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Reason I Think

I got really into Martin Scorsese as a teenager, so then it was kind of the whole reason I wanted to be an actor. Just like tons of young actors, I think, get freaked out by the Scorsese/DeNiro movies. I loved all his movies in the '90s, too. Then I got a part in 'The Aviator' and couldn't believe it.

- Adam Scott

Tattooed Had

Every little interaction I had with Scorsese is forever tattooed on my brain.

- Adam Scott

Directors Allen

I like so many different directors: Scorsese, Coppola, Cassavetes, Jarmusch, Gus van Sant, Woody Allen and the greats like Fellini, Bergman, Tarkovsky and among current filmmakers von Trier, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-wai.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Been Everybody

Everybody wants you to do this thing that you've always been doing forever. That's what they want: they want Martin Scorsese to make the same film two hundred times rather than trying to be something different.

- Alison Mosshart

Mob Films

I am a filmmaker. That is all I've ever been. You know, Martin Scorsese makes films about the mob. And I make movies about food.

- Alton Brown

Oscar Mr

Leo couldn't deliver Mr. Martin Scorsese his Oscar with 'The Aviator', but I will go on record to say I will do so in 'The Departed'.

- Anthony Anderson

City I Think

I think the obvious answer is I was raised in New York City, so growing up, not only myself but my family, like my father, we would watch a lot of Scorsese films.

- Anthony Michael Hall

Always Necessary

When you're a director, and you look at Scorsese's work, he's always challenging us to push the envelope and break the rules. Someone like that is necessary and a godsend.

- Antoine Fuqua

Lucky Film School

While still a young student at film school, I was lucky enough to get a golden ticket to a Martin Scorsese master class at BAFTA in Piccadilly: fancy, but technically still 'the flicks'.

- Asif Kapadia

Student Smuggled

Martin Scorsese was being given an honorary doctorate, and one of the tutors asked if there was a student film he particularly liked. He mentioned our film. There was a dinner after the final show just for the tutors, but I was smuggled in to meet Scorsese over dessert.

- Asif Kapadia

Sometimes Wear

It is tricky because I do wear a lot of vintage on the red carpet, and usually when I'm getting ready, I'll say, 'We need to make sure that I don't look like I'm in a Scorsese film today.' Sometimes I do something a little bit more modern with my hair. You have to mix it up.

- Christina Hendricks

I Think Very

I think I land somewhere between Scorsese and Capra in what I'm drawn to emotionally; I'm drawn to very intense emotion. Capra freaked people out when they saw Jimmy Stewart lose it in 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

- David O. Russell

Frank Discovered

One of the things I've discovered at my age is I must have enchantment. And that was not clear to me in my earlier years. When I look at my favorite films, the Frank Capra - even Scorsese, even 'Goodfellas,' what makes that movie so remarkable is there's enchantment in their world.

- David O. Russell

Average De Niro

Scorsese and De Niro taught me to bring out the natural side of myself. And they taught me to think of myself as the average guy. Sometimes the average guy belongs in a role more than your matinee idol-type of person. We have to have people we can relate to.

- Joe Pesci

Thinks Martin

If Martin Scorsese thinks you stink, you stink.

- John Heard

Play Became

Cinema is a visual language, and you're always looking for visual metaphors for things. You know, if I was writing a play about Howard Hughes, I could have him give a monologue about how he's terrified to touch a doorknob. But on screen, you know, working with Marty Scorsese in 'The Aviator,' that became the series of images that told a story.

- John Logan

Cut Like

Working with Ridley is working with one of the great filmmakers and one of the great raconteurs. You know, it's like, a dinner with Ridley Scott or a dinner with Martin Scorsese? You just want to cut your arm off to get those.

- John Logan

Movie De Niro

I'm a De Niro fan. I went eleven years without seeing a movie; the last one before that, February 1980, was De Niro and Scorsese in 'Raging Bull,' and when I went back, it was 'Cape Fear,' with De Niro and Scorsese. I picked up right where I left off at.

- August Wilson

Always Blushing

What always made me proud - almost blushing with pride - is that Francis Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg all told me that 'The Conformist' is their first modern influence.

- Bernardo Bertolucci

Reaction Sees

It's so fun to hear the reaction from Martin Scorsese as he sees you nude for the first time.

- Henry Zebrowski

Love Think

I love 'Goodfellas' because it's a great movie - it's funny and there is action at perfect points. I just think Martin Scorsese makes everyone look really cool.

- Booboo Stewart

Think Reason

Regardless of the business aspect of things, is there a reason that there isn't a female Hitchcock or a female Scorsese or a female Spielberg? I don't know. I think it's a medium that really is built for the male gaze and for a male sensibility.

