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Thoughts Quick

The encouragement I got from Campbell was a quick check and praise. Once the Space Beagle was launched on its mission, it seemed natural for it to breed additional thoughts.

- A. E. van Vogt

Best Curiosity

Human curiosity, the urge to know, is a powerful force and is perhaps the best secret weapon of all in the struggle to unravel the workings of the natural world.

- Aaron Klug

Some Settings

I film normal-life subjects in natural settings that some people would consider uncinematic. But what I want to show is nature itself, as the truth of life.

- Abbas Kiarostami

Normal Very

It's very natural and simple to me, drawing, because I've drawn since I was a kid. It's just the most normal thing for me to do. And it's very meditative.

- Abbi Jacobson

More Which

Yoga takes what you have and molds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel.

- Adam Levine

Very Terrified

You know when you're 14 and terrified to talk to a girl? I didn't suffer much from that. It seemed very natural to me to talk to girls.

- Adam Levine

Cursing Lot

I grew up cursing a lot. It felt natural. My parents told me to stop.

- Adam Sandler

Salt Other

I believe that sugar is just as important for our body as salt is, and other natural foods.

- Adnan Sami

Private Which

The electronic spectrum is the only natural resource in which there's no such thing as private property rights. You can't own a piece of the spectrum.

- Adrian Cronauer

Love Forced

I love old-fashioned manners, as long as it's not forced. I can tell when it's natural or when someone is just trying to impress me.

- Adriana Lima

Learned Expected

We have learned to live with unholiness and have come to look upon it as the natural and expected thing.

- Aiden Wilson Tozer

Curiosity Curious

Kids are naturally curious about what they don't know, or don't understand, or what is foreign to them. They only learn to be frightened of those differences when an adult influences them to behave that way and censors that natural curiosity.

- Aimee Mullins

Kids Scientists

Kids are natural scientists.

- Alan Alda

Want Things

It's natural to want your kids to have all the things you didn't have.

- Alan Ladd

Church Mosque

The style of God venerated in the church, mosque, or synagogue seems completely different from the style of the natural universe.

- Alan Watts

Kind Bodies

And although our bodies are bounded with skin, and we can differentiate between outside and inside, they cannot exist except in a certain kind of natural environment.

- Alan Watts

Pressure Feel

You know, when cameras are rolling, improvisation doesn't feel natural. The pressure is too great. You're on a time schedule. You've got 60 crewmen.

- Albert Brooks

Blessed Madder

That we are not much sicker and much madder than we are is due exclusively to that most blessed and blessing of all natural graces, sleep.

- Aldous Huxley

Nature Them

Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales.

- Aleister Crowley

Heat Switching

We survived on natural resources, so we should take care of the earth. When I leave home, I do things like switching off the heat and lights.

- Alek Wek

Men Collections

It seems only natural to me to present my men's and women's collections together.

- Alessandro Michele

Curly Show

I keep my hair curly and natural because I really just wanna show who I am.

- Alessia Cara

Conquer Processes

To conquer nature is, in effect, to remove all natural barriers and human norms and to substitute artificial, fabricated equivalents for natural processes.

- Alex Campbell

Tension Journalist

The job of a journalist is to find out stuff. The job of the government - sometimes - is to keep stuff secret. There's a natural tension there.

- Alex Gibney

Through Very

Hendrix was a natural genius who played many beautiful styles. Talent as great as his doesn't come through life very frequently. Hendrix was one in a billion.

- Alex Lifeson


Identifying and overcoming natural fear is one of the pleasing struggles intrinsic to climbing.

- Alex Lowe

Imagine Recovering

It's not that hard to imagine the natural world recovering it's health in our absence: it's more difficult, and more necessary, to imagine it recovering its health in our presence.

- Alex Steffen

Given Confuses

The term 'natural resources' confuses people. 'Natural resources' are not like a finite number of gifts under the Christmas tree. Nature is given, but resources are created.

- Alex Tabarrok

Irritating Most

Being natural is one of the most irritating poses I know in people.

- Alexander Theroux

Curiosity Some

Teenagers have a natural curiosity and are keen to clock up experiences. What they need to be wary of is that some experiences may erode their sense of self and lead to a fragmentation of morals.

- Alexandra Adornetto

More Materials

If we have authentic, honest, earthy materials in our houses, we'll be more authentic, honest and natural.

- Alexandra Stoddard

Process Punches

It was a natural process, because when we go to the ring we are human beings, but once you feel the punches and the competition that's when the beast comes out and takes hold of us.

- Alexis Arguello

Laws Natural Laws

Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws. Your choice determines the consequences.

