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Game Superior

No one man is superior to the game.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Animal Makes

Man, an animal that makes bargains.

- A. C. Benson

Conservative Average

The average man, if he meddles with criticism at all, is a conservative critic.

- A. E. Housman

Leading Leading Man

I'm not a leading man.

- Aaron Paul

Favourite Marc

My favourite smell on a man is Lynx and Marc Jacobs.

- Abbey Clancy

Messenger Forgot

Man is a messenger who forgot the message.

- Abraham Joshua Heschel

Funny Memory

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.

- Abraham Lincoln

Republicans Before

Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in case of conflict the man before the dollar.

- Abraham Lincoln

Became Before

I became a man. Before that I was a little boy.

- Adam Ant

Woman Generosity

Humanity is the virtue of a woman, generosity that of a man.

- Adam Smith

Best Wise

It is best for the wise man not to seem wise.

- Aeschylus

Eager Willing

When a man's willing and eager the god's join in.

- Aeschylus


Jesting and levity accustom a man to lewdness.

- Akiva ben Joseph

Time Good Time

I'm a man who enjoys people, enjoys a good time.

- Alan J. Dixon

Jewelry Wear

I don't wear jewelry, as a man.

- Alan Tudyk

Better Does

Experience really does make you better, man.

- Alan Vega

World Wild Beast

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

- Albert Camus

Only Refuses

Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.

- Albert Camus

Hard How

How hard, how bitter it is to become a man!

- Albert Camus

Brainy Should

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.

- Albert Einstein

Respect Individual

Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized.

- Albert Einstein

Tragedy Lives

The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.

- Albert Schweitzer

Saint Does

A man does not have to be an angel in order to be saint.

- Albert Schweitzer


Wine is a peep-hole on a man.

- Alcaeus

God Thinks

Man thinks, God directs.

- Alcuin

Doubt Over

A fanatic is a man who consciously over compensates a secret doubt.

- Aldous Huxley

Life Always

The life of a repo man is always intense.

- Alex Cox

Road Gazing

A man gazing on the stars is proverbially at the mercy of the puddles in the road.

- Alexander Smith

Morality He

He was as great as a man can be without morality.

- Alexis de Tocqueville

More Than

Man knows much more than he understands.

- Alfred Adler

Liar Truthful

The truthful man is usually a liar.

- Alfred Nobel

Things Highest

Glory to Man in the highest! For Man is the master of things.

- Algernon Charles Swinburne

Truth Real

The real community of man is the community of those who seek the truth, of the potential knowers.

- Allan Bloom

Speak Paradise

The heart of man is, so to speak, the paradise of God.

- Alphonsus Liguori

Company Known

A man is known by the company he organizes.

- Ambrose Bierce

Speak Find

Backbite. To speak of a man as you find him when he can't find you.

- Ambrose Bierce

Love I Love

I love vinyl, man.

- Amos Lee

Curiosity Perhaps

The greatest virtue of man is perhaps curiosity.

- Anatole France

Athlete Will

I will be a complete man, a complete athlete, with a fight with Roy Jones Jr.

- Anderson Silva

Hides Thinks

Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

- Andre Malraux

Teeth Iron

Comrades, this man has a nice smile, but he's got iron teeth.

- Andrei A. Gromyko

I Am Want

If I am shot at, I want no man to be in the way of the bullet.

- Andrew Johnson

Art Name

Art? That's a man's name.

- Andy Warhol

Marriage Instead

What is marriage but prostitution to one man instead of many?

- Angela Carter

Cult Another

One man's cult is another man's religion.

- Annie Parisse

Will Hours

Three hours a day will produce as much as a man ought to write.

- Anthony Trollope

Fit Self-Evident

It is self-evident that at sixty-five a man has done all that he is fit to do.

- Anthony Trollope

Responsible Precisely

To be a man is, precisely, to be responsible.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

He Believes

Man is what he believes.

- Anton Chekhov

Want Invincible

The man who doesn't want anything is invincible.

- Antonio Banderas

Lives Loves

A man who lives, not by what he loves but what he hates, is a sick man.