- Bret Easton Ellis

Always Movie

Show me a Scorsese film, and I'll show you a movie where he's taken risks. It's just his nature. He's an artist, and artists take risks. He always does what he believes in.

- Irwin Winkler

Been De Niro

It's interesting to help someone find their vocabulary. There would not have been a De Niro without a Scorsese.

- Jason Patric

Some Before

'Straight Outta Compton' is my first biopic, my first period piece, and I got a chance to kind of get out there like some of my idols, you know, like Scorsese, Spielberg, Spike Lee, the guys who came before me. You know, I'm feeling good about it.

- F. Gary Gray

Idea Spielberg

The idea of working with David Fincher or Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson or Scorsese or Spielberg or any of the guys I really idolize is a dream for me.

- Logan Lerman

Role Idea

There really isn't a dream role, but there's a dream situation where I could work with a director that I idolize. So, the idea of working with David Fincher or Paul Thomas Anderson or Wes Anderson or Scorsese or Spielberg or any of the guys I really idolize is a dream for me.

- Logan Lerman

Big Smaller

Hollywood is a wonderful machine for making big movies. In France, we make smaller and more personal films, but if things keep changing, this will disappear. The industry in Italy is practically gone. Cinecitta now is used mostly by filmmakers from others places, like Martin Scorsese.

- Ludivine Sagnier

Question Always

The question I always ask is: 'Where are all the women directors in America?' You know, where's the female Martin Scorsese, the female David Lynch?

- Gillian Armstrong

Love Meryl

I would love to share the screen with Meryl Streep, wouldn't we all? I would love to work with Spielberg and Scorsese; that would be lovely. I'm also a huge fan of Johnny Depp and the way he creates his characters, so that would be fun. I mean, any of the greats, really.

- Grace Gealey

Question Cast

When Scorsese or Coppola cast celebrities in their work, it goes without question.

- Sam Taylor-Johnson

Directors Run

If Martin Scorsese calls, I am available. And then there the ones, well, you can just run down the list - any of those Oscar-nominated films, they have amazing directors across the board.

- Timothy Olyphant

Doing Allen

In the the late seventies and early eighties, I played background roles in thirty movies... Woody Allen movies, Scorsese films, you name it. Whatever was being shot in New York, I was doing stand-in and background work because I wanted to be close to the camera; I wanted to see what was going on.

- Tobin Bell

Everybody Your

You're only as good as your body of work, and everybody has issues, whether it's Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese. I'm not comparing myself to those guys, but you learn more from the misses than the hits.

- Todd Phillips

Imagine Jobs

Working with Scorsese was an absolute dream, and one of my favourite ever jobs was 'Beowulf' because it was just pure acting. Your imagination explodes as you try to imagine you're fighting a dragon or whatever.

- Ray Winstone

Love Always

I love watching Marty Scorsese's films, but they always make me feel terrible about being a man.

- Martin Donovan

American About

Whether you look at 'Glee' and its normalization of gay identity or you look at the work of Martin Scorsese and the Italian-American community, American culture is able to take these stories, which are seen as marginalized, and just turn them into American stories. And you don't think twice about it.

- Riz Ahmed

Filmmakers Martin

Martin Scorsese is one of the great filmmakers of all time.

- Rob Reiner

Last Been

Working on 'The Last Waltz' introduced me to Martin Scorsese, and I had been a movie bug since I was a young kid.

- Robbie Robertson

Genius One Night

I mean, Scorsese's a genius, and that's one way of shooting.

- Stanley Tucci

Everybody Wanted

We were the only ones interested in comedy. Everybody else wanted to be Martin Scorsese.

- Matt Stone

Movies Growing

Movies I liked growing up were like Francis Ford Coppolla movies and Scorsese movies.

- Owen Wilson

New Joe

I did 'Gangs of New York' with Martin Scorsese, and they used to call me 'Little Joe Pesci' on the set.

- Stephen Graham

I Think Allen

I think Woody Allen calls it 'anxiety of influence.' When you're in your formative years and you watch a movie that makes you want to make movies... For Wes Anderson, it's Truffaut. I'm sure for P.T. Anderson it was Scorsese and Jonathan Demme.

- Max Winkler

My Life De Niro

'Taxi Driver' is a movie that changed my life and made me a serious actor. Scorsese and De Niro. I give credit for anything that I've ever done as an actor.

- Michael Biehn

Think Always

Scorsese is a fan of improv and is always pushing actors to think up something that would make the scene more fun. He loves any idea that helps the scene be alive.

- Michael Stuhlbarg

Working Signed

When I heard I'd be working with Scorsese, I signed up immediately.

- Michael Stuhlbarg

Help Sights

I can't help but have my sights set on Scorsese, Cohen Brothers and Spike Jones.

- Xander Berkeley