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Feel I Feel

I feel uncomfortable in anything tight or body-con.

- Alexa Chung

Over Very

I am very uncomfortable being romantic. I can be funny; I can be all over the place. I can be anything but romantic.

- Amruta Khanvilkar

Feel Very

I feel very uncomfortable with respect to looking at inflation.

- Arthur Laffer

Matter Very

All on-set kisses are weird, no matter who it is, especially with people standing around coughing and sneezing. It's very uncomfortable!

- Bella Heathcote

Going Feel

You know, I feel as comfortable in an uncomfortable situation as I do when things are going smoothly.

- Harry Connick, Jr.

Kind Prefer

The thing that is uncomfortable is when people kind of stare for a long time and point. That gets weird. I'd much prefer someone to come up to me and say something.

- Brandon Jay McLaren

Feel Like

People pretend to know me when they don't. I feel uncomfortable when I feel like I don't remember someone.

- Isabelle Fuhrman

Artist Put

America tends to worship the modest talent because it doesn't put us in an uncomfortable position vis-a-vis the artist.

- Carlisle Floyd

Want Level

There is something inherent in our democracy that tends to want to level. America is a little uncomfortable in the presence of someone who is distinctly superior in whatever way.

- Carlisle Floyd

Honest Often

I'm often uncomfortable with girliness, to be honest.

- Elizabeth Reaser

Cliques Felt

I felt uncomfortable in cliques.

- Kate Bosworth


Change is uncomfortable.

- Kirby Smart

Feel About

I feel a little uncomfortable about endorsements.

- Geddy Lee

Sure Made

I would never write something that made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure it's even possible.

- Lori Foster

Budget Low

A low budget is uncomfortable.

- Lukas Haas

Know Never

If I'm uncomfortable, you'd never know.

- Toni Braxton

Myself Will

My style statement is to be myself! Because if you try to imitate someone else, you will end up feeling uncomfortable.

- Shraddha Kapoor

About Makes

Most of my standup is about stuff that makes me uncomfortable. There are also things I don't joke about. I don't do jokes about the people who helped me get sober.

- Martha Kelly


It's a little weird exchanging pictures for money. You know what I mean. It makes me a little uncomfortable.

- Noah Hathaway


My biggest fantasy as an actor is to be in situations that make me uncomfortable and force me out of my comfort zone.

- Nolan Gerard Funk

Focus Poem

I'm uncomfortable with the focus on the poet and not on the poem.

- Yusef Komunyakaa