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Business Mind

One's mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.

- A. C. Benson

Normal Okay

Our fans want us to be happy and if that means being married or having a girlfriend, they are okay with that. Of course, in this industry it is a bit harder to have normal relationships, but it is possible.

- A. J. McLean

Like Everybody

While children are struggling to be unique, the world around them is trying all means to make them look like everybody else.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Elected Right Kind

The government, whether state or central, is elected. That means we have a responsibility to elect the right kind of leaders.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Will Against

It means, people who are in high and responsible positions, if they go against righteousness, righteousness itself will get transformed into a destroyer.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Think Based

The WWE is based on, I think, reaction. You know, if you can't get a reaction, that means you can't put butts in the seats.

- A.J. Styles

Fact Die

I know the fact that I was born means I have to die, so my only aim is to reach out and help someone along the way.

- Aaron Neville

Business Some

I'm trying to have some longevity in this business. If that means not working for a while and just picking the right job, so be it.

- Aaron Paul

Other Lives

I don't believe that we should limit waterboarding - or, quite frankly, any other alternative torture technique - if it means saving Americans' lives.

- Aaron Schock

Cultural Very

My family is Muslim. But I don't consider myself a very devout Muslim, but a cultural Muslim, whatever that means.

- Aasif Mandvi

Consensus Believes

A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.

- Abba Eban

Theatre Free Speech

Free speech means the right to shout 'theatre' in a crowded fire.

- Abbie Hoffman

Reason Through

You can't cry when things get a little bit hard. You've just got to push through and know that there's a reason and end to the means.

- Abby Wambach

Envy May

This only grant me, that my means may lie too low for envy, for contempt too high.

- Abraham Cowley

Doing Which

Work is that which you dislike doing but perform for the sake of external rewards. At school, this takes the form of grades. In society, it means money, status, privilege.

- Abraham Maslow

World Most

My daughter, Lily Caitlin, means the most to me in the world.

- Adam Ant

Process Rehearsal

The process of rehearsal means you learn so much and really get the chance to develop your work on a character.

- Adam Garcia

Development Same

People want development. Not everyone knows what it means. Same as jobs. Not everyone knows what a job is, but people want jobs.

- Adam Giles

Firmly Outside World

Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world.

- Adam Grant

Insurance Level

I want to level the playing field for people who want to purchase health insurance as individuals, and that means eliminating the exemption for employer-sponsored health care.

- Adam Hasner

Magic Nevertheless

Neither a success nor by any means a failure, Roku will nevertheless ask public investors for money because they, too, have a right to dream that magic will become reality one day.

- Adam Lashinsky

Work Late

My job means I work late.

- Adam Levine

Country Seeing

Seeing that flag means so much: I am inspired by my Queen, my country.

- Adam Peaty

Racing Country

Nothing means more to me than racing for my country, the Queen, the Royal Family, and the people back home that support me.

- Adam Peaty

Happen World Records

Just because I have two world records, everyone assumes that means automatically it is two guaranteed gold medals, but it isn't like that, and anything can happen in a race.

- Adam Peaty

Mystery Most

Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.

- Adam Weishaupt

Reason Which

This is the great object held out by this association; and the means of attaining it is illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason which will dispell the clouds of superstition and of prejudice.

- Adam Weishaupt

Usual Conclude

All possible means were used by the infatuated parents to conclude the bargain; and deception put an end to these usual artifices.

- Adelbert von Chamisso

Some Discovering

My first care the following morning was, to devise some means of discovering the man in the grey cloak.

- Adelbert von Chamisso

Want Going

A high openness score means you're open-minded - you see the world for what it is - whereas a low openness score means you're incredibly closed-minded, and you see the world the way you want to see it, regardless of what is actually going on.

- Adeo Ressi

Warrior Wealth

Wale means to arrive home. So the crown has arrived home. Akin is warrior or brave man. Nuoye is a brave man of chieftaincy and Agbaje means wealth and prosperity.

- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Accepted Amount

When a child wants to be accepted, he'll do anything. And if it means you're getting a certain amount of notoriety from a fight, that's what you'll do.

- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Ideal Set

Freedom is not an ideal, it is not even a protection, if it means nothing more than freedom to stagnate, to live without dreams, to have no greater aim than a second car and another television set.

- Adlai Stevenson

Love Nonviolence

We know that peace is only possible when it is the fruit of justice. True peace is a profound transformation by means of the force of nonviolence that is the power of love.

- Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Living Which

Perhaps the secret of living a holy life is to avoid every thing which will displease God and grieve the Spirit, and to be strictly attentive to the means of grace.

