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Thoughts Natural

The encouragement I got from Campbell was a quick check and praise. Once the Space Beagle was launched on its mission, it seemed natural for it to breed additional thoughts.

- A. E. van Vogt

Financial Checking

I wanted to build a tool for my generation: people 20 to 40 who don't want to spend time balancing a checkbook or checking multiple financial institutions' websites. Mint does just that, giving comprehensive, quick insights into a user's finances from their computer, mobile phone and/or tablet.

- Aaron Patzer

Start Perfect

When you really start figuring things out as a quarterback, you realize you don't have to be perfect every time, but you do have to be quick and decisive.

- Aaron Rodgers

Love Honestly

I'd really love to get back into commercials, actually. I love how quick and breezy they are. And honestly, they pay really well.

- Aarti Mann

Say Like

I've heard people say in the U.N. community among mediators they don't like women as mediators because they're too quick to compromise.

- Abigail Disney

Cool Deal

I get angry real quick, but I also cool down just as fast. Albanians don't want to deal with anything in the moment.

- Action Bronson

Around Been

I mean, we sit around and we go, you know, 'Torture doesn't work.' Well, it's been around for 5,000 years. Most stuff that doesn't work goes the way of the dodo pretty quick, like waterbeds and 8-tracks and things like that.

- Adam Carolla

New Very

When I walked in to read with Edie Falco, it was nice, because I auditioned in New York, and it was very quick. You walk in, there's Edie, the producers, the director, and a camera. I read three scenes, and it was done.

- Adam Ferrara

Here Other

When takers talk about mistakes, they're usually quick to place the blame on other people. Givers are more likely to say 'Here's the mistake I made; I learned the following from it. Here are the steps I'm taking to make sure I don't let people down in the future.'

- Adam Grant

Aim Communicate

AIM was so quaint, it organized users around 'buddy lists.' In a time before smartphones, AIM was powerful and intoxicating, a way for a generation that once had called people on the phone to communicate in quick bursts from their computers.

- Adam Lashinsky

Been Last Year

Ever since I did that 57.9 last year, the Americans have been analysing me in detail. You can see on the swimming web pages. They are breaking it down in every detail. How many strokes I take. How quick I am in and out of the wall.

- Adam Peaty

Big Couple

I did a couple quick things with Nicole Kidman, and I really loved that. She was a really cool person to chat with and had a really lovely presence on set. I'm a big admirer of her work. It's amazing the volume of work she does.

- Adam Scott

Independent Very

In television, you make an hour-long episode every seven days; we used to make 'Party Down' in four days per episode. It's quick and with independent movies is the same: you gotta keep moving. It's very similar.

- Adam Scott

Pants Which

We only have one agenda, which is to make 'em laugh their pants off. Unless they are girls, of course, when it is to make them laugh their bras off so we can get a quick look.

- Adrian Edmondson

Some Been

A guy like Bruce Lee, I've always been a fan. How he used to be able to move and be so quick. You look at some of the exercises that he did, and it was all majority free weight, like standing on your hands. That works every muscle. Everything is firing.

- Adrian Peterson

Understand Own

I understand how a first impression is often just that: a quick snapshot that, on its own merit, is meaningless.

- Adriana Trigiani

Blame Everyone

Everyone's quick to blame the alien.

- Aeschylus

Doing Having

So much of a stand-up's life is doing live radio and having to be funny and quick on the spot with these strangers, and sort of surgical in terms of how funny I can be in three minutes.

- Aisha Tyler

Work Still

There is no quick fix. At the end of the day, you still have to do the work to maintain your weight. It can't be a diet. You have to change your life.

- Al Roker

Optimistic Most

At the end of 2000, most investors were optimistic that a return to quick gains could not be far off.

- Alex Berenson

Checking Offers

Make the most of online banking to make your life easier and keep your finances organized. Online banking is great because it offers quick, easy, 24-hour access to your checking and savings accounts.

- Alexa Von Tobel

I Think Big

I'm a big fan of being able to hold those long shots and use space. I don't know, I think everything's so quick cut these days, as if films are too afraid that the audience is going to get bored instead of relaxing and trusting their work.

- Alice Englert

Back Engaged

The relationship with the words someone uses is more intimate and integrated than just a quick read and a blurb can ever be. This intimacy - the words on the page being sent back and forth from engaged editor to open author - is unique in my experience.

- Alice Sebold

Cool Some

The crazy colors tend to wash out so quick. Basically, it ensures that you never wash your hair, so it starts to do some cool stuff.

