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Take Care Take

You have to trust your body to take care of you.

- A. J. Langer

Need Signify

All wars signify the failure of conflict resolution mechanisms, and they need post-war rebuilding of faith, trust and confidence.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Broken Always

There is always a certain leap of faith that editors have made with their nonfiction writers. If the trust is broken, things can get very embarrassing for the writers and the publisher.

- A. Scott Berg

Love Jealousy

Love shouldn't be about jealousy or anything like that. It should be about commitment and being able to trust that person. If you can't have that from the get-go, there's a problem.

- Aaron Carter

Learn Feet

I've spent years trying to time up my drops with my throws. You learn to listen to your feet and trust your positions.

- Aaron Rodgers

Love Treat

The restaurant business is something that you have to treat like a baby. You have to constantly be there. You can't trust it to anybody else, because no one's going to love it like you do.

- Action Bronson

Blockchain Does

The blockchain does one thing: It replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof that something happened.

- Adam Draper

Financial Banks

What bitcoin does better than the current financial system is it's a better stored value globally. There are a lot of countries that really don't trust their banks or their currency, and bitcoin is an alternative.

- Adam Draper

More Bank

I trust bitcoin more than I trust my bank.

- Adam Draper

Love Critical

Productive givers focus on acting in the long-term best interests of others, even if it's not pleasant. They have the courage to give the critical feedback we prefer not to hear, but truly need to hear. They offer tough love, knowing that we might like them less, but we'll come to trust and respect them more.

- Adam Grant

New Likely

When a salesperson truly cares about you, trust forms, and you're more likely to buy, come back for repeat business, and refer new customers.

- Adam Grant

Clients Rooting

Takers believe in a zero-sum world, and they end up creating one where bosses, colleagues and clients don't trust them. Givers build deeper and broader relationships - people are rooting for them instead of gunning for them.

- Adam Grant

United States Been

The bonds of trust between the United States and Israel have been frayed, but even the hostility and disrespect the Obama administration has shown has not severed those bonds.

- Adam Hasner

Next Pursuing

Amazon is pursuing something called Amazon Key, which lets its couriers unlock Prime customers' doors and deliver packages. It's pairing the service, which it plans to make available in 37 cities next month, with a camera so users will have intelligence inside and outside their homes, presumably boosting trust and lowering creepiness.

- Adam Lashinsky

Swimming Other

Swimming and all other sports have got to get to that place where you have the trust of the people watching it.

- Adam Peaty

Conservative Placed

The duty of responsibility placed on any MP is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed and I for one don't believe the Conservative Party would abuse that trust by selecting someone who did not have the goods to do the job, just for the sake of media coverage.

- Adam Rickitt

Wife Though

I am a simple man, though my wife says I am complicated. I'll trust her on that one.

- Adam West

Destiny Always

I was always led to believe you should take care of yourself, trust in your abilities and you're the author of your own destiny.

- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Other Use

I feel the Godrej brand has generally come to signify trust to most consumers. 400 million Indians use one or the other Godrej product on a daily basis, and they have come to accept it. We will, thus, continue positioning Godrej strongly on the trust platform.

- Adi Godrej

Civil War Country

If the security forces continue to be dominated as they are now by political groups or sects, then the people won't trust in them - and the result will be civil war or fragmentation of the country.

- Adnan Pachachi


Trust comes from deeds.

- Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Stupid Think

Trust me: not everyone is on the Adriane Lenox bandwagon. I'm not stupid enough to think that.

- Adriane Lenox

Maintain Inexpensive

With all the care that women do and all the money we spend to maintain our hair, men can at least take the time to wash their face with a simple inexpensive product that will soften their facial hair so they're not hurting us when we go in for a kiss. Trust me, guys, women will want to kiss you more if you take care of your facial hair.

- Adrianne Palicki

Poison Springs

In every tyrant's heart there springs in the end this poison, that he cannot trust a friend.

- Aeschylus

Never Disease

For somehow this disease inheres in tyranny, never to trust one's friends.

- Aeschylus

Difficulties Never

Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.

- Aesop

Money Large

Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody.

- Agatha Christie

Your Triumphs

We all bullet point our triumphs, but I am who I am because of everything you don't see on my CV. The stuff that doesn't work out teaches you how to trust your instincts and adapt.

- Aimee Mullins

Never Anyone

Never trust anyone who doesn't drink coffee.

- AJ Lee

Learn Been

I'm a little bit of a control freak, so it's been nice to learn to let go and just trust others.

- Aja Naomi King

Use Main

I believe the main solution is to gain the trust of Europe and America and to remove their concerns over the peaceful nature of our nuclear industry and to assure them that there will never be a diversion to military use.

- Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Goodwill Cut

We do not trust the goodwill of the U.S. They have cut the ties.

- Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Purchasing Van

When consumers purchase a Toyota, they are not simply purchasing a car, truck or van. They are placing their trust in our company.

- Akio Toyoda

Abuse Use

No one has got close enough to use or abuse me, and even if they did, I wouldn't get too emotional about it. The only thing I ever get emotional about is my family. I am kind to everyone but I trust no one. That keeps me from getting hurt.

