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Woman Fists

And the woman who could win the respect of man was often the woman who could knock him down with her bare fists and sit on him until he yelled for help.

- Agnes Smedley

Year Barrel

If you lock me in the room with a piano teacher for a year I might be able to knock out a rendition of 'Roll Out The Barrel,' but will I ever be a concert pianist? No.

- Alan Sugar

Doing Upset

As a result of my philosophy, I wasn't even upset about Hitler. I was willing to go to war to knock him off, but I didn't hate him. I hated what he was doing.

- Albert Ellis

Nothing Offensive

How can I ever dog Derek Jeter? It's impossible. There is nothing to knock. He's a great defensive player. He's a great offensive player.

- Alex Rodriguez

Very Other

No man ever got very high by pulling other people down. The intelligent merchant does not knock his competitors. The sensible worker does not knock those who work with him. Don't knock your friends. Don't knock your enemies. Don't knock yourself.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Always Certainly

I do always want to be creating something; I can't help it. I don't know why that is, but I'm certainly not gonna knock it now, at the age of 36. It seems to be working.

- Alison Mosshart

Everyone Off

It is hard to be number one, and it is even harder to stay there because everyone is trying to knock you off the top.

- Allan McNish

New Big

Of course New York is the Mecca of style in America, but don't knock Phoenix - it's not as big, but there are lots of people with style there.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Self-Esteem Student

I once won a second prize in a history concert. My parents came to the ceremony. Somebody else had won the prize for best all-around student. Afterwards my father said to me, 'Never, ever disgrace me like that again.' When I tell my Western friends, they are aghast. But I adore my father. It didn't knock my self-esteem at all.

- Amy Chua

Cool Everyone

The Internet is for haters. Everyone wants to knock somebody down, but it's cool.

- Andy Cohen

Door Unconscious

I never know when somebody's going to knock on the door of my own unconscious in a way that I wouldn't have anticipated.

- Anna Deavere Smith

Always Been

Knock wood, but I started acting professionally when I was 16, and I've always been able to support myself since then.

- Anthony Edwards

Mike Boom

People say of every opponent, 'When are you going to knock him out?' But I'm not like Mike Tyson, who came flying out of his corner. I'm much more composed. A guy is supposed to be durable, but then I start finding my range, and, well, it comes together. Boom.

- Anthony Joshua

Artist Senses

With food, you're the artist; you put the colour in it, you present it to the table and it has the ability to knock out the senses. It can look fabulous, be beautifully presented and smell great and taste good as well.

- Anthony Warlow

Happy Some

Building walls isn't going to work in the long run. Some people are happy with the wall in Israel, but somebody will get a weapon someday and knock it over or something. Walls aren't the answer between countries, though.

- Arlo Guthrie

Sports Surface

Bowling is all physics and energy distribution. It's F = ma. So it is actually one of the most science-y sports, because it literally is just a ball and a surface and objects to knock down.

- Chris Hardwick

Treat Bad

I have a saying - 'You treat me good, I'll treat you better. You treat me bad, I'll treat you worse. And when in doubt, knock 'em out.'

- Chuck Zito

Lovely Significant

It was lovely to do The Knock because I haven't done anything really significant since Doctor Who.

- Colin Baker

Some Sure

You can't knock somebody for how they got into the business. I'm sure I'm gonna look back at 'Roswell' and some of my first movies and I'm gonna cringe.

- Colin Hanks

Everybody Madonna

I never had a rivalry with Madonna. You don't knock another sister, ever. There's room for everybody on this planet; you don't have to be like anyone else.

- Cyndi Lauper

I Think About

I hate thinking about writer's block! I don't have writer's block much, knock on wood, but if I do, I think it's usually because I haven't done enough research and am therefore unable to create a fully realized world.

- Cynthia Kadohata

Need Compete

You need to impress me, outwit me, compete with me? Go ahead, knock yourself out, I have no problem with that at all.

- Daniel Craig

Best Color

Genre expectations can kill creativity. If you do something different, it will get hated. The best filmmakers can do everything on the approval list and knock it out of the park. For me, I have a hard time being creative when I have to color in between the lines.

