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Study Dangerous

He was what I often think is a dangerous thing for a statesman to be - a student of history; and like most of those who study history, he learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.

- A. J. P. Taylor

Average Kuwait

Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait.

- A. Whitney Brown

Cards Became

Mint's business model became, 'We'll go for free, and then we'll find these savings opportunities for you.' You know, better interest rate on your credit cards, when should you consolidate your student loans, when does it mathematically make sense to refinance your mortgage, and Mint figures all that stuff out for you.

- Aaron Patzer

Doing Been

I never consciously got into comedy. It was sort of one of those things where I was a theater student, I was acting, I was doing comedy, I was doing dramatic stuff, so it's been something that I've always done and enjoyed doing and had an instinct to be relatively good at.

- Aasif Mandvi

Distance Idea

I've never bought this idea of taking a therapeutic distance. If I see a student or house staff cry, I take great faith in that. That's a great person; they're going to be a great doctor.

- Abraham Verghese

Study Some

If some student came up and wanted to know where to study painting, you'd want to suggest someplace, but there's no place. I wouldn't know where to send a student to study.

- Ad Reinhardt


I was a horrible student.

- Adam Carolla

College Conference

When I was a senior in college, I attended an inspiring conference at West Point called the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs, which paired political science majors with cadets in the hopes of building future civilian-military relationships.

- Adam Lashinsky

Teaching Thankless

We need to reward the 'thankless job' of substitute teaching with better pay and chances for permanent positions. I look forward to the day when no student comes home saying, 'I didn't learn much today... we had a sub.'

- Adora Svitak

Young Country

In the 1970s, what I, as a young foreign student studying in the United States, found most dynamic, exciting and impressive about this country is what much of the world continues to value most about the U.S. today: its open intellectual culture, its great universities, its capacity for discovery and innovation.

- Ahmed Zewail

Process Actress

I'm a student. I want to do better, and I want directors who can find the actress in me and be my teachers. I'm interested in the whole process of editing, post-production and direction.

- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Body Vice

I won vice president of my student body in high school. That doesn't mean anything.

- Al Sharpton

Bible Studied

I was a Jewish rabbinical student for 12 years, and studied the Bible all the time.

- Alan Dershowitz

Graduation About

If a student takes the whole series of my folklore courses including the graduate seminars, he or she should learn something about fieldwork, something about bibliography, something about how to carry out library research, and something about how to publish that research.

- Alan Dundes

Three Hundred

The class has become over the years fairly large, running to three hundred or more, but I always insist upon reading all the student folklore collections myself. Although this is a tall order, I look forward to it because I learn so much from it.

- Alan Dundes

Big Very

I was influenced by many, many different people in my student years, and I was always, I guess, immersed in a Navy environment, and so, obviously, that had a big impact when I decided what I wanted to do was go and be a Navy pilot. I was very familiar with the Navy community and felt very comfortable with it.

- Alan G. Poindexter

Social Willing

I'm willing to fight for Social Security, Medicare, student loans, U.S. jobs, equal pay, progressive taxation and full employment.

- Alan Grayson

London Very

I was a student in London in the '70s, so CBGB really wasn't on my radar at all. Obviously, I was aware of the emergence of the Police in England and as an art student, I was very aware of David Byrne, but I suppose my musical taste at that time certainly didn't stretch towards the Dead Boys or the Ramones.

- Alan Rickman

Same Like

The idea that I'm 45 doesn't mean that I have no creativity. I'm like a student: it's the same - it's not a war!

- Alessandro Michele

Discovered Shop

Boho to me is a first-year student who's just discovered the tie-dye shop.

- Alex Kapranos

Year Mostly

I actually started working in Chicago while I was still a student; I did the Chicago premiere of 'The History Boys' at the end of my junior year. I had come to Chicago for Northwestern University. I didn't quite know about the theater community, and what I did know was mostly the improv.

- Alex Weisman

Graduation Breaks

For many, graduation marks the end of formal student life - the end of long spring breaks and of thinking that a 10 A.M. class is far too early.

- Alexa Von Tobel

Education Benefits

No student should be forced to choose between following her faith and enjoying the benefits of a public education.

- Alexander Acosta

Tell Behave

Remembering who I am is a really active task for me. And I often have to tell myself, 'You're a graduate student,' 'You're a daughter,' et cetera, in situations where I'm supposed to behave like one.