- Akshay Kumar

Informed Laws

National security laws must protect national security. But they must also protect the public trust and preserve the ability of an informed electorate to hold its government to account.

- Al Franken

Couple Amount

I scare the neighbors, the kids... They don't come to my house for trick-or-treating, trust me. I had to buy exactly zero amount of dollars worth of candy for the past couple of years.

- Al Jourgensen

Small Anybody

Never say 'no' to pie. No matter what, wherever you are, diet-wise or whatever, you know what? You can always have a small piece of pie, and I like pie. I don't know anybody who doesn't like pie. If somebody doesn't like pie, I don't trust them. I'll bet you Vladimir Putin doesn't like pie.

- Al Roker

Disappointed Like

I don't like being disappointed by somebody I trust. Fortunately, it rarely happens.

- Alain Ducasse

Need Phantom

We need, in effect, to make the phantom 'lock-boxes' around the trust fund real.

- Alan Greenspan


I do not understand where the backing of Bitcoin is coming from. There is no fundamental issue of capabilities of repaying it in anything which is universally acceptable, which is either intrinsic value of the currency or the credit or trust of the individual who is issuing the money, whether it's a government or an individual.

- Alan Greenspan

Through Give

When we, through our educational culture, through the media, through the entertainment culture, give our children the impression that human beings cannot control their passions, we are telling them, in effect, that human beings cannot be trusted with freedom.

- Alan Keyes

Believe Nobody

There's nobody to believe in anymore, nobody to trust.

- Alan King

Never Violated

I have never, not once, violated my public trust.

- Alan Mollohan

Question Directors

The directors you trust the most are the ones, when you ask them a question, they've got the guts to say, 'I don't know.'

- Alan Rickman

Faith Will

To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.

- Alan Watts

Faith Openness

Faith is a state of openness or trust.

- Alan Watts

Going Old

Sometimes you just have to let go of the old and trust that something better is going to take its place, even if it's scary to face change and the unknown.

- Alana Stewart

Happy Message

My message to anyone who's afraid that they can't write music when they're happy is 'Just trust the passion.' The passion can write a lot of things.

- Alanis Morissette

Faith Code

For this equilibrium now in sight, let us trust that mankind, as it has occurred in the greatest periods of its past, will find for itself a new code of ethics, common to all, made of tolerance, of courage, and of faith in the Spirit of men.

- Albert Claude

Small Important

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

- Albert Einstein

Made Too

One of the mistakes I made was placing too much trust in Montesinos.

- Alberto Fujimori

Waiting Every Day

When I sit at my table to write, I never know what it's going to be until I'm under way. I trust in inspiration, which sometimes comes and sometimes doesn't. But I don't sit back waiting for it. I work every day.

- Alberto Moravia

Past Going

Trust me, my runners aren't going to run one event while looking past it to the second event. When they get on the line for the 10K, that's a do-or-die situation for them.

- Alberto Salazar

Other Very

Your crew becomes your family and you trust the director and the other actors on the set, and it's a very safe place.

- Aleksa Palladino

Boring Canadian

I know it's a cliche, but trust me on this. I once dated a Canadian. Canada = boring.

- Alex Berenson

Game More

Trust the Canadians to produce a game about mutual funds that is actually more boring than the real thing.

- Alex Berenson

Some Extent

Every public company depends to some extent on the trust of its investors.

- Alex Berenson

Guilt Before

I hope and trust the infinite, the eternal, and merciful and loving God. I worship Him and feel no guilt in my heart before him for what I am going to do.

- Alex Campbell

Think Other

I think it's huge, especially in team sports, for players to be able to rely on each other and to really trust in each other.

- Alex Morgan

Very Anyone

I don't trust anyone except a very, very few people.

- Alex Rodriguez

Fifty His

Nobody expects to trust his body overmuch after the age of fifty.

- Alexander Hamilton

Use Defects

Trust not yourself, but your defects to know, make use of every friend and every foe.

- Alexander Pope

Love Heartbreaking

Familial betrayal is, to me, the most heartbreaking kind - because if you can't trust your family to love you and protect you, who can you really trust?

- Alexandra Bracken

Always Over

I've never seen myself as a spokesperson. I've always seen myself as a worker and am very grateful for the trust that my own people have given me over the years.

- Alexis Wright

Pretty Very

I used to be very controlling with visuals and editing, and I would pretty much craft the performances; now I have learned to trust the material and the actors.

- Alfonso Cuaron

End Of The Day Only

At the end of the day, I only trust my family.

- Ali Lohan

Away Running Away

You never know if you're a writer. You can't trust it. If you woke up and said, 'I'm a writer,' it would be gone. You wouldn't see anything for miles - even the dust would be running away.

- Ali Smith

Been Some

You do need some dispensation for local farmers, because the fast food industry will promote the unsanitary conditions of farming. With vegetables, you have to be careful where they come from; you have to know the farmers and trust them. If you buy from the farmers' market, it's already been investigated.