- Adoniram Judson

Hours Sigh

Ineffective substitute teaching is a problem that means thousands of hours of lost learning for America's students. It cannot be dismissed with a sigh and 'Just wait for the teacher to come back on Monday.'

- Adora Svitak

Sky Which

It's not written in the Constitution or anything else.... Congress, just out of the clear blue sky, said the airwaves belong to the people, which means, in essence, that it belongs to Congress.

- Adrian Cronauer

Nervous Give

If you're nervous, that means you care and you want to give your best.

- Adriana Lima

Production Will

The repossession by women of our bodies will bring far more essential change to human society than the seizing of the means of production by workers.

- Adrienne Rich

Own Give

We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.

- Aesop

Better Preservation

If the preservation of the home means the enslavement of women, economically or morally, then we had better break it.

- Agnes Macphail

Flattery My Own

I can spot empty flattery and know exactly where I stand. In the end it's really only my own approval or disapproval that means anything.

- Agnetha Faltskog

Me Get

With L'Oreal, I get to be Aimee Mullins, model. No qualifier. And that means everything to me.

- Aimee Mullins

Beauty Indicator

Beauty is not skin-deep; it can be a means of self-affirmation, a true indicator of personality and confidence.

- Aimee Mullins

Color Think

Diversity is such an interesting word. I feel like when people hear the word 'diversity,' they think that it means only people of color, when in reality, diversity is all-inclusive; it means everyone.

- Aja Naomi King

Think I Think

I want to write. I want to direct. I want to produce - I want to inhabit what I think it means to fully be an artist.

- Aja Naomi King

Rest News

In our political system, money is power. And that means a few can have a lot more power than the rest. That's bad news for everyone else - and for our democracy itself.

- Al Franken

Kind Still

I just can't sit still and meditate; that doesn't kind of work for me. I don't even know exactly what it means.

- Al Franken

Love Grow

Grown-up love means actually understanding what you love, taking the good with the bad and helping your loved one grow. Love takes attention and work and is the best thing in the world.

- Al Franken

Success Know

My secret for success? I don't know what the hell success means.

- Al Lewis

Think I Think

I've had many uncanny experiences. I think it's hard to be alive and not have them. But I don't know if I can decide what that means or what they are.

- Alan Alda

Through Give

The same Source that gave you the idea, will give you the means to see it through.

- Alan Cohen

Liberty Which

'Liberal' is a great word - from the root, 'liberty,' which means free.

- Alan Colmes

Insurance Which

The Act of God designation on all insurance policies; which means, roughly, that you cannot be insured for the accidents that are most likely to happen to you.

- Alan Coren

New Certainly

There's certainly more new SF available than when I started writing. That means there's also more bad SF available. Whether there is also more good is a matter for future historians of the field.

- Alan Dean Foster

Express Which

Freedom of speech means freedom for those who you despise, and freedom to express the most despicable views. It also means that the government cannot pick and choose which expressions to authorize and which to prevent.

- Alan Dershowitz

Fiction Entertain

I am there to entertain. I call my work high escape fiction; it's high, it's good - but it's escape, and I have no delusions about that. I have no ambition to be a serious writer, whatever that means.

- Alan Furst

Through Found

Anytime we wanted to do something, we found a way to do it through conventional banking means.

- Alan Gerry

Abroad Other

Chinese productivity is the highest in the world but the way they do it is by borrowing the technology from abroad, either by joint ventures or other means.

- Alan Greenspan

Which Continent

Without an adequate response, an epidemic can develop into a pandemic, which generally means it has spread to more than one continent.

- Alan Huffman

Side Which

Historically, war journalists have embedded themselves with one side, which means the greatest threat comes from the clearly delineated enemy of that side.

- Alan Huffman

Southern Which

But then southern hemisphere teams are more skilful than their northern hemisphere counterparts, which means games can be easier to referee.

- Alan Lewis

Enjoy Other

Money's fine if it enables you to enjoy your life and to be useful to other people. But as something that is a means to an end, no, it's useless.

- Alan Moore

Think Became

I think fame became exciting for me in the late '90s because I could actually use it as a means to an end. I could actually have it help me serve my vocationfulness.

- Alanis Morissette

Die Making

There is in me an anarchy and frightful disorder. Creating makes me die a thousand deaths, because it means making order, and my entire being rebels against order. But without it I would die, scattered to the winds.

- Albert Camus

Society Big

As a remedy to life in society I would suggest the big city. Nowadays, it is the only desert within our means.

- Albert Camus

Everyone Govern

To govern means to pillage, as everyone knows.

