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Failures Some

If I have any justification for having lived it's simply, I'm nothing but faults, failures and so on, but I have tried to make a good pair of shoes. There's some value in that.

- Arthur Miller

Like Figure

It's weird because standup can be like therapy. Comedians can't be satisfied with just having fun with our friends. We've got to figure out a way to do it on stage.

- Artie Lange

Think Some

Some people look at my photos and think maybe I'm feeling frazzled, but I really want to tell them I'm just having a bad hair day!

- Arundhati Bhattacharya

Impact Deterrent

People resisted having weapons on airplanes, but I oversaw the federal air marshals. It's a deterrent. No one sees that weapon, but they are protected on that airplane, and it's a huge positive impact on safety.

- Asa Hutchinson

Point Of View Area

Because you're a crime writer you're asked to have a point of view on a lot of things, and I'm uncomfortable having public opinions on things that are not my professional area.

- Asa Larsson

Audience Fact

I like the fact that the audience does notice the hard work that I put in to maintain my physique, and there is nothing better than having your hard work appreciated!

- Ashish Sharma

Mind Feminine

I focus on having a feminine body, a dancer's body. I do resistance and dance and cardio. I like hiking, swimming, being active. It clears your mind and it's a good way to decompress.

- Ashley Greene

Tonight Direct

Americans are so direct. They'd ask me, 'What's your five-year plan? Do you have a five-year plan?' I don't know what I'm having for my tea tonight let alone a five-year plan.

- Ashley Jensen

Think I Think

I think that being perceptive and having interests is nothing but an asset.

- Ashley Judd

Makeup Always

I'm actually most comfortable when I'm in a bikini, running around on the beach, like, no makeup. It's really free-feeling, whereas I'm always having to get dressed up and putting makeup on.

- Ashley Tisdale

Release Benefits

Now that I'm older, I see the benefits of having free time to release energy.

- Ashton Eaton

Sports I Remember

I remember growing up, having sports to go to, having recess, those were the things I looked forward to. Yes, I'm an athlete, but I had buddies who weren't, and they looked forward to it, too.

- Ashton Eaton

Strong Types

The strong ones are the ones who realize that having a bad training day, those types of days are necessary.

- Ashton Eaton

Love Explain

I can't really explain what it's like to be in love, but I feel like it's being comfortable. It's almost like having a best friend. It's a beautiful thing.

- Ashton Irwin

My Life Lord

First and foremost, praying about things and having the good Lord as a part of my life is a huge grounding thing for me.

- Ashton Shepherd

Making Films

I often make films about subjects I don't really know much about. Maybe it's laziness, but I don't go in there having done a tonne of research; the research happens while I'm making the film.

- Asif Kapadia

Always Deny

We deny and have always denied having the slightest link with al-Qaeda.

- Aslan Maskhadov

Love Trained

Having trained as a dancer growing up, I love any dance related events.

- Aslaug Magnusdottir

Bad Excited

Having a bunch of cats around is good. If you're feeling bad, you just look at the cats, you'll feel better because they know that everything is just as it is. There's nothing to get excited about. They just know. They're saviours.

- Charles Bukowski

More Making

It's good to have mysteries. It reminds us that there's more to the world than just making do and having a bit of fun.

- Charles de Lint

Generations Author

Author: A fool who, not content with having bored those who have lived with him, insists on tormenting generations to come.

- Charles de Montesquieu

Laws However

The Church, however, is a self-governing society, distinct from the State, having its officers and laws, and, therefore, an administrative government of its own.

- Charles Hodge

Whole Using

I would write my editorials using a manual typewriter in pitch-black darkness... I would produce the whole thing without having seen the text.

- Charles Krauthammer

Which Been

A book reads the better which is our own, and has been so long known to us, that we know the topography of its blots, and dog's ears, and can trace the dirt in it to having read it at tea with buttered muffins.

- Charles Lamb

Art Opinions

Any clod can have the facts; having opinions is an art.

- Charles McCabe

Always Means

Being Politically Correct means always having to say you're sorry.

- Charles Osgood

Father Against

Any father whose son raises his hand against him is guilty of having produced a son who raised his hand against him.

- Charles Peguy

Movie Read

I have become so used to having people say, 'We loved your movie' instead of 'We read your book' that now I merely say, 'Thanks.'

- Charles R. Jackson

Thought Reason

I have never thought that the circumstance of God's having forgiven me was any reason why I should forgive myself.

- Charles Simeon

Very Disciplined

You can't be a practicing attorney without being very disciplined and detail-oriented and having good time management.

- Charles Soule

Alcohol Pubs

Pubs are, disturbingly, where I hatch most of my best idea-sculptures: possibly it's something to do with the disinhibiting effects of alcohol, or maybe it's just having company to yack at.

