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Audience Like

I'm comfortable having a specific audience to write to. I like the idea that my audience doesn't see what I do as controversial.

- Dave Sim

Records Internal

For us, the pressure comes from internal matter of having recorded eight records.

- Davey Havok

Deal Dysfunctional

Don't blame the police for having to deal aggressively due to underclass dysfunctional lifestyles brought on by failed liberal Democrat policies that keep blacks mired in a position of living life at the bottom.

- David A. Clarke, Jr.

Curious New

I'm ever curious about the world. I'm driven to go out and find new things to write about. Having a vivid imagination is also a plus.

- David Baldacci

My Own Like

I like having my own story remain my story.

- David Benioff

Reading Nothing

At the age of twenty, having published nothing and having had little guidance in my reading, I decided that I wanted to write.

- David Bergen


A show can be artistically successful; a show can be financially successful; a show can be successful by the transformative experience the audience is having; a show can be successful from the point of view of what is experienced by the cast and the company on a daily basis.

- David Binder

Unlimited Paralyze

Having unlimited choices can paralyze you creatively.

- David Byrne

By The Time Washed

I was silver-white by the time I was 35, but having grey hair makes me look washed out. My wife and son have both said that grey hair doesn't suit me because I have a boyish face.

- David Cassidy

Happy About

Having all that - the fame and adulation and women and all that stuff they talk about - doesn't make you happy. You have to make yourself happy.

- David Cassidy

Big Given

I had five sisters and one brother, so having a big family is a given for me, but now being a father, and trying to be a good father, I already have my work cut out for me.

- David Charvet

Think I Think

I am having so much fun performing, I feel almost guilty. I think, my God, I hope no one comes and busts me for this.

- David Crosby

Always Agent

I've always thought that having an attractive free agent is better than a guy who was picked in the seventh round.

- David Dunn

Slowly Posture

I slowly continued to compensate for the physical problems I was having and ended up completely destroying my swing, my set-up, my posture. Everything was gone.

- David Duval

Appreciation Middle

I was in the middle of the golf tournament trying to make birdies and I was just having a blast. So that probably qualifies as having a greater appreciation.

- David Duval

Nightclub Other

Nobody in this world thinks they're having enough sex. Watch any night on television, or any comedian in a nightclub, and every other joke is about people who aren't getting enough.

- David Frankel

Parent Makes

Having one child makes you a parent; having two, you are a referee.

- David Frost

Woman Figure

My mom was truly an iconic figure, a great journalist and a pioneering woman who died at 54 of cancer without ever having revealed to viewers that she was ill.

- David Frum

Voice Very

The Barack who was so successful in Illinois in a Republican-controlled legislative situation for most of his time and who was a very outspoken progressive voice, that's not the man who we ended up having as president.

- David Garrow

Never Versions

Having done so many versions, I never felt like an artist in 'Swan Lake.'

- David Hallberg

Thought Occurred

I knew I was Chinese, but growing up, it never occurred to me that that had any particular implication or that it should differentiate me in any way. I thought it was a minor detail, like having red hair.

- David Henry Hwang

Mind Most

He who seeks for methods without having a definite problem in mind seeks in the most part in vain.

- David Hilbert

Been Thousand Years

If I were to awaken after having slept for a thousand years, my first question would be: Has the Riemann hypothesis been proven?

- David Hilbert

Going Like

The world has changed, the CIA is having to change, and again, the challenge for someone like me as a spy novelist is to write realistically about where they're actually going.

- David Ignatius

Doing Some

But I do enjoy the freedom of doing a movie and then having some time off.

- David James Elliott

Doing Want

I'm doing exactly what I want to do, and I'm having fun doing it.

- David Johansen

Efficient Which

Not exclusively, but the bulk of our local economy should be covered by local currencies, which is more efficient than having global currencies which lose connection with reality in the markets, shops and communities of the people.

- David Korten

My Life Long Time

I like the consistency of having people in my life for a long time.

- David LaChapelle

Which Figure

Having reached a point in which I was so bitter and exhausted from being a quote unquote public figure, I wanted to return to a more childlike relationship to writing.

- David Leavitt

Learn Compress

You learn tricks to make action look more dynamic - having the fight come toward you or shooting on a longer lens to compress the speed.

- David Leitch

Next Pull

Next in importance to having a good aim is to recognize when to pull the trigger.

- David Letterman

Away Stopped

Remember that just because major publishing is having trouble, that doesn't mean people have stopped reading books. Printed books won't go away, but ebooks won't go away, either.

- David Morrell

Will Though

There's no demand for a body of work, though writers will be criticized for not having produced one.

