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I Was Born

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Rest Settled

Shortly after I was born he emigrated to Durban, where members of my mother's family had settled at the turn of the century, and the rest of the family followed soon thereafter.

- Aaron Klug

Born Never

I was born in India - but never really lived there.

- Aasif Mandvi

Country Born

I was born in the Bronx, and then my father moved us to the country at an early age.

- Abel Ferrara

Born Shared

I was born in Jerusalem in 1939 to a poor family that shared a rented four-room apartment with two additional families and their children.

- Ada Yonath

New West Coast

I was born in Riverside and spent my whole growing-up years in Florence, a little township on the Delaware River. I tell people that I'm from the West Coast of New Jersey.

- Adam Hughes

Up Pennsylvania

I was born in Colorado and grew up in Pennsylvania with family in Texas and Oklahoma.

- Adam McKay

Born England

I was born in England, but India is the only place I feel at home.

- Adnan Sami

Born Going

On my Wikipedia page, it used to say I was born in Belfast, Ireland, then it said Belfast, Northern Ireland, and then it said Belfast, U.K. So there was a little war going on about where Belfast is located.

- Adrian McKinty

New Both Sides

I was born and raised in New York, but my family on both sides is of Italian descent.

- Aida Turturro

Play Born

I was born in a mining village, and you either played football or played football. If you didn't play, there was something wrong with you.

- Alan Hansen

Born Missed

I was born in '74, so I missed out on all the great early '60s and early '70s.

- Alanis Morissette

American Born

I was born in Hoboken. I am an American. Photography is my passion. The search for Truth my obsession.

- Alfred Stieglitz

Born Never

I was born in Brooklyn, but I never lived there.

- Alice McDermott

Utah Southern

I was born and raised in southern Utah.

- Ally Condie

Means Arabic

My name means 'hope' in Arabic, and I was born when there was a war in Lebanon.

- Amal Clooney

Tiny Bred

I was born and bred in a tiny, low-ceilinged ground-floor apartment.

- Amos Oz

Born Pretty

I was born in the U.S., and that's who I rep. Although when the winter Olympics come around, I'm pretty partial to Norway's success and what they do.

- Anders Holm

Born More

When a little more than a teenager, I was a piano-bar pianist in the land where I was born and raised, Tuscany.

- Andrea Bocelli

Born Japan

I was born in Yangzhou, China, two years after World War II ended. I was 5 when my family escaped to Taiwan. Eight years later, we moved to Japan.

- Andrew Cherng

Born Been

I've been gay since the day I was born.

- Andy Cohen

Learn Would

If I was born again, I would be able to do any sport because I would have time to learn.

- Andy Lau

Hundred Almost

Both my mother's family and my father's family go back almost a hundred years in the district. I was born in the district, raised in the district, raised my family in the district. And so that's the way I see myself.

- Ann Kirkpatrick

Listening Born

I was born during the Depression in a little community just outside Waco, and I grew up listening to Franklin Roosevelt on the radio.

- Ann Richards

Work Born

There is no disgrace in working. There was no silver spoon around at the time I was born.

- Anna Held

Born Brought

I was born in 1954. My parents were brought up in the war years, and life was hard.

- Annie Lennox

Important Born

The pressure, for me, is not important. I was born with pressure. The pressure is not important for me.

- Antonio Conte

Born Country

I was born in the Second World War during the Nazi invasion of my country.

- Antonio Tabucchi

Living Dad

My dad was a diplomat and after living in America, where I was born, he was posted to Cairo.

- Arabella Weir

Pioneers Fights

I was born in the Land of Israel, the son of pioneers - people who tilled the land and sought no fights - who did not come to Israel to dispossess its residents.

- Ariel Sharon

Which Mumbai

I was born in our Chembur house in Mumbai, where we lived for five years after which we shifted to our Lokhandwala house.

- Arjun Kapoor

Loving Provide

I was born into a loving family who was able to provide me with everything.

- Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

Born Choose

When we attach ourselves to national identities, then we enter into a cycle of conflict. I didn't choose where I was born or who to be or what people would call me.

