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Lot Commercially

I like independent movies, documentaries. There's not a lot of movies that are commercially made that I dig.

- Jeff Garlin

Never Wanted

I never wanted to make movies just for me. I want to make movies that people watch.

- Jeff Nichols

Gamble Films

And in movies you must be a gambler. To produce films is to gamble.

- Douglas Sirk

Hollywood Turning

When it comes to turning out movies, I'm for Hollywood.

- Jeffrey Hunter

Still Some

I just hope that some of the movies I'm in are still welcome years from now.

- Jeffrey Jones

Busy Been

I've been awfully busy, and I haven't gone to many movies.

- Jeffrey Jones

Worst Thing

The great thing about movies is that they're collaborative. And the worst thing is that they're collaborative.

- Jeffrey Wright

Love I Love

I love talking about movies that mean something to me.

- Jena Malone

Enjoy Will

I enjoy working in movies that appeal to and will be seen by many people.

- Dulquer Salmaan

View Oh

People have this view, 'Oh, you're in movies, your life is so glamorous' but it can really suck.

- Jennifer Coolidge

Growing Up Growing

My favorite genre of movies growing up was the romantic comedy.

- Jennifer Finnigan

See Give

Give yourself pleasure; see your friends; go to the movies.

- Jennifer Grey

Making Albums

I want to be around for a long time, singing and making albums and movies.

- Jennifer Hudson

Always Cops

I've always been fascinated by Baretta and Donny Brasco, and other undercover cops in movies.

- Dylan McDermott

Ever Follows

'It Follows' is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

- Dylan Minnette

Silent Companies

I used to watch movies - silent movies - and stock companies and theater whenever I could.

- E. G. Marshall

Fool Act

Movies don't make people act a fool. People act a fool because they want to act a fool.

- Eazy-E

Movie Gotten

I don't want to be in somebody else's movie, and then they make all the money. I've gotten offers to do the movies, but I won't sell myself short and be in somebody else's movie, like 'Boyz N the Hood.' I don't think I woulda done that.

- Eazy-E

Actor Before

The reality is that I'm an actor from the Midwest and I was 40 movies into it before I started 'Entourage'.

- Jeremy Piven

Want Definitely

I definitely want to do movies and stuff.

- Jeremy Sumpter

Great TV

Movies are great, TV is great.

- Jeremy Sumpter

Inspire Lot

There are a lot of movies that inspire me to do what I do.

- Jerry Bruckheimer

Love Sure

Yeah sure, I'd love to have all my movies on DVD.

- Jerry Bruckheimer

Fact Period

The fact of the matter is, it's hard to find good movies, period.

- Eddie Kaye Thomas

Crap Sure

I mean do women like to get the crap scared out of them at the movies? Sure. Of course.

- Jerry O'Connell

Alone Movie

'Home Alone' was a movie, not an alibi.

- Jerry Orbach

Boring Super

I really like going to see movies. I know that's super boring but it's true!

- Jess Weixler

Business World

Movies are the shadiest business in the world.

- Jessica Alba

Pretty Good Movies

It's really hard to find good movies, and that's pretty much what I try to find, good movies.

- Edward Furlong

Play Tend

I don't care about movies. I tend to play badminton once a week.

- Edward Witten

Appreciate Them

I just make movies and hope people appreciate them.

- Jiang Wen

Will Year

The movies that will truly be successful will feel different than the movies of the year before.

- Ehren Kruger

Spanish DVD

When I was a girl, there wasn't anything in Spanish in the movies until you saw it on DVD.

- Eiza Gonzalez

Growing Up Growing

I loved movies, growing up. They brought me so much joy.

- Elden Henson

Love I Love

I love the Avengers movies and Iron Man and Captain America.

- Elden Henson

Think Scoring

And I think that I'd be a natural for scoring horror movies.

- Jim Coleman

Horror Date

Horror movies are the best date movies. There's no wondering, 'When do I put my arm around her?'

- Eli Roth

Love I Love

I love movies. I mean, I really, really love movies.

- Eli Roth

Vision Pessimistic

I'm now beginning to feel that the pessimistic vision is not for the movies.

- Karel Reisz

Watch Old Enough

My kids are old enough now that they can watch that, but I like to do the family movies.

- Elizabeth Perkins

Happen Fact

I don't regret being on television; I just regret the fact that I wanted to be in the movies, and that didn't happen.

- Karishma Tanna

Today Years

Today what is more important for me is performance. At the risk of sounding immodest, I have done it all - 61 movies over 12 years. But now I am looking for quality. It's easy to be a star. Now I want to be an actress.

- Karisma Kapoor

My Life Remember

I can't really remember my life without movies.

- Elle Fanning

Like Watch

I like to make movies I like to watch.

- Elle Macpherson

Never Other

I choose movies, I never choose roles. I look at the script. I look at the director. I look at the other actors - and then the role.

- Elle Macpherson

See Find

As long as people want to see me in movies, and as long as I find it interesting, I'll keep working.

- Elle Macpherson

Weird Lot

I want to see as many movies as I can and I covet a lot of weird influential movies.

- Kat Dennings

Fan Action Movies

I'm a fan of action movies.

- Kate Beckinsale

About Pessimistic

I'm generally pessimistic about the dumbing down of America - especially with summer movies.

- Elmer Bernstein

See TV

The Asian culture has to be a part of what we see on TV and in movies.

