liberty is there in having to do something you hate in order to survive?

- Alex Pareene

Always Been

I've always been the guy that loved being scared or loved having pressure on me, because I always wanted to prove myself wrong and always wanted to prove that I could do it.

- Alex Pettyfer

World Means

Having the respect of your peers means the world to me.

- Alex Rodriguez

Mind Everybody

There's nothing worse than having everybody thinking alike, talking alike and having the same direction in mind. It gets stale that way.

- Alex Van Halen

Four Getting

We're having a blast. Just four friends getting together.

- Alex Van Halen

Love Using

I prefer using cream-based products on my skin. I love having that summery dewy skin - I like using cream blushers as well.

- Alexa Chung

Nose Shame

There's no great shame in having your nose fixed.

- Alexa Ray Joel

Love I Love

I love having music just to chill to and also to rev me up a bit.

- Alexander Hanson

Work Works

With '44 Scotland Street' I found myself having to work out how a daily novel works, and it is completely different to a conventional novel.

- Alexander McCall Smith

Country Income

I'm not saying everything in Sweden is perfect, because it's not. But it is interesting having grown up in a social democratic country such as Sweden and then watching what's going on in the U.S. and the income disparity.

- Alexander Skarsgard

Small Idea

People are fascinated with eternal life and physical power - the idea of having no vulnerability. We all feel small and powerless in the world at times, so the temptation to be a vampire is compelling.

- Alexandra Cassavetes

Like Looked

Having dinner with somebody you've looked up to your whole life is quite a memorable thing. Like, 'Wow. I'm having dinner with someone who is a huge inspiration to me.' That's intense.

- Alexandra Daddario

Bigger Big

I want to make words out of life. That's bigger than me. That's as big a creative force as - bigger than, for me, even having children. That felt more accidental - wonderful, but accidental.

- Alexandra Fuller

Been Tend

Being a writer but also having been raised the way I was, I tend to turn to books for answers.

- Alexandra Fuller

Over Couple

Unless everyone grasps the importance of having only two children per couple, wars won't be over just oil anymore, they will be over water and food.

- Alexandra Paul

Good Way Also

I'm a compulsive musician, but it's also a bloody good way out of having to do anything else.

- Alexis Korner

Think Diminish

I don't think a lot of women know how much their chances of having a child diminish as they age.

- Alexis Stewart

Image Corrupted

I have my misgivings about 3-D. I don't like the lack of blacks and whites, how it dulls the image, how the color gets corrupted. I don't necessarily like the experience of having heavy glasses in front of me.

- Alfonso Cuaron

Sex Until

We abstained from having sex until we got married.

- Ali Landry

Calendar Using

I never got into using my phone's calendar. It's easier to write in my Tiffany day planner. There's something charming about having a datebook.

- Ali Larter

Studying Other

I had no real experience studying acting; I came to it having done other things for a living for many, many years, and I have this gigantic respect for experience and technique.

- Ali MacGraw

Mind Imagine

But I could not imagine having a child and the child not having a relationship with music that opens up their mind and their imagination and teaches them things.

- Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Show Will

If you're not having fun with your job, it will show.

- Alice Dellal

Parent Agreement

Having a child is not like taking a spouse; there is no mutual agreement entered into. It is up the parent to make the commitment.

- Alice Dreger

Hollywood Move

The Chinese say that having two homes is the way to madness. I'm not mad, but I definitely wish Hollywood would move to Trafalgar Square. But the life of an actor is a life of movement, isn't it?

- Alice Eve

Works Part

For me, having characters who are part of a faith then allows me to talk about how that faith either works or fails them without having to attack the institution.

- Alice McDermott

Romance Original

I like that original romance of having a pen and a legal pad and going anywhere in the world and being able to write a novel with just those two things.

- Alice McDermott

Education Poetic

To be a poet is as serious, long-term and natural as the effort to be the best human you can be. To express something well is not a question of having a top-class education and understanding poetic forms: rather, it's a question of paying attention.

- Alice Oswald

Crisis Been

This world crisis came about without women having anything to do with it. If the women of the world had not been excluded from world affairs, things today might have been different.

- Alice Paul

Children Been

I know from having had a child, and from having been a child myself, that children will copy you.

- Alice Walker

Like Goes

I really like having someone who knows about food and what goes well together make a meal for me.

- Alice Waters

Womanhood Stepped

I've stepped more into my womanhood, I'm a mother now, I'm having a beautiful relationship as a wife and as a friend.