- Ashraf Barhom

Born Been

I was born looking older - and I've been aging since I was a teenager.

- Charles Durning

Character Actor

I was born a character actor.

- Charles Durning

Music Been

I've been playing music since I was born.

- Chord Overstreet

Father Born

I was born during the war, on October 20, 1942, as the second of five children. My father, Rolf Volhard, was an architect.

- Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

Career Maryland

My father's in the military, so we moved a lot. I was born in Jersey but grew up in Maryland until we moved to L.A. to pursue my acting career. Music came into it after that.

- Christina Milian

Going Looked

I was born in the 1980s, so learning about the late 1960s was really fascinating, not only just because of the way things looked and sounded but because of what was going on in society at that time.

- Claire Holt

Work Quick

When I was born, the economy wasn't in a great state; it was the Depression, and my father had to be quick to try and find work.

- Clint Eastwood

Born Kid

I was born with an extremely negative attitude. I was the kid who wouldn't smile in Christmas photos, was a poor sport, and hated a lot of things. I eventually grew out of my negativity when I matured.

- Colton Haynes

Born Part

Acting, producing, writing, directing - it's all part of something that I believe I was born to be part of.

- Crystal Lowe

Flirt Bred

I was born and bred to be a great flirt.

- Cybill Shepherd

Born Oh God

I never conceived of not writing a novel. I believed - oh, God, I believed, it was an article of faith! - I was born to write a novel.

- Cynthia Ozick

New Spain

I was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Madrid, Spain. Then I moved to New Jersey.

- Daisy Fuentes

Law Born

I was born and raised in Zambia in 1969. At the time of my birth, blacks were not issued birth certificates, and that law only changed in 1973.

- Dambisa Moyo

Think I Think

I was born in 1973, so I did not see 'Alien' when it was released theatrically. I saw 'Alien' when it was on Home Box Office. I think I was probably 10.

- Damon Lindelof

Play Been

I was born with this heart condition, but it's never affected me - I've been able to play every sport I wanted to, and the doctors were amazed.

- Dan Feuerriegel

Born Before

I was basically raised to look for chances to get even with several families for stuff that happened 30 or 40 years before I was born.

- Daniel Woodrell

Born Here

I was born here in the States. I moved to Portugal when I was five. And then my parents put me in an English school.

- Daniela Ruah

Born Raised

I was born in Kodiak, and I was raised in a place called Dutch Harbor out on the Aleutian Islands. There's a show called the 'Deadliest Catch' on the Discovery Channel. And they film it on Dutch Harbor where I grew up.

- Darby Stanchfield

Proud Born

I'm black because I was born this way. I'm proud of it. Thank God I am who I am.

- Darius Rucker

Born Really

I'm a born collaborator. This is what I was born to do, really.

- Daryl Hall

Born Here

I was born in Washington State and have lived here for 42 plus years.

- David Guterson

Born Preachers

I was born into a family of preachers.

- David Soul

Academic Dad

I was born to a Nigerian dad and a Kenyan mom, and coming to the States was really academic.

- Dayo Okeniyi

City Young

I was born and raised in Queens and moved into the city as a young adult. Then I ended up acting and decided to run off to California.

- Debi Mazar

Born Studio

I consider the recording studio where I was born.

- Jimmy Iovine

Voice Born

I was born with Kallmann syndrome. I have never complained about it, as I can't do anything to change it - and I wouldn't have acquired the voice that I have.

- Jimmy Scott

Music Writing

Writing music is just something that I was born to do.

- Joan Armatrading

Born Else

I was born in front of a camera and really don't know anything else.

- Joan Crawford

Gift Born

I was born with the gift.

- Joe Namath

Father Born

My father was 65 when I was born so we didn't have much time together.

- Joe Wright

Year Jersey

I was born in Northampton, in Burlington County, West Jersey, in the year 1720.

- John Woolman

Post Boomer

I was born in March 1949, a post war baby boomer.

- Jon English

Small Hundred

I was born in a family of landless peasants, in Azinhaga, a small village in the province of Ribatejo, on the right bank of the Almonda River, around a hundred kilometres north-east of Lisbon.