- Elodie Yung

Million Dollars

It just proves good movies don't need 100 million dollars to be good.

- Emily Blunt

World Showbiz

What we're supposed to do as actors is be able to portray real human beings and emotions. And if you grow up in this bubble of showbiz and you only know people who make movies, you don't really have an understanding of the world outside.

- Emily Browning

Always Characters

I have always been drawn to coming-of-age stories and books and movies featuring compelling young characters.

- Emily Giffin

Pieces Lot

A lot of these big movies are just a collection or a montage of big set pieces.

- Kathleen Kennedy

High Like

I like high impact movies.

- Kathryn Bigelow

Soul Big

Sometimes when you do big movies, you can lose sometimes a little bit of soul.

- Emmanuelle Seigner

Growing Up Growing

I loved scary movies growing up.

- Katie Featherston

Love I Love

I love all of his movies. I love all his movies. I love Tom.

- Katie Holmes

Always Characters

The stories that I like to tell and the movies I like are always grounded in the emotional arc of the characters.

- Eric Balfour

Away Go Away

I don't want to be part of movies where I just sing and dance and go away.

- Keerthy Suresh

Cats Making

Making movies is like herding cats.

- Eric Fellner

Future Invest

Somebody has to invest in creating the movies of the future.

- Eric Fellner

Always Watched

I loved old movies as a kid, so I always watched old movies.

- Keith David

New Greek

Movies are immortal art - the first new art since Greek drama.

- Eric Johnston

Love Frank

I love all sorts of movies, whether made by Scorsese or Frank Capra. I love them all.

- Kelly Asbury

Doing Interested

I'm interested in doing movies I wouldn't normally be interested in doing.

- Eric Stoltz

See Popcorn

Well, I'm a consumer as well. I go to the movies with my popcorn and believe everything I see.

- Kelly Lynch

Growing See

I didn't see a ton of movies growing up.

- Kelly Preston

Writers Influenced

Movies have influenced all writers, not just thriller writers.

- Ken Follett

Questions Very

You watch an old 'Jeopardy!' and the categories alone are very plain. 'Poetry,' or 'Movies,' or 'Physics.' If you watch it now, though, there'll be a theme board where the categories are all Hitchcock movies. Lots more jokes, lots more high-concept categories and questions.

- Ken Jennings

Love House

I love horror comedies, and I love horror movies. In particular, I love horror movies from the '80s that have practical monsters in them. They're not just slasher movies with people going to kill people in people's houses. Although I do like 'The Last House on the Left,' and things like that, I do like these ridiculous monster movies.

- Ken Marino

Heroes Whiz

On the one hand, the press, television, and movies make heroes of vandals by calling them whiz kids.

- Ken Thompson

Movie Most

The most exciting thing for all of us is movies and movie stars.

- Kenneth Edmonds

Silent Organ

My great-grandfather played organ for silent movies. Talkies in, Gramps out.

- Kent Beck

Personally Get

Personally, I'm a real wimp with scary movies. I get so scared.

- Keri Russell

Year Ever

If I do three movies in a year, I don't feel like acting ever again.

- Ethan Hawke

Kid Favorite Movies

One of my favorite movies as a kid was 'Mrs. Doubtfire.'

- Kether Donohue


I like four-hour movies.

- Kevin Costner

Made Comedies

It's just so hard to get movies made, especially comedies.

- Kevin Heffernan

Play Cameras

I play a role in front of the cameras, just like in the movies.

- Eva Herzigova

Rock Rock Stars

Rock stars wanting to write is even worse than wanting to act in movies, right?

- Evan Dando

Career Always

We always thought that we'd go on from the show to have a career in movies.

- Kevin McDonald

Think TV

I think you get less takes on TV than in movies.

- Evan Peters

Kind Unhealthy

I have a kind of unhealthy obsession with movies.

- Kevin Wilson

Looks YouTube

It's harder than it looks to juggle all those things: relationship, movies, YouTube.

- Kian Lawley

Ring Scary Movies

I grew up watching 'The Ring,' 'The Grudge,' all those scary movies.

- Kian Lawley

Route Traditional

Social media stars are kind of taking the traditional route, like movies.

- Kian Lawley

See Convincing

I don't see many convincing heavies in movies. They don't scare me.

- Everett McGill

Love I Love

I love football movies.

- Kim Dickens

Love I Love

I love movies, I love television and I know that the kind of stuff I love to watch and that's what I want to do.

- Kim Shaw

Hollywood Sells

Does Hollywood do movies about terrorism? Yeah. And why do they do that? Because it sells.

- Faran Tahir

Big Read

So Liam and movies are obviously big passions, and I read and write.

- Faye Dunaway

Quintessential Omen

'The Omen,' 'The Exorcist,' those movies for me are the quintessential horror movies that still scare me as an adult.

- Fede Alvarez

Sole Set

Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me.

- Federico Fellini

New New Orleans

I was born in New Orleans, and I wasn't allowed to go to the movies.

- Kitty Carlisle

Children Considered

It was considered oh, not proper for children to go to the movies.

- Kitty Carlisle

Money Make

I make movies for money, exclusively for money.

- Klaus Kinski

Hollywood Break

When I first came to Hollywood, I could not break into movies.

- Fionnula Flanagan

Horrible Obsessed

I'm obsessed with horrible movies.

- Kreayshawn

Books Trip

There's something so satisfying about road trip movies - and books!

- Kristan Higgins