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Understand Realise

It is up to God to reveal a religion, but up to us to understand and realise it.

- Abdolkarim Soroush

Next Code

I wanted to reveal how genetic code is translated into protein. I knew a great application could be for antibiotics, since half of the useful ones target the ribosomes, but I didn't believe I could contribute to it. It was like the next Mount Everest to conquer. It was my dream to contribute something to humanity.

- Ada Yonath

Alzheimer Deal

People's genes can say a great deal about their health. There are genes that reveal an increased likelihood of getting cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer's.

- Adam Cohen

Curiosity Concept

Curiosity - the rover and the concept - is what science is all about: the quest to reveal the unknown.

- Ahmed Zewail

Parent Been

Parents don't reveal how often they have bitten their tongue, fought back the tears, or been too tired to take off their clothes after a day of childcare. The parent loves, but they do not expect the favour to be returned in any significant way.

- Alain de Botton

Rule Go

I was told one time never to go longer than an hour in an interview because you reveal yourself too much, but I never follow that rule.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Hidden Other

Among the thousand-and-one faces whereby form chooses to reveal itself to us, the one that fascinates me more than any other, and continues to fascinate me, is the structure hidden in mathematical things.

- Alexander Grothendieck

Independence Shop

In retrospect, I have come to recognise just how astounding my mother was during our childhood. She kept a woodwork shop and made beautiful furniture, as well as raising the pair of us in a society dominated by men. There really is nothing like war to reveal the power of patriarchy, but she always retained her independence.

- Alexandra Fuller

Coherent Acts

The acts of the human race on the world's stage have doubtless a coherent unity, but the meaning of the vast tragedy enacted will be visible only to the eye of God, until the end, which will reveal it perhaps to the last man.

- Alfred de Vigny

Incentives Matching

In a paper called 'The Economics of Matching: Stability and Incentives,' I showed that there were not any mechanisms that would always both produce a stable matching and make it completely safe for all firms and workers to reveal their true preferences.

- Alvin E. Roth

About Part

I've never interviewed anyone where I set out to try to persuade them to reveal something. Instead, it's about creating a space that allows someone to be authentic without judgment on my part.

- Amanda de Cadenet

My Life I Think

At different times in my life, I've made grand statements like, 'I want these many kids, and I want them by this age.' I think, with every year that goes by, I accept that I don't know when it's going to happen or how it's going to happen. I'll just take it one day at a time, and when I'm ready, I'll be ready. It'll reveal itself, I guess.

- America Ferrera

Acceptable Iota

The director's task is to recreate life, its movement, its contradictions, its dynamic and conflicts. It is his duty to reveal every iota of the truth he has seen, even if not everyone finds that truth acceptable.

- Andrei Tarkovsky

Impact Rather

Opinion pages have an impact on public debate, and they sometimes reveal things the government would rather have kept quiet.

- Andrew Rosenthal

Past Mysteries

The problem is that even as you reveal the mysteries in your past, you are accumulating them in the present; complete honesty is the stuff of post-mortem, not autobiography.

- Andrew Solomon

Atheism Which

But after he was pleased to reveal himself to me I did presently, like Abraham, run to Hagar. And after that he did let me see the atheism of my own heart, for which I begged of the Lord that it might not remain in my heart.

- Anne Hutchinson

Emotions Other

No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.

- Ansel Adams

Which Include

Mysteries, like the Masonic rites, are ones parents and elders are sworn not to reveal to the uninitiated, which include all children. And so we sought for signs.

- Anthony Hecht

Life Begins

It may interest you to know that my breakup with Terry and this mystery did not happen concurrently in real life. That is a writer's device, which places Gabriel under even greater pressure when the mystery begins to reveal itself.

- Armistead Maupin

Ever Amount

No amount of thought can ever reveal what comes unexpectedly.

- Arthur Erickson

Dancing Hidden

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.

- Charles Baudelaire

Think Which

Do you think that God will punish them for not practicing a religion which he did not reveal to them?

- Charles de Secondat


A rare experience of a moment at daybreak, when something in nature seems to reveal all consciousness, cannot be explained at noon. Yet it is part of the day's unity.

- Charles Ives

Hidden Angles

The conductor must breathe life into the score. It is you and you alone who must expose it to the understanding, reveal the hidden jewel to the sun at the most flattering angles.

