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Pretty Good

Total Quotes : 64
My Life Pretty

I loved playing the guitar and I knew I was pretty good at it, so that's what I wanted to do with my life.

- Ace Frehley

Idiot Pretty

I consider myself a pretty good conversationalist, but you wind up being downgraded to idiot status when you don't speak the language!

- Alec Baldwin

Bad Pretty

In my own life, I'm pretty good at choosing between good and bad. It's the choices between good and good I find the most difficult to make.

- Ally Condie

Happy Pretty

Mornin' ladies, my goodness don't you look happy. Must be cuttin' somebody up pretty good.

- Andy Griffith

Pretty Still

My worst days are still pretty good days. That's something I might lose in the moment sometimes, but I have a pretty good grasp of it.

- Andy Roddick

Pretty About

I'm usually pretty good about meeting people. I try to remember they are human, too!

- Ashley Madekwe

Know Pretty

I know I have pretty good instincts.

- Ashley Tisdale

Pretty Weighs

I'm pretty good at getting things out of the way, especially paperwork. I hate it sitting about, as it somehow weighs me down.

- Cherie Lunghi

Pretty Became

I actually had a dream that one of my friends became president, and I was trying to help out with the campaign. It was pretty good.

- Chris Massoglia

Think Pretty

I'm much softer than people think. I don't present to the world an emotional face. I'm pretty good at self-control, but I am easily moved.

- Christopher Lee

Work Pretty

Two of my sons are themselves filmmakers, and we can't afford them nor they us. They work in the real world and earn money and are pretty good at it.

- D. A. Pennebaker

Nothing Pretty

Look, all administrations, all governments lie, all officials lie and nothing they say is to be believed. That's a pretty good rule.

- Daniel Ellsberg

Pretty Having

She seems to be having a pretty good time despite her worrying. That's Lily.

- Dashiell Hammett

Pretty Been

I loved being back out on the pitch. Although I have not been in full training, I felt pretty good.

- David Ginola

Pretty Whole

I'm feeling pretty good right now, but I hope we can just win the whole thing and I can run off into the sunset and say good-bye.

- David Wells

Pretty Why

We had a pretty good lead, so why push it.

- David Wells

Pretty Town

Chicago is a pretty good town.

- Joe Torre

Say Pretty

But my Arabic is pretty good. It's good enough to have conversations with people, to understand what they say, to understand what they're feeling.

- John Abizaid

Pretty Very

People who've had very unhappy childhoods are pretty good at inventing themselves. If nobody invents you for yourself, nothing is left but to invent yourself for others.

- John le Carre

Pretty Needs

She needs to seem tough, and whatever Hillary's weaknesses, tough is a pretty good word to describe her.

- John Podhoretz

Pretty Over

Over the years, I have developed a pretty good Rolodex.

- John Sculley

Pirate Pretty

Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all.

- Johnny Depp

Cats Pretty

I reckon domesticated cats have a pretty good life.

- Ben Whishaw

Pretty Like

I was a pretty good imitator of Roy Acuff, but then I found out they already had a Roy Acuff, so I started singin' like myself.

- Hank Williams

Pretty Does

Fred Armisen does a pretty good me.

- Bill Hader

Pretty Could

I got about 6037 songs I wrote myself and I'm trying to get them on the market and I just wish people could hear them and stuff but they'll do pretty good.

- Hasil Adkins

Pretty Throw

Dude, I throw a stick. Come on. I get paid a pretty good salary to throw a stick.

- Breaux Greer

Bad Pretty

I'm pretty good with talking to girls if I have an introduction, but I'm the worst at trying to go pick up a girl. I'm really bad at breaking the ice. It's awkward!

- Bryan Greenberg

Pretty Spanish

Well, I'm trilingual myself. I am, I know how to speak Spanish, English, obviously, and I speak pretty good Ebonics.

- Cam Newton

Pretty Made

I was a pretty good fighter. But it was the writers who made me great.

- Jack Dempsey

Pretty Hog

The groundhogs are pretty good at eluding. If somebody is trying to come after a ground hog, they go and they burrow.

