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Pastry Six

I worked from 12 to 17, six years in a bakery. I was a pastry cook.

- Adam Giles

Right Starbucks

I worked at Starbucks when I was 16... It was all right.

- Adam Lambert

Achieve Image

I've long struggled with my body image and have worked hard to achieve a healthy weight.

- Adam Richman

Artists Enjoyed

I have enjoyed all the artists I've worked with.

- Adrian Belew

Directors Lot

I've worked with a lot of directors who really don't have a sense of what the hell they want.

- Adrienne Shelly

Beginning Alongside

Turkey has worked alongside its allies from the beginning.

- Ahmet Davutoglu

Egg Used

We used to tie-dye T-shirts and sell them to classmates. We used to make egg rolls and sell them at street fairs. I worked at the mall. My parents probably spent more money on the gas driving me to different jobs than I made.

- Aileen Lee

See How

Really top-notch directors, I've often worked with them just to see how they work.

- Alan Alda


I've always worked.

- Alan Dershowitz

She Very

No, she is right up there with the best I've worked with. I was very impressed with her, I really was.

- Albert Finney

Digital Actually

When I was working, there was no digital. We actually worked; we used Polaroids.

- Alek Wek

Actually Murphy

I did an episode of The Profiler. I actually worked on the last episode of Murphy Brown.

- Alice Barrett

Think Wanted

I used to think that I wanted to be a hat maker, but I don't think that would have worked out.

- Alice Waters

Other Firm

I worked in IT for about three years for a tiny firm with ten other people.

- Allison Tolman

Love Cameron

I worked with Cameron Crowe, and I'd love to work with him again.

- Ally Walker

Self-Esteem Very

I've worked very hard on my self-esteem, and I know my value.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Service Loved

I worked at Ikea as a customer service rep for two years and loved it.

- Amber Riley

Some Intimidate

I have worked with some of the meanest people in the world. You can't do anything to intimidate me.

- Amy Adams

Senator Positively

I have worked positively and successfully with Senator Sessions on issues like adoption and human trafficking.

- Amy Klobuchar

Would Occurred

I would have worked no matter what. I was born and raised that way. It occurred to me to be married second.

- Amy Pascal

Anorexic Exerting

I've worked with producers who have told me to lose weight, and I'm not overweight, but they want you to look strange, anorexic, horrible. It's odd. It's like they are exerting a power over women, that they want them to look really frail.

- Andie MacDowell

Runway Modeled

When I modeled, I lived in Europe and worked all the time. I did runway, and that's all I did.

- Andie MacDowell

Few Directors

I've worked with so few female directors.

- Andrea Riseborough

Always Very

I've always worked very hard.

- Andrea Riseborough

Whole Lived

We opened Panda Inn on June 8, 1973. The whole family - my parents, a brother and sister - all worked at the restaurant for free. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment in San Gabriel and didn't have any money.

- Andrew Cherng

Career Why

I worked hard when I was a consultant. I worked hard when I was in graduate school looking at neuroscience. I worked hard as a teacher. But those are completely different career paths. And the lack of direction is why I didn't get far enough in any of those things.

- Angela Duckworth

Me Desperate

I've worked with the greatest actors, and they're all gone. This is what's so desperate to me.

- Angela Lansbury

Never Disadvantage

I must say also that it's never worked to my disadvantage that I have long, blond hair.

- Ann Beattie

Very Getting

I worked very hard and I earned all the attention I'm getting.

- Anna Kournikova

Love Life

I've worked with people and I've known people that were really competitive, but I've always said that I take an Elizabeth Bennett philosophy of life - I laugh. I love my job, but if it means hurting someone, I won't do it.

- Anne Hathaway

My Life All My Life

I worked so hard all my life, and all I want to do now is read.

- Annie Dillard

Area Hallmark

Many of the engineers I interviewed worked on reverse-engineering technology. It's a hallmark of Area 51.

- Annie Jacobsen

Act Some

I've worked with some actors who can't act.

- Anthony Anderson

Mentor Some

I worked with Lawrence Olivier some years ago. He was a great mentor.

- Anthony Hopkins

Making Factory

As soon as I left school at 16, I worked in a factory making aircraft components.

- Anton du Beke

Only Very

I've only worked with very professional people.

- Anushka Shetty

Lot Films

I've worked for 27 years nonstop in theater and films. That's a lot of work.

- Armand Assante

Enthusiastic Very

Anyway, he and I worked on the script together, and I must say he was a joy to work with. Very enthusiastic.

- Arthur Hiller

Love I Love

I love keeping a connection with everyone I've worked with.

- Ashley Tisdale

Very Asked

I've worked with very few directors who've asked of me what I asked of myself.

- Asia Argento

Carried Figures

I worked hard at memorizing lists of facts and figures, and carried with me a book of facts.

- Charles Van Doren

Very Another

I guess there are very few actors that I've worked with that I would like to work with again. You never think you'll have that chance and, if we didn't do Italian Job together, there wouldn't be another one that could be right.

- Charlize Theron

I Am Literally

I literally worked from the bottom up to where I am now.

- Charlotte Dujardin

How Footwear

When I started, I didn't have any idea of production or how things worked in footwear.

- Chiara Ferragni

Money College

To make money for college, I worked in our college dining room.

- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

I Am Get

I have worked hard to get where I am.

- Chris Pine

Kevin Costner

I've worked Keira Knightley quite a bit and Kevin Costner.