- Albert Camus

Medical Study

When I went to the University, the medical school was the only place where one could hope to find the means to study life, its nature, its origins, and its ills.

- Albert Claude


Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age.

- Albert Einstein

Work Unrealistic

If something is irrational, that means it won't work. It's usually unrealistic.

- Albert Ellis

Process Necessary

Concerning culture as a process, one would say that it means learning a great many things and then forgetting them; and the forgetting is as necessary as the learning.

- Albert J. Nock

Pet Miseries

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.

- Albert Schweitzer

Been Minister

Blues means what milk does to a baby. Blues is what the spirit is to the minister. We sing the blues because our hearts have been hurt, our souls have been disturbed.

- Alberta Hunter

Technology Efficient

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.

- Aldous Huxley

Attitude Which

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.

- Aldous Huxley

Always Over

To shoot a conventional film means that you are always covering yourself. You are putting nets and, in a way, letting bad decisions take over.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Thought Read

When I found myself in the U.S., and the war was at full swing in Bosnia, I read for survival - it was a means of thought resuscitation.

- Aleksandar Hemon

Which Stories

I am a writer, which means I write stories, I write novels, and I would write poetry if I knew how to. I don't want to limit myself.

- Aleksandar Hemon

Social European

To be in the EU, it means to have same rules of... for economy, for social life, to be together in the majority of European countries.

- Aleksander Kwasniewski

Doing Like

I like it when I see people dressed on the street, and it looks like Gucci, but it's not. It means you are doing something right.

- Alessandro Michele

Dress Show

Luxury means that you show the way you dress with eccentricity.

- Alessandro Michele

Through Assembling

I am brazen. For me, creating means regurgitating, distorting, and assembling everything that has passed through me and continues to do so.

- Alessandro Michele

Immortality Which

If you are an antichrist, you won't believe in the bible prophecy from the beginning. Which means, you won't believe that physical immortality will become possible.

- Alex Chiu

Everyone Entitled

We live in a world where everyone thinks they do the right thing, so they are entitled to do the wrong thing. So ends can justify the means.

- Alex Gibney

Will Brutal

When we go to war, our politicians will be guided by our popular will. And if we believe that torture 'got' bin Laden, then we will be more prone to accept the view that a good 'end' can justify brutal 'means.'

- Alex Gibney

Risks Reward

I feel like when there's more on the line and there's more risks, that means there's more reward.

- Alex Morgan

Want Code

'Simplifying' the tax code is a priority mainly for people who make enough money to want to avoid paying taxes, and who make their money by means unorthodox enough to make avoiding taxes possible and desirable.

- Alex Pareene

Through Which

Ideally, in the future, you'll just pay your cable company for the stream, which you'll be able to watch and manipulate through whatever means on whatever devices you like.

- Alex Pareene

World Having

Having the respect of your peers means the world to me.

- Alex Rodriguez

Zero Either

Carbon zero simply means that the emissions you are releasing either are zero or balance out to zero.

- Alex Steffen

Beauty Always

Oh! this opponent, this collaborator against your will, whose notion of beauty always differs from yours and whose means are often too limited for active assistance to your intentions!

- Alexander Alekhine

Stupidity Blind

War means blind obedience, unthinking stupidity, brutish callousness, wanton destruction, and irresponsible murder.

- Alexander Berkman

Art Perfect

To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect.

- Alexander Calder

Harvest More

I definitely in filmmaking more and more find writing and directing a means to harvest material for editing. It's all about editing.

- Alexander Payne

Sympathetic Bizarre

There's a bizarre insistence on how a story should be. 'The protagonist must be sympathetic!' they say. Whatever that means. I never engage in that discussion. I never use that word, 'sympathetic.' I just know 'interesting.'

- Alexander Payne

Wealth Get

Get place and wealth, if possible with grace; if not, by any means get wealth and place.

- Alexander Pope

Makeup Always

Makeup is something that a female has to reckon with every single day. Whether you wear it or don't, you're always making decisions about wearing it or not, or how you're wearing it, and what that means.

- Alexandra Kleeman

Proud Perfect

Bills ought to be passed with deliberation by committees. Change should be achieved in a bipartisan manner. Incrementally, day by day, we should reach a consensus - not perfect, by any means - but something that we can be proud of, nonetheless.

- Alexandra Petri

Well-Being Always

Happiness is the first principle of life. Happiness basically means well-being. It is always good and always a choice... We need to make the choice to be happy in a particular situation, just as it is, and at a given moment.

- Alexandra Stoddard

Reflection Soul

The home is the center of your soul; it's a total reflection of your inner life. If you have a dreary home, it means you are dark inside.

- Alexandra Stoddard