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Work Understand

There are a lot of people who know me who can't understand for the life of them why I would got to work on something as unserious as baseball. If they only knew.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Like Subjects

I like my subjects to be American, and not too dead, so I can interview people who knew them.

- A. Scott Berg

Never Had

But I knew if I ran I'd never be able to sing, so I had to take my punishment.

- Aaron Neville

New Going

With 'New Rose Hotel,' I knew that I was getting paid a $100,000 fee to write, produce, and direct, and that's all I was going to get.

- Abel Ferrara

Think Like

I'm surprised how hot it gets in the Moab Desert. I knew it got hot, but I didn't think it got, like, Mercury-hot.

- Adam Ferrara

Industry Recording

I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it's fast and broad.

- Adam Lambert

Anchor Why

Why am I such a Euro-enthusiast? Because I knew it was an anchor of democracy.

- Adam Michnik

Kid Part

When I got the part, I tried to remember Batman as I knew him when I was a kid - with emotional recall.

- Adam West

Ever Were

The worst-tempered people I've ever met were the people who knew they were wrong.

- Addison Mizner

Memory Before

I shall go the way of the open sea, to the lands I knew before you came, and the cool ocean breezes shall blow from me the memory of your name.

- Adela Florence Nicolson

Through Having

I never knew modelling was what I wanted to do. I was just meandering through life having fun, having a laugh with my friends.

- Agyness Deyn

Everyone Like

Everyone felt like they knew Ray Charles and in a way they did, because he was embodied by his music.

- Ahmet Ertegun

Happy Dancing

I knew I was happy when I was dancing.

- Ajay Naidu

Listening Kid

I knew from the age of four that I wanted to preach. I didn't even consider it strange that grown people were listening to this kid preaching until I was around thirteen. I have never believed in limitations.

- Al Sharpton

Middle Been

I'd never been in a police state. I didn't know what it was. I knew that it was, in the general way that people know that two and two is four, but it had no emotional value for me until I found myself in the middle of it.

- Alan Furst

Know Wanted

I knew I was a writer; I wanted to be a writer, but I didn't know what to write.

- Alan Furst

About Descend

If nobody said anything unless he knew what he was talking about, a ghastly hush would descend upon the earth.

- Alan Patrick Herbert

Part Least

When I started working with NASA in 1989 as part of a mission to send spacecraft to Pluto, I knew it would take at least 10-15 years to see results of my efforts.

- Alan Stern

Pain Thought

A lot of preconceived notions that I had about fame and status and money and joy and pain, and all of these things that I thought I knew, I didn't.

- Alanis Morissette

Always Which

I always knew that I wanted to live with books, even as a child, because we traveled a lot. Home was the book to which I came back every evening.

- Alberto Manguel

Grow Commercials

I actually didn't grow up watching 'Degrassi,' but I saw the commercials and knew the characters. I didn't realize that Drake was the guy from 'Degrassi.' I had to piece it together and go, 'Oh! He's Aubrey Graham.'

- Alessia Cara

Nothing Dig

I'm a good learner. I can dig in. I knew nothing about mark-to-market accounting when I started the 'Enron' film.

- Alex Gibney

Films Mostly

I knew the name; I knew who Leatherface was. But I hadn't seen any of the films, mostly because I'm a scaredy-cat.

- Alexandra Daddario

Had By The Time

By the time I had finished my studies at St. Paul's School, I knew I wanted to be an actor.

- Alexis Denisof

Watch Could

I used to watch 'Fresh Prince' all the time. I knew that I could do that.

- Algee Smith

More Over

I hated my teachers because I knew they didn't care, and I knew they had no control over me, so I hated them even more.

- Alison Goldfrapp

Student Lifetime

Only Socrates knew, after a lifetime of unceasing labor, that he was ignorant. Now every high-school student knows that. How did it become so easy?

- Allan Bloom

Love Doing

I look at 'Love Child' and it's as if it was written by someone else - someone who knew what they were doing.

- Allegra Huston

Night Had

Any one of my shoes that I had, you knew that, night in, night out, I gave my teammates and my fans everything that I had.

- Allen Iverson

Art Small

I do quite a lot of art, with a small 'a'. I guess that is how I was dredged up, with paints and crayons. Even when I was at nursery, I knew instinctively how to mix colours, how to make purple or orange.

- Amanda Harlech

Dunk Could

I knew I was good because I was the only 14-year-old who could dunk backward.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Why Through

I didn't know why God had chose me for this ordeal, but I was somehow suited to it and knew that I would see it through to the end.

- Amber Frey

Loved Dancing

I knew I loved dancing with my friends.

- Amy Purdy

Health My Life

It was challenging. It was never easy for me. My life changed suddenly, and I lost my health. I lost the body that I knew.