- Chris Pine

Other Britain

Roald Dahl worked with other illustrators, but it was only when he teamed up with Quentin Blake that the chemistry began to fizz. Quentin Blake is Britain's greatest living illustrator and has that special talent all the great illustrators have, of unobtrusive brilliance.

- Chris Riddell

Environment Better

For three decades, Democrats and Republicans worked together to make our environment better.

- Christopher Dodd

Ever Interiors

I only ever worked on interiors, and an interior is an interior. I don't know what they did about exteriors.

- Christopher Eccleston

Away Had

There was a friend of ours who worked with a girl who had said she would consider being a surrogate. We met her and right away she was awesome. We were looking for someone who could take care of themselves and it was pretty clear she could.

- Christopher Meloni

Directors Date

Stoller is one of my favorite comedic directors - one of my favorite directors that I've worked with to date.

- Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Better Always

I have always worked better alone and from my own impressions.

- Claude Monet

Since Ever

I have worked ever since I was 13.

- Clint Eastwood

Movies Tried

What I tried to do is deliver movies that have worked for me more than once.

- Clive Barker

Been Very

I've been very fortunate with the scripts I've had and the people I worked with.

- Clive Owen

Cherish Each One

I cherish everything I have because I worked hard for each one.

- Coco Martin

His Solving

Every cinematographer I worked with had his own way of solving problems.

- Conrad Hall

Pretty Shirts

When I was a teenager, I worked at the Gap for a summer folding shirts. That was pretty mindless and soul-sucking.

- Constance Wu

Never Other

Other than the laws of physics, rules have never really worked out for me.

- Craig Ferguson

Son Lot

I worked so much when my first son was born that I missed a lot.

- Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Some Directors

I have worked with some great directors.

- Dabney Coleman

Years Department

I worked in the story department for years on 'Cars' and 'Toy Story 3.'

- Dan Scanlon

Love Actually

I actually love technology. I worked for 18 years as systems analyst in technology.

- Daniel Suarez

Been Considered

Everything that I've worked on at Lucasfilm has been considered canon.

- Dave Filoni

Navy Yard

My uncle and my grandfather both worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

- Dave Van Ronk

Me Handsome

Being handsome wasn't much of a burden. It worked for me.

- David Bailey

Became Before

I've worked as a diplomat before I became a politician.

- David Cunliffe

Thought Discovering

Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us and now we're discovering we work for Fox.

- David Frum

Tried Very

The team pulled together very well, whatever we tried worked.

- David Gower

Love She

I'd worked with Mel Harris before, I love working with her, she's great.

- David Keith

My Life All My Life

I've worked hard all my life.

- Dawn Fraser

Caring Most

Tina Fey is the most caring woman I've worked with in this business.

- Dean Winters

Brother Bars

My brother and I worked in eight bars as the brother bartenders.

- Dean Winters

Problem Answer

Shale is one answer to the U.K.'s energy problem, and it has obviously worked extraordinarily well in America.

- Jim Ratcliffe

Still Subway

I'm still that kid that worked at Subway and Target.

- Jimmy Gomez

Over Everybody

Over the years, I've worked with just about everybody.

- Joe Cocker

Late Could

I worked hard. I worked late. I went in early. I did everything I could to gain an advantage.

- Joe Theismann

Japan Number

I was in Japan, and my assistant director had worked with Kurosawa. I used quite of number of Kurosawa's crew.

- John Boorman

Presidents Serve

I have worked with Presidents since Eisenhower. We serve together.

- John Dingell

Company Division

ILM was the first company that I had worked at that had a computer-graphics division.

- John Knoll

Trying Never

The history of trying to start a daily where there already is one is that it has never worked.

- John Morton

Democrat Nor

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. I've worked for the past five administrations.

- John O. Brennan

May Toward

That attitude toward women as objects may have worked for the late Sixties, but it doesn't do so now.

- John Schlesinger

Wisdom Sleep

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.

- John Steinbeck

Paper Route

I pulled cotton at 6 years old and worked on the peanut farm and paper route.

- Johnny Bench

Never Break

I have worked in kitchens since I was 15 years old and never had a break.

- Johnny Iuzzini

Marketing Bank

Until 1998, I worked in marketing at ASB bank. I loved it.

- Jonah Lomu

Team Band

We worked as a team... I was one of the band.

- Jonathan King

Here Need

We need to ask ourselves what are we here for and what have we worked so hard to be here for.

- Jonny Wilkinson

Play Act

I'm glad that it worked out that I get to act and play music and perform.

- Joseph David-Jones

Person Coleman

One person I haven't worked with yet, who I find hilarious, is Chad Coleman.

- Josh McDermitt

Mother Sang

My mother wrote lyrics and sang but was overtaken by life with four children and worked.

- Joy Harjo

Loved Favorites

All of the directors I've worked with I have loved and would work with again. I have no favorites.

- Judd Nelson

Important Career

I knew that if I worked hard, I could have both - I could have a family, because that was important to me, and I could have a career.

- Judy Sheindlin

Several Louisville

I worked at a Books-a-Million in Louisville for several years.

- Julie Kagawa

Always Reasons

I've always said one of the reasons I've worked for so long is that I'm no trouble.

- June Whitfield

Wife Were

My wife and I were in a band and worked together on and off since we were 19 or 20.

- Atticus Ross

Sure Wanted

I wanted to make a record that worked against the hypnagogic paradigm, for sure.

- Autre Ne Veut


There was a much more self-destructive nature in 'Appetite.' It was a going-for-it-at-all-cost thing that worked then.

- Axl Rose