- Charles Munch

Better Than

You've got to express yourself in life, and it's better out than in. What you reveal, you heal.

- Chris Martin

Very Movie

There are movies where actors aren't characters but movie stars, being cool beyond belief throughout the whole movie. That is what it is. And we reveal ourselves when we act, very often without noticing. But if I can manage to do a character without showing anything of myself, then that's the ultimate goal for me. No leakage.

- Christian Bale

Through Projects

We are probably the only artists in the world who have a 2,000-page book on a work of art that doesn't exist. But in this way, these projects reveal their identity through this whole process. When I'm starting, I only have the slightest idea of how the work of art will exist.

- Christo

Deny Waits

To him that waits all things reveal themselves, provided that he has the courage not to deny, in the darkness, what he has seen in the light.

- Coventry Patmore

Sometimes Feel

It is hard being a football loather, a football unfan. I sometimes feel as lonely as the sole survivor in the last reel of a Zombie film, as, one by one, old friends reveal themselves, with their glassy stares and outstretched arms, to have succumbed to the lure.

- Craig Brown

Thought Guy

I'd always thought that, in all the great sci-fi constructs, there's always the guy who seems like he's the commander, but then you reveal that there's an even bigger puppet master up above and beyond him.

- Dan Fogelman

Truth Laws

Science is the ultimate tool to reveal the laws of nature, and the one word written on its banner is Truth.

- Dan Shechtman

Through Notes

In comics, there are depths that don't reveal themselves immediately, and the stuff that you might consider anal about 'Watching the Watchmen' - like the notes where I plot the rotation of a perfume bottle through the air - might not be particularly obvious to anyone who reads it.

- Dave Gibbons

Play Mood

Actors are hard to photograph because they never want to reveal who they are. You don't know if you're getting a character from a Chekhov play or a Polanski film. It depends what mood they're in.

- David Bailey

Magicians Ethic

It is the unspoken ethic of all magicians to not reveal the secrets.

- David Copperfield

Prove Least

One of the least appealing aspects of modern presidential candidates is that, to avoid saying anything that might prove to be an embarrassing, costly blunder, they cling to a rigid set of talking points that reveal as little as possible about what they really think and who they really are.

- David Horsey

Always Inviting

A real conversation always contains an invitation. You are inviting another person to reveal herself or himself to you, to tell you who they are or what they want.

- David Whyte

Natural Disaster

Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster.

- Jim Wallis

Processes Means

People reveal so much of their mental processes online, simply because the psychological effect of anonymity just means that a whole raft of inhibitions are left alone when people log on.

- Joanne Harris

Artist Willing

The most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you have to. As an artist, I feel that we must try many things - but above all we must dare to fail. You must be willing to risk everything to really express it all.

- John Cassavetes

Thought Private

I thought if I wanted people to take me seriously, I needed to act serious and not reveal too much of my private life so people could seriously accept me in different things.

- John Corbett

Fate Before

Seek not to know what must not be reveal, for joy only flows where fate is most concealed. A busy person would find their sorrows much more; if future fortunes were known before!

- John Dryden

Character His

To me, Shakespeare uses the supernatural elements to reveal his character's inner desires and fears.

- John Foster

Sometimes Tonight

History keeps her secrets longer than most of us. But she has one secret that I will reveal to you tonight in the greatest confidence. Sometimes there are no winners at all. And sometimes nobody needs to lose.

- John le Carre

Pain Consciousness

In this cry of pain the inner consciousness of the people seems to lay itself bare for an instant, and to reveal the mood of beings who feel their isolation in the face of a universe that wars on them with winds and seas.

- John Millington Synge

Character May

It is not true that drink changes a man's character. It may reveal it more clearly.

- John Osborne

New Almost

Almost any poll of regular churchgoers will reveal that their favorite book in the New Testament is the Gospel of John. It is the book that is most often used at Christian funerals.

- John Shelby Spong

Unconscious Very

Games sometimes can reveal things. To watch someone in movement, unconscious movement, can be very stimulating and revealing, whether they win or not.

- John Turturro

Love Mirror

When you write about animals, of course, you are really writing about the people who love and live with them. Animals mirror and reveal us. Dogs in particular are often reflections of us, and what we need them to be.

