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Away Still

A Louisiana politician can't afford to let his animosities carry him away, and still less his principles, although there is seldom difficulty in that department.

- A. J. Liebling

Politics Prefer

I should prefer to have a politician who regularly went to a massage parlour than one who promised a laptop computer for every teacher.

- A. N. Wilson

Visa Iran

If you are a businessman or a politician in Iran, you can get a visa as quickly as you ask for it.

- Abbas Kiarostami


I'm a comedian, not a politician.

- Adam Carolla

Law Doing

All women, regardless of her economic status or racial background, have a right to vote, and no politician or regressive law should prevent her from doing so.

- Al Sharpton

Kid Other

My grandfather was a politician and lived in Washington, D.C., so as a kid, I used to go to D.C. every other weekend.

- Alexandra Daddario

Only Sort

I'm only sort of a politician.

- Alexei Navalny

Right Learned

I've learned in my years as a journalist that when a politician says 'That's ridiculous' you're probably on the right track.

- Amy Goodman

Exist Does

No politician is threatened by the child protective constituency, because it does not exist.

- Andrew Vachss


I'm not a politician. I'm a businessperson.

- Angela Braly

Play Built

I am not a politician. I'm an American businessman and entrepreneur that have built two businesses, and I try to play it straight with people.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Mother Years

My mother was a politician in my formative years.

- Antonia Fraser

Politics Doing

My job is to look at what politics is doing, not be a politician myself.

- Antonio Tabucchi

Politics Lurks

Under every stone lurks a politician.

- Aristophanes

Know Statesman

African-Americans are underrepresented.

- Arlen Specter

Know Statesman

You know, a statesman is a dead politician.

- Arlen Specter

Habits Other

I'm not a politician and my other habits are good.

- Charles Farrar Browne


I'm glad I'm not a politician.

- Chris O'Donnell

Deal Tell

I spread the message of hope and of unity. That's what gets me up in the morning. I can tell you what is wrong, but I can't tell you how to fix it. I'm a raptivist, not a politician. I deal in hope.

- Chuck D

Me Try

To me, a politician's job is to listen to constituents' problems and try to sort them out.

- Jo Brand

Best Mediocrity

We shouldn't accept mediocrity as the best a politician can do.

- Joe Manchin

I Am Am

I am not a professional politician.

- John Bolton

Work Activity

The function of the politician, therefore, is one of continuous watchfulness and activity, and he must have intimate knowledge of details if he would work out grand results.

- John George Nicolay

I Am Comments

I don't usually make political comments, because I am a businessman, not a politician.

- John Gokongwei

I was not a politician.

- John Hewson

Believe Right

A consensus politician is someone who does something that he doesn't believe is right because it keeps people quiet when he does it.

- John Major

Tell Then

I mean if you have ever found a politician who says, 'No, no, I would do everything exactly as I did,' then you can tell when he is lying because his lips are moving.

- John Major

Know Absolutely

I know I'd be an absolutely horrendous politician.

- John Oliver

Anvil Fashions

A politician is the devil's quilted anvil; He fashions all sins on him, and the blows are never heard.

- John Webster

Statesman Skins

The statesman shears the sheep; the politician skins them.

- Austin O'Malley

Weird Lot

It is weird. A lot of people try to ask me political questions. I'm not a politician.

- Barkhad Abdi


When I'm not a politician, I'll be dead.

- Barry Goldwater

Run Profession

I'm a politician. I run for office. That's my profession.

- Bella Abzug

Want Because

I'm not a politician. I don't want to be a politician, because politicians do what is politically expedient. I want to do what's right.

- Ben Carson

Doing Away

The magician and the politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.

- Ben Okri

Function Get

My function in life is not to be a politician in Parliament: it is to get something done.

- Bernadette Devlin

Human Being

I'm not a politician, I'm not an ideologue, I'm not an organizer anymore. I'm a human being sharing ideas, and those ideas have to feel fresh and from my heart and my head, and I have to feel it. You can't force that feeling.

- Hari Kondabolu


The head of NASA ought to be a space professional, not a politician.

- Bill Nelson

Art Vice

The greatest art of a politician is to render vice serviceable to the cause of virtue.

- Henry IV of England

Head Get

I can't get inside the head of a politician today.

- Brian Kilmeade

Explain Cows

There exists no politician in India daring enough to attempt to explain to the masses that cows can be eaten.

- Indira Gandhi

Politics Want

I'm not a politician and don't want any part of politics.

- Calvin Klein

Will Ever

The one word that no politician will ever speak, is 'enough.' Enough.

- Carl Hiaasen

Holy Writ

I'm a politician. What I say is not holy writ.

- Jacob K. Javits

See May

No man can be a politician, except he be first a historian or a traveller; for except he can see what must be, or what may be, he is no politician.

- James Harrington

Mentor Preach

Any politician is to a certain degree a mentor. They preach something.

- Dmitry Medvedev

Socialist Some

'Socialist' is the nastiest thing you can say about an American politician in some quarters.

- Jay McInerney

Work Most

My coach was a great politician, so he did most of the work. He was good.

- Dorothy Hamill

Black Will

The first black president will be a politician who is black.

- Douglas Wilder

Kind Itches

The kind of thing I'm good at is knowing every politician in the state and remembering where he itches. And I know where to scratch him.

- Earl Long

Bill Clinton

There's no smarter politician out there than Bill Clinton.

- Ed Rollins

Want Country

The politician in my country seeks votes, affection and respect, in that order. With few notable exceptions, they are simply men who want to be loved.

- Edward R. Murrow

Both Sides

I'm such a failed politician that all of my rivals have disappeared, on both sides.