- Alicia Keys

Read Lesbians

I hope that I can get people to read it without having to change it. Especially now that the strip has more different kinds of characters. It's really not all lesbians any more.

- Alison Bechdel

Some Them

One of them is already having some menopausal symptoms. I'm working on that. I'm giving them all little lines under the eyes, trying to sort of make them age gracefully.

- Alison Bechdel

Happy Dedicated

We know what makes babies smart and happy and thrive. It's having human beings who are dedicated to caring for them - human beings who are well supported, not stressed out and not poor.

- Alison Gopnik

Believe Rest

I don't believe in having a rest day.

- Alistair Brownlee

Doing Focusing

I'm just cruising, doing me, having a good time and focusing on getting better.

- Alistair Overeem

Love Making

You know what I like to do? I love waking up early, making them breakfast, taking them to school, having time in the morning with them. With six kids, it's like a reality show.

- Allan Houston

Making Either

I was having trouble making ends meet, and my beginnings weren't meeting either.

- Allan Sherman

Famous Southern

I was not a Southern California girl. I hated having my photograph taken. I felt shy and embarrassed around famous people.

- Allegra Huston

Baby Punishment

I do not believe having a baby is punishment.

- Allen West

Every Day Country

Of course, for me, having served 22 years in the military and to have the opportunity to continue to serve my country is a great honor and is a privilege. So that's what makes it special each and every day.

- Allen West

Images Other

Showing 'Get Out' to a room full of strangers and having them react lets them be introspective and see the way certain images affect other people.

- Allison Williams

Healthy Like

Just having my mom be healthy is, like, so overwhelming enough. Like, my heart's just full of gratitude.

- Ally Brooke

Song Side

The main thing for all of us was having a ballad, a slower song. Finally, they get to hear more of a vulnerable side to us! We didn't really have that in 'Reflection,' and that's something we all fought for.

- Ally Brooke

Treat Through

Not only is there no need of an intermediary through whom He would want you to speak to Him, but He finds His delight in having you treat with Him personally and in all confidence.

- Alphonsus Liguori

Doing Which

I'm going from doing all of the work to having to delegate the work - which is almost harder for me than doing the work myself. I'm a lousy delegator, but I'm learning.

- Alton Brown

Likely Another

The chances of a reunion now are less likely. I was thinking of having a 40th anniversary of the band, but now they are really another band, so it's all a bit weird.

- Alvin Lee

Role Models

Especially in the car ride to and from gym. I find myself spacing out a lot, just visualizing what the Olympics would be like and just having such great role models.

- Aly Raisman

Good Good Thing

Having no expectations is a really good thing.

- Alycia Debnam-Carey

Work Against

I have nothing against people having work done, it is when I hear tale of girls of 16 queuing up to get bigger breasts, that is when I despair.

- Amanda Burton

Ignored Though

I went from being able to walk down the street and be ignored to having men whistle at me. I was an insecure young girl, and it felt good to have attention, even though it was inappropriate.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Young Your

I grew up in front of the camera from an early age. It distorts your perception of who you are. Having a lot of attention at a young age is not healthy.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Like Feels

People know what authentic communication feels like, so having someone else handle your social media/commenting doesn't feel honest to me.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Think Made

I don't think I've ever come to terms with not having had a father around, and that's why I made so many mistakes with men.

- Amanda Eliasch

Middle Spent

I didn't go nightclubbing much as a teenager in Bournemouth because my friends and I didn't have the money - but we spent a lot of time on the beach, having barbecues, and running into the sea in the middle of the night.

- Amanda Holden

Necessarily Getting

There's no blueprint; getting married doesn't make you boring, having kids doesn't make you boring, having money doesn't necessarily have to make you boring.

- Amanda Palmer

Goal Becoming

People had this idea about becoming rock stars packing stadiums instead of having the goal of becoming what musicians used to be in terms of how they would perform and connect people.

- Amanda Palmer

Love Pretty

I love getting dressed up and having someone do my make-up and feeling pretty.

- Amanda Peet

Suspecting Lover

Well, if you're suspecting your lover is having an affair, it's definitely devastating. It's really a terrible, terrible feeling because you have no control.

- Amanda Seyfried

Happy My Life

For the first time in my life I'm really happy to be unattached because I realise there is so much responsibility to having a partner.

- Amanda Seyfried

Very Caught

My mom, she was, at a young age, caught up in the worldly ways. At that time, it was very intriguing to be out partying and having fun. As a young mother, she was caught in that.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Hard Private

Not having a private life is hard.