- Jack Hanna

Pretty Sell

The first calculators tended to sell for $400 or $500. Today, you can get a pretty good one for 4 or $5.

- Jack Kilby

Pretty Recall

I just have pretty good recall of information.

- Carson Wentz

Creator Pretty

Whenever you have the creator pulling your card and saying they want you to be a part of it, you're in a pretty good position.

- Chad Coleman

Winning Pretty

I have a pretty good record of winning in court.

- Jan Brewer

Voice Pretty

I'm blessed with a pretty good voice. So just sitting back there banging on the tubs wasn't enough.

- Don Henley

Pretty Side

On the playing side, a lot of guys I played under were pretty good managers.

- Don Mattingly

Stop Pretty

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time.

- Edith Wharton

Myself Pretty

I'm pretty good with not being afraid to just go up to people and introduce myself.

- Elle Fanning

Over Pretty

But you know, I have a pretty good relationship with the press and the paparazzi. It's just when they step over the line that, you know, enough's enough.

- Elton John


'Top Model' is pretty good, because it gives these girls an opportunity to chase their passion and possibly get a contract.

- Erik Estrada

Pretty Give

They're pretty good actually, Hall & Oates. I gotta give them credit. They got a lot of toe-tappers.

- Frank Black

Pretty Record

Usually, my track record's pretty good with guys on base.

- Freddie Freeman

Pretty Use

I use a computer. I don't know if that qualifies me as a techie, but I'm pretty good on the computer.

- Leonard Nimoy

Pretty Last

The Jungle Bush Beaters didn't last too long as a group, but we had a pretty good time while we did.

- Levon Helm

Chicken Pretty

I majored in Chinese Studies. I'm probably the only director of chicken Indian zombie movies who can speak pretty good Mandarin.

- Lloyd Kaufman

Pretty Side

I'm pretty good at surprising friends and family with gifts. I tend to go towards the more sentimental side of giving.

- Ryan Reynolds

Play Pretty

I can shoot pool, and I can play ping-pong. I'm pretty good at those games.

- Thelonious Monk

Pretty Maybe

They say Montenegrins are intelligent, and maybe that's why I was pretty good in school.

- Milos Raonic

Pretty Like

I like pasta; it's pretty good. I'll even substitute wheat pasta in there and make it more healthy.

- Prince Fielder

Winner Pretty

I'm a pretty good winner. I'm a terrible loser. And I rub it in pretty good when I win.

- Tom Brady

Pretty Would

If you could train an AI to be a Buddhist, it would probably be pretty good.

- Reid Hoffman

Pretty Might

For people who believe that they can't do it, I hope I'm an inspiration to others to get out there and try swimming. You might be pretty good at it.

- Simone Manuel

Pretty Number

I'm playing pretty good now, but my ranking doesn't say that. I'm number two.

- Vijay Singh

Notes Pretty

There's hardly anything I've ever done that's made me cringe; I've got pretty good pitch, for a start, so I'm not known for hitting bum notes.

- Robert Palmer

Actor Pretty

To do comedy, you have to be a pretty good actor to start with.

- Robert Webb

Poker Pretty

I basically have paid for a piano and a flat-screen television completely with my poker earnings. I'm pretty good at it.

- Robin Weigert

Pretty Seemed

You realize that the first Bryan Ferry album was pretty good although at the time it seemed a bit cheesy.

- Robyn Hitchcock

Pretty Helping

Ultimately I'm the writer for me, but also, anytime one of my friends gets stuck with a bit, they can call me, and I'm pretty good at helping them get there.

- Ron White

Pretty Like

I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of people... that's why I don't like any of them.

- Roseanne Barr

Pretty Dad

Things with my dad were pretty good until I won an Academy Award. He was really loving to me until I got more attention than he did. Then he hated me.

- Tatum O'Neal

Guy Pretty

I did pretty good for a guy who never finished high school and used to yodel at square dances.

- Roy Rogers

Over Pretty

Nobody despises to lose more than I do. That's got me into trouble over the years, but it also made a man of mediocre ability into a pretty good coach.

- Woody Hayes

Always Pretty

I was always pretty good at designing things.

- Yves Rossy