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Feeling Like

I spend most of my days pacing around, muttering that I have no ideas, feeling like I'm walking a plank.

- Aaron Sorkin

Change Resistance

There is resistance to change. There's a resistance to ideas.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Things Communicating

Film is the medium for communicating not just ideas, but things of the heart.

- Abigail Disney

People Possibilities

When trying to innovate, most people stop after 10-15 possibilities, failing to recognize that their first ideas are usually the most obvious ones.

- Adam Grant

Start Explain

To generate creative ideas, it's important to start from an unusual place. But to explain those ideas, they have to be connected to something familiar.

- Adam Grant

Communicate Only

Ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them.

- Adena Friedman

Forget Use

The danger is that if you have a bunch of ideas that you forget to use.

- Adrian Lyne

Very Careful

I'm very careful not to have ideas, because they're inaccurate.

- Agnes Martin

Come Charts

I make charts of songs that are good candidates, good targets, so to speak. Then I try to come up with ideas for parodies. And 99% of those ideas are horrible.

- Al Yankovic

Scaffolding Them

I assemble my ideas in pieces on a computer file, then gradually find a place for them on a piece of scaffolding I erect.

- Alain de Botton

Desert People

Ideas don't desert you; ideas aren't treasonous to you, but people can be.

- Alan Dershowitz

Responsible Willing

Don't have good ideas if you aren't willing to be responsible for them.

- Alan Perlis

Mathematics Pure

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

- Albert Einstein

Had Great Ideas

You ask me if I keep a notebook to record my great ideas. I've only ever had one.

- Albert Einstein

Work Kind

I know how to work with people. I've worked with the same people for 10 years. I'm not that kind of auteur. I hear ideas.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


I have fantastic ideas.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Nothing Decide

If nothing else, the Internet allows people to put their ideas out there and let the world decide whether they're worth paying attention to.

- Alex Steffen

Character Dialogue

I'm interested in character and dialogue and exchange of ideas.

- Alexander McCall Smith

Read I Write

I write and I read, and I write and read my way into and out of ideas and life. And that's what we do. That's what storytellers do.

- Alexandra Fuller

Larger Good Ideas

Businesses are not just local or even national anymore - good ideas are immediately global. So the market opportunities are much larger than we've ever imagined or seen.

- Alfred Lin

Progress Fundamental

Fundamental progress has to do with the reinterpretation of basic ideas.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Keep About

Ideas won't keep; something must be done about them.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Love Very

I am very impulsive when it comes to experimenting with my looks and love playing with ideas by involving people from all walks of life.

- Ali Fazal

Driving Many

I have so many ideas while I'm driving.

- Alison Mosshart

Voices Which

We have all these ideas and visions, and they're able to come to life, and our voices are being heard, which is really amazing.

- Ally Brooke

Disciplined Crank

I get so many ideas for songs, but I'm so seldom disciplined enough to sit down and crank them out.

- Amanda Palmer

Outside Industry

In any industry, the people with the freshest ideas usually come from outside.

- Amish Tripathi

Worrying Them

When you have somebody writing or acting for you, you have to be free to have them hate you so you can get your ideas across without worrying.

- Amy Heckerling

Fastest Crank

I'm not the fastest writer. I can't just crank out ideas that are good enough.

- Amy Lee

Follow Needs

First of all, the actor needs to get out of the character's way. You follow the character without judgment or prejudice or preconceived ideas.

- Amy Ryan

Feel Get

I feel so free and open to ideas, and I get inspired by everything.

- Amy Sedaris

Myself Grateful

I would find myself laughing and wondering where these ideas came from. You can call it imagination, I suppose. But I was grateful for wherever they came from.

- Amy Tan

Inspirational Acts

It is by acts and not by ideas that people live.

- Anatole France

Failure Often

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.

- Andre Malraux

Grow Other

All ideas grow out of other ideas.

- Anish Kapoor

May Saved

I have ideas saved on my computer that I visit from time to time to see if one may shine and motivate me.

- Ann Turner

Dictators Doctrines

Perfection spawns doctrines, dictators and totalitarian ideas.

- Antonio Tabucchi

More May

It is not in the world of ideas that life is lived. Life is lived for better or worse in life, and to a man in life, his life can be no more absurd than it can be the opposite of absurd, whatever that opposite may be.