- Ehud Barak

I'm an unambitious politician.

- Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia

Show Antiwar

Cindy Sheehan is a clown. There is no real antiwar movement. No serious politician, with anything to do with anything, would show his face at an antiwar rally.

- Karl Rove


In 'The Adjustment Bureau,' Damon shows movie-star concentration as David Norris, a politician whose world ambitions hit a pothole when his angry streak becomes public.

- Elvis Mitchell

I'm not a politician.

- Eric Braeden

I Am Am

I am not a politician.

- Erskine Bowles


I have a political attitude, but I'm certainly not a politician.

- Kgalema Motlanthe

People Duty

Taking care of people is the duty of every politician.

- Ewa Kopacz

Bachelor Remain

A politician ought to be born a foundling and remain a bachelor.

- Lady Bird Johnson

Work Very

In Mexico an air conditioner is called a politician because it makes a lot of noise but doesn't work very well.

- Len Deighton

Matter Part

It's not something that defines me. I'm not a half-Indian politician or a doctor politician or a gay politician for that matter... it is part of my character, I suppose.

- Leo Varadkar

Again Allowed

I believe that summer is our time, a time for the people, and that no politician should be allowed to speak to us during the summer. They can start talking again after Labor Day.

- Lewis Black

Voting Give

Latinos have enough voting power now to decide elections, and every smart politician knows this.We can't afford to give our vote to those who alienate us, but neither to those who take us for granted.

- Lionel Sosa


I'm not a politician or a political expert, but I believe that there are many ways to look at peace.

- Liza Donnelly

Like Very

Voting for a politician is very different then saying you like somebody or don't like somebody.

- Georgina Bloomberg

Dedicated Part

I am not a politician but I have dedicated the biggest part of my professional life to economic policy both in Greece and Europe.

- Lucas Papademos

Private Reagan

Several things about Reagan are unusual in a public man. He was not a typical politician at all, but a private man in public life.

- Lyn Nofziger

Today Yesterday

The politician's promises of yesterday are the taxes of today.

- Mackenzie King


I've never wanted to become a politician, an interior decorator, I've never wanted to speculate and make a load of money. I just wanted this.

- Terence Stamp

I Am Suffer

I am not a politician... I only suffer the consequences.

- Peter Tosh

Paper Course

Of course a politician's promise isn't worth the paper it's written on.

- Russell Pearce

Rain Night

The best time to listen to a politician is when he's on a stump on a street corner in the rain late at night when he's exhausted. Then he doesn't lie.

- Theodore White

Been Antagonism

The antagonism between the poet and the politician has generally been evident in all cultures.

- Salvatore Quasimodo

Truth Image

Appearances are not truth. But every politician knows that his or her image, as well as his or her actions, can make the difference between failure and success.

- Mimi Kennedy

Process Spirit

I'm not a politician or a scholar or political historian. I'm just a photographer who's trying to capture a spirit. It's not an intellectual process; it's an intuitive process.

- Platon

Change Seat

The ability to change one's views without losing one's seat is the mark of a great politician.

- Mo Udall

Needs Set

A Supreme Court justice needs to understand that he is not a politician. He needs to understand that the judiciary is a passive branch of government. His decisions should not proactively seek to set policy.

- Thomas Rex Lee

Believe Needs

I believe that a politician needs to be with people.

- Rahul Gandhi

Like Hundred

If we meet an honest and intelligent politician, a dozen, a hundred, we say they aren't like politicians at all, and our category of politicians stays unchanged; we know what politicians are like.

- Randall Jarrell

Will Tell

When we win, it will tell every politician in America that if you are bold, if you do the right thing, if you tackle the tough issues, there will be people standing there right with you.

- Scott Walker

I Am Being

I am not a politician and I have no intention of being one.

- Sean Connery

Words Away

I've never met a politician I haven't wanted to walk away from, and I've yet to hear a politician speak and actually believe the words coming out of his mouth.

- Ray Winstone

Advantage Bill

Bill Bradley is a serious politician and if Al Gore stumbles seriously, then Bradley is there to take advantage of that.

- Tom Mann

I Am Remember

But remember, I am no politician, and no seer into souls.

- Rebecca Harding Davis


I'm an actor, I'm not a politician.

- Shah Rukh Khan

Save Come

I am the people's politician. If the day should ever come when the people can't save me, I'll know I'm finished.

- Shirley Chisholm


What is inherently wrong with the word 'politician' if the fellow has devoted his life to holding public office and trying to do something for his people?

- Richard J. Daley

Freedom Link

The link between my experience as an entrepreneur and that of a politician is all in one word: freedom.

- Silvio Berlusconi

Will Bought

An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.

- Simon Cameron

Never Intended

I never intended to be a politician or office-seeker.

- Vaclav Klaus

Visibility Like

My personal opinion is that I'm in the media too much. I'm not a politician, I'm a businessman. I would like to be without any extra visibility.

- Viktor Vekselberg

Double Will

A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it.

- Oscar Levant

Career Serve

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the people of West Tennessee, but I never intended to become a career politician.

- Stephen Fincher

Wife Mistresses

You slam a politician, you make out he's the devil, with horns and hoofs. But his wife loves him, and so did all his mistresses.

- Pamela Hansford Johnson

Business Career

I'm not a career politician. I spent 30 years in business. I can tell you that people in California have had it with career politicians: they are done.

- Meg Whitman

Back Sense

It defies all common sense to send that roughneck ward politician back to the White House.

- Robert Taft


I'm an entrepreneur. I'm not a politician.

- Robin Li

Me Will

Any politician who wants to run for president will come to me in a few years.

- Sun Myung Moon