- David Ayer

Down Harry

Because actually it's really hard to get things made. It takes years. To fight the fights you inevitably have to fight, even when you've produced Harry Potter, you'd better have the commitment and the passion to knock down walls, not take no for an answer.

- David Heyman

Treat Part

Part of the problem is that many directors treat female characters too often as precious. Or they want to live in a fantasy world where they just do spinning hook kicks and knock out guys who are six foot four, and that doesn't work either.

- David Leitch

Thought Theatrical

Part of the plot was a knock that V wanted to bring down the government and bring chaos. I don't know why I thought of Guy Fawkes, because it was during the summer. I thought that would be great if he looked like Guy Fawkes, kind of theatrical.

- David Lloyd

Why Take

Why do you knock yourself out? Take it easy.

- David O. Selznick

Big More

The more we pour the big machines, the fuel, the pesticides, the herbicides, the fertilizer and chemicals into farming, the more we knock out the mechanism that made it all work in the first place.

- David R. Brower

Best Way Considered

I've never found NBA owners to be deferential. I never considered them to be reliant. All that I do is knock myself out to represent their interests the best way I can and sometimes tell them, as part of my job, what they don't like to hear.

- David Stern

People Otherwise

We have to put people on pedestals; otherwise, there's no one to knock off pedestals.

- Dean Devlin

Advice Some

My advice would be not to write until after 35. You need some experience, and for life to knock you about a bit. Growing up is so hard you probably won't have much emotion to spare anyway.

- Joanna Trollope

Door Pretty

If you can actually get someone to sit on the edge of their seat and feel nervous if there's a knock at the door, then you've done something pretty terrific as a writer.

- Joanne Harris

Play Always

I don't know why I always get to play these guys who have few redeeming features. But don't knock it. Villains are much more fun.

- Joaquin Phoenix

Door Been

Every movie that I've had to really knock down the door for has been an enormous success for me. Not just like a financial success but a real personal success.

- Jodie Foster

Door Some

Being on the run, having to change the way that you do business, being unable to plan in a safe and secure environment, always looking over your shoulder, knowing that some day somebody's going to knock on your door and it's going to be your last.

- John Abizaid

Law Would

As mayor, I would support law enforcement, not knock it down.

- John Catsimatidis

Politics Young

Young people have so much more power than they tend to think to be able to affect politics. And if people will organize and get involved and go out and knock on doors and hand out leaflets and make a change, then they can determine the future.

- John F. Kerry

Alive Well

Since we have to speak well of the dead, let's knock them while they're alive.

- John French Sloan

Beard Play

The only way to play football is with reckless abandon, or they'll knock your beard off. And with acting, you have to pull all the stops to make it work.

- John Matuszak

Sports Product

Sports is a mass product, and it's a non-replicable product. You can't knock it off.

- John Skipper

Always Idea

As a songwriter, you always look for guys that you can write good with. Show up, have an idea, knock it out of the park.

- Jon Pardi

Arrows Advocate

It's to be a person who's able to shoot little arrows into sacred cows and knock politicians off their pedestals, to look out for hypocrisy, advocate for all sorts of things from social justice to peace.

- Jonathan Shapiro

Career TV

People ask me all the time, 'Are you fed up with reality TV?' At the end of the day, it can affect my career in the sense that the more reality shows there are, the less scripted dramas out there, but I can't ever really knock them. I started on 'Popstars,' which was a reality talent show. I have respect for them.

- Josh Henderson

Cost Primitive

Superstition is foolish, childish, primitive and irrational - but how much does it cost you to knock on wood?

- Judith Viorst

Funnier Engaged

They will find somebody younger, somebody funnier, somebody more engaged. As long as the court genre is viable, people are going to be looking for someone to knock me off of my perch.

- Judy Sheindlin

Hero Kinds

My hero when I was 14 was Sonny Liston. No matter what kinds of problems you were having with your parents or at school, whatever, Sonny Liston would go and knock guys out, and that made it all right.