- Archibald MacLeish

Personal Own

Visual ideas combined with technology combined with personal interpretation equals photography. Each must hold it's own; if it doesn't, the thing collapses.

- Arnold Newman

Generations Whether

There's so many strict ideas and rules, whether it's from religion or it's just generations and generations.

- Ashton Sanders

Faith Great

Men who accomplish great things in the industrial world are the ones who have faith in the money producing power of ideas.

- Charles Fillmore

Discovered Before

It was strange, in a way, because there were no ideas involved in the laser that weren't already known by somebody 25 years before lasers were discovered. The ideas were all there; just, nobody put it together.

- Charles H. Townes

Conservative Old

It is an old liberal theme that conservative ideas, being red in tooth and claw, cannot possibly emerge from any notion of the public good.

- Charles Krauthammer

Work Your

You jot down ideas, memories, whatever, concerning your real life that somehow parallels the character you're playing, and you incorporate that in your scene work.

- Chris Cooper

Think Vague

People watch movies - and it's vague ideas, it's vague notions, but people pick up on these things, that they are supposed to think certain ways or that they're not supposed to think, basically, and they don't.

- Crispin Glover

Kind Stubbornness

I do have trouble starting books. I have ideas that I have trouble starting to write. But I'm the kind of person who tends to finish everything she starts out of sheer stubbornness.

- Cynthia Voigt

Down Them

I throw ideas out into the open when I really should just be writing them down in a journal.

- Dan Deacon

Principle Making

Power focuses on self-preservation; principle focuses on making ideas successful.

- Dan Webster

More Come

I have more ideas than I know what to do with. I guess I'm a bit of a fantasist and a daydreamer - all sorts of things come to me during the day.

- Dasha Zhukova

Big Always

I always played around with writing songs, but when you're spending a lot of time in bars, you have a lot of big ideas, but you don't do much with them.

- Dave Gahan

Always Away

I've always recorded the same way. I put down as many ideas as I have, then strip them away at the mixdown. It's better to have too much music than not enough.

- Dave Navarro

Hollywood Knows

As Hollywood knows, I'm full of ideas.

- Dave Willis

Cinema Medium

Cinema is a medium that can translate ideas.

- David Lynch

Need Made

To make the script, you need ideas, and for me a lot of times, a final script is made up of many fragments of ideas that came at different times.

- David Lynch

Process Kind

If you stay true to your ideas, film-making becomes an inside-out, honest kind of process.

- David Lynch

Stealing Shots

They're stealing my ideas. They're imitating my shots.

- David O. Selznick

Best Come

The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.

- David Ogilvy

Sometimes Reaction

Sometimes a serendipitous reaction occurs when a network asks you if you have any ideas for a series, at a time when your creative flow is working in that direction.

- Joe Murray

One Thing Another

Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.

- John Cage

Time Periods

I did have strange ideas during certain periods of time.

- John Forbes Nash, Jr.

Enemy Conventional

The enemy of the conventional wisdom is not ideas but the march of events.

- John Kenneth Galbraith

Words Fewer

We should have a great fewer disputes in the world if words were taken for what they are, the signs of our ideas only, and not for things themselves.

- John Locke

Youth Listen

Listen, you know this: If there's not a rebellious youth culture, there's no culture at all. It's absolutely essential. It is the future. This is what we're supposed to do as a species, is advance ideas.

- John Lydon

Want Set

There are readers who want every point to be clearly and unambiguously set forth, and there are those who want to pry ideas and meanings out for themselves.

- John M. Ford

May Made

Heroes, whatever high ideas we may have of them, are mortal and not divine. We are all as God made us and many of us much worse.

- John Osborne

Best Perfectly

We taped all this and then got it transcribed and picked the best lines or ideas or ways to take a scene. I've done that many times, and it can improve the script but also wreck a perfectly good scene.

- John Schlesinger

Obsessed Constantly

I do get obsessed with constantly thinking of ideas, all day long, but that's just how it is.

- Johnny Knoxville

Think Accordingly

You think life is a beautiful thing, and you've got to live accordingly. You've got to magnify all your better feelings and better urges and better conscious ideas, and that's your life's evolvement.