- Alexandra Kleeman

Year TV

I majored in extracurriculars, honestly. I joined the Harvard Stand Up Comedy Society, which is a ragtag band of misfits. I wrote for 'On Harvard Time,' which was a student TV show trying to be 'The Daily Show.' And I wrote a humor column for 'The Crimson' starting my sophomore year.

- Alexandra Petri

Been Very

There's very little that's comparable to seeing the spark in a student's face when she gets something that she's been struggling with.

- Alexi Zentner

Year Role

After 'Student Of The Year,' when I played that baby-doll, diva character, I knew I would be stereotyped, and I wanted to break that image of me. I loved that role, but I don't want to be attached to one particular genre, so 'Highway' was a blessing in disguise.

- Alia Bhatt

Happy Give

I wasn't a great student. Just give me a school with no grades, and I'll be happy.

- Alison Elliott

Lifetime Knew

Only Socrates knew, after a lifetime of unceasing labor, that he was ignorant. Now every high-school student knows that. How did it become so easy?

- Allan Bloom

University Almost

There is one thing a professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative.

- Allan Bloom

Strong Always

I know, as an overachiever straight-A student in school, I always responded to smart, strong, women represented on screen.

- Allison Scagliotti

Art Deceives

The student who deceives himself into thinking that he is giving his life like an ascetic in the spirit of sacrifice for art, is the victim of a deplorable species of egotism.

- Alma Gluck

Voice Old

When the student has her voice under complete control, it is safe to take up the lyric repertoire of Mendelssohn, Old English Songs, etc. How simple and charming they are!

- Alma Gluck

Advice Had

Time and again, a student will send me an urgent appeal to hear her, saying she is poor and wants my advice as to whether it is worthwhile to continue her studies. I invariably refuse such requests, saying that if the student could give up her work on my advice, she had better give it up without it.

- Alma Gluck

Pretty Before

I did television a lot in my earlier years, so to do the high school student that's just the pretty girl, I've done that before, so I don't have any interest in that.

- Amanda Crew

Bring Seven

At MIT, I had the good fortune for seven years to teach network theory, which is basic to many disciplines, to one-third of the undergraduate student body. It was an experiment to see how high we could bring their level of understanding, and it exceeded all of my expectations.

- Amar Bose

Believe Other

And one of my other friends could not believe in God if he came down and tapped her on the shoulder. She's a biologist - a student at UCLA - and I don't judge her either, because I really believe that God is a personal opinion, and only that.

- Amber Tamblyn

Been Lot

As both a student of history and a man devoted to living in the present, I admit that I do not spend a lot of time imagining how things might otherwise have been. But I do like to think there is a difference between being resigned to a situation and reconciled to it.

- Amor Towles

Never Offered

My daughter was never offered 'Student Of The Year 2.'

- Amrita Singh

Self-Esteem Knock

I once won a second prize in a history concert. My parents came to the ceremony. Somebody else had won the prize for best all-around student. Afterwards my father said to me, 'Never, ever disgrace me like that again.' When I tell my Western friends, they are aghast. But I adore my father. It didn't knock my self-esteem at all.

- Amy Chua

Love I Love

I love being a student, if I could, I'd stay in school forever.

- Andrea Barber

Skip Year

By junior high, I was a horrible student. But during my sophomore year of high school, I did have a fabulous English teacher, and I would go to school just for her class and then skip out afterwards. That's actually when I started writing, although I didn't think of it then as something I might someday do.

- Andrea Barrett

Always Been

I've always been interested in DIY and home renovation - even from my first student flat. I've always left places better than when I moved in.

- Andrea McLean

Education Quality

You can spend a lot of money on education, but if you don't spend it wisely, on improving the quality of instruction, you won't get higher student outcomes.

- Andreas Schleicher

Forged Months

I wasn't a great student. My brother is 18 months older than me, so he sort of forged the way for me at school.

- Andrew Lincoln

Leader Everybody

If you can get a teen leader in each sector of a student population, you can pull people in. Everybody wants to get involved, but most are too afraid. When they see a person they think is cool leading it, they're first to join.

- Andrew Shue

More Bought

I was a grad student at UC Berkeley when I bought my Apple II and it suddenly because a lot more interesting than school.

- Andy Hertzfeld

Still Novice

I'm still a novice student.

- Ang Lee

Always Brilliant

I was a brilliant student. I always try to be the best.

- Anibal Cavaco Silva

College University

Just because you're in college, or a university student, that does not mean you're the only thing you are.