- Amy Purdy

Want Stories

I knew what I didn't want. I didn't want people to feel sorry for me. I didn't want people to see me as disabled. I wanted to live a life of adventure and stories.

- Amy Purdy

Get Married Always

I always knew I didn't want kids, and I didn't want to get married.

- Amy Sedaris

Country About

I lived in Paris when I was 20 and 21, and actually knew people that worked for the government there, that talked about terrorism in the country 20 years ago.

- Andie MacDowell

Always Would

I always knew I would live in France.

- Andre Boucourechliev

Cool Spanish

When I was in Mexico and started to dream in Spanish, I knew that was a good sign that I was learning the language. It was cool.

- Andrea Navedo

Always Could

I always knew I could make it in baseball.

- Andrew Benintendi

Surprise Might

I knew nothing about film at all. I suppose the biggest surprise is all these things. In the theatre we sort of do, I might do two or three key interviews and that would be it.

- Andrew Lloyd Webber

Doing Why

If I told people that I knew what I was doing, nobody would believe me, so why even try and fake it?

- Andrew Mason

Mental About

As no one knew much about my mental illness, a lot of people had the attitude that I had the capability to 'kick it' and get better instantly. This was the most frustrating attitude for me.

- Andy Behrman

Game Queer

When I was working at Trio, I was pitched 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' and I knew, whoever gets this, this is a game changer. When I started at Bravo in 2005, it was a hit, and Season 1 of 'Project Runway' was in postproduction.

- Andy Cohen

More Iran

I just wish we knew a little less about his urethra and a little more about his arms sales to Iran.

- Andy Rooney

Game Players

I knew that I have the game to beat the best players.

- Angelique Kerber

Color Always

I knew there were calls for diversity in children's lit, but you always wonder as a person of color, how diverse is too diverse?

- Angie Thomas

Business My Life

If you knew my life and understood where I came from, you would agree that Auntie Anne's, Inc. is a modern day business miracle.

- Anne F. Beiler

Mike Mike Tyson

I knew I'd conquered America when Mike Tyson told me I was one mean lady.

- Anne Robinson

Love Thought

I knew I'd love being a mom, but it's so much cooler than I even thought it would be.

- Annie Wersching

Contract Would

First of all, it was in my contract. I knew I would be directing an episode.

- Anthony Michael Hall

Germany Eastern

Growing up in eastern Germany, I knew of Superman, but he didn't resonate emotionally with me.

- Antje Traue

Think Dad

I didn't know what architecture was except that I lived in a house. I don't even think that I knew the word for a long time. My dad funneled me into engineering because it was his background.

- Antoine Predock

Director Think

When I bagged 'Arundathi,' I don't think I knew how to act. It was because of director Shyamprasad Reddy that I delivered that performance.

- Anushka Shetty

Ever Writ

He that knew all that learning ever writ, Knew only this - that he knew nothing yet.

- Aphra Behn

More Old

Why has everything got to be about feelings these days? In the old days, no one knew what anyone was feeling and, what's more, they weren't expected to.

- Arabella Weir

Memory Weight

I know what it is to put on weight. But when I got back to my routine, my body knew how to react. That's muscle memory, and you'll be amazed at what it can do.

- Arjun Rampal

Song Still

Growing up in the '90s, I just loved 'Ice Ice Baby.' I knew, and still know, every single word to that song.

- Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

Study Which

Of all the problems which were open to me for study, typhus was the most urgent and the most unexplored. We knew nothing of the way in which contagion spread.

- Charles Jules Henry Nicole

More Which

The Prince, charmed with these words, and much more with the manner in which they were spoken, knew not how to show his joy and gratitude; he assured her that he loved her better than he did himself.

- Charles Perrault

Never Billion

I never knew the word 'billion' when I was a kid.

- Charles Schwab

LeBron Traded

It wasn't that I knew Kyrie wanted to be traded or not, or him and LeBron had a beef. I don't know any of those things.

- Chauncey Billups

Always Going

I always knew I was going to make it, without doubt.

- Chazz Palminteri

Color Answers

When I was little, people would ask what my favorite color was, and I never knew. I find it's really hard to make decisive 'best' answers on what the 'best' of something is.

- Chelsea Peretti

Race Come

I came second in a 1,500-metre running race at school. I knew I couldn't have come first, so second was my version of first.

- Chet Faker

Play Mine

I absolutely knew that I wanted to play role-playing games when I saw a friend of mine playing 'Bard's Tale 2' on his Commodore 64.

- Chris Avellone

Want Terrified

The gay people I knew in real life were soft spoken and didn't want to call attention to themselves because they were terrified of exposing themselves, of people finding out that they're gay.