- Jon Katz

Part Very

I was one of those kids who kept trying on different skins in high school. I was very afraid to be myself around all of these kids, to really reveal any part of myself that was true, so I would try on different skins, try on different masks, hoping I'd hit on one that was cool or quirky or interesting enough that suddenly I would be OK.

- Jordan Gavaris

Through Telling

I'm interested in telling a story about a gay man and what he's going through as an artist and as a lonely, single gay man. I want to reveal what I know about loneliness.

- Jordan Gavaris

Which Reader

Sequencing - the careful striptease by which you reveal information to the reader - matters in an article, but it is absolutely essential to a book.

- Joshua Foer

Why Abraham Lincoln

When I was a child I had a crush on Abraham Lincoln. Why I would choose to reveal this, I know not.

- Julia Roberts

Away Peeling

Acting is like peeling an onion. You have to peel away each layer to reveal another.

- Juliette Binoche

Great His

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.

- Benjamin Disraeli

Deal Own

I own that it is a good deal of a mystery to me how judges, of all persons in the world, should put their faith in dicta. A brief experience on the bench was enough to reveal to me all sorts of cracks and crevices and loopholes in my own opinions when picked up a few months after delivery and reread with due contrition.

- Benjamin N. Cardozo

Other Before

There is no cure for prions. They are a protein-based disease that, among other things, targets and transforms your brain. The symptoms reveal themselves differently in each host, and you might go months or you might go years before you realize you're infected.

- Benjamin Percy

Like Spontaneously

I like going into a scene knowing that the script isn't quite finished, that there's something that isn't really going to reveal itself until something spontaneously occurs.

- Bennett Miller

Other Otherwise

As a filmmaker, you're looking to reveal something. When other people relate to it, it makes an otherwise lonely world a little less lonely.

- Bennett Miller

Existence Away

The most frightening pages of history are those which reveal how easily conditions making a desert of the human spirit may come into existence, with the oozings away of incentive and kindliness in our natural social structure.

- Haniel Long

Living Creator

Life is a miracle, and we need to not fear trying to achieve our potential and reveal the remarkable creation we and all living things are and that our Creator has built into us the ability to induce self-healing.

- Bernie Siegel

Love Other

If God wishes to reveal the love that he harbors for the world, this love has to be something that the world can recognize, in spite of, or in fact in, its being wholly other.

- Hans Urs von Balthasar

Answers About

Whenever I'm confused about something, I ask God to reveal the answers to my questions, and he does.

- Beyonce Knowles

Disconnect Likely

Leaks are not the problem; they are the symptom. They reveal a disconnect between what people want and need to know and what they actually do know. The greater the secrecy, the more likely a leak.

- Heather Brooke

Proper Manner

When conducted with proper preparation, and in a focused and professional manner, oversight of executive branch actions can reveal serious shortcomings by government officials and help prevent recurrence; the 'Waco hearings,' conducted over a two-week period in 1995, stand as an example of such an undertaking.

- Bob Barr

Sports Character

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

- Heywood Broun

Fact Scheme

The most casual examination will reveal the fact that all the jokes about the horrible results of masculine cooking and sewing are written by men. It is all part of a great scheme of sex propaganda.

- Heywood Broun

Months Polaroid

The days, months, and years eventually reveal, like a Polaroid, a clear picture of how significant events and decisions ultimately shape our lives.

- Hoda Kotb

Water Pounding

I just did an interview where I was asked whether I drink beer or whisky, and I was sad to reveal that I'm pounding spring water.

- Brad Delson

Feel About

Singing is an incredible expression and something that is important to me, but where I feel comfortable with how much I reveal about myself is acting. I enjoy the characters, the costumes, the wigs and just being a chameleon.

- Brie Larson

Back Curtains

We are all just little dolls of ourselves. Who occasionally pull back the curtains to reveal the real us.

- Bruce Eric Kaplan

Bad Bad Stuff

It's just like any relationship, the more contained the environment, the more the good stuff appears and the more the bad stuff will reveal itself.

- Bruce Greenwood

Test Humanness

I've learned that to expose yourself, to reveal yourself is a test of your humanness.

- Isabelle Adjani

Some Types

We should like to have some towering geniuses, to reveal us to ourselves in colour and fire, but of course they would have to fit into the pattern of our society and be able to take orders from sound administrative types.