- Alfred A. Montapert

Habits Been

It has been generally the custom of writers on natural history to take the habits and instincts of animals as the fixed point, and to consider their structure and organization as specially adapted to be in accordance with them.

- Alfred Russel Wallace

Good Could

This submission is a restraint of liberty, but could be of no effect as to the good intended, unless it were general; nor general, unless it were natural.

- Algernon Sidney

Think Say

I don't think it's good to say that you won't do certain things, but I don't necessarily have the natural urge to write.

- Alia Shawkat

Voice Think

I have never told a lie or modulated my natural voice... I can't help what people think sounds male or female.

- Alice Hastings Bradley

Therapy Method

Regression to the stage of early infancy is not a suitable method in and of itself. Such a regression can only be effective if it happens in the natural course of therapy and if the client is able to maintain adult consciousness at the same time.

- Alice Miller

Which South

The first and most natural way of lighting the houses of the American colonists, both in the North and South, was by the pine-knots of the fat pitch-pine, which, of course, were found everywhere in the greatest plenty in the forests.

- Alice Morse Earle

Natural World

I try not to invent; I try simply to translate the weird language of the natural world. And I'm not into absolute ownership of things.

- Alice Oswald

Like How

It should be natural, and that's how I like women to look. I like them to feel comfortable and look organic.

- Alice Temperley

Love Which

I love the natural world - it comes from my culture, which grew out of a people enslaved.

- Alice Walker

Future Want

It is natural to want to have a future.

- Alice Walker

Francisco San

If we don't preserve the natural resources, you aren't going to have a sustainable society. This is not something for Chez Panisse and the elite of San Francisco. It's for everyone.

- Alice Waters

Makeup Feels

It's funny because I'm a sucker for glitz and glitter when it comes to clothes and nail polish, but with my makeup, I'm more comfortable with a natural look. It feels more like me.

- Alison Sweeney

Job Acting

It's an acting job - acting natural.

- Alistair Cooke

Here Coached

Kids can really get better quickly. Here's another thing I would like to say: Kids should never be coached by their parents, ever. They should be as natural as possible.

- Allison Jones

Next Becoming

Becoming a father is the natural progression and the next stage after marriage. So the thought of becoming a father is itself an incredible feeling!

- Allu Arjun

Development Very

The very essence of architecture consists of a variety and development reminiscent of natural organic life. This is the only true style in architecture.

- Alvar Aalto

Woman Lives

People need jobs, people need happy and successful lives; there should be marriage between one man and one woman, there should the value of person from conception until natural death.

- Alveda King

Kind Some

It seems natural to me that as a writer, you should have some kind of, you know, there should be some kind of projection that you actually have influenced people who are closest to you.

- Amiri Baraka

Life Which

These are rare moments in an actor's life, where you're put in an environment which is so natural, and you get natural performances.

- Amitabh Bachchan

Like Shut

My natural response to a stressful situation is to shut down. I do weird things, like, I don't cry, I get really cold.

- Amy Adams

Like Prefer

I don't like to look too 'done' - I prefer to look more natural.

- Amy Childs

Love Like

I do love live performing, but I'm not a stand-up naturally, and I don't like the lifestyle of working just in the evenings at clubs and stuff - not a natural gig-er.

- Amy Hoggart

Born Performer

I'm not a natural born performer.

- Amy Winehouse

Love Wounds

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

- Anais Nin

Some Which

There are some things which are so horrific that some people feel they can't do anything about it: that the natural, understandable response is to tune it out.

- Anderson Cooper

My Life Very

Fatherhood is a very natural thing; it's not something that shakes up my life but rather it enriches it.

- Andrea Bocelli

Survive Through

Ideas percolate. Through natural selection, the best ones survive.

- Andrew Lo

Think I Think

I think leadership is most effective when it's your own personality. But I feel like it's a natural progression as a quarterback, as well.

- Andrew Luck

Play Bad

Any time I try to play anything that doesn't come natural, I'm just plain bad.

- Andy Griffith

College Read

As science-fiction was what I read in college, it was natural that I should be tempted to write it. So I did, and continued to do so, even while I was co-authoring mysteries with my husband Evan.

- Ann Maxwell

My Life Posture

Gratitude's not a natural posture. The prince of darkness is ultimately a spoiled ingrate, and I've spent most of my life as kin to the fist-shaker.

- Ann Voskamp

Use Mascara

For a natural look, I just use a little concealer and mascara.

- Anna Ewers

Nothing Wholly

Nothing natural can be wholly unworthy.

- Anna Julia Cooper

Think I Think

I work at the sentences. Many of the things people find distinctive about my writing, I think of as natural.

- Anne Enright

Passionate Always

I am a communicator; that seems to be my natural place. And I'll always be passionate about the world, because it's so bonkers.