- Chris Colfer

Excelled Discovered

I never really excelled in any particular subject, but I was just alright at all of them. I never really knew what I wanted to do until I discovered drama.

- Chris Geere

Thought News

The confusing thing, I thought, was that most of America already knew that we were overly reliant on oil, especially on foreign oil. But it was news that this administration had begun to at least acknowledge that problem.

- Chris Van Hollen

Sexy Like

When I first heard 'Harper's Bazaar' wanted me to be sexy, I was like, 'Who, me?' I knew y'all were edgy, but this is incredible - it's validation.

- Chrissy Metz

Everyone Jerk

If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn't be so adored in the slightest.

- Christian Bale

Had Discovered

I knew the lysosomes and peroxisomes because I had discovered them; I knew the mitochondria because I was interested in them. I knew the membrane system because my friend, George Palade, had worked on that.

- Christian de Duve

Always Could

And one thing that I always believed and that I knew for certain was that I could never have sustained a personal relationship while I worked this hard, or while I was that driven this intensely by the story.

- Christiane Amanpour

Max Had

After I had my son, Max, I knew I wanted to get involved in causes that help children.

- Christina Aguilera

His Were

Bill Astor knew these papers were missing. Stephen showed his hand in October.

- Christine Keeler

Becoming Were

We knew shortly after the war that our troops were becoming ill.

- Christopher Shays

Grateful Gift

I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of 48 years with my daughter. And I accept that He knew when it was time to take her.

- Cissy Houston

Song Other

As a horn player, the greatest compliment one can get is when a person comes to you and says, 'I heard this saxophone on the radio the other day and I knew it was you. I don't know the song, but I know it was you on sax.'

- Clarence Clemons

Here Utter

It was a place without a single feature of the space-time matrix that he knew. It was a place where nothing yet had happened - an utter emptiness. There was neither light nor dark: there was nothing here but emptiness.

- Clifford D. Simak

High Quality How

By the end of high school I was not of course an educated man, but I knew how to try to become one.

- Clifton Fadiman

Wife Arizona

My wife used to be an anchorwoman in Arizona, so she knew John McCain, and she liked him, and I kinda liked him.

- Clint Eastwood

Agent Kennedy

President Kennedy knew every agent by name. President Johnson knew many of us, but not as many as President Kennedy, probably.

- Clint Hill

Excellent Very

On completing my degree, I started a Ph.D. in statistics, although I knew very little about the topic. My supervisor was Professor Harry Pitt, who was an excellent pure mathematician and probabilist.

- Clive Granger

Father Old

When I was growing up, I never really knew my father. I didn't get to know my father until I was about 14 years old.

- Cole Hauser

Going Obviously

Obviously God knew I wasn't going to make it to the NBA as much as I probably believed. This was divine order.

- Common

Now Acceptable

We knew then what we know now; only exemplary blacks are acceptable.

- Constance Baker Motley

Always Rough

I always knew, even as a kid, that my mom had a really rough life, and I always wanted to make her feel happy and to make her feel good.

- Cristela Alonzo

Music Had

I knew from the time I was 6 or 7 that music was something I had to do.

- Crystal Bowersox

Know Going

In 1984 nobody knew what cable was going to be. It was there, but you didn't know where it was going.

- Curtis Armstrong

Craft Study

I started working on stage as a dancer when I was four; by 14 or 15, I knew I wanted to study the craft of acting.

- Cush Jumbo

Agent Could

The entire NBA knew in 2010 that the best player in the world could be a free agent in 2014. We weren't the only team positioning ourselves for the summer of 2014.

- Dan Gilbert

Kid Making

When I was a kid I never knew the difference between a sitcom and a drama. I just knew what my parents were watching and what was making them happy.

- Dan Harmon

Made Exactly

I knew from an early age exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a musician and that was it. It made life a lot easier knowing what I was aiming for.

- Dan Hawkins

Wanted Before

I knew I wanted to be a writer before I knew that being a writer was possible.

- Dani Shapiro

Making Nixon

Nixon did have a secret plan, and I knew that it involved making threats of nuclear war to North Vietnam.

- Daniel Ellsberg

Act Wanted

I knew I wanted to act when I was around 14.

- Daniel Stern

Going Could

'Awake' was just the most beautiful show. For most of the shooting, we didn't know if they were going to air. You never knew. We were just trying to make it the best it could.

- Daniela Bobadilla

Sure Movie

Growing up, I wasn't sure about acting, but I knew I wanted to be part of the movie industry.

- Daniella Alonso

Think Teaching

We knew the people in Natick and knew the teachers that would be teaching our children. It was important for us to be involved in the Natick community because we think so highly of it.

- Darren Flutie

Whole Making

I knew that I would be making music for my whole life; as far as how many people respond to it, you can't plan for that.

- Daryl Hall