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Me Always

My phone is always in front of me, 24/7.

- Abigail Breslin

Difficult How

You'd be surprised how difficult it is relinquish a cell phone.

- Adrien Brody

Ring Will

There will come a day when the phone doesn't ring as much as it used to.

- Aidan Quinn


I do everything on my phone!

- Aja Naomi King

Want Buried

I want to be buried with a mobile phone, just in case I'm not dead.

- Amanda Holden

Camera Use

I'm technologically an imbecile. But I do use the camera phone!

- Amanda Peet

Wallet Break

I lose my wallet all the time, and I break my phone all the time.

- Anderson Cooper

How Even

I don't even have a cell phone. I don't know how they work.

- Andre Previn

Old The First Thing

As an old reporter, we have a few secrets, and the first thing is we try the phone book.

- Andy Rooney

Myself Book

I have a whole phone book of fallibility about myself.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Going Call

It is so exciting to get a phone call saying you're going to be working on a Disney film.

- Christina Hendricks

Going Happiest

I'm happiest when I'm with my daughter and I don't have any distractions with my phone going off.

- Christina Milian

Call WhatsApp

As long as I can make a phone call and do a WhatsApp, I'm fine.

- Christine McVie

Someone Private

When someone takes a private photo, on a private cell phone, it should remain just that: private.

- Chuck Schumer

Else Anything Else

I collect pictures of adorable puppies on my phone. I have little room for anything else.

- Cory Michael Smith

System Nearly

The Internet is not nearly as fail-safe as the phone system.

- David Filo

Filming Were

When filming for 'Beowulf,' we were close to Hadrian's Wall; there was no phone signal, and the scenery was spectacular.

- David Harewood

World Habits

I have the best habits in the world, and I cannot keep my phone secure.

- John McAfee

Numbers Even

We don't even know our friends' phone numbers anymore.

- John McAfee

Performance Oscar

I was the worst extra, I was 'that' guy. I was the guy on the phone trying to get the Oscar for best extra - for best background performance.

- Jon Favreau

Until Use

I didn't use a phone until I was 14.

- Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Waves Mobile

The mobile phone is not a toy; it's a device that uses radio waves.

- Juhi Chawla

Even Finnish

Even if you buy a Finnish, Korean or American phone - it will be Ericsson on the inside.

- Hans Vestberg

Practice Phone Calls

I practice at home, in between phone calls, and have much to do.

- Bill Bruford

Small Running

Many small businesses are running entire businesses from a mobile phone.

- Brad D. Smith

Russia Cement

Everything in Russia is made of cement - phone booths, fence posts and light bulbs.

- Ian Frazier

Because Consolidated

The phone space is tough because it is consolidated.

- Brian Krzanich

Singing Texts

When a girl finally texts me back, that ding on the phone is like an angel singing.

- Isaiah Mustafa

Number Blows

My phone blows up all the time. I had to change my number.

- Calvin Johnson

Accessible Stories

The rise of the Internet and the camera phone have started to change what stories are accessible.

- Cameron Russell

Planet Our Planet

Phone networks can capture life on our planet.

- Carlo Ratti

World Outside World

My cell phone is my best friend. It's my lifeline to the outside world.

- Carrie Underwood

Computer TV

The iPad - is that a phone or a computer? If I put it on my wall is it a TV?

- Chad Hurley

My Life Pages

I try not to live my life on my phone or my social media pages.

- Jane Levy

Ring Great Thing

That's the great thing about a tractor. You can't really hear the phone ring.

- Jeff Foxworthy

Twitter Notion

I went from rotary phone to Twitter. And was appalled at the notion.

- Jeff Perry

Like Billion

Dropbox is useful to anyone with a phone. That's, like, two billion people.

- Drew Houston

Wink Nod

Don't write anything you can phone. Don't phone anything you can talk. Don't talk anything you can whisper. Don't whisper anything you can smile. Don't smile anything you can nod. Don't nod anything you can wink.

- Earl Long

Play Over

He was so honest you could play craps with him over the phone.