- Jose Saramago

Born Eternity

After an eternity of seeking the sudden threshold of seeing and finding leaves one filled with a strange paradox of ecstasy and grief. I was born to see.

- Joy Page

Borders Abroad

My parents were born abroad. I was born in France, but I feel comfortable everywhere - I don't see the borders.

- JR


I was born at the age of twelve on an MGM lot.

- Judy Garland

Star Clouded

I was born 'neath a clouded star.

- Julia Ward Howe

World Need

I was born with a need to be the center of attention, and, of course, you're the center of the world when you're acting.

- Julie Christie

Music Knew

From the minute I heard music I knew why I was born.

- Julie Gold

Born Northern

My family is from Elmhurst, Queens, 54th Avenue, but I was born in Northern California.

- Jussie Smollett

Born Mess

I'm half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I'd be in a hell of a mess!

- Audrey Hepburn

Born Hit

I was born to hit a baseball. I can hit a baseball.

- Barry Bonds

Born Which

I was born in Clinton, Mississippi, which had 1,500-2,500 people when I was growing up - a village.

- Barry Hannah

Face Born

I was born with an evil face.

- Barry Sloane

Born Asian

It's really hard because obviously people label you as a British East Asian actor. And I'm just from Salford; it's where I was born.

- Benedict Wong

Africa Born

I was born in France. I grew up in Africa.

- Benjamin Millepied

New Costa Rica

I was born in Costa Rica and we moved to America where it was a whole new world for me.

- Harry Shum, Jr.

Wife Born

I was born December 21, 1917, in Cologne, on the Rhine, the son of the sculptor and cabinet-maker, Viktor Boell, and his wife, Maria, nee Hermanns.

- Heinrich Boll

Die Will

I'm a liberal, I was born a liberal, and I will be a liberal 'til the day I die.

- Helen Thomas

Lives Area

I was born on Wellington Avenue and my family that remains lives in the Lake Shore Drive area.

- Bob Balaban

Always Here

I was born in Peru, and we moved to Scotland when I was 15, but I've not lived here for a long time. But I would always say that I am Scottish, and Scotland is as close to a home as I have.

- Henry Ian Cusick

Born Wake

You've got to wake up every morning and believe, 'I was born to do this.'

- Holt McCallany

Born Being Rich

I was born with no money. So when people talk about Bow Wow being rich his whole life, I don't know where they get that.

- Bow Wow

Born Oklahoma

I was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

- Brad Pitt

Born Need

I don't need anything to have a good time or be a hell-raiser. I was born one.

- Brantley Gilbert

Africa Been

Africa has been troubled for a long time - well, the world has been troubled ever since I was born.

- Hugh Masekela

Born Very

I was a good soldier in the British Army. I was born in a very, very poor family. And I enlisted to escape hunger. But my officers were Scottish and they loved me. The Scots are good, you know.

- Idi Amin

Born Performers

I was born into a world where a lot of people who came to the house were performers.

- Irwin Thomas

Funny Born

I was born to be funny.

- Buddy Hackett

New Born

I was born on 22 March 1931 in New York, the elder child of Abraham and Fanny Richter.

- Burton Richter

Born England

I was born in Bournemouth, England, in 1943.

- J. Philippe Rushton

New York New

I was born in New York in 1904.

- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Reason Like

I look like this for a reason. I was born this way. It was God-given.

- Canelo Alvarez

Small Town

I was born in the small town of Gorizia, Italy, on 31 March, 1934. My father was an electrical engineer at the local telephone company and my mother an elementary school teacher.

- Carlo Rubbia

Leadership Born

Leadership is something I was born with.

- Carmelo Anthony

Teacher Die

I was born to be a teacher, and I'll die a teacher.

- Jacques Parizeau

Born Moved

I was born on Mather Air Force Base near Sacramento, but we moved around a lot.

- Carrie Vaughn

Like Natural

I am not a fake. I am natural. I am just being Caster. I don't want to be someone I don't want to be. I don't want to be someone people want me to be. I just want to be me. I was born like this. I don't want any changes.

- Caster Semenya