- Amber Riley

Which Ingenious

Barometer, n.: An ingenious instrument which indicates what kind of weather we are having.

- Ambrose Bierce

Sabbath Arrested

Sabbath - a weekly festival having its origin in the fact that God made the world in six days and was arrested on the seventh.

- Ambrose Bierce

Fortune Friendless

Friendless. Having no favors to bestow. Destitute of fortune. Addicted to utterance of truth and common sense.

- Ambrose Bierce

Soul Learned

Genius - to know without having learned; to draw just conclusions from unknown premises; to discern the soul of things.

- Ambrose Bierce

Learn Proliferation

One of the strangest results of having your name on a book jacket is the proliferation of people who know one narrow aspect of your life and are suddenly surprised to learn there's more.

- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Fact Holy

The fact of simultaneously being Christian and having as my mother tongue Arabic, the holy language of Islam, is one of the basic paradoxes that have shaped my identity.

- Amin Maalouf

Work Would

Having no work would be terrible.

- Amitabh Bachchan

Woman Grandmother

My grandmother, who was simultaneously a woman of manners and verve, fended off marriage proposals until she was 30 because she was having too much fun to settle down.

- Amor Towles

Always Religious

The closest place that I feel like I come to having religious moments is always musical.

- Amos Lee

Guns Question

Cop families have guns in their houses. It's a bigger question for mothers. When is the right time to introduce to your children the things that could hurt them? But not having the knowledge could hurt them.

- Amy Carlson

Breathing Reader

With contemporary poetry having approximately as many fans outside the immediate field as there are devotees of undergoing knee surgery, any sentient, breathing reader who's genuinely interested in poetry... not scared of it... seems a godsend.

- Amy Gerstler

Beauty Experience

There's a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It's impossible to be mature without having lived.

- Amy Grant

Here Big

I get offered: 'Here's a girl who's mad at another girl for having a wedding on the same day.' That'll be a big hit, but I don't want to do that.

- Amy Heckerling

Waiting Dealing

I like being able to tape things and then having them home waiting for you, but just dealing with the Time Warner Cable people will drive you insane.

- Amy Heckerling

Cut Dad

Thanks to having my dad travel with me, I don't feel quite cut off from my family.

- Amy Jackson

Night Friday Night

I loved having Indian take-aways on a Friday night in Liverpool, but it's so different in the real India.

- Amy Jackson

Real A Good Thing

I believe having judges with real world, frontline experience as a prosecutor is a good thing.

- Amy Klobuchar

Want Mum

I definitely want to be a mum. Lots of my friends are having babies, but I don't know quite when to do it. My mum says, 'There's never a right time; you've just got to get on with it'.

- Amy Nuttall

Birthday Kidney

I was in kidney failure. I ended up having a kidney transplant on my 21st birthday.

- Amy Purdy

Myself Benefits

Of course, there are benefits to having prosthetics. I can make myself as tall as I want. I can wear flip-flops in the snow if I wanted to. There's benefits.

- Amy Purdy

Disease Like

Having cancer is one thing; looking like you have cancer is another thing. It's a disease that already takes so much.

- Amy Robach

Always Very

My mother had a very difficult childhood, having seen her own mother kill herself. So she didn't always know how to be the nurturing mother that we all expect we should have.

- Amy Tan

Career Spain

After having a career in Spain for eight years, I went back to being anonymous again, having to prove myself to the industry and myself, to prove I was capable of acting in a different language. It was a good challenge, and I can't complain.

- Ana de Armas

Dress Some

When I was younger, I did have some dresses that weren't the best fits, and it can definitely affect you during a match - if you're having to constantly pull the dress down, for example!

- Ana Ivanovic

Fate Made

I thank fate for having made me born poor. Poverty taught me the true value of the gifts useful to life.

- Anatole France

Fleet Aircraft

Once our carrier fleet went all nuclear in 2005, we went from having two aircraft carrier homeports on the East Coast to one.

- Ander Crenshaw

Perseverance Built

Having kids and a relationship at such an early age definitely built up my hunger and perseverance to succeed.

- Anderson Silva

Over Being

I'm over this thing of being champion, having the title.

- Anderson Silva

Rest Raising

My children without a doubt are my greatest accomplishment. If I did nothing else I would feel just having and raising them would be enough. The rest is icing.

- Andie MacDowell

Career Still

Having the option to be able to have a career and feel good about yourself as an individual and still be a great mother is definitely a possibility.

- Andie MacDowell