- Earl Wilson

Book Could

People say that I could sing the phone book and make it sound good.

- Edith Piaf

Never Going

I'm going to put on my gravestone, 'He never owned a cell phone.'

- Jesse Ventura

Date Pull

Just don't pull out your phone at all on the first date.

- Jessica Szohr

Away Computer

Sometimes you should just put down the computer, the phone, and walk away.

- Karen Handel

Money Hours

Congressmen spend between five and seven hours a day on the phone, begging for money.

- Eric Massa

Heroes Super

The trouble with super heroes is what to do between phone booths.

- Ken Kesey

Love Surf

I also love to surf the Net and talk on the phone with friends.

- Kiana Tom

More Like

I'm much more into old-world, intimate conversations on the phone. I like to write letters.

- Kimora Lee Simmons

Bible Computer

I don't leave home without my Skullcandy Crushers. I don't leave home without my Bible, without my phone, and without my computer.

- Kyrie Irving

Very Basically

A vlog look is a very specific look, and it's basically a phone look.

- Freddie Wong

Like Many

I, like many people, am constantly on my phone.

- Leelee Sobieski

Teen Idea

My kids idea of a hard life is to live in a house with only one phone.

- George Foreman

Operate Assumption

I just operate on the assumption that all phone conversations are bugged.

- Terry McAuliffe

Given Feature

Android is often given as a free replacement for a feature phone, and the experience isn't as good as an iPhone.

- Phil Schiller

Directors Animators

My respect for animators and animation directors has gone way, way up and it is just not something you can phone in.

- Gore Verbinski

Cell Phone Cell

I don't have a cell phone.

- Gregory Smith

Be Careful Hacker

I've got to be careful what I say but Glenn Mulcaire was a blagger and a phone hacker.

- Thomas Watson, Jr.

Hopeless E-Mail

I'm hopeless by e-mail, by phone, by text.

- Rachel Maddow

Hook Ringing

The filmmakers who I'm pining to work for aren't ringing my phone off the hook.

- Sean Astin


My phone is all ping-ping, eBay alerts.

- Margherita Missoni

Use E-Mail

I don't believe in e-mail. I rarely use a cell phone and I don't have a fax.

- Seth Green

Call Might

Tomorrow you might get a phone call about something wonderful and you might get a phone call about something terrible.

- Regina Spektor

How Otherwise

I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?

- Sharon Stone

Actually Visualise

Did you know that, if you visualise, you can actually hug on the phone?

- Shelley Long

Function iPad

You really can't function without a phone or an iPad.

- Nick Wooster

Boots Able

I won't be able to live without my guitar, my phone or my boots on tour.

- Skylar Laine

Important Product

There's no more important consumer product today than a cell phone.

- Mary Dillon

Like Number

I have a home phone number, and I like it! It's like a throwback already.

- Spike Jonze

Wait Ring

You can't wait and sit for the phone to ring, so I do theater.

- Stephanie Zimbalist

Move Other

We move sometimes. We send messages to each other. We talk on the phone. Tell me, what can we do?

- Walid Jumblatt

News Informational

I live on my phone: I have a bunch of news and informational apps on there.

- Warren Ellis

Phone Number Number

My age and my phone number are both unlisted.

- Robert Osborne

Keep James

David James Elliott and I keep in touch via phone.

- Patrick Labyorteaux

Watch Over

One of my favorite activities as a teen-ager was to watch television over the phone with my best friend.

- Susan Orlean

Mother Never

Never say anything on the phone that you wouldn't want your mother to hear at your trial.

- Sydney Biddle Barrows

Family Book

The joke in our family is that we can cry reading the phone book.

- Ron Reagan

Number Colin

I've got Colin Firth's number in my phone!

- Taron Egerton

Bad Computer

All these gadgets, the phone and the computer, they expose the inside of your brain in a way that's bad.

- Michel Gondry

Country Need

Any country that wants to lower its mobile phone rates, all they need to do is bring in an aggressive player.

- Xavier Niel

Feel Like

I feel like the phone was in my way. So I got rid of the phone to focus.

- Young Thug