- David Rabe

Very Though

I find writing extraordinarily difficult and not very pleasurable, though I find having done it very pleasurable. I won't lie about that.

- David Rakoff

Japanese Banks

The Japanese banks are not having an easy time as they once had.

- David Rockefeller

Insurance Leverage

I do not support a single-payer system; I do support having something there, whether it's an option or not. And we can work with that, but we have to have something to leverage so we can get the insurance company to bring down their prices, and the only way to do that is to have an alternative there.

- David Scott

See Side

I don't see myself as having a dark side.

- David Seltzer

Woman Deal

To deal with the stark reality of having hit or hurt a woman or child, to deal with the initial responsibility you have not to do that and the knowledge you did do it, can be incredibly hard.

- David Soul

Being Started

In grade school I was smart, but I didn't have any friends. In high school, I quit being smart and started having friends.

- David Spade

Going Youngsters

You walk into the playgrounds in Shanghai and Beijing, and you see youngsters who are shorter, shaking and baking and having attitude. And Jeremy Lin is going to inspire all of them.

- David Stern

Money Worry

The greatest luxury of having money should be not having to worry about it.

- David Whyte

Week Side

I talk to Oprah several times a week, and I see the side of Oprah that's having the time of her life. What she's getting to do with OWN is build a team to create a brand from nothing.

- David Zaslav

Finishing Living

I like finishing a movie and having this living, breathing thing.

- Dean Cain

Practice Doing

I've never liked having like a set kind of schedule of training. Even when I was doing guitar lessons, I never used to practice.

- Dean Geyer

Given Cheaper

Whatever the marketplace, if talented people are given resources, they're going to keep driving us to having better, simpler, cheaper solutions to problems.

- Dean Kamen

Becoming Refreshed

I have avoided becoming stale by putting a little water on the plate, lying on the plate, and having myself refreshed in a toaster oven for 23 minutes once every month.

- Dean Koontz

Violent Dad

There's sometimes a weird benefit to having an alcoholic, violent father. He really motivated me in that I never wanted to be anything like him.

- Dean Koontz

Cops Shop

You go into any doughnut shop and look at three cops having coffee, I guarantee I look like one of them.

- Dean Norris

Gone More

You know, I'm from the Midwest, man - that shapes my personality much more than having gone to Harvard.

- Dean Norris

May Always

Having the BRCA mutation significantly increases the risk of breast cancer, but it is not always the only factor. Lifestyle choices may increase or decrease the risk of breast cancer, but that knowledge is an opportunity to empower ourselves, not to blame.

- Dean Ornish

Love Intimacy

There's a tendency to dismiss anything having to do with love and intimacy in medicine because it's hard to measure.

- Dean Ornish

Possibilities Means

Harnessing the power of the present means having your full awareness on the task at hand and having access to the possibilities, the opportunities, and the support that exists right now.

- Debbie Ford

Love I Love

I love having my ghosts, and I love having my memories.

- Debbie Reynolds

Kind Some

You know, you kind of lose some self-confidence after having kids because you'll never be the way you were. But I feel good.

- Debi Mazar

Rather Single Night

We sit down with the kids every single night, not that I want to every night - sometimes I'd rather be out with my husband having a martini at a swanky restaurant - but we sit down with our kids every night at dinner.

- Debi Mazar

Magical Across

I just thought that it was magical having to glide across the ice.

- Debi Thomas

Thought Figure

My mother introduced me to many different things, and figure skating was one of them. I just thought that it was magical having to glide across the ice.

- Debi Thomas

Through Constant

I do miss the excitement of seeing history up close, of having intimate knowledge, through direct experience, of what happens when people and governments clash, but I do not miss the danger or the constant displacement.

- Deborah Copaken Kogan

Woman My Life

As a woman in Canada, I get to do whatever I want to do, and I'm used to that. I'm used to not having my government tell me my life is going to be restricted because I'm female.

- Deborah Ellis

Thought Idea

My family were really hard-working, blue-collar people, and I didn't know the idea or concept of working and having fun. I thought you just worked and made money to support your family.

- Debra Monk

Hands Imagine

You know what it's like having five kids? Imagine you're drowning. And someone hands you a baby.

- Jim Gaffigan

Hope Been

When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there.

- Jim Henson

Living Level

There's enormous progressive activism and, more often than not, success at the grassroots level - everything from living wage campaigns to efforts to finance our elections are having terrific success.

- Jim Hightower

Serenity Some

As we start to get a little bit older, boy, keep your house in order. That's the key thing. It's not about the thrills anymore. It's about contentment, about having some serenity.

- Jim Irsay

Conservative Tell

You get married and have kids, and you get sick of having the government take your money and tell you what to do. I'm just a conservative guy.