- Charles Stross

Temporary Been

These matters having been arranged, I had a temporary awning erected near the river, and was for three or four days busily employed writing an account of our journey for the Governor's information.

- Charles Sturt

Great Time Rather

Just because I might be bored doesn't mean I have to look boring. I'd rather look fabulous, like I'm having a great time.

- Charli XCX

I Am Me

I am fortunate in having people around me who protect me.

- Charlotte Casiraghi

Explain Very

I found it very difficult to explain to someone why you did a film. It's not like having a conversation.

- Charlotte Gainsbourg

Next Part

I hope I'll consider my next part, having learnt from this one.

- Charlotte Gainsbourg

Overcome Question

For me, it was never a question of whether or not I was transgender. It was a question of what I'd be able to handle transitioning and having to do it in the public eye. One of the issues that was hard for me to overcome was the fear of that.

- Chaz Bono

Die Sure

We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.

- Che Guevara

Small Costs

Having started and owned two small businesses, I know what a challenge it is to keep up with the rising costs of your employees' healthcare premiums.

- Chellie Pingree

Which Very

Somehow, having an office that I had to go to made me want to work from home, which is easier to do if you don't have a boss waiting for you at the office, even a very blue office.

- Chelsea Cain

Birthday Year

Having a birthday around the holidays was never easy and, with every successive year, it felt more and more as if celebrating my birthday got thrown into the December holiday mix as an afterthought.

- Chelsea Manning

Pretty Entertaining

I grew up pretty much entertaining myself. So I know what its like to be in a room by myself and having fun with something.

- Cheri Oteri

Living Suburbs

The suburbs are the American dream, right? Living in a nice house, having a good job, a happy family.

- Cheryl Hines

Away Some

A lot of people go off and have fun adventures, or hard adventures, and their impulse is to write about them right away. What really makes a difference is having some perspective on what happened.

- Cheryl Strayed

Think I Think

I think having a dog makes you more compassionate.

- Cheyenne Jackson

Big Always

The best thing about having four big brothers is you always have someone to do something for you.

- Chloe Grace Moretz

Over Like

As of late, I am more of a homebody. I like having people over. You can smoke in the apartment. I'm just not into going out so much. The crowd is getting younger and younger.

- Chloe Sevigny

Happen Other

The anxiety does crawl up. The other night I was having panic attacks: 'Oh, my God, what's going to happen to me? Am I ever going to have another job?'

- Chloe Sevigny

Doing Reason

It's not weird being recognised, but it's weird having to stop what you're doing to take pictures or sign something. But the fans are the reason you have your success, so it comes with the territory.

- Chord Overstreet

Best Part Part

The best part of fashion is the interns - having them or being one.

- Chris Benz

Very Using

My wife and I would be very comfortable having a baby at home or using one of the terrific nurse-midwives at the hospital.

- Chris Bohjalian

Normal Like

Having Down syndrome is like being born normal. I am just like you and you are just like me. We are all born in different ways, that is the way I can describe it. I have a normal life.

- Chris Burke

Will Does

You're saying 'will it become politically unpopular to have the position I'm having.' If it does, so be it.

- Chris Christie

Thought Through

We in the network world are used to having time constraints and saying only what you have already thought through 150 times, because you don't have that much expansive opportunity.

- Chris Cuomo

Big Always

The hits always wind up being the songs with big, high choruses. They're the ones too high to sing every night - not that you'll ever, ever hear me complain about having to try.

- Chris Daughtry

Big Fan

I'm not a big fan of having my loyalty called into question.

- Chris Eigeman

Think Stay

If you're trying to stay productive, stop and think, 'Are my meetings actually productive, or are we merely having meetings for meetings' sake?'

- Chris Fussell

Development Amount

What my voting record reflects is constantly looking to improve the amount of resources we having going into research, development, and prototypes we have going into renewable energy sources.

- Chris Gibson

Brothers Been

Having three brothers in the league has been real fun for the whole family, and we're just trying to keep it going.

- Chris Gronkowski

Going Diner

I actually find it harder to act in the scenes where there's not much happening, say having a milkshake in the diner. That is far harder to do than straight scenes where there's a drama going on and you have something to do.

- Chris Hemsworth

Been Mine

Well, acting has been a dream of mine since I can remember; being in the movies and acting, having those experiences.

- Chris Klein

Time Clubs

The clubs are good fun-having a laugh, really having a good time.

- Chris Lowe

Very Tech

Dance music is about having a good time, and a lot of dance music is very serious now. When progressive house and progressive tech came along, it was kind of serious, but it's all context as well.

- Chris Lowe

Which Meant

I had managers approaching me in high school asking me if I wanted to act professionally, but to me, having to miss school to do that meant missing time with my friends, which was completely unacceptable.

- Chris Lowell

Think Expression

I'm not a great dancer. I'm a great advertisement for freedom of expression. I don't care what you think. I'm having a great time.