- Alice Waters

Think Other

I feel like the majority of the fear that I had or that we have we hold from other people. They're like people that we trust; they're their fears. All of a sudden we think that they're our fears.

- Alicia Keys

Very Achievements

Without Kissinger's work in the Middle East, with Sadat especially, I doubt if the Camp David Agreements five years later would have happened. His achievements over detente, the seeds of trust he sowed in a very distrustful and hostile Moscow, helped over a long period.

- Alistair Horne

Through Times

The most important lesson that I have learned is to trust God in every circumstance. Lots of times we go through different trials and following God's plan seems like it doesn't make any sense at all. God is always in control and he will never leave us.

- Allyson Felix

Most Known

Most of the friends you trust are those you've known for 10 years.

- Amanda Eliasch

Internet Keen

I'm not keen on the Internet. I don't trust it.

- Amanda Eliasch

About Feels

What a person feels within themselves and about themselves radiates from them. Trust me, I have worked with people - both men and women - who are not what most would consider conventionally attractive, but who exude such a magnetism about them that people are compelled to watch them on stage or screen.

- Amanda Schull

Movie Southern

It is really hard when you spend your life living out of a suitcase. But it really does weed out superficial people - if someone is still with you after the second movie, then they're probably a good one! I like to trust people in general - it's the southern girl in me.

- Amber Heard

Childhood Country

My childhood ended in this horrible way. I lived in a country where I didn't trust anybody.

- Aminatta Forna

Very How

How I work is I work from of very character-driven place. And I trust the writers.

- Amy Adams

Through Which

Trust is the conduit for influence; it's the medium through which ideas travel.

- Amy Cuddy

Strength Before

Trust comes before strength, and it becomes a conduit of influence. Your strength is a little bit threatening before people trust you.

- Amy Cuddy

Small Big

To me, the real thrill is in making the music, and then I just trust it to find its own audience, and at times it's big and at times it's small, but that's beyond my control.

- Amy Grant

Everyone Pond

Pond's is a name that everyone is familiar with, and I know that I can trust them when it comes to skincare.

- Amy Jackson

Which Buyers

Ultimately, the success of America's market economy depends on trust. This includes trust between buyers and sellers, between lenders and borrowers, and between investors and the companies in which they invest.

- Amy Klobuchar

Doing Tone

I like to invest as a performer in the director's vision and then bring a sense of reality to whatever I'm doing, whether it's comedy or whether it's drama, and trust that they're going to tell me if something's reading as funny or if it's reading as dramatic or reading in the right tone.

- Amy Seimetz

Stylist Lot

I put a lot of trust in my stylist, Micaela Erlanger.

- Ana de Armas

Sometimes Analyse

With experience, you understand expectations, you understand consequences, but sometimes it gets a little bit hard, especially for me, that I'm a perfectionist - I want to analyse everything. And sometimes it's most important to just let go and trust your instincts. This is what I need to do more of.

- Ana Ivanovic

Like Fund

My mom's made it clear to me that, like, there's no trust fund.

- Anderson Cooper

Love Voice

I think women have an innate ability to be intuitive with people that they truly love, but they have to trust that inner voice, and I think it is there. I think we are more intuitive than men.

- Andie MacDowell

Public Trust Period

The problem with Egypt is that there is no public trust. There is no trust, period.

- Andre Aciman

Other Some

Many of my colleagues are not able to run their family budget. On the other hand, I look at some of the apparatchiks in research councils, and I have even less trust in their abilities. Good intentions have always paved the road to hell.

- Andre Geim

Through Which

As for courage and will - we cannot measure how much of each lies within us, we can only trust there will be sufficient to carry through trials which may lie ahead.

- Andre Norton

Think Always

I don't think you can question your instinct; you should always trust it.

- Andrea Arnold

Will Through

It will take time for the idea of decentralized trust through computation to become a part of mainstream consciousness, and until then, the idea creates cognitive dissonance for those accustomed to centralized trust systems.

- Andreas Antonopoulos

New Will

Gradually, decentralized trust will be accepted as a new and effective trust model. We have seen this evolution of understanding before - on the Internet.

- Andreas Antonopoulos

Want Office

I want to re-establish the people's trust in the office of president.

- Andrej Kiska

Finance Wealth

Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.

- Andrew Carnegie

Nature Ninety

Ninety percent of the students take the 'preferred lender.' Why? Because that's the nature of the relationship. You trust the school. The school is in a position of authority.

- Andrew Cuomo

Legacy Government

As a Coalition Government, we inherited a legacy of lack of trust and confidence in political system.

- Andrew Lansley

Always Delivering

We know, in Wales or in England - you simply can't trust Labour on the NHS. In England, we are delivering for patients while Labour just use the NHS as a political football. We won't let them; we'll always fight for the NHS.

- Andrew Lansley

Strength Source

The basis for all human relationships and where we derive our greatest strength and power, trust is single-handedly the most powerful source of positive energy and, once in place, unlocks a freedom and peace to explore.

- Angela Ahrendts

Great Relationship

We're building a lifelong relationship with people, and every great relationship has to be built on trust.

- Angela Ahrendts