- Annie Lennox

Consciousness Very

The inner world is very potent for me - I don't ascribe to any God or Jesus or Buddha - I just have a sense of it and revere it along with the natural world and human consciousness.

- Annie Lennox

Through Which

It is my intention to present - through the medium of photography - intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.

- Ansel Adams

Tendency Organ

When a patient does get an organ from another person, it comes from a different body. It has different properties, and a person's natural tendency is to reject that organ.

- Anthony Atala

Most Six

Most people lose their natural creativity at about five or six - but not me.

- Anthony Browne

Believe Terrific

I was a terrific liar as a child, and I believe my lies. So it's a natural step into acting.

- Anthony Geary


We can bring together rich natural resources, innovative research and development, smart investors, and risk-taking farming and manufacturing entrepreneurs.

- Anthony Pratt

I Remember Half

I remember at the age of, and I'll say this, 10 and a half, 11, I had a natural boy soprano.

- Anthony Warlow

Woman Over

You see a woman, 22 years old, going out with a guy over 60 - and it's kind of natural. But if it happens in the opposite direction everyone says, 'What is going on there?'

- Antonio Banderas

Work Which

One of those things I never exactly cared for was that phobia of appearing to be rich. To become rich is a natural thing, a result of your work, that which you've done.

- Antonio Ermirio de Moraes

Generation Social

My generation was born to work with social media - it's a natural part of our communication with the world.

- Anwar Hadid

Mind Which

The pursuit of natural knowledge, the investigation of the world - mental and material - in which we live, is not a dull and spiritless affair: rather is it a voyage of adventure of the human mind, a holiday for reckless and imaginative souls.

- Archibald Hill

Start Church

Let's start with the church. As you know, it's my background, it's a natural setting for me and it's definitely my roots.

- Aretha Franklin

My Own Like

Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.

- Arianna Huffington

Voice Breaks

When my voice breaks, it recovers automatically. I don't do anything special to maintain my voice. I have a natural voice and don't have to take care of it.

- Arijit Singh

Doing More

I want to be in a more natural state while doing acting.

- Armaan Malik

Farm South

I grew up on a farm, and I had good, natural South Tyrolean food.

- Armin Zoggeler

Gift Putting

Putting is like wisdom - partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.

- Arnold Palmer

Career Image

You must understand, that for a daughter to protect her father's image is natural; Freud built a whole career around it.

- Arnon Goldfinger

Peace Mankind

The forces that are driving mankind toward unity and peace are deep-seated and powerful. They are material and natural, as well as moral and intellectual.

- Arthur Henderson

Mankind Before

Before the discovery of agriculture mankind was everywhere so divided, the size of each group being determined by the natural fertility of its locality.

- Arthur Keith

Creator Certainly

Such an emphasis on the immanence of God as Creator in, with, and under the natural processes of the world unveiled by the sciences is certainly in accord with all that the sciences have revealed since those debates of the nineteenth century.

- Arthur Peacocke

Think I Think

There are people who have comfortable relationships with power and people with natural antagonism to power. I think it's easy to guess where I am in that.

- Arundhati Roy

Goal Here

The goal here is to triple the lifespan of human beings. We can't have triple the natural resources, so we need to be more efficient.

- Arvind Gupta

Superiority Fact

The natural superiority of women is a biological fact, and a socially acknowledged reality.

- Ashley Montagu

Insurance Instinct

No one has any license to brag because he is honest. That should be natural instinct and, besides, if you are not, they put you in jail. Honesty is merely a form of insurance.

- Charles Comiskey

Scientist Could

The pure natural scientist is liable to forget that minds exist, and that if it were not for them he could neither know nor act on physical objects.

- Charles D. Broad

Method Made

It should now be clear why the method of Philosophy is so different from that of the natural sciences. Experiments are not made, because they would be utterly useless.

- Charles D. Broad

More Larger

The clan is nothing more than a larger family, with its patriarchal chief as the natural head, and the union of several clans by intermarriage and voluntary connection constitutes the tribe.

- Charles Eastman

Politics Normal

In physics, to be in two places at the same time would be a miracle; in politics it seems not merely normal, but natural.

- Charles Edison

Doing Means

The idea that seeing life means going from place to place and doing a great variety of obvious things is an illusion natural to dull minds.

- Charles Horton Cooley


The international community lies at the center of the Obama foreign policy. Unfortunately, it is a fiction. There is no such thing. Different countries have different histories, geographies, necessities, and interests. There's no natural, inherent, or enduring international community.

- Charles Krauthammer

Which Musical

MIDI made a natural transition to the PC. The MIDI messages that make up a musical composition can be saved as MIDI files, which are collections of MIDI messages with timing information.

- Charles Petzold