- August Wilson

Power Structure

I spend all day figuring out how to beat the machine and knock the crap out of the political power structure.

- Bella Abzug

Marriage Been

Marriage hasn't been my thing. But gay people, knock yourselves out!

- Ben Affleck

Love Arizona

I love Arizona. I was raised right. Somebody has to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place.

- Ben Quayle

Like Allow

I'd like to get more bit-acting roles. I don't know if my talent would allow for a long dialogue, but I could definitely knock out three lines. I'd kill it.

- Hannibal Buress

Door Mind

You use the body as a medium to bring the mind back to the brain. Perfect married between body and mind. Then, you can knock the door to the spirit.

- Bikram Choudhury

Sure Loud

Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Funny Want

If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.

- Hillary Clinton

Kind Like

I have no ego investment in being on the air. I don't knock others for whom that kind of attention is like oxygen, but I don't miss anything about it.

- Hugh Downs

Door Remember

Remember: when you knock on the door of Opportunity, it is Work who answers!

- Brendon Burchard

Play Prefer

Hamp would ask me about tempos in the band: 'Jacquet,' he'd say, 'knock off that tempo.' A lot of jazz musicians didn't prefer to play for dancers, which was their loss, really. But good jazz has always had that dance feel.

- Illinois Jacquet

Minutes Some

Even if I have only 15 minutes, I knock out some toning moves or get in a burst of cardio.

- Brooke D'Orsay

Door Ready

You can't knock on opportunity's door and not be ready.

- Bruno Mars

Game Play

Playing football, I'm getting chills just thinking about it. That first knock of the game, you are going on kickoff, and you are just trying to smack somebody just as hard as you can. That's how I play baseball. I want to hit you.

- Bryce Harper

Everyone Like

It's funny to me because everyone says I'm injury prone. That's hilarious to me because I've never blown a hammy or a shoulder or anything like that, knock on wood.

- Bryce Harper

College Everybody

Not many of my friends I had from college are playing in this league. Everybody knows it's a privilege, so you definitely don't knock it because you never know where you may end up.

- Calvin Johnson

Through Been

It's not just the physical aspect of boxing, it's the whole fighter mentality that has been ingrained in me through the years as a competitive athlete. One of the hardest things you'll ever do is to box - to get into the ring and to face off with somebody whose whole goal is to knock you out, to hurt you, and to be able to fight back.

- Cara Castronuova

Next Been

It's extraordinary what children put up with. I happened to see two of my uncles put my father up against the wall of my grandmother's house and knock his teeth out, because he'd been unpleasant to my mother. The next day I went upstairs and found my father making a rather half-hearted attempt to gas himself.

- Jack Straw

Career Persevere

The most important thing is to understand that this career is not about speed. It's about stamina. This is a marathon. It's not a 50-meter sprint. You have to persevere and understand it takes a lot of time. You have to know you're going to knock on 100 doors and 99 of them are going to close in your face.

- Jaime Camil

Door Functions

When I go back to NFL functions today, I feel a bit on the outside looking in. I played 13 years in the NFL, and I loved it - made a Pro Bowl and went to the playoffs - but I always felt like I was having to knock the door down to get in.

- Doug Flutie

Love Song

I try to find nice chord changes, that's how I love to start, and then I start trying to knock it into a song, knock it into shape.

- Jeff Lynne

Door Country

One way to bring down crime in the state of California and every state in the union is to have an enforceable border. That means let's build that border fence. When people want to come into this country, let's ask them to knock on the front door.

- Duncan Hunter

Broken Like

I hate to say it because I feel like it might be a jinx, but yes - knock on wood - I have never broken a bone.

- Jennifer Carpenter

Bat Holding

I've got a right to knock down anybody holding a bat.

- Early Wynn

Gloves Here

We got four-ounce gloves here. It's not hard to knock someone out.

- Eddie Alvarez

Lucky Audition

Before I go on stage, I knock three times. Three is my lucky number; I once went into an audition and was number 333 and got the best part ever.