- J. B. Priestley

Romanticism Primal

High Romanticism shows you nature in all its harsh and lovely metamorphoses. Flood, fire and quake fling us back to the primal struggle for survival and reveal our gross dependency on mammoth, still mysterious forces.

- Camille Paglia

Go Enchanting

The enchanting charms of this sublime science reveal only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it.

- Carl Friedrich Gauss

Beginning Like

Like the sand and the oyster, it's a creative irritant. In each poem, I'm trying to reveal a truth, so it can't have a fictional beginning.

- Carol Ann Duffy

Myself Almost

If I ask my actors to bare themselves, to reveal themselves as almost naked, I have to bare myself, expose myself as well. That's what creates excitement.

- Jacques Audiard

Behind Around

The Memorial Finder covers the gap. It tells you the specific panel and number where you can find an individual but begins to reveal the connections between the names themselves. As you move around the site itself, a smartphone app will reveal adjacencies as well as the stories behind the names.

- Jake Barton

Tell About

I do think people do pick movies that reveal something about them that they aren't always aware of. If you ask them what kind of an actor they think they are, they'll probably tell you something different than what they've actually done.

- Casey Affleck

Still Some

Things are never crystal clear, but at some point, they reveal themselves to you. You just hope it happens when you're still on set.

- Casey Affleck

Man Circumstances

Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him.

- James Allen

Here Very

It's important to ask yourself, How am I useful to others? What do people want from me? That may very well reveal what you are here for.

- James Hillman

Man Circumstances

Circumstances do not determine a man, they reveal him.

- James Lane Allen

Easy Records

My favorite records are not easy - they're not records that reveal everything to you the first time out.

- James Vincent McMorrow

College Average

Although professors regard improving critical thinking as the most important goal of college, tests reveal that seniors who began their studies with average critical thinking skills have progressed only from the 50th percentile of entering freshmen to about the 69th percentile.

- Derek Bok

Committee Include

The Committee's review of a series of intelligence shortcomings, to include intelligence prior to 9/11 and the pre-war intelligence on Iraq, clearly reveal how vital a diverse intelligence workforce is to our national security.

- Jane Harman

My Life Very

You know, I've sung a lot of emotional songs in my life, but when you're writing it yourself, it's very difficult to decide what to reveal.

- Diana Krall

Time Does

There are no secrets that time does not reveal.

- Jean Racine

Reasonable Concept

All comparisons between America's current place in the world and anything legitimately called an empire in the past reveal ignorance and confusion about any reasonable meaning of the concept empire, especially the comparison with the Roman Empire.

- Donald Kagan

Week Been

But even after the first week, when Hart got out of the presidential race because of the Washington Post's threat to reveal a long-term relationship Hart had apparently been having with a prominent Washington woman, the media continued to embellish my past.

- Donna Rice

Faking Attentive

A single moment spent in a business meeting or at a pub is more than enough to reveal the basic human truth that we are all faking it most of the time. We congratulate a rival on a triumph when actually we are choking on spite. We are cordial and attentive to crashing bores.

- Jeff Lindsay

Birthday Free Time

Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time.

- Douglas Coupland

Love Nature

God, to redeem us at the deepest portion of our nature - the urge to love and be loved - must reveal His nature in an incredible and impossible way. He must reveal it at a cross.

- E. Stanley Jones

Argument Meant

Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it.

- Edward de Bono

Love Own

One of the things I love about acting is that it reveals a certain something about yourself, but it doesn't reveal your own personal story.

- Jessica Lange

Comparison Laws

That is to say, nature's laws are causal; they reveal themselves by comparison and difference, and they operate at every multivariate space/time point.

- Edward Tufte

Help Personally

You can't help but reveal your bias, and you can't but invest personally in any story that you tell.

- Edward Zwick

Away Some

I like to reveal people with some of the niceties of social behavior stripped away and the moral, ethical, and political issues are revealed.

- Edward Zwick

I Think Tries

I think shrinks are interesting to write about because you get to see what the character chooses to reveal, and what behaviors or stances the character tries out on the shrink that might not be part of the character's make-up outside of that room. It's an emotional test-kitchen.

- Jill Davis

Brought Reveals

The Gospel of Thomas claims to be the secret sayings of Jesus. There are 114 of them, so it says many things, but the central message is that Jesus is the one who reveals the divine light that brought the universe into being, and that you and I also reveal that light.

- Elaine Pagels