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Scorsese Had

Every little interaction I had with Scorsese is forever tattooed on my brain.

- Adam Scott

Back Neck

I got his initials tattooed on the back of my neck, you know, since we both now have the same initials.

- Ashley Scott

Couple Equivalent

Somebody actually tattooed my face on his arm. In a couple years, that will be the equivalent of having a Screech tattoo.

- Chris Jericho

Always Which

My wrists, which are tattooed with my daughters' names, are always occupied by a watch.

- Debi Mazar

Think Chinese

Do you think the Chinese think twice about hiring a hacker with a mohawk or a tattooed face? No.

- John McAfee

New Having

If I can hit No. 1 on the 'New York Times' best-seller list, I'm thinking of having the entire list tattooed on my body somewhere. It would be fabulous.

- Camilla Lackberg

Big Chest

I'm a big fan of Elvis, man. I got 'Heartbreak Hotel' tattooed on my chest.

- Ed Westwick

Think Always

My whole back's tattooed. I just wanted a twist. I was always in punk bands when I was little... I think that's where the tie comes from.

- Gary Allan

Ribbon AIDS

I have an AIDS ribbon tattooed on my arm.

- Ryan Lewis

Chest Shameless

I have the word 'Shameless' tattooed on my chest.

- Marc Jacobs

Wizard Of Oz

My whole right arm is tattooed in honor of 'Wizard of Oz.'

- Todrick Hall

Always Been

I've always been drawn to the four-leaf clover. It's deeply significant to my sister and me, so much so that we both have had it tattooed on the inside of our wrists.

- Natalie Imbruglia

Nation Will

The tattooed nation will live to regret this voluntary disfigurement.

- Tony Parsons

Them Had

But I've met a few fans from across the world who've had my name tattooed on them.

- Shay Mitchell

Heat Like

He's dangerous, he's beautiful, and he loves the heat, like me - that's why I had a scorpion tattooed on my leg in 1999 after my fifth jersey.

- Richard Virenque

Flying Wheel

I had that flying wheel tattooed on my forehead and on my butt.

- Ted Lindsay