- Alison Mosshart

Give Tendency

When you have kids, there's a tendency to put the marriage stew on the back burner and give it a quick stir now and then. But it's important to remember why you had children with this person.

- Allison Pearson

Audience Making

If you like quick put-downs and aggressive interactions with the audience, you will probably not enjoy the rambles of an unusual character act making jokes about cats for an hour.

- Amy Hoggart

Perfect Fit

We live in a social world now, and there's no denying the power that Twitter has yielded across all verticals. Sports is a perfect fit because fans are highly emotionally charged and things happen quick.

- Amy Jo Martin

Workout Floors

A nice quick workout is the stairs; it takes me five minutes to do 24 floors.

- Amy Jo Martin

I Think Your

I'm not a good storyteller. I always think I'm going to get interrupted, or something's going to get edited. I think that comes from being in a large family, so you have to get your story in really quick or someone cuts you off.

- Amy Sedaris

My Life Had

I didn't start playing drums until I was 12, for school band; they didn't have any saxophones left. My step-pops had a kit at the house, and I had never done anything that I understood so quick. It was so natural. It was the most fun and consistent thing in my life.

- Anderson Paak

Hours Which

It takes between three and six hours to make each snowball, depending on snow quality. Wet snow is quick to work with but also quick to thaw, which can lead to a tense journey to the cold store.

- Andy Goldsworthy

Big Production

When I get back with band, the lights, and the whole production, that's me with the full artillery. A quick radio performance keeps me sharp for the big show.

- Andy Grammer

Think Rant

I'd think of a topic and just rant on it and transfer it to the computer, upload it. It's such a quick thing. You post it on your website and after an hour, 10 people write comments.

- Andy Milonakis

Game Career

My speed is something that has made a difference to my whole career. When I've felt quick and I'm moving well, it makes a huge difference to my entire game. When I feel a bit slower, I end up doing a lot more defending. When I'm a bit quicker to the ball, I feel I can attack a lot more.

- Andy Murray

Makeup Behind

Actors' performances in films are enhanced in a million different ways, down to the choice of camera shot by the director - whether it's in slow motion or whether it's quick cut - or... the choice of music behind the close-up or the costume that you're wearing or the makeup.

- Andy Serkis

Need Away

People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly.

- Andy Warhol

Me Stretch

What is really a stretch to me is to make quick decisions.

- Ang Lee

Very Southern

My very sassy, older southern sister is very quick to point out that it's a luxury that my daughter gets to come to work with me. She does, and I have lunch with her every single day. My mom says I have 'high class problems.'

- Angela Kinsey

Beauty Always

As a busy working mom I'm always pressed for time, so a quick and easy beauty routine is key!

- Angela Kinsey

Eye Very

The eye is a very quick instrument, much quicker than the ear. The eye gets it immediately.

- Anish Kapoor

Constant Movie

Press junkets are incredibly annoying. You sit in a chair for three to six hours and have different journalists shuttle in for three minutes at a time, asking cheesy movie questions to get a quick sound bite - and that's their only objective. You can't really move or eat. You're just stuck there. It's pressure, constant pressure.

- Annabella Sciorra

Through Clutter

There is an explosion of information happening, yet people demand quick access to relevant content that cuts through the clutter.

- Anne M. Mulcahy

I Am Someone

I am dating, but it is hard to find someone quick enough and funny enough. I am quite demanding.

- Anne Robinson

Attract Tries

Quick condemnation of all that is not ours, of views with which we disagree, of ideas that do not attract us, is the sign of a narrow mind, of an uncultivated intelligence. Bigotry is always ignorant, and the wise boy, who will become the wise man, tries to understand and to see the truth in ideas with which he does not agree.

- Annie Besant

Subversive Large

It has now become the doctrine of a large clan of politicians that political honesty is unnecessary, slow, subversive of a man's interests, and incompatible with quick onward movement.

- Anthony Trollope

Rather Making

I would rather fall flat on my face than try to just make a quick dollar by making music that fits into the radio format right now. It does nothing for me.

- Ariel Rechtshaid

Friendship Slow

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.

- Aristotle

Hope Deceived

Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope.

- Aristotle

Doing Very

India has a very young population which is comfortable doing business on a screen than do it one on one with a banking executive. They want quick fulfilment of desires, and may not have the time to go to a bank to get things done. Many of them are comfortable working from home.

- Arundhati Bhattacharya

Play Game

You have more time to make the play at second base than shortstop. That's why the game's more quick.

- Asdrubal Cabrera

Through Need

I need quick, easy, and healthy meals that can power me through the day. I also try to eat locally grown and organic food as much as possible - it's the best for me and the environment.

- Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

Childhood Always

My mom told me as a youngster I was always intellectual, like as far as being able to adapt fast and quick. But I had a fun childhood, went to regular school.

- Chris Brown

Banana Pinch

In a pinch, when my leather shoes need a quick shine, I take the inside of a banana peel and rub it on the leather like I would a shoe wax. Then I spit-shine it and buff it with a cloth, and my shoes look great.

- Chris Diamantopoulos

High Had

When I was in high school, I ran hurdles, but I was really short, so I'd barely clear them. I was pretty quick, but I had little legs, so I had to take 50 steps in between each hurdle.

- Chris Kirkpatrick

Boss Dozens

As a book editor, you need to pitch every one of your books again and again, dozens of times, for months on end. From a quick conversation with your boss or a letter that'll be read by just one person, to a five-minute speech in front of 50 colleagues or cover copy that'll be in front of millions of eyes.

- Chris Pavone

Some However

When Proposition 8 passed in California, some were quick to blame minority voters, some of whom had voted for both President Obama and Proposition 8; however, these claims were later debunked as being overstated.

- Christine Pelosi

Explain Very

Often as a child you see someone with a learning disability or Down's Syndrome and my mum and dad were always very quick to explain exactly what was going on and to be in their own way inclusive and welcoming.

- Christopher Eccleston

Weight Putting

Putting on weight for me is really, really hard. If I stop lifting, or if I stop eating, I get skinny really quick.

- Christopher Gorham

Other Very

But I try to steal other moments. Sometimes I get up very early in the morning and enjoy a quiet house and cup of tea before the craziness begins. Other times, I'll take a quick walk on the beach. You can find peace in a few minutes.

- Cindy Crawford

Work I Was Born

When I was born, the economy wasn't in a great state; it was the Depression, and my father had to be quick to try and find work.

- Clint Eastwood

Brothers Other

My brothers and sister and me grew up making fun of each other, the way we'd speak or move. When we get together, everyone's funny, quick, loud, and speaks on top of each other. It was like a great comedy school; nothing is precious.

- Colman Domingo

Other Very

My only qualifications to be an actor were that I'm daring, and I'm a quick learner. I've always learnt by watching what other people do. It's the same with my writing. I write what I know. Structurally, I write in a very undisciplined way.

- Colman Domingo

Back About

The more you know about somebody's back story, the deeper you can delve into that well, and the more your comedic choices resonate full-body instead of just being quick, quippy one-liners that are just like a bunch of people trying to be clever. Because after a while, cleverness is just really obnoxious!

- Constance Wu

Very Leukemia

My mum died of leukemia when I was in high school - she lost her life at 40. It was very hard, and I didn't do that much in Chicago after that. I actually sat around and didn't do anything for three years. I didn't know what I wanted to do anymore because my everything was gone. I was a mama's boy, and I had to turn into a man real quick.

- Cory Hardrict

Hussein Bush

Democrats were quick to point out that President Bush's budget creates a 1 trillion dollar deficit. The White House quickly responded with 'Hey, look over there, it's Saddam Hussein.'

- Craig Kilborn

Which Very

Employees will tolerate a lot from a great manager. But employees are very quick to leave a manager. The manager is the way in which all broader initiatives are translated and filtered and make sense to individual employees.

- Curt Coffman

Over Meet

The only way for writers to meet is to share a quick peek over a common lamp-post.

- Cyril Connolly

Hands Very

I found the hedge-fund guys I met all to be very, very concentrated listeners - watchful and articulate and quick to defend, if needed. They all seemed to have this contained sitting posture. The legs, if they weren't crossed at right angles, tended to be close over the knee, their hands put together.

- Damian Lewis

Everyone Deals

Everyone wants quick deals. They don't want to invest.

- Dan Gertler

Everyone Deals

Everyone comes with dreams and illusions and promises. Everyone wants quick deals. They don't want to invest.

- Dan Gertler

Sound Hiring

In a world where people are hungry for quick fixes and sound bites, for instant gratification, there's no patience for the long, slow rebuilding process: implementing after-school programs, hiring more community workers to act as mentors, adding more job training programs in marginalized areas.

- Dan Hill

Hollywood Before

As an actor, you don't want to be typecast, because Hollywood is so quick to put you in things that you've succeeded in before.

- Danny McBride

Impossible Been

This illness made it impossible for me to give my best effort to our audience, but now that it's been identified, I'm looking forward to a complete, quick recovery and to get back out there with John as soon as possible.

- Daryl Hall

Some Wins

You need some quick wins in order to stay pumped enough to get out of debt completely.