- Jim Jordan

Digital Shop

The great thing about having digital comics is that it is like having a comic-book shop on your digital device. It has turned comics from a destination buy to an impulse buy.

- Jim Lee

Want Whenever

I can perform whenever I want to, without the pressure of having to.

- Jim Nabors

Side Plays

Every player that plays for any organization, having great fans on your side every night is a great thing.

- Jim Thome

Adversity Been

The experience of democracy is like the experience of life itself-always changing, infinite in its variety, sometimes turbulent and all the more valuable for having been tested by adversity.

- Jimmy Carter

Artists Record

I'm really interested in the record industry and the artists and the problems they're having.

- Jimmy Iovine

Move Some

Having a hit is nice, having some success, but when you move popular culture, that's a high.

- Jimmy Iovine

Knowing Product

Diversifying, to me, is the product of having an idea and knowing to say, 'Let's do it.'

- Jimmy Iovine

Network Television

If you want to do a talk show on network television, you're probably going to wind up having a desk and a band, wearing a suit, and having a sidekick. Audiences want to feel comfortable.

- Jimmy Kimmel

Love I Love

I love playing; I love playing good, and it's fun to be up around the top and having a chance.

- Jimmy Walker

Children Young

Having children is fab. They keep me young and make me get up in the morning.

- Jo Brand

Think Sure

No one I know is actually so rude as to tell me I've become duller since having children. But I'm sure they think it.

- Jo Brand

Asian Respectable

All Asian parents are into your children having a respectable, decent stable job. Acting was unimaginable to my parents.

- Joan Chen

Too Answering

The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.

- Joan Collins

Marriage Guess

Having had five husbands, I guess I should know a thing or two about marriage.

- Joan Collins

Price Self-Confidence

Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price.

- Joan Didion

Work Obviously

Def Leppard is obviously a different band that we are, but the music work well tighter. And the audiences seem work well together too. We are opening, but we're having a good time.

- Joan Jett

Which Definite

I find Edinburgh a stimulating place in which to live, with it being a city of contrasts, both architecturally and socially, and each district having a definite character.

- Joan Lingard

Year Cut

My obstetrician was so dumb that when I gave birth he forgot to cut the cord. For a year that kid followed me everywhere. It was like having a dog on a leash.

- Joan Rivers

Very Films

I kind of prefer bouncing back and forth between theater and films. It's like having the best of both worlds, both very different experiences.

- Joanna Going

Been Making

It may be something to do with my having been to a girls' school, but I'm far more comfortable making male friendships than female ones. My friends tend to be men and their significant others.

- Joanne Harris

Love Director

I love having a master. I have no problem serving my director. That's my job. I want to make them happy.

- Joaquin Phoenix

Think Other

Having two children with autism, it makes you really think about how we do relate to each other.

- Jocelyn Moorhouse

The History Of

Knowing what paint a painter uses or having an understanding of where he was in the history of where he came from doesn't hurt your appreciation of the painting.

- Jodie Foster

Game Like

Street-casting - people like Katie Jarvis in 'Fish Tank,' spotted having a row with her boyfriend on a railway platform - has helped make actors raise their game. They have to.

- Joe Dempsie

Gym Going

That's the object of going to a gym, having fun.

- Joe Gold

Developers Original

The original dream of Facebook Platform was to enable developers to build experiences that were social at their core, like Facebook Photos, without having to build their own standalone social network.

- Joe Green

Think I Think

'Fast Life' is just about going out with your friends and having a good time - I think it's one of those songs that people can relate with and like.

- Joe Jonas

Sometimes Blank

Having a blank slate is sometimes as daunting as it is exciting.

- Joe Madureira

Manager Original

When I first got out of drama school, my original manager tried to get me to change my name because people were having trouble spelling it and saying it.

- Joe Manganiello

Give Some

If you've got a shot at having some 30 million people give you thumbs up or thumbs down every week, you take it.

- Joe Penny

Always Felt

Jerry and I always felt that the character was enjoying himself. He was having fun: he wasn't taking himself seriously. It was always a lark for him, as you can see in my early drawings.

- Joe Shuster

Some Stories

I guess everything having to do with your background has some influence on how you tell stories but it's hard to parse how growing up in a Jewish community in Minnesota really affected it.

- Joel Coen

Imagine Movie

Usually, I don't want to sit down and listen to the director gas on about his movie. I just can't actually imagine myself sitting down and having that much to say.

- Joel Coen

Rain Pretty

Having rain on your tuxedo is a pretty good reminder that you're not James Bond.

- Joel Edgerton

Waves Long

As long as I'm getting waves and having fun, the results tend to take care of themselves.

- Joel Parkinson