- Ann Makosinski

Book University

My daughter loves romances. She's a Ph.D student at George Washington University, and when my first book without a clinch cover came out, she said to me: 'Finally, a book I can read on the Metro.'

- Ann Maxwell

See Expression

I see myself first and foremost as a student of expression.

- Anna Deavere Smith

Will Hire

The nice thing about student drama is that you're allowed to get things wrong, because it doesn't mean no one will ever hire you again.

- Anna Popplewell

Stressed Schools

The wrong things are predominantly stressed in the schools - things remote from the student's experience and need.

- Anne Sullivan

Executive Realise

Don't we realise that the student of today is the executive of tomorrow?

- Anthony Carmona

Every Day

I consider myself a perpetual student. You seek and learn every day: from an experiment in the lab, from reading a scientific journal, from taking care of a patient. Because of this, I rarely get bored.

- Anthony Fauci

College Became

I just wanted to be a composer; I became an actor by default, really. I got a scholarship to a college of music and drama, hoping to take a scholarship in music. But I ended up as an acting student, so I've stuck with that for the last 50-odd years.

- Anthony Hopkins

Will Constant

Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.

- Anthony J. D'Angelo

Sky Charts

Jocelyn Bell joined the project as a graduate student in 1965, helping as a member of the construction team and then analysing the paper charts of the sky survey.

- Antony Hewish

Conservative Had

Coming from a conservative family from Mangalore, I had hardly watched any movies or television during my student days.

- Anushka Shetty

Got Nightmare

My worst nightmare when I was in school was that I would get into trouble. I never got in trouble. I was a good student.

- Ari Graynor

Observation Based

Teachers support evaluations based on multiple measures: student growth, classroom observation and feedback from peers and parents.

- Arne Duncan

College New

I was a student at Columbia College, actually, in the Architecture school. Paul would drive in from Queens, showing me these new songs. I can't remember us working it out.

- Art Garfunkel

School Like

I was a good student, but I didn't like school.

- Ashley Benson

My Life Britain

I studied in Britain and spent great moments of my life there as a student living in Belsize Park. I admire the British trait of the stiff upper lip in the face of adversity. My wife studied in Britain, too, and both of us have many friends there.

- Asif Ali Zardari

Art Victoria

My wife Victoria Harwood was art director on 'Far North,' and she had designed my student film, 'The Sheep Thief.'

- Asif Kapadia

Scorsese Smuggled

Martin Scorsese was being given an honorary doctorate, and one of the tutors asked if there was a student film he particularly liked. He mentioned our film. There was a dinner after the final show just for the tutors, but I was smuggled in to meet Scorsese over dessert.

- Asif Kapadia

Cards Anybody

I was part of the draft resistance movement in L.A. where we did demonstrations at the draft centre and burned our cards and made a lot of trouble on campus. I had a student classification and they said that anybody who'd taken part in these demonstrations would be reclassified and drafted. And that's when I went to Canada.

- Cheech Marin

Subject University

A graduate student who is still learning courses is not really taking a maximum advantage of a research university's offerings. He should already be finished with course-taking, as he would then be able to shape his own taste about what is a good subject for research work in the graduate school.

- Chen-Ning Yang

Want One Thing

My one thing is I continue to be interested and want to be a student. I don't want to be a master. When I'm learning something, I'm in my element.

- Chick Corea

College I Think

I was pretty anti-academic, and I wasn't much of a student. I had a really short attention span and did not get a lot out of high school academically. I think college was a little the same way.

- Chris Crutcher

University Import

When West End Girls came out on import, I was a student at Liverpool University. I'd go to a club in Liverpool and it would come on, and I'd be really embarrassed.

- Chris Lowe

College Career

After college, I was burdened with student loans to repay, no financial cushion, so I wasn't in a position to bet everything on a creative-writing career - neither the writing-workshop academia life nor the freelance-writer version, trying to scrape by on short stories and house-painting gigs.

- Chris Pavone

Career Seduced

Although attracted by the humanities, I had chosen medicine as a career, seduced by the image of the 'man in white' dispensing care and solace to the suffering. But science was lurking around the corner, in the form of an unpaid student assistantship in the laboratory of physiology.

- Christian de Duve

City Dangerous

In the '60s when I was a student, there was this campaign to destroy 75 percent of the old buildings in Paris, replacing them with modern architecture. I realized this as a dangerous utopia. This modern vision did not understand the richness of the city. Thankfully, such destruction did not happen.