- Archibald MacLeish

Homeland Prospers

A man's homeland is wherever he prospers.

- Aristophanes

Loves Whom

No one loves the man whom he fears.

- Aristotle

Walking City

A city that outdistances man's walking powers is a trap for man.

- Arnold J. Toynbee

Speak Michael

Speak slowly, Michael. He is an honourable man.

- Arthur Cohn

Married Man Coalition

Any coalition has its troubles, as every married man knows.

- Arthur Hays Sulzberger

Want Wants

A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Famous Only

Martyrdom is the only way a man can become famous without ability.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Artist Cultured

The cultured man is an artist, an artist in humanity.

- Ashley Montagu

Weakness Credulity

Credulity is the man's weakness, but the child's strength.

- Charles Lamb

Brown Charlie Brown

You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

- Charles M. Schulz

Personality Perfume

Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.

- Charles M. Schwab

Best His

The man who has done his best has done everything.

- Charles M. Schwab

Right Except

No man has a right to do what he pleases, except when he pleases to do right.

- Charles Simmons

Himself Efficient

The efficient man is the man who thinks for himself.

- Charles William Eliot

Peace I Am

I am at peace with God. My conflict is with Man.

- Charlie Chaplin

Constitution Different

I have a different constitution. I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man.

- Charlie Sheen

Force Big

Hef is a man of the big picture. He is a creative force.

- Christie Hefner

Earth Agent

My agent is the quickest, sharpest man on earth.

- Christoph Waltz

Hair Down

You let the hair down, and that's when the wild man comes out.

- Clay Matthews III

Business Reason

There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can't do any business from there.

- Colonel Sanders

People Diverse

We are a diverse people, man.

- Corey Hawkins

Virtue Invention

Women's virtue is man's greatest invention.

- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Woman Must

In order for a man to be truly evil, he must be a woman.

- Craig Bruce

Born Eat

Man is born to eat.

- Craig Claiborne

Steak High

A bath and a tenderloin steak. Those are the high points of a man's life.

- Curt Siodmak

Fighter Stud

Gustafsson is a stud, man. He's a good fighter.

- Daniel Cormier

Better Paul

If you're improvising with Paul Reiser, man, you'd better hold on tight!

- Daniel Stern

Immortality Does

What a man does for others, not what they do for him, gives him immortality.

- Daniel Webster

I Am Am

I am a wife-made man.

- Danny Kaye

Stubborn Very

I'm a very, very stubborn man.

- Dave Van Ronk

Wise Things

The wise man is he who knows the relative value of things.

- Dean Inge


We've mellowed out, man.

- Debbi Peterson

A Good Man Pick

I can pick good food, but I can't pick a good man.

- Debbie Reynolds

Searching Contact

I hope to soon be in contact with the man who is searching for Noah's ark.

- Jim Sullivan

Through His

The way to a man's heart is through his hanky pocket with a breadknife.

- Jo Brand


I'm not an angry man.

- Joe Cornish

Me Himself

The way I fight, it's not me beatin' the man. I make the man whip himself.

- Joe Frazier

Another Man Another

This is just another man, another fight, another payday.

- Joe Frazier

Law About

If you ain't thinkin' about man and God and law, then you ain't thinkin' about nothin'.

- Joe Strummer

Will Cannot

A man can do what he ought to do; and when he says he cannot, it is because he will not.

- Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Wise Difficult

A wise man thinks what is easy is difficult.

- John Churton Collins

Money His

No man's credit is as good as his money.

- John Dewey

Treasure Enough

Affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it.

- John Donne

Problem Ultimate

Brain research is the ultimate problem confronting man.

- John Eccles

God Opportunity

Man's extremity is God's opportunity.

- John Flavel

Word Also

Content is a word unknown to life; it is also a word unknown to man.

- John Fowles

Marriage Woman

I have a deep-seated belief that marriage is between a man and a woman exclusively.

- John Hogg

Soul Body

As the body dieth when the soul departeth, so the soul of man dieth, when it hath not the knowledge of God.

- John Jewel

Finance Capitalism

Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.

- John Kenneth Galbraith