- Jessica Brown Findlay

Castles Strive

Why should we strive, with cynic frown, to knock their fairy castles down?

- Eliza Cook

Nature How

How strange that nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude!

- Emily Dickinson

Van Taylor

Mark my words, Michael Van Gerwen will knock Phil Taylor off his perch one day and be the best darts player on the planet.

- Eric Bristow

Door I Think

I think if you do a lot of interviews, you're laying yourself open. If you put yourself out, accept every invitation to every premiere, then you can't really complain when people knock on your front door and photograph you in the street.

- Keeley Hawes

Been Teenage

Hey, don't knock Judy Blume. Without her, my younger self would never have been able to decode the random acts of madness perpetrated by the fascinating creature known as the teenage girl.

- Ken Marino

Worlds Gonna

People gonna be they own individuals and have they own worlds and I can't knock it.

- Kendrick Lamar

Me Beat

You have to punch hard for knockouts, and to beat me, you have to knock me out.

- Khabib Nurmagomedov

Change Nature

Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.

- Kin Hubbard

Wretch Angered

Above all things, I must not get angry. If I do get angry I knock all the teeth out of the mouth of the poor wretch who has angered me.

- Franz Schubert

Back Everybody

Everybody loves the underdog, and then they take an underdog and make him a hero and they hate him. But as long as they can knock you back down, it seems like if you're an underdog again, and things do surface, and they think this is real, 'these guys' intentions are genuine and sincere,' it seems like they will embrace you again.

- Fred Durst

Stress Fun Thing

It's a fun thing to do: Go to a shooting range with a buddy, knock off a few rounds, release stress.

- Laurie Holden

Think I Think

I think you can have moderate success by copying something else, but if you really want to knock it out of the park, you have to do something different and take chances.

- Lee Ann Womack

Last Allow

The fight will last as long as I allow it to last, and then I will knock him out.

- Lennox Lewis

Strong Twice

You can knock me down, but I get up twice as strong.

- Lewis Hamilton

Will Again

Life is designed to knock you down. It will knock you down time and time again, but it doesn't matter how many times you fall - it matters how many times you get back up.

- Lilly Singh

Will Maybe

To my sick little pal. I will try to knock you another homer, maybe two today.

- George Herman

Off T

Knock the 't' off the 'can't'

- George Reeves

Deep Arrogant

To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight of the blood.

- George Santayana

Some Set

I don't have a real plan when I do an interview. I have some themes that I want to hit. But I don't have a set list of questions that I knock off.

- George Stroumboulopoulos

Depend Cut

One thing about these storms, we know how disruptive things can be when we depend on the system to keep working. What would happen if the terrorists do it? Knock down the power, destroy bridges, cut the water supply?

- Geraldo Rivera

Never Journalist

I would never let myself knock out a journalist.

- Gerard Depardieu

Always Will

There will always be a few people who just want to knock you down or are jealous or just want to be horrible for the sake of it. I don't know what drives someone to be nasty.

- Geri Halliwell

Other Principle

I don't like to hurt people's feelings, and I don't like to knock other writers as a matter of principle.

- Lydia Davis

Some About

In all seriousness, people think that it's the ideas that are important. Well, everyone has ideas, all the time. I tend to write mine down and remember them, but at some point you have to apply the bum to the seat and knock out about sixty five thousand words - that's how long a novel is.

- Terry Pratchett

Never Stop Never

I can't never stop nobody, can't knock nobody hustle.

- The Notorious B.I.G.

Big Some

Religion was quite a thing in our house - we were Baptists. Some Sundays I went to church three times. If there was a talk on missionary work in the afternoon, I could be there all bloody day. But religion took its first big knock after Dad died.

- Philip Kerr

Your Something Else

It's really interesting how music can knock down a wall and be an open connection between you and someone else where something else can't. When music comes along, it just opens your heart a little more.

- Phillip Sweet

Inspirational Door

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

- Milton Berle

Artist Think

You think, 'You hired me because I'm a creative artist with a vision. Don't try and knock it out of me.'

- Sam Taylor-Johnson