- Dave Ramsey

Will Need

That's one of the good things about being recognisable - if you need a quick escape, the cabbies will take care of you.

- David Hasselhoff

Mind Doing

I mean, if you asked me what I'm going to be doing when I'm 85, I'd make a quick picture in my mind and, well, I'll be singing.

- David Johansen

Want Solutions

Americans are pragmatic; we want quick, clean, simple solutions to vast problems. The paradox is that we're a deeply confessional culture, but we're not often contemplative.

- David Means

Think Nine

As a matter of fact, I am an uncle. I have nine nephews and nieces. I'm not sure if they think I'm all that quick with a quip. But I'm quick with a spank.

- Dean Norris

Doing Controls

If you're doing a large, complicated character with radio controls, it might take a number of people several months to make it and if you're talking about a quick little hand puppet, it could be made in 2 days, so there's enormous range there, and no real easy generalities.

- Jim Henson

More Level

The lyrics came out of necessity. When we started writing the record, we started in a more fusion environment and that got boring really quick and that wasn't what we were about on an organic level.

- Jimmy Chamberlin

Means Hit

If you're looking for a quick hit, that means you're looking for something disposable.

- Jimmy Iovine

Small Doing

Mr. Romney is quick to uphold rules great and small. During primary debates, when his rivals spoke out of turn or exceeded their allotted time, he would sometimes lecture them. When supporters ask Mr. Romney to sign dollar bills or American flags, he refuses and often gives them a little lesson about why doing so is against the law.

- Jodi Kantor

Sometimes Umpires

Umpires sometimes have a quick trigger.

- Joe Torre

Big Frank

When I was 16 years old, my brother Frank said, 'You'd better become a catcher, because you're too big and fat to do anything else.' Well, I took his advice. It was a quick way to get to the big leagues, and I've never regretted it.

- Joe Torre

Time Genius

Who makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudence.

- Johann Kaspar Lavater

Simple Formulas

Many self-help books give you these neat, tidy formulas that are really illusions. They dupe people into thinking, 'Well if I can just do that, then everything's going to be okay.' My work differs in that I don't offer quick solutions and simple explanations.

- John Bradshaw

Next Careers

Rodeo careers can end without warning, as quick as the next try at an eight-second ride.

- John Branch

Want Films

I won't make shorthand films, because I don't want to manipulate audiences into assuming quick, manufactured truths.

- John Cassavetes

Very Novelty

In my experience, not just in shooting films but in the commercials I've done, initially, it's very exciting for the community, and its a real novelty. Very quickly, though, they realize there's a buck to be had, and it becomes annoying, and they lose their patience pretty quick.

- John Curran

Through Having

When quick results are imperative, the manipulation of the masses through symbols may be the only quick way of having a critical thing done.

- John Grierson

Been Closely

We have closely monitored the ups and downs of recruiting and retention trends for many years and have been quick to sound the alarm when challenges came into view.

- John M. McHugh

Doing Very

I have occasionally - if ever I do interviews that are difficult or nerve-wracking - I take my wife's dog tags and have them in my pocket because it's a very quick way to realize that what I'm doing is not that important. It's not really worth getting stressed about because it's not, you know, war.

- John Oliver

Pay Attention Some

Some people will go for the quick joke and not pay attention to the consequences.

- John Ross Bowie

Politics Republicans

Once the cry and the cause of a generation of progressives to make America safer, fairer and cleaner, 'regulation' is now a dirty word in our politics. Even Democrats are quick to talk about cutting regulations; Republicans hate them with - how to put it? - evangelical fervor.

- Jon Meacham

College Study

I started in high school to be interested in music and from there, I decided to study in college. Yeah, you're right, I did start late, but luckily, because of my schooling, I picked up a lot of ground pretty quick.

- Jon Secada

Thought Use

I refuse to go into a fast-food outlet - to use the toilet even - in case anyone got the wrong idea and thought I was sneaking in a quick burger.

- Jonny Wilkinson

Never Efforts

I was never a quick writer, but composed with great care and efforts.

- Joseph Haydn

I Think Nepotism

I think, so often, people go quick to that nepotism: 'I should be OK; my cousin's a producer. I can get into the movie.' How about audition, earn the part, and feel confident in knowing that the director felt you were the right person for the job versus hiring you because you know somebody?

- Jovan Adepo

Define Easiest

People are real quick to jump at the easiest way to define you.

- Judge Reinhold

Love Deep

A wonderful quality about America is that we love redemption stories. We're quick to lash out and assign blame, but we also draw from deep reservoirs of forgiveness.

- Judy Smith