- Christian de Portzamparc

Graduation Crowd

When nearly a third of our high school students do not graduate on time with their peers, we have work to do. We must design our middle and high schools so that no student gets lost in the crowd and disconnected from his or her own potential.

- Christine Gregoire

Wait Fact

I cannot wait to come back to Glasgow. I know the place like the back of my hand. In fact, one of the jobs I had as a student was in Cineworld. And I was always at gigs in King Tut's, Nice 'n' Sleazy's and the Barras. I played Ultimate Frisbee down on Glasgow Green and pulled pints in O'Neill's on Queen Street.

- Colin Morgan

Qualified About

Our highly qualified teachers not only work hard, but they care about each and every student that enters their classroom. I thank you, Montana teachers, for your sense of duty and compassion to our precious future generation.

- Conrad Burns

University Joined

I joined the Wildlife Conservation Society, working there, in 1995, but I started working with them as a student in 1991. I was appointed as a teaching assistant at my university because I accomplished with honor.

- Corneille Ewango

Why Would

I came up with the term 'mindfreak' because I didn't like the word 'magician.' I felt like I wanted to coin a term that would be basically the reaction to my art. It would be a mindfreak and so that's why I came up with that. But, many people say I'm really a student of humanity and psychology.

- Criss Angel

Very Prefer

I wasn't a very good student. I prefer to learn by experience.

- Cristin Milioti

College Big

As a college student, you're depending on your scholarship money, money your parents send you. So I guess when people start talking about big figures, it doesn't hit me.

- D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Go About

I have a theory about that, if you have to say something, if you have encourage for one second a prospective acting student - he should not go in to acting.

- Dabney Coleman

College Available

I was a good student with mathematical ability and interests. As such, I took the usual college preparatory program in high school for one looking to become an engineer: all the available courses in mathematics and science.

- Dale T. Mortensen

Hollywood Became

Certainly, grades only matter so much when you're in Hollywood. But I became an utterly motivated, devoted, committed student. I was a good student because I was convinced that it would somehow help me in my quest to become a filmmaker.

- Damien Chazelle

Learn Will

I consider myself a student of many religions. The more I learn, the more questions I have. For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.

- Dan Brown

Average Never

I've never professed to be anything but an average student.

- Dan Quayle

Social Principle

Facebook is the social graph with the organizing principle around your friends and your social life. LinkedIn is the professional graph, organized around you, your job, your industry, your title and your function. At Chegg, we are building a student graph centered around you, as a student.

- Dan Rosensweig

Will Hire

The message from the Technion when I was a student was: 'You will be so good that when you graduate, everyone will want to hire you.'

- Dan Shechtman

Focus College

As a freshman in college, I was having a lot of trouble adjusting. I took a meditation class to handle anxiety. It really helped. Then as a grad student at Harvard, I was awarded a pre-doctoral traveling fellowship to India, where my focus was on the ancient systems of psychology and meditation practices of Asia.

- Daniel Goleman

Business Motivated

If a student takes a Stanford computer class and a Princeton business class, it shows they are motivated and have skills. We know it has helped employees get better jobs.

- Daphne Koller

Drop Which

I actually had a job while I was acting and was a nursing student, which I had to drop due to my 9-5 job at the time. I managed an instrument room at a hospital in the Bronx.

- Dascha Polanco


I was a disinterested student.

- David Fincher

Law Leave

And it was a huge emotional thing to leave the law and become unemployed - to be a student again.

- David Steinberg

Mind Prepare

Catholic schools prepare every student to meet the challenges of their future by developing their mind, yes, but also their body and their soul and spirit.

- David Vitter

Guest Favor

I do favor guest workers, H1B visas and student visas.

- Jim Kolbe

City About

When writing about Edinburgh, I place my characters in the parts of the city that I myself have lived in, or else know well, those being the Southside, Marchmont in particular, where I lived as a student, and the New Town/Stockbridge area where I live now and have done for the past 30 years.

- Joan Lingard

Father Spoke

We spoke French at home and I didn't know any English until I went to school. My mother was French and met my father when he visited France as a student on a teaching placement.

- Joanne Harris

Young Date

I agreed to go on a date with a nice young man who was a former student of my uncle, who taught music in high schools and colleges. The nice young man took me to a party at his sister's, where I met people who introduced me to virtually all the elements of my future.

- Jody Lynn Nye

Doing Always

I'll always be a student. I learn by doing.

- Joey Alexander