- Jon Anderson

Which Very

I did parallel entrepreneurship, which was very hard to do. It was hard to keep your head straight and know which ideas were with which company.

- Jonah Peretti

Process Settle

I have two ideas for novels at the moment, neither of them all that conventional, but I'm not ready to choose between them yet, let alone settle down to the process of writing.

- Jonathan Coe

Best Start

The best ideas start as conversations.

- Jonathan Ive

Screenwriter Pack

I consider my job as a screenwriter to pack a script with possibilities and ideas - to create a feast for the filmmaker to pick from.

- Jonathan Nolan

Book Which

I normally keep a series of draft in a catalogue type of book in which I scribble, sketch and draw ideas.

- Jonathan Shapiro

Stubborn Means

So, as one sees, I by no means deprive my world of stubborn reality, if I merely call it a world of ideas.

- Josiah Royce

Wishes Any

Ideas any one can mould as he wishes.

- Josiah Royce

Against Dramatic

Most women seem to be required to pit themselves against men in dramatic situations, and the men got to pit themselves against ideas or God.

- Judy Davis

Attitudes Plays

Blues is the bedrock of everything I do. All the characters in my plays, their ideas and attitudes, the stance they adopt in the world, are all ideas and attitudes that are expressed in the blues.

- August Wilson

Original Only

There are no original ideas. There are only original people.

- Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

People Beware

Beware of people carrying ideas. Beware of ideas carrying people.

- Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Through Come

Ideas come through us, not from us.

- Barbara Januszkiewicz

Me Own

What interests me is starting businesses on our own, finding ideas that we can support, and simply investing in invention.

- Barry Diller

Like Draw

I'm just interested in meditating on certain ideas, and I like to draw: that's my way of thinking.

- Ben Nicholson

Good Drama

I have my ideas of what a good documentary is, but drama is a different animal because you're arranging everything.

- Gus Van Sant

Doing Having

Even when I'm not directing, that doesn't stop Owen from having ideas for what I should be doing.

- Ben Stiller

About Other

Thatcher was wrong. People don't exist - well, they don't flourish - as individuals. Life's about swapping ideas and communicating with other people.

- Bernard Sumner

American Australian

Public service and respect for ideas is a recurrent theme in both the American and Australian sides of my family.

- Bill Drayton

Companies Obviously

Successful companies obviously have people with ideas and energy.

- Hasso Plattner

Learning Ideals

If Anonymous and Lulzsec are the id of hacking, then physical hackerspaces are the heart of the higher-minded hacking ideals: freedom of information, meritocracy of ideas, a joy of learning and anti-authoritarianism.

- Heather Brooke

Privileges Part

One of the great privileges of being a part of the Senate, it being the greatest deliberative body in the world, is out of the discussions of ideas, hopefully truth can ultimately be achieved.

- Bill Nelson

Best Empower

Labor is at its best when we are the party of ideas and action - ideas that empower the powerless and actions that build a better Australia for the long term.

- Bill Shorten

Fortress Times

In these times we fight for ideas and newspapers are our fortress.

- Heinrich Heine

Like Competent

If you are any competent musician, if you have creative ideas, ideas of songs, of arrangements, in a band like the Stones, where these 2 people do all the things, there is no freedom.

- Bill Wyman

Making Felt

Ideas rose in clouds; I felt them collide until pairs interlocked, so to speak, making a stable combination.

- Henri Poincare

I Believe That Outer

I believe that architecture, as anything else in life, is evolutionary. Ideas evolve; they don't come from outer space and crash into the drawing board.

- Bjarke Ingels

Tired Giving

I'm so incredibly tired of giving respect to a lot of delusions and crazy ideas just because they are regarded as religions.

- Bjorn Ulvaeus

Inspiration Surface

I've found that many of the greatest ideas surface in bars because that's where many people cultivate inspiration.

- Herb Kelleher

Process Endorsement

The endorsement process is an evolution. What you try to do is you endorse someone that you believe in and their ideas and their solutions align with yours.

- Herman Cain

Only Any

Only the ideas that we really live have any value.

- Hermann Hesse

Run Come

The dreadful truth is that when people come to see their MP they have run out of better ideas.

- Boris Johnson

Remember Get

I don't get ideas, I have them. The trick is to remember where I've put them.

- Brad Holland