- Chris Martin

Wanting Spent

I've spent so much of my youth trying to change people or change girls and then having it done to me and people wanting me to change.

- Chris Messina

Shock Everyone

My biggest fear was public speaking, and then having everyone know who I was, it was definitely weird at first. When I first won, it was definitely a culture shock, it was something I wasn't quite ready for.

- Chris Moneymaker

Simple Like

I would be in Italy working on a film, longing for something simple - like, God, I would just kill to be sitting at a barbecue having a beer right now.

- Chris O'Donnell

Forced Which

We all live in a universe in which we're either asked to or are forced to accept certain premises about our employment without having the opportunity to verify them.

- Chris Pavone

Pretty Very

I find the ritual of shaving very relaxing, but for every day, it's pretty irritating on my skin, so I like having the definition a beard gives.

- Chris Pine

Tired Like

It's funny, after a while, you get tired of having to fight someone because they don't like the way you look.

- Chris Robinson

Study Living

Unfortunately, when you're an actor you have to act. It's not like you can sit in your living room, your bedroom, your study or whatever and act with yourself. It requires having somebody to respond to.

- Chris Sarandon

Abortion Tens

China's one-child policy punishes families for having 'out-of-plan' children, resulting in sex-selective abortion and tens of millions of 'missing girls' as well as forced abortion and sterilization campaigns.

- Chris Smith

Prove Early Days

In the early days, I often felt that I was taking a math test when we were playing. It was a profound feeling of having to prove myself.

- Chris Stein

Clean Water Imagine

I couldn't imagine not having clean water.

- Chris Tucker

Still Part

There are still places to go, there are still dinners, there are still parties, and you can still get dressed up. That's part of having fun in fashion.

- Christian Siriano

Still Certainly

I've calmed down, certainly, from the days of being 18, but I'm still having a good time.

- Christian Slater

Like Dressing

I like dressing sexy, and I like having a good time.

- Christie Hefner

Honestly Dad

Honestly, in retrospect, it probably was a little easier being an adolescent and not having people immediately know that Hef was my dad.

- Christie Hefner

Image Conservative

I just get really bored with sticking to the norm and having the proper conservative image. That's just so not me.

- Christina Aguilera

Gift Army

Having the book-club army embrace you is a gift that keeps giving for years.

- Christina Baker Kline

Individual Sexiness

Sexiness is about being an individual and having conviction about what that is.

- Christina Hendricks

Want Room Service

I want to go out and do things... not just stick around having room service for two days.

- Christine McVie

Some Turned

I haven't turned into some rich monster. I've kept my perspective. But I am a bit spoiled. It's hard not to be a little spoiled by having a lot of money.

- Christine McVie

Sure Spending Money

People will never stop having kids, and people will never stop spending money on them to make sure they're safe, healthy, and educated.

- Christine Tsai

Big Movie

Theatrically seeing a movie with a group of people and having a collective experience has an authenticity that you can't get with your big screen television.

- Christine Vachon

Desire Been

My desire was not to pass any island without taking possession, so that, one having been taken, the same may be said of all.

- Christopher Columbus

Think I Think

I think there's something degrading about having a husband for a rival. It's humiliating if you fail and commonplace if you succeed.

- Christopher Hampton

Have Fun Always

You can be childlike without being childish. A child always wants to have fun. Ask yourself, 'Am I having fun?'

- Christopher Meloni

Learned Come

I learned years ago to come to terms with having so much done for me by others.

- Christopher Reeve

Cherry Always

I've had purpose because I've always wanted to be successful, but having my son is the cherry on top. He makes me go harder in achieving all that I've dreamed of.

- Ciara

Theatre Feel

Having started out in theatre, I feel an impulse to do it as much as I can.

- Cillian Murphy

Children Priorities

Having children really changes your priorities.

- Cindy Crawford

Beauty Think

Having inner beauty is something you develop on your own, and I like to think I have that.

- Cindy Margolis

Pose Expecting

I hate having to pose for photos. It's just so embarrassing. Everyone is expecting you to know what to do because you're an actor, but I haven't a clue.

- Claire Foy

Ideal Ideal World

I believe that, in an ideal world, writers would feel free to write what matters to them without having to consider success, failure, the market, etc.

- Claire Messud

Advantage Socially

One advantage to having a kid on the spectrum: they tend to be rule followers. Socially, things are harder for them than most kids.

- Claire Scovell LaZebnik

Grow Yard

You know the best thing about having a house? You get to plant whatever you want in the yard and watch it grow.

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Nature Flowers

I am following Nature without being able to grasp her, I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

- Claude Monet

Mobile Your

Keep a Day Timer so you know where you are supposed to be and when. Whether this system is in a tangible, printed version or on your mobile device, by having a Day Timer, you can stay organized